Happy Chinese New Year!

So guys, it is now officially Chinese New Year’s in both China and in the U.S., and so let me welcome you all with a loud and proud, HAPPY CHINESE NEW YEAR!!!!

Now, on Chinese New Year, it’s traditional for people to hand out red envelopes stuffed with cash to friends and family.  I don’t have any red envelopes for you guys (and there’s so many of you I would go broke if I tried), but I do have one thing for y’all; a super secret FOURTH CHAPTER!  Book 9, Chapter 41 – The War God’s Favor has been released!!!

So remember how yesterday I didn’t go to work because I got snowed in?  Weeell, although I didn’t quite get a full chapter done, I managed to get 2.5 hours into the chapter, so today, this entire day, I was “2.5 hours ahead”, even though I released the chapters at the “regular” time.  This meant that, as of 15 minutes ago, I just finished this chapter, which I waited to post at the stroke of midnight as a surprise for y’all.  Enjoy the read, gang!!!!  And if you do, please be sure to join me in thanking the awesome donors who sponsored this super-special Chinese New Year’s chapter for y’all; VC of France, BtBurns, TS of Russia, wira81, chibiheaven, meisterdevious, DE of Morocco, and nomad141.  Thanks so much, guys!

Okay, it looks like I’ll get some rest after all, and on Chinese New Year.  Crazy how things work out, eh?!?!  Have fun!  😀 😀 😀

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  1. Thank you so much Ren. I said this before, but I mean it, you’re a gentleman and you deserve the best in life! You’re doing god’s work!
    And well done to be able to clear the queue of chapters! You’re amazing!

  2. Happy Chinese New Year, If I could give you something I most def would! … (goes back to farming ancient legendary’s in D3)… Now I hope you enjoy the break! Hopefully the usual suspects.. are most likely sleeping..

  3. I knew this!!!!!! You didn’t say your usual “third and final chapter of the day” on the last post, and I was going to ask if there was 1 more chapter, but I forgot about it as soon as I started reading the previous chapter.

    1. right now, i’m afraid how enormous the donation gathered at this time, since the queue is not yet updated, and the donors still keep on donating thinking that the queue is still in the red zone…

      (づ。◕‿‿◕。)づ [̲̅$̲̅(̲̅5̲̅)̲̅$̲̅]
      (づ。◕‿‿◕。)づ [̲̅$̲̅(̲̅5̲̅)̲̅$̲̅]
      (づ。◕‿‿◕。)づ [̲̅$̲̅(̲̅5̲̅)̲̅$̲̅]

  4. Happy new chinese year to you too.
    I didn’t know it was that day and thought “queue cleared” was comming…
    Don’t matters, happy translating holidays for the new year. we will strike back in no time (or not said my wallet…)
    VC of France

    PS: Thanks for all your hard work!

  5. Thanks for the chapter Ren.
    Can’t wait to find out more about Bebe’s clan, must be very strong for the wargod to be so wary of Bebe.
    Also, happy new year, have an awesome year.

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