Heavenly Jewel Change (天珠变) – Index

天珠变 ( Heavenly Jewel Change / Tian Zhu Bian ) is considered the 玄幻 genre, set in a fantasy world of TJSS’ creation. It is a relatively shorter story compared to his epic tales like Douluo Dalu, and is also one of my favourites. So without further ado, let me give you a summary of the story.

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天 – Sky/ Heaven
珠 – Pearl (I used Jewel here as there are several power jewels in the story besides pearls)
变 – Change

[Author’s Synopsis]
Every human has their Personal Jewel of power, when awakened it can either be an Elemental Jewel or Physical Jewel. They circle the right and left wrists like bracelets of power.

Heavenly Jewels are like the twins born, meaning when both Elemental and Physical Jewels are Awakened for the same person, the pair is known as Heavenly Jewels.

Those who have the Physical Jewels are known as Physical Jewel Masters, those with Elemental Jewels are Elemental Jewel Masters, and those who train with Heavenly Jewels are naturally called Heavenly Jewel Masters.

Heavenly Jewel Masters have a highest level of 12 pairs of jewels, as such their training progress is known as Heavenly Jewels 12 Changes.

Our MC here is an archer who has such a pair of Heavenly Jewels.

[Zen’s Synopsis]

In a world where power means everything, and the strong trample the weak; there was a boy born from a Heavenly Jewel Master. Born in a small country which had to struggle to survive, the boy was expected to do great things. Alas he turned out to have blocked meridians and was unable to cultivate, ending up the trash of society. His father’s tarnished pride… his fianceé’s ultimate dishonour…

Being almost accidentally killed and left for the dead, heaven finally smiles upon him as a miracle descends, awakening his potential as a Heavenly Jewel Master. Or… is it truly a gift?

Join our dear rascally and shameless MC Zhou Weiqing in his exploits to reach the peak of the cultivation world, form an army, protect those he loves, and improve his country!

An all new world, an all new power system, unique weaponry & MC! Come join me in laughing and crying together with this new masterpiece from Tang Jia San Shao!


Check out the various terms/characters here. Warning: Possible Spoilers if you are not up to date.


Chapter 1.1 Chapter 1.2 Chapter 1.3 Chapter 1.4
Chapter 2.1 Chapter 2.2 Chapter 2.3 Chapter 2.4
Chapter 3.1 Chapter 3.2 Chapter 3.3 Chapter 3.4
Chapter 4.1 Chapter 4.2 Chapter 4.3 Chapter 4.4
Chapter 5.1 Chapter 5.2 Chapter 5.3 Chapter 5.4
Chapter 6.1 Chapter 6.2 Chapter 6.3 Chapter 6.4
Chapter 7.1 Chapter 7.2 Chapter 7.3


Chapter 8.1 Chapter 8.2 Chapter 8.3 Chapter 8.4
Chapter 9.1 Chapter 9.2 Chapter 9.3 Chapter 9.4
Chapter 10.1 Chapter 10.2 Chapter 10.3 Chapter 10.4
Chapter 11.1 Chapter 11.2 Chapter 11.3 Chapter 11.4
Chapter 12.1 Chapter 12.2 Chapter 12.3 Chapter 12.4
Chapter 13.1 Chapter 13.2 Chapter 13.3 Chapter 13.4
Chapter 14.1 Chapter 14.2 Chapter 14.3 Chapter 14.4
Chapter 14.5


Chapter 15.1 Chapter 15.2 Chapter 15.3 Chapter 15.4
Chapter 16.1 Chapter 16.2 Chapter 16.3 Chapter 16.4
Chapter 17.1 Chapter 17.2 Chapter 17.3 Chapter 17.4
Chapter 18.1 Chapter 18.2 Chapter 18.3 Chapter 18.4
Chapter 19.1 Chapter 19.2 Chapter 19.3 Chapter 19.4
Chapter 20.1 Chapter 20.2 Chapter 20.3 Chapter 20.4
Chapter 21.1 Chapter 21.2 Chapter 21.3 Chapter 21.4


Chapter 22.1 Chapter 22.2 Chapter 22.3 Chapter 22.4
Chapter 23.1 Chapter 23.2 Chapter 23.3 Chapter 23.4
Chapter 23.5
Chapter 24.1 Chapter 24.2 Chapter 24.3 Chapter 24.4


Chapter 25.1 Chapter 25.2 Chapter 25.3 Chapter 26.1
Chapter 26.2 Chapter 26.3 Chapter 27.1 Chapter 27.2
Chapter 27.3 Chapter 28.1 Chapter 28.2 Chapter 29.1
Chapter 29.2 Chapter 29.3 Chapter 30.1 Chapter 30.2
Chapter 30.3 Chapter 31.1 Chapter 31.2 Chapter 31.3
Chapter 32.1 Chapter 32.2 Chapter 32.3 Chapter 33.1
Chapter 33.2 Chapter 33.3 Chapter 34.1 Chapter 34.2
Chapter 34.3 Chapter 35.1 Chapter 35.2


