Harnessing the F5 Army For the Power of Good

Took a nap, feeling a bit better now.  While in my fever-induced state, I had a sudden brainwave; a while ago, members of the F5 army had asked me to put ads on the error page so they would have something to look at while F5’ing the next chapter and wouldn’t be senselessly bored.  But as I explained, ‘Publishers are not permitted to place ads on any non-content based pages like thank you, error, log in, or exit pages.’

Buuuuut…what if it wasn’t an error page?  What if I could harness the power of the dark side and of you guys spamming my server for the forces of good?  O.O

Going forward, after I post one chapter, I’ll put up a page with the title of the next chapter (unless it is super-spoilery), so instead of getting an error page, you guys will see that page, along with those Adsense ads.  These pages will all be ‘comment locked’, so no one can get an early ‘first’, and I will only unlock them AFTER I put in the complete chapter.  So the race to first continues, but now, hopefully, in order to help the forces of good.  xD

Now, here’s a question for you guys.  Would you prefer that for these pages, I put in the first paragraph of the chapter as a ‘preview’ type of deal?  Or just leave it as is?  Your call!

Okay guys.  See ya tomorrow!

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78 thoughts on “Harnessing the F5 Army For the Power of Good” - NO SPOILERS and NO CURSING

  1. Do it. I can’t really see any negatives. I’m fine with just the chapter title though. I feel like having the first paragraph of the chapter would bring too much temptation to read an MTLed version.

      1. I think it would just be best with just the title to be honest, the chapter title just makes it fine enough, the preview chapter while it would help fulfill the page being ‘content’, has a downside of usually not answering the cliffhanger and just making it worse, will probably make most of us MTL it, and worse off, no one ignores spoiler/hidden tags, we click them anyway ;_;

        Story is like crack, can’t just give us a sample.

  2. I’ll go with as is. The time it takes for you to do a preview, stop, post, then return to translating means that the next chapter would end up being finished minutes later than it would have if you didn’t have to stop translating in one shot.

  3. I believe that it would be better to leave it with just the title, as if there is is the first paragraph, the wait would be agonizing, as I know the start, but not what happens. But I won’t mind if it does get added, as I just won’t read that paragraph.

  4. so using the F5 army is a great idea but man these types of post get me every time i have my phone set so when every you post something, my “you need to wake alarm” goes off, and i was down for a nap freaked out because alarms and stuff, then flipped out of bed to see if update was there waking up my wife in the process. now im getting the why are you such a crazy person look

  5. Hey Ren, that’s a great idea! I suggest putting up a preview, or at least the last 3 paragraphs from the preceding chapter. Otherwise with only the title, it still sounds like non-content to me.

  6. Personally, I’d rather have an error page. When it was an error page, I’d click to it and think, “Not yet huh…” and when I refresh and see a chapter title I thought, “YES!!! YESSSS! YEEEEEEEESSSSSS!”

    but now I click to the next chapter and see the title page, “Title! Yes!… wait, NOOOOOOOOOO. God dammit. I was tricked! … sigh”

    So yeah, I’d personally rather have the error page. But then again, I’m not a practitioner of f5 fu so I guess I don’t really have a say in the matter…

    1. Lol I’m exactly the same.. I saw that title up and got all excited and then it was immediately shot down :/

      Well, in the long run I’m fine with whatever benefits you more, Ren! 🙂

    2. True that, I totally agree. error page is the best, but I think this new way helps ren with getting more traffic points, so I’m down for some inconvenience if it helps ren

  7. thank you for translating ^^,
    no first paragraph please…
    clicking f5 then seeing the first paragraph…
    it will make us think that its fully translated >.<
    total buzz kill

  8. I would like neither. I’m not an f5’er, and when I came to the site I saw 2 new chapters. Pity the 2nd one was this.
    I don’t care for the link in the chapters themselves doing this, because then I’ll never know when it’s a ‘real’ chapter.

  9. I have been with reading this since book 3 chapter 4 or 6 i think but i have been in the dark till today, now i created this account just to put answee a yes to your question since im also a part of the f5 army (tho i dont fight for the first comment rather i go for the first read)

  10. First paragraph please.

    It’s a good way to legitimize the whole ads in content pages only since each page will be different. Also for all the people that didn’t like this idea, they will still appreciate the first paragraph when it’s up.

  11. It seems like it would not be a loophole. Try a status bar thing where you update it every 10 or so % and add some info about yourself? or small short stories/poems of the day.

