Gravity Direction

Okay so I’m done with exams for quite a while!

Anyways, I said that this post would come when we got nearer to chapter 248 of Zhan Long but here it is early.

So, a lot of people have been asking/debating about gravity re-prioritizing our novels. So, without any promises, what are your thoughts on this? Should we do Zhan Long, Battle Through the Heavens or Mo Tian Ji (Diary of the Sky Demon)?

Okay so the novel that’s

First place would have at least 2 chapters done every two days

Second place = 1 chapter or more every two days

Third place = 1 chapter every 1 to 2 weeks or whenever I have extra time

Oh and I should probably post a summary about MTJ 😛 (This is my own summary since the book summary is actually quite…. meatless)

Liu Ming, since he was young, lived in a savage prison named Savage Island where the prisoners aren’t controlled by any guard or security. When the island sinks due to “mysterious” events, only a handful of people survive – those survivors are then pursued by the government.

On the other hand, two practitioners are worrying about what will happen to them because their protection had died.

What will happen?

– Some personal preferences – I like this quite a bit (puts a huge twist on the ordinary hero/overpowered theme. In fact, the MC is quite smart but has literally no talent. If you would like to see more on this, please read the GGP Corner of Wisdom (will be up in a couple of minutes to hours to days).

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148 thoughts on “Gravity Direction” - NO SPOILERS and NO CURSING

    1. I agree, Zhan Long is a sad excuse of an novel in my eyes. Though I can see that it’s attractive for the chinese people whom are lacking females in their population.
      My major issues with it is: Harem, MC view on women and how he rates them all the time and majority of it is in a VR game.

      1. the problem isn’t so much the game since that was it’s initial selling point to begin with.

        the problem is all the supernatural and superpowered stuff that gets thrown in for no reason to try and build an interesting plot outside of the game to the extent where anything in the game actually seems less interesting.

        1. True, when I started reading ZL I thought it would be more like LMS, but it’s not even close to the same tier. However as of late I’ve been reading a lot of other novels with a lot better plot than ZL and are situated in an alternative world. ZL just not good enough anymore, reading it is just like grinding in any game aka mindless repeats. I pray to whichever deity out there that BTTH wins this poll.

          1. i think it is annoying that there i a comment on wan er’s legs every two lines… damn, it breaks the tension. fighting the boss, person uses a skill, mmm nice legs. boss attacks, oh ehi wet clothes.

            EDIT i mean, the story is ripetitive but not bad, i mean they HAVE to grind after all. i think the writing style is a bigger problem. things like the micromanaging someone else said and things like that…

          2. So true Germ. The MCs view on women is terrible. A real turn off.

            (Had to reply on my own comment, because of the limited space for replies? … feels weird to reply to myself anyway.)

          3. lol, I was gonna comment on the sexism – but BTTH isn’t much better in that regard. 😛

          4. ummm… i wasn’t really talking about the sexism.
            there is that too, but maybe it is the cultural difference or something like that. if we’re talking about hard to understand behaviours, the fact that MC didn’t get angry for the chip is way worse…
            i was just saying that in zhan long there are a lot of comments on girls and useless flirting. i usually do not dislike it, but here it really annoys me. i think it is because there is a lot, and distributed through the chapter, so you can’t read a serious scene o fightning scene without being interrupted by it…

          5. Haha Xandarth, it’s a lot better in my opinion. He doesn’t call Xun Er – 32C, or anything like that. Sure he comments on the girls every now and then, but in ZL it feels like 70% of the internal and external dialogs revolves around petty talk about looks.

          6. Yeah – the is certainly a higher quantity of sexism in ZL and it is really pervasive.

            But the MC from Zhan Long hasn’t sexually assaulted a women who hates him (because in the past he sexually assaulted her), unlike the MC from BTTH.

          7. @Grem
            Well there is a lack of females in the population of china, by several millions. So it’s not weird that the author has focused on that and created a fantasy involving a harem and super beauties. A lot of the men there will and never have had the chance to get close to women, so the ultimate fantasy is several and on top of that beauties. Then again, even without the lack of women it’s a usual day dream I suppose. But even more so when it’s a lack of women, I would imagine.