Chapter 36.1 Chapter 36.2 Chapter 36.3 Chapter 37.1
Chapter 37.2 Chapter 37.3 Chapter 38.1 Chapter 38.2
Chapter 38.3 Chapter 39.1 Chapter 39.2 Chapter 39.3
Chapter 40.1 Chapter 40.2 Chapter 40.3 Chapter 41.1
Chapter 41.2 Chapter 41.3 Chapter 42.1 Chapter 42.2
Chapter 43.1 Chapter 43.2 Chapter 43.3 Chapter 44.1
Chapter 44.2 Chapter 44.3 Chapter 45.1 Chapter 45.2
Chapter 45.3 Chapter 46.1 Chapter 46.2 Chapter 46.3
Chapter 47.1 Chapter 47.2 Chapter 47.3 Chapter 48.1
Chapter 48.2 Chapter 48.3 Chapter 49.1 Chapter 49.2
Chapter 50.1 Chapter 50.2 Chapter 50.3 Chapter 51.1
Chapter 51.2 Chapter 51.3 Chapter 52.1 Chapter 52.2
Chapter 52.3 Chapter 53.1 Chapter 53.2 Chapter 53.3
Chapter 54.1 Chapter 54.2 Chapter 54.3


Chapter 55.1 Chapter 55.2 Chapter 55.3 Chapter 56.1
Chapter 56.2 Chapter 57.1 Chapter 57.2 Chapter 57.3
Chapter 58.1 Chapter 58.2 Chapter 58.3 Chapter 59.1
Chapter 59.2 Chapter 59.3 Chapter 60.1 Chapter 60.2
Chapter 60.3 Chapter 61.1 Chapter 61.2 Chapter 61.3


Chapter 62.1 Chapter 62.2 Chapter 62.3 Chapter 63.1
Chapter 63.2 Chapter 64.1 Chapter 64.2 Chapter 64.3
Chapter 65.1 Chapter 65.2 Chapter 65.3 Chapter 66.1
Chapter 66.2 Chapter 66.3 Chapter 67.1 Chapter 67.2
Chapter 67.3 Chapter 68.1 Chapter 68.2 Chapter 68.3
Chapter 69.1 Chapter 69.2 Chapter 69.3 Chapter 70.1
Chapter 70.2 Chapter 71.1 Chapter 71.2 Chapter 71.3


Chapter 72.1 Chapter 72.2 Chapter 72.3 Chapter 73.1
Chapter 73.2 Chapter 73.3 Chapter 74.1 Chapter 74.2
Chapter 74.3 Chapter 75.1 Chapter 75.2 Chapter 75.3
Chapter 76.1 Chapter 76.2 Chapter 76.3 Chapter 77.1
Chapter 77.2 Chapter 78.1 Chapter 78.2 Chapter 78.3
Chapter 79.1 Chapter 79.2 Chapter 79.3


Chapter 80.1 Chapter 80.2 Chapter 80.3 Chapter 81.1
Chapter 81.2 Chapter 81.3 Chapter 82.1 Chapter 82.2
Chapter 82.3 Chapter 83.1 Chapter 83.2 Chapter 83.3


Chapter 84.1 Chapter 84.2 Chapter 85.1 Chapter 85.2
Chapter 85.3 Chapter 86.1 Chapter 86.2 Chapter 86.3
Chapter 87.1 Chapter 87.2 Chapter 87.3 Chapter 88.1
Chapter 88.2 Chapter 88.3 Chapter 89.1 Chapter 89.2
Chapter 89.3 Chapter 90.1 Chapter 90.2 Chapter 90.3
Chapter 91.1


Chapter 92.1 Chapter 92.2 Chapter 92.3 Chapter 93.1
Chapter 93.2 Chapter 93.3 Chapter 94.1 Chapter 94.2
Chapter 94.3 Chapter 95.1 Chapter 95.2 Chapter 95.3
Chapter 96.1 Chapter 96.2 Chapter 96.3 Chapter 97.1
Chapter 97.2 Chapter 97.3 Chapter 98.1 Chapter 98.2
Chapter 98.3 Chapter 99.1 Chapter 99.2 Chapter 99.3
Chapter 100.1 Chapter 100.2 Chapter 100.3 Chapter 101.1
Chapter 101.2 Chapter 101.3 Chapter 102.1 Chapter 102.2
Chapter 102.3 Chapter 103.1 Chapter 103.2 Chapter 103.3
Chapter 104.1 Chapter 104.2 Chapter 104.3 Chapter 105.1
Chapter 105.2