  12. Title Page sounds good, if you end up putting the first paragraph, I will die of curiosity by the time you post the rest of the chapter, and you should know “Curiosity Kills” is a true saying, so I’m not just making this up!

    1. I’ve decided to first test by sticking a tiny section under the ‘spoilers’ tag xD

      Okay, I seriously need to try and sleep again, even though I’m not sleepy at all. Cheers guys!

  13. Hi Ren. I like the chapter name idea but the spoiler part I don’t really like. It’s like a summary of the next chapter which has taken all the excitement out of reading it. Imagine if it was a major cliff hangar and you put the spoiler for the next chapter up. Even if some peeps don’t want to read it(I’m going to not read them) they might just be too tempted. But that’s just my two cents. Keep up the good work Ren.

  14. I say go ahead and do it. The only downside I see is that the F5 army will be even more impatient to get the next chapter meaning the army will be besieging the page even more

  15. Posting the entry early might mess up the RSS feed. I don’t know about other people but I use the RSS feed to find out about updates. Posting early will cause the RSS entry for the chapter to go up early as well.

    1. It shouldn’t. The RSS feed only displays the posts that Ren puts on the front page. It doesn’t display the chapters when they get created.

      Ren is creating the chapters but he doesn’t put a post on the front page so your RSS feed shouldn’t ever see those new chapters until Ren releases them

  16. Hi, First i must say very much thank you for translating coiling dragon. At first im reading Stellar Transformation and then i go to read Coiling cuz the author is the same. And im suprised for your godlike speed at translating LOL, but i must say take care your body too haha. Wish you speed recovery and glad to join this commounity. At last i agree with your idea with preview, Good Luck. (sorry if gramar is a mess lol, english not my primary langguage)

  17. The Title is ok,but please No preview
    The Chapters are already short so I find it best to read an entire chapter at once.
    The preview would just make it awkward,it cuts off part of the tension,after all Not knowing what the next Chapter is about is a thrill.Plus there are already plenty of spoillers on forums and other sites.

    1. Thanks for registering and joining our community, as well as expressing your opinion, mariachi7! I appreciate it :). It looks like we are pretty split down the middle, so I’ll be going forward with putting the first paragraph in spoiler tags. That way, everyone is satisfied! 🙂

  18. Nice idea, as for new chapter – title (if not spoilery) is more than enough. I really dont want to see any text there. I’d rather take my pleasure at once, instead of in a ways that IET did not intend. I am really agains putting any additional text to “preview” page 😉

    1. 99% of the time, I post the chapter. By 60 seconds later, after I’ve finished typing up the main page and post, 5-6 people have already posted on the chapter! Now dat’s crazy!

  19. Been a lurker from the start of your CD translations on spcnet, but had to activate my self for this one as it makes it harder for me to know for real when a chapter is up or not.
    I would rather not have the whole thing, I use my tablet and phone to check for new chapters and I do so by refreshing the table of contents for coiling dragon.
    So for me this means that the spoiler or chapter preview will mean useless refreshes as I can’t see chapters gone live from the ToC as the chapter link will be enabled because of the preview/spoiler.
    And I don’t care for the preview or the spoiler, I’m the kind that gets angry when I don’t get to eat enough, it would seem that this applies for reading also. One solution would be to update into the ToC if the chapter is complete or if its a preview or spoiler.

    Last but not least, thank you for the work.

    1. Hi Mootland, thanks for registering and expressing your opinion! I actually manually link each chapter from the ToC. It’s no big deal for me not to do that before it goes live. I’ll go ahead and remove the link right now. Thanks again! 🙂

    1. Bahahaha. *cough* *cough* *hack* *hack* xD xD xD. Just wait patiently for the chapter posted post then instead of F5 spamming xD

      It should be up in 75 minutes or so as usual.

  20. hi ren. first i would like to thank you for your offer. cuz it shows how much u value us. ur die hard fanatics.
    i personally vote for the tiltle part.. but i think the first paragraph would be too much cuz like you said sometime ago tiltle are usually spoiler by themselves. so there. tnx again overlord.

  21. Do whatever you want, Ren.

    It’s definitely not a make or break thing for any reader. Some will love it, others will live on!

    But if you do, definitely add the small spoiler section since I’m not sure a title is enough of a loophole as “content.”

  22. omg! spoilers … I think will put me more nervous than I am already reading the chapters without knowing what happens in advance.
    anyway … I will continue reading the chapters lol

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