            And honestly it’s been so long since I read a ZL chapter I can’t even remember all the details to fights or whatever. All I remember is that it was to highly focused upon it.

            (PS. Ren if you read this, I would recommend a system involving numbers on the posts, so that when replies are made they can be easier to connect to former replies. Example “@43, yeah that house was really scary”. Like the comment system on fmylife(.com))

          8. @ Xandarth
            Indeed he has sexually assaulted whatshername, but I get more of a impression that it was out of hatred and that he wanted to show her that her brave act didn’t work on him.
            If he would’ve gone further if she didn’t scream is hard to say, but I believe that even though he is devious, I do not believe him to be worth less than a maggot. Or in other words, I do not believe he is a rapist.

          9. The MC from BTTH (when he still had his powers) “accidentally” came across that girl while she was bathing. Then “accidentally” knocked her down and “accidentally” felt her legs. Which is the entire reason she hates him.

            Now you could be forgiven for thinking he was only a 12 year old at the time and that this whole sequence of events was innocent.

            But he wasn’t a 12 year – he was a 40 something year old otaku salesman who recently gained super powers and she was less powerful than him at the time.

            Which just made the whole scene where he recreates the original scene to assert his dominance over her all the more creepy.

            It’s possible the author meant it all to be innocent “lucky pervert” trope character stuff, but the MC is a 40 year old man albeit in a kids body.

          10. @Xandarth
            But he was 12 wasn’t he? The MC from BTTH isn’t some other world guy, he’s really still a child.

        2. I agree so much. The stuff that happens out side of the game is stupid. Why the hell is there all this sword master magic shit going on when the game was what I thought was the setting just for that shit. Nope! Had to throw it around all over.

      2. Zhan Long isn’t even that good for an MMO novel and they are usually scrapping the bottom of the barrel as is.

        From the sounds of the game – it involves no talent whatsoever. It is simply entirely gear based combat. And why does the MC need micromanage everything the other players do? If they really are “the most amazing healer/assassin etc.” on the server – they should know how to use their own abilities.

        Oh yeah – I can see no difference between the MC and all his friends and any of the “villains.” The heroines are also shallow and vapid too.

        Work on BTTH.

        1. Well to be honest the difference from a MC and villains is close to nothing. The acts are often the same it’s just that we – the readers – feel sympathy for the MC because we know his/her story. Which is good in my opinion, not a huge fan of the “Super Hero” mentality. In fact I really really hate it.

          1. To be honest yes. If we read a story from a villian’s perpective, we start wishing for the ‘heroes’ to die~ Reader logic lolz

    2. Come on!!! How is Zhan Long winning?!?!???!!!!!! We have to at least get BTTH to a tie!!!! Come on fellow BTTH fans!! Chop Chop!!!!!! Click Click!!!!!!!!!!!!! Do whatever it takes!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    1. this is so not fair! with a poll like this it’s no wonder ZL’s gonna win, I mean just look at the difference. ZL has more chapters, quick updates and started off earlier than BTTH, so there’re more fans! with a clear favouritism factors like these how could BTTH possibly win! so this is clearly not fair!

      ZL is just…. so boring easy to predict story. true! I thought it’s good at first but as the story continues on every event gives off a dull feeling, like ‘ah! just as I thought’ ! kinda feeling.

      ZL is a story about MC and his harem! and a game that makes the atmosphere for them flirt around comfortably. and that’s about all there’s to it. (no offence to ZL fans or the author)
      while on the other hand BTTH has more of a mystery,excitement and also frustration,laughter,anger… It makes you feel a different thing in each new chapter(but of course there’re maybe solely boring chapters too), anyway that’s the unpredictability in it. maybe it’s cuz of it’s xianxia genre or autho’s’ style or something but all in the end BTTH seem to have more quality to it so far (and this is just my opinion)

      so I believe you could translate them in the same pace, which means slowing down ZL pace a little and speeding up BTTH pace a little (so there’s no unfairness to ZL fans nor BTTH fans)
      and about the new one, I think it should go on a slow pace till it gains some popularity to itself.
      (and I’m a little baised on BTTH so my opinion may sound unfair and i’m just a leecher. so I guess loud voice counts! *sigh* sadly! *sigh~*)
      nonetheless I’m grateful for your awesome translations GGP!