Chapter 106.1 Chapter 106.2 Chapter 106.3 Chapter 107.1
Chapter 107.2 Chapter 107.3 Chapter 108.1 Chapter 108.2
Chapter 108.3 Chapter 109.1 Chapter 109.2 Chapter 109.3
Chapter 110.1 Chapter 110.2 Chapter 110.3 Chapter 111.1
Chapter 111.2 Chapter 111.3 Chapter 112.1 Chapter 112.2


Chapter 113.1 Chapter 113.2 Chapter 113.3 Chapter 114.1
Chapter 114.2 Chapter 114.3 Chapter 115.1 Chapter 115.2
Chapter 115.3 Chapter 116.1 Chapter 116.2 Chapter 116.3
Chapter 117.1 Chapter 117.2 Chapter 117.3 Chapter 118.1
Chapter 118.2 Chapter 118.3 Chapter 119.1 Chapter 119.2


Chapter 120.1 Chapter 120.2 Chapter 120.3 Chapter 121.1
Chapter 121.2 Chapter 121.3 Chapter 122.1 Chapter 122.2
Chapter 122.3 Chapter 123.1 Chapter 123.2 Chapter 123.3
Chapter 124.1 Chapter 124.2 Chapter 124.3 Chapter 125.1
Chapter 125.2 Chapter 125.3 Chapter 126.1 Chapter 126.2


Chapter 127.1 Chapter 127.2 Chapter 127.3 Chapter 128.1
Chapter 128.2 Chapter 128.3 Chapter 129.1 Chapter 129.2
Chapter 129.3 Chapter 130.1 Chapter 130.2 Chapter 130.3
Chapter 131.1 Chapter 131.2 Chapter 131.3 Chapter 132.1
Chapter 132.2 Chapter 132.3 Chapter 133.1 Chapter 133.2


Chapter 134.1 Chapter 134.2 Chapter 134.3 Chapter 135.1
Chapter 135.2 Chapter 135.3 Chapter 136.1 Chapter 136.2
Chapter 136.3 Chapter 137.1 Chapter 137.2 Chapter 137.3
Chapter 138.1 Chapter 138.2 Chapter 138.3 Chapter 139.1


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  1. are you kidding me?! the first few chapters said he has a tanned skin and while in adventure his skin turned more tanned ….. and…… HE HAS A PALE WHITE SKIN IN THE COVER?! ?!
    (┛ಠДಠ)┛彡┻━┻ You just destroyed my imagination!!!!

    1. “The healthy bronze skin colour of Zhou Weiqing seemed a lot paler than before, and his facial features seemed to be a lot more handsome now. His back, which had been torn apart by the exploding fireball, was now totally healed, with not a scar to be seen, as if he had never been injured there before” you haven’t read thoroughly it clearly says he has pale skin now

    1. WARNING: before you read MGA, DO NOT EVER let your guard down. Many readers have found that later chapters of MGA are just the same chapters with altered names, name of places, cultivation levels, and villains… but the PLOT ELEMENTS and the materials are just the repeat of, say, 300 chapters or so ago.

      In short, the elements used in the story repeat itself every 200 or 300 chapters.

      It only moves forward for the sake of showing off how mighty the bloodline of the MC is. Every new QUEST and event that happens is always tailored to be [luckily] fit to whatever the MC needs or wants.

      Also, if you will notice, every time the MC is in trouble, there WILL ALWAYS be someone who will save his ass. In fact, after Chapter 993, you will notice that aside from the repeat of the same PLOT ELEMENTS mentioned above, the items, villains, places, and people the MC would meet would always [luckily] favor him.

      You will even come to imagine that although it was said that there have been so many so called “geniuses” in the past generation of the current, where are they in the story?

      There were only Sect Seniors and arrogant Disciples picking a fight with MC but there were no traces of the past generation’s geniuses although it will ALWAYS be mentioned that each year, batches upon batches of GENIUSES are recruited and some even GRADUATES… but ends up no traces of them at all. That’s why I said that every “thing” that happens in the story is always TAILORED to be helpful to the MC and everything else is just decorations and empty words to fill up the pocket of the author of this story.

      Also, how come that all of the villains and people mentioned in the story always get [stuck] to their cultivation bases and only the MC has the right to become stronger?

      And although it has many chapters… it’s not a fun read. You’d find more relaxation and enjoyment reading SOTR and how Jiang Chen survived from being killed because of farting in front of the King and become stronger than reading MGA.

      So before you read MGA, just be warned so that you won’t get hospitalized for suddenly finding the story degrading for some reason.

      1. You know….this happens to more than half web novels of this same gender XD
        Well, Im not saying you are wrong, just saying that this is not the only novel who does this kind of thing XD

  2. was gonna wait until the tournament arc was finished but waited like 1 year (looks like a big arc) and still not finished, guess ill start reading again anyways

  3. I wonder if there is a list of the chapters with the chapter titles in them? (Within or outside ww) I am trying to find certain parts of the story but it is too troublesome to look through them one chapter at a time.

