HJC Fanart

A cool fanart that I found.

Can you guys recognize who they are? 😉


Any of you good at art willing to do any fan art? XD

22 thoughts on “HJC Fanart” - NO SPOILERS and NO CURSING

    1. I think now’s as good a time as any to say this: I’ve been here browsing and reading for quite some time. occasionally I donate but more often than not I’m but a leecher.

      my point is – no matter what you say (or what you’ve said), I can’t ever take you seriously with your avatar like that XD

      1. Thanks, if you look at it without the rest of the picture, it reminds me of a music instrument. However, you just cannot judge a small part of the picture without the rest of it.

  1. Wait a minute… Are those hammers? or did he exchange them for some maracas? 🙂

    Soy un hombre muy honrado,
    Que me gusta lo mejor
    A mujeres no me faltan,
    Ni al dinero, ni el amor

    … seems appropriate, doesn’t it?

  2. Why does Zhou Weiqing’s hammers not have the happy and sad faces? Why does he look so skinny? What happened to his Demonic Right Leg? Why does Lin TianAo look like a 30-40 year old champion weight lifter? Why does he have 2 shields? Why does his hair color not match his facial hair? Why does his eyebrows out eyebrow Might Guy and Rock Lee’s eyebrows combined? Would construction worker type tank tops be a good attire for fighting? Why do I have so many questions at 12:30 in the morning? And why am I still up?

  3. Just so you guys know.. Lin is 30, y’all seem to think he is a teenager or in his early 20’s or something lol. And that’s one tiny Weiqing ? little fatty is pretty large in the story but still a nice drawing ??

  4. Classic Chinese hammers are round like that, but I did imagine ZWQ’s hammers to be flat surfaced ones so that they would have the happy and sad faces on them. Also LTA’s shield assembly does not split as far as I know, they just build upon each other.

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