      1. It is just a poll. It isn’t fair and it also isn’t unfair. This is simply to get on idea on what the majority of the CURRENT readers want. Regardless if the outcome is more obvious, that doesn’t matter. This isn’t to be mistaken for a scientific study with many controls in place to ensure perfect data. This is a poll on a translators whim. That’s all.

        1. then what’s the use of a poll at all? it so clear that ZL has more readers and BTTH. CURRENT readers? well please go look at the difference in chapters that are translated so far, ZL has 200+ while BTTH is about 50+. so now, is there need to see the results through a poll? ofc BTTH has not much current readers as ZL, it hasn’t even gone pass the main topics of the story yet! meaning it’s just starting out, what else do you expect?
          balanced pace is fair for everyone that’s why I suggested that but it all depends on the translator, so it doesn’t matter if you agree with me or not. that’s all

      2. True Yuzu, ZL is much more popular… ZL was fun at the start with 97% reality but the truth is, Armour and weapons rule the game (with a bit of SSS skills). Where are the reality stuff… AND how is it that the so called expert martial artist that is on the special forces, etc. manage to be on equal term with almost everyone else (just because they are guild leader. e.g Hero Mound). I mean… He was in the SPECIAL FORCES… and has KILLED PEOPLE… so how can a spoiled rich business man’s son be on equal terms in martial skill… i mean come on…. I doubt the Chinese Special Forces are bunch of wimps…. They built the MC up to be some OP character at the start that can slice bricks like cheese and he had a bit of trouble fighting the Hero’s Mound GL?…. IS the everyone in ZL world suppose to be a martial expert?? disappointing…

        OK i rattled abit hehe sorry… but ZL did become too predictable as the chapter goes on… He should have no problem dealing with people having better equips and level than him if its 97% reality..

  1. Voted for BTTH. It is to be expected that Zang Long is at the top of the ranking, since it has more chapters translated. Almost no one voted for Mo Tian Ji.

    1. more like… mo tian ji? when did it appear on gravity?

      EDIT no seriously i can’t find it. are there any translated chapters? if there aren’t, it is obviously gonna losa. i mean, people prefer to finish a story before starting a new one

    2. i think the biggest problem for mo tian ji is actually that everyone knows its a battle between btth and zl, with zl having an advantage… and personally id love to read mtj, it sounds very interesting, but id rather give my vote to something that can win and is not zl… i gave zl a chance until ch.141, but im sorry, for me its way too predictable, repetitive(especially this) and an apparently skill based game is actually just who has better equipment… so yeah 🙁

      1. I was expecting something more like Ark, the only thing he used previous martial knowledge for was the skill in the earlier game. And that was lame, after that was grind to the death.

    1. because zhan long is hosted on the other page with the same poll. most people go to the other page for zhan long. Id guess more people on this page like btth while most people on the other page like zhan long.

      1. i took a look in the gravity page. true, ZL is winning, but not totally.
        i saw some intersting comments… like translating two novels with the same pace.
        ZL is winning but the poll is 60-40, so wouldn’t it be possible to translate the two at the same pace?
        also, even doing that, btth chapters are shorter, so there would still be more zhan long. seems like a good solution…

        1. actually they say even though the chapters are shorter, the difficulty in translating btth is much higher. If i remember correctly the translating difficulty is something like “Zhan Long: childrens book with adult jokes and blood. BTTH: Shakespeare”

          1. Yup he said that in the spreadsheet. Btth is catching up pretty fast so who knows right?

  2. … Wish I could rig the vote by paying a bot to vote BTTH several thousand times. Quite desperate for more releases.

    I mean if all the ZL voters need sensual material for self satisfaction, can’t they just download some hentai.

    1. People like zhan long for different reasons. Much like how people like any novel for different reasons. I even know a guy that watches porn for the hilariously stupid plot(no joke. he doesn’t wank but openly watches porn) so it shouldn’t be too hard for you to understand people like different things than you.