  4. Fantastic!
    I’m a Chinese postgraduate student, going abroad for my PhD soon. I have been reading such novels over half a lifetime, my English skills are quite good.
    Wondering if there is any chance for me to involved in your project HEAVENLY JEWEL CHANGE. I believe I can help accelerate your update, and I hope we can establish a long-term cooperation if possible!
    Please leave me a message if interested!

    1. I wish there only where 2 to 4 languages. If there was I would probably have learned chinese and Japanese in school. 🙁 I think it will take 10 years for this serie to be translated… 10 years. I may be dead by then. I may be hit by a truck or somthing.
      If my school would teach me chinese back then, then I could just have gone to the original and finished the damn thing.
      I am almost considering learning chinese. But from what I can see it takes many years to learn. And then im basicly stuck at the same problem arent I? Not to mention Im not good at learning new languages.

      Jealousy, Envy, Hate!

      1. Hi, same problem here.
        I’m from Belgium and just learned french at school, did my best to learn 3 more languages except chinese was not included but still busy with the last one who is japanese who i understand almost everything when spoken but forget about writing and reading.
        Would love to learn chinese but already scared with this one lol.

  5. Zen, If you do not clear up donations/sponsor bar we will not know what going on. Please, the { Raised so far: 290 $ (580%) } has not changed and is leaving us at a lost.

  6. Hey, can anyone tell me if this novel is still being translated ????
    I just read the latest release 150.1
    More I do not find anything about how much are translated per week, or about the status of the novel, or if it is still active. Can someone tell me if they are still active ?????

  7. no wonder i found some similiarity lol, i forgot the author duoluo dalu same as this novel, if you all curious that pearl weqing got from, read the duoluo dalu lol

  8. At the beginning of the novel the MC was handsome, part way through he was at that point ‘not particularly handsome’, and now he has normal features? Is this guy regressing in looks?

  9. May I just mention that Zhou Weiqing is one of my favorite MC’s in a Wuxia Story?

    He’s simply so much more likable than the one’s who ignore everything else in favor of cultivating or seeking vengeance against this or that.

    Much more fun to read about.

  10. This guy is more shameless than YC. I’m regret that i dont find this sooner.

    Currently reading:

    AST: 48 (Dropped. I also dropped ST which almost similar to this.)

    ATG: 751 ( Pending. Keep it until it riper than this. The author and translator are both slow.)

    AWE: 9 (Pending. Keep it till it riper. DB is still on vocation.)

    DE: B29C26 (pending. Ren is busy with QI)

    HJC: V2 (reading. Just stay yesterday. Awesome.)

    MGA: 1906 (Pending. Gone through lnmtl chapters title and breakthrough chapters. A bit disappointed.)

    RI: 501 (Pending. Lost exciting because of current arc.)

    SORT: 559 (pending. Evo only releases 1/day. :'( )

    TDG: 450 (Pending. I kept it aside for almost half a year, and I’m only 4-5 chapters behind? Are you serious, MS?)

    WMW: 76 (Pending. Gonna resume it only when I’m sorry bored.)



    1. It’s not that I do recommend a novel but it may be worth a little view/glance. This novel is Emperor’s Domination.
      I’ll have to admit that for the moment I have it on hold for a moment because of my exams, but I’ll soon resume it.
      I think it is a good one.

      1. Thanks, mates. I haven’t tried Long Live Summons yet. Will try it.

        About ED, I was at chapter 2, but I dropped it back then as it is really mysterious, and I don’t seem to get it. I would give it back another tried.

        By the way, I also read Douluo Dalu manga before, and seems to love it. Gonna add it back to the reading list. 😀

          1. Having read CD, MW, MGA, BTTH, ISSTH, and a few others, I think my favorite thus far is WMW. It starts out kinda slow, but it gets beautiful. Of course, there’s the typical ‘MC has to get stronger and surpass everyone’ attitude, but it’s done in such a way that it doesn’t get repetitive at all. The translator is dope as well. 10/10 would recommend.

  11. So guys I broke my old phone (1 month ago) and lost track of what chapters I was in multiple novels in this novel the last scene I can remember is the war was going on with battlion and the third twin came and second twin wanted third twin wanted to fall in love with the MC can some one tell me where it is

    1. Probably around chapter 153.2. Then again, you might as well go on break for another month as the translator is barely putting out any chapters. The week is nearly over and only 1 part of the chapter has been released…

      1. Let me fu***ng finish. The cultivation stuff is great but the romance between MC and the first girl really sucks and it looks like a twilight movie. After chap 100 everything is just awesome.

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