      1. I think those guys who vote for ZL just don’t know any better novels such as CD, ST, SS, BTTH, DD.. cmon VR is so washed up and a harem even more -.- fine if it’s LMS, The Gamer or even Ark but ZL….plenty of fanfics better than that

        1. I love coiling dragon. currently my fav. I also love btth. I like zhan long more than btth though. When people like you can’t understand that everyone has a long list of preferences that even goes beyond our inward understanding, the better all fandoms will become. You can lay it out on paper why it sucks in your opinion, but it will never make it actually suck(it just sucks to you). Now sleep on that thought.

        2. Your opinion is fine, however I have read every single novel that you listed there and am still reading some.

          I am one of those “guys”. Say your opinion but don’t bash the other one, please.

    2. I dunno how to say this in the nicest way but… ugh Ren would delete my comment if I said it. I voted for Zhan long but what makes you think I feel like downloading some hentai?

      This kind of assumption is very very very annoying. I like BTTH, I like Zhan long but I want Zhan long to finish first then turn over fully to BTTH. This is a pretty rude comment in summary.

      Maybe I am the only one that felt this way, but really. rude.

  3. Why would they even put zhang long as a freaking option?
    This site didnt translate it to begin with why not stick with BTTH to begin with as its the 2nd most populair novel on this site next to CD (seriously weird and the only reason BTTH is 2nd is because CD has like 14 volumes)

  4. Ren can i ask for a Ieattomato story why not pick Cun Mang that nobody is translating or Swallow Star that pretty much nobody is updating.

    We are here because of Coling Dragon it makes sense we would want more Tomato stuff no?

    1. This isn’t a RWX topic, this is from GGP (Good Guy Person)

      The original post is: Direction of Gravity

      It is about the direction that Gravity Translations is going, what story to focus on. It is also posted here because it could effect the speed at which we see BTTH releases.

    1. zhan long wont be dropped anytime soon. i stopped reading it after a few weeks because its just bad. its horrible. btth is much more promising, but it also lacks in the plot department and these common wuxia cliches are a bit annoying.

  5. Zhan long is really bad… It’s just bad. It has bad characters, the world is boring, the combat is dull and item based. In general the writing is also very poor. BTHH is just better, even if you ignore the much more interesting plot, characters, world, and other story elements, the writing is just much better. I have actually dropped ZL at this point because it just got worse and worse. ZL is a perfect example of a story written for an audience that has become obsessed with the VRMMORPG genera, but that just isn’t as good as any of the alternatives. BTHH on the other hand is very good despite it’s similarities to Stellar, and CD, and MGA. I know that ZL will probably win, because everyone lives sword art online, and ZL is just like SAO, just with even more lifeless characters.

    1. I have a friend that knows a lot about opinions. He told me your opinion is no more valid than any other opinion. That was his opinion. Onions.

      1. Hmm, very true I do have an opinion. It is an opinion that is based on my experiences from reading many good works of literature. Experience that makes it very easy to see how subpar ZL really is. I’m sorry if I didn’t provide annotated quotes in MLA formatting to prove my main points. Last time I checked the post asked people what they thought about the two stories. There for you should assume everything being posted is an opinion.

        P.S. Your an idiot.

        PPS. You see how this opinion thing works, I make a statement and because it is subjective, the opinion is implied.

    2. Yeah, but the same way you say BTTH has a lot of similarities to other novels, i simply prefer Zhan Long because at least in my opinion, i prefer IET’s works over BTTH and ZL is different from that.

        1. I love that there’s all this debate going on in the comments, and Ren just casually strolls in and welcomes the new commenters to the community.

          Always watching like a hawk, Ren…

    1. please refrain from answering this. I’m not accusing this person of being a botter. If answered, others might see it and decide to bot votes. I’ve seen this happen on several occasions in gaming communities.

      1. “This isn’t to be mistaken for a scientific study with many controls in place to ensure perfect data.”
        as you said we don’t need perfect data. sooo who cares! right? no pressure right???

  6. Defs BTTH.

    Zhan Long is kind of meh. I dropped it at chapter ~100 after it became clear how little depth there is. With ZL, the world feels like a cheap MMORPG. The psuedo-first person perspective shreds all depth away from any other characters, while providing no depth for the boring main character, and turning the whole thing into a long and dreary monologue.

    BTTH we’ll have to wait and see. It could go downhill – we are only 50 chapters into a 1000+ chapter story, but currently it’s much more enjoyable, and of much higher overall quality, than Zhan Long.

  7. note too self, turn spell check to English, don’t vote after drinking for more then 8 hours, and last but not least, thank you Goodguyperson for the time you spend for my pleasure…
    and yes the world do revolve around me
    \( ̄
    Misread zhan long for coiling dragon, don’t ask me how, but I blame lack of sleep o_O alcohol did not make me drink it through force. Though it(zhan long) is a great story, and have already claimed more than its share of (good)wtf moments what I wanted to vote on was BTTH, because… Well, yeah I’m hooked, it is my preferred drug, and if you give me more I promise not too stalk you O:-) Pinky swear
    -_-|| and now I go to sleep
    oh yeah shout out too RWX thanks mate for all the love and time you spend for my pleasure (*˘︶˘*)
    and of course also too all the other translators wish I could stalk you all and leave cookies and warm heartfelt hugs too you all, but out of necessity of distance and no knowledge of where ind the world you are, I can only give you my thank you, and may the gods look kindly upon you.
    and now for realz xXxX sleep

  8. I really hope BTTH wins this poll. I do not see the apeal of a story set in VR at all. I mean what better way to kill any form of suspense or emotional attachment with the world. I don’t care if an NPC gets raped. I don’t care if the MC is gunna die. It’s a game.

      1. lol, good try with the nick. well, most vr novels add other elements to make you feel tension (death SAO, mistery and memory loss log horizon, though i only saw the anime for this one), but i do not think it is such a big problem. i mean, i see ZL as a fun, really light read. it doesn’t matter what happens, most of it is in a game so you enjoy the fun without thinking too much…

    1. Well, you are reading ZL. Read Legendary Moonlight Sculptor or The Bathrobe Knight. High tension, well written plot, and fascinting developments in those. But….YOU ARE READING ZL! It’s the bottom of the barrow. I started reading ZL when it was 9 volumes in, after exhausting all other interesting WN/LN. I had expectations b/c Ren(this guy!!!) would mention it as a recommendation on WW and it had alot of readers. When I finished I was lost as to WHY it is so popular. Unlike CD, MGA, KnW, NC, and a few other amazing novels I can’t stop checking, I can go 2 weeks without reading ZL. There is not even an itch. I started reading CD in vol.4 and I couldn’t not check the website even if I had 50 mb mobile data. If novel translations were heroin, I’d immediately go into rehab after leaving Gravity site.

  9. FFS, I who haven’t read either of these, and from just reading summaries, am actually most interested in the newest novel. For me the thing with BTTH where he already had power isn’t very attracting, and the plot for ZL, from the comments, seems to just oh so great, and to me just another video game novel contender. So the new novel seems that it might be something new. However I can understand as being a Coiling Dragon fan that first comment about more, but I would honestly like another novel, to diversify what I’m reading. This is hopefully unbiased ^_^

  10. I think Battle Through The Heavens should win or this poll should have been cast when BTTH had more chapters. It is barely behind Zhan Long even though ZL has over 4 times the chapters, that means a lot of people (myself included) see very high potential in BTTH. I would say swap ZL out for BTTH chapters for a couple weeks (at least until it actually starts getting more into the story) and then do this poll again. It looks like BTTH would pull through if it had as many chapters as ZL. I actually really like ZL but it seems to be getting a little stale, I think some people read stories so they can actually relate to the story but many more people (myself included) read stories so we can get away from being related to, that’s why I enjoy seeing some prodigious butt kicking rather than going out in a blaze of glory and then realistically dying. (I’ve been lurking this site for awhile but made an account to set out my feelings on this because BTTH seems amazing, but we all know Coiling Dragon is #1 babe.)

    1. I’ve said this earlier but the poll is to get an idea on what the population currently wants. They aren’t asking for your future opinion. If they want that, there will be a poll in the future.

      The only reason people are complaining about it is because their side is losing and they want more chapters. Wanting more chapters is fine, complaining about how a poll is done that directly affects what YOU want isn’t. Elderly rant over ya whipper snappers.

      1. And a person who would respond to what I say like that is obviously on the “winning side,” I just mentioned what I think, you seem to have a misguided perception when you try to emphasize “YOU” because YOU turns into YOU ALL, which is stereotypical behavior. Comment sections are exactly for this reason, you claim we’re “whipper snappers” yet have no idea what a comment section is for. I gave ideas, reasons, backed it up with logistical facts, and you come and go “well that’s not what they asked.” Oh so when they asked for a poll currently it’s just out of the question to clarify on why the poll is going the way it is, yeah, at least if you reply, try and make it an intuitive challenge. P.S., people usually get an early leg up on future assignments, whose to say I wasn’t posting a “rallying cry” of sorts so that if someone reads it and in the future they have a poll or even in the CURRENT poll, someone may actually change their minds. P.P.S., thanks for the welcome Ren!

  11. Zhan long is really really bad with absolutely no solid plot or direction.
    I am kind of surprised that ZL leading ahead of BTTH is votes.
    CD>DD>BTTH>ST>………………….>ZL from the novel that i have read.

    1. +1 me too! except in my case it s more like,
      CD >>> DD > BTTH > SYWZ > LoD > DE > Ark > TAG……….. > ZL (close to the last one) this is just in Xianxia genre and VRMMORPG stories, so there’re more 😛

      PS. except for CD most of others are just starting out so places may change at any moment! ( except for 1st place ofc ) 😉

        1. Shen Yin Wang Zuo
          Laws of Devil
          Desolate Era

          if you like try the more popular ones like ST (Stellar transformation), SS (Swallowed Star), Xian Ni, LMS (legendary moonlight sculptor)…
          It’s not that I don’t like them but I’m kinda too lazy to make a list 😛

          PS. you’re taunting Ren with your name aren’t you?! 😀

          1. wasn’t LMS dropped by japtem? did someone else pick it up? also, since we are talking about other novels, welcometothecommunity did you read magi’s grandson? it just started but it seems good

        2. World Teacher
          Alchemist God
          Will of Heaven
          Desolate Era
          Dreams of Jianghu
          Coiling Dragon
          Legendary Moonlight Sculptor
          Battle Through The Heavens
          Sayonara Ryuusei Konnichiwa Jinsei
          Densetsu no Yūsha no Densetsu
          Kuang Shen
          Stellar Transformations
          A Step in the Past
          Shen Yin Wang Zuo
          Majin Tenseiki
          The New Gate
          Dominion’s End
          Death March kara Hajimaru Isekai Kyusoukyoku
          Close Combat Mage
          The Nine Cauldrons
          Swallowed Star
          Jiang Ye
          Law of the Devil
          My Father in Law is Lu Bu
          Three Lives Three Worlds
          Konjiki no Wordmaster
          The Twelve Kingdoms
          The Legendary Siblings
          Martial God Asura
          Magi’s Grandson
          An Otome Game’s Burikko Villainess Turned into a Magic Otaku
          Doulou Dalu
          Doulou Dalu 2
          Legend of Sun Knight
          Smiling Proud Wanderer
          Log Horizon
          Dawn Traveler
          Knight’s & Magic
          Xian Ni
          Wangchuan Wu Shang
          Juvenile Medical God
          Way of Choices

          Long list but it is a slight mix. Most martial arts and magic elements in many of these. Some finished, currently being translated, or (though not many) new. Found Worm, The Bathrobe Knight, and Pact per someones mention on here about three months back. Not translated novels but original and well written. Most can be found with a googling of the title with “light novel” or “translation” after it.

  12. I have completely finish reading both ZL and BTTH and I like both of them. The way both story is told is very different.

    ZL focus much more on humor, romance, character interaction and battle tactics. The side characters are much more developed compared to ones in BTTH. The battles are more interesting since there is much emphasis on the way the battle is fought and setup. There is large scale skirmishes and wars with emphasis on unit formation while many minor battles (dungeons) focuses on teamwork. ZL is written in a much more modern tone since it uses a lot of slang.

    BTTH focus much more on MC’s development in how he becomes stronger in order to achieve his goals. There is relatively little emphasis on romance and less character interaction compared to ZL. Many of the chapters focus on the MC’s training by himself(talk about how dou qi moves in his body(is very confusing)) or just focus on alchemy. The overall plot of BTTH is much more epic and the MC is a lot more badass compared to ZL(by large margin). The fights are often 1 v 1 and the scale of the battle are much smaller than ZL. BTTH uses a lot of chinese proverbs and is much more formal compared to ZL. I can also say that BTTH will give translator A LOT more headache compared to ZL.

    I would recommend ZL if you want something fun and interesting to read but BTTH if you want some epic plots. In terms of popularity in China, BTTH is much more popular since the novel was awarded the most popular novel in 2009 I believe and also it has an entire MMORPG based on the novel. I feel that ZL is more suited for younger audience while BTTH is more mature audience.

    1. wow so many fun comments today!
      yo tell you the truth I already gave 4 votes myself! 😀
      you can’t believe me ofc, maybe I’m lying! hahaha 😉

  13. I still prefer ZL to BTTH also i really hate when long wn got dropped or slowed half way, what i’d like to see is:
    ZL – 2-3 chap a day and 3-5 in the weekend
    Btth = 1 chap a day including weekend
    others= a chap if there is some extra time

    ZL would take priority and also with more chap releases it would be finished fast, at the same time btth with a daily release will advance steadily and by the time ZL is finished could take it’s spot at gravity main novel.

    my 2 cent.

  14. I vote for BTTH my most appreciated read , too bad it seems that ZL’s gonna win tho , I just hope that once CD will be done wuxiaworld could help with BTTH :).
    I don’t really have any ranking but i really hope for CD, Xian Ni , BTTH , DE , DD, MGA , SS to be seen to completion.
    Thanks in advance Ren 😉

    1. French Guy, BTTH is GGP’s project! CD will be done in about 4-5 months if donations hold up, at which point I will consider what to do next. Thanks for joining the community!

  15. Although I like Zhan Long… I would appreciate it if you could increase the rate at which BTTH is released 😀 that would be great… I have nothing bad to say regarding the other books, its just that i think Zhan long is progressing fast enough 😀 and i havent read the others… So BTTH plz…

    Wow im just leeching in this website … and still begging … sorry … but BTTH plz 😛

  16. Honestly if asked, I’d ask for BTTH then Mo Tian Ji. I’ve been stalling ZL for a while. As someone who’s translated up to around chapter 1460 of BTTH I can say the story is very entertaining despite dragging a little. It also has ST-esque moments.

    To compare with another novel of the genre, for me BTTH is better than Doluo Dalu. I’m really intrigued by the Mo Tian Ji synopsis though GGP.

  17. Btth you have my vote and my cat’s. ?

    Ps would’ve voted for option 3 (who doesnt love demons) but my hate for zhan long is too stronGgfor the same reasons as everyone else. It was okay, but then it wasn’t. I doubt it would he as popular if not for frequency of the updates and gamer genere fans.

  18. I am going to cast my vote for BTTH. I am surprised that I lost interest in Zhan Long 🙁

    Either way, do what you enjoy the most and thanks for all your hard work.


  19. I haven’t even read BTTH but I’ve basically lost interest in Zhan Long so I’ll vote for BTTH. It’ll mean more chapters for me when I DO read. YAAAAAY!!!

  20. Although quite late, I just want to thank GGP and others for bringing BTTH to Wuxiaworld. If not I would not have heard of it, and I love it quite a bit.

  21. reading btth always make me rage, half the chapters is that girl tedious description, eye like a crescent moon, tight dress, wtf we get this is a nice girl there is no point in vaste half of every chapter onto her facial expression.

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