GOR – Chapter 99

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GOR Chapter 99: Infiltration

Roddy too, was alarmed.

For the past 2 days, they have been listening to Chen Xiaolian, Lun Tai and Bei Tai talk about matters regarding the instance dungeon. Thus, Roddy knew how precious these points were.

Lun Tai laughed out and walked to Roddy’s side. Without concealing anything from the receptionist, he laughed out and said. “Do not be fooled. These mechs are mass produced models. Despite their powerful appearance, an expert could cut them apart as one would cut vegetables.

“The best it can do is clear weak mobs.

“Using points to buy these mass produced mechs is a sheer waste.

“If you really like mechs, when we enter, I will bring you around to check out the good stuff!”

The receptionist rolled his eyes and his facial expression returned to the original state, one that seemed as though others owed him millions.

This fellow bluntly threw out a stack of forms onto the table. “Those who will be entering Zero City for the first time, please fill in these application forms.”

Chen Xiaolian picked up one of the forms and examined it.

It was not very complicated.

Name, age. In addition, there was also guild affiliation. If one was alone, then they can choose ‘none’ – these were all required. Below that however, were a considerable number of miscellaneous optional fields.

For example, weapons used, tactical position, melee, ranged.

There was even one regarding Exclusive Skills.

Chen Xiaolian remembered the incident in the 72 Demons instance dungeon where he met Sara from the Wind Slasher Guild. From her, he found out that Exclusive Skills were each Players biggest trump card.

One must not casually disclose that information, unless to those deemed either trustworthy or close.

After pondering for a bit, he filled in the required fields. Without filling a single one of the optional fields, he tossed it back onto the table. Qiao Qiao and the rest followed suit, filling in only the required fields before handing in the form.

The receptionist seemed accustomed to this situation. He picked up the forms and gave it a glance before tossing it into his desk.

“All right, your forms will be recorded into the registry. Now, please walk through the teleportation array. When you walk out of the teleportation array, each of you will acquire one identity card that belongs only to you. There is no need to keep the identity card. All you need to do is remember the numbers on it.”

“The next time Zero City opens, you can directly enter without re-registering again.”

Chen Xiaolian was the first to go through the security door like equipment.

A green curtain of light swept over his body – Chen Xiaolian immediately recalled the first time he entered the instance dungeon; back then, he had to go through a green curtain of light as well:

It seems that the founders of this Zero City have capabilities similar to the system.

The others then went through the teleportation array one by one. After each of them walked out of the array, a little card popped out from a card dispenser. Upon the surface of the card was a series of codes.

‘1259W’. Chen Xiaolian looked at his card and pocketed it.

The last to go through the teleportation array gate was Roddy.

Roddy’s face showed anxiousness.

Truth was, Roddy finally made up his mind last night and requested from Chen Xiaolian a metallic sphere.

Chen Xiaolian too, finally agreed to Roddy’s request.

Then… Chen Xiaolian transformed Roddy into an ‘Irregularity’.

That night, Chen Xiaolian had privately discussed with Roddy, explaining to him all the special characteristics that an Irregularity has.

However, Roddy continued to stand by his decision.

The current Roddy was still feeling somewhat nervous. As he walked through the green curtain of light, he feared that the gate would reject him.

However, after walking through the teleportation array gate and obtaining his own identity card number, Roddy breathed a sigh of relief.

“Also, I must further explain another matter. Please observe the restrictions and rules of Zero City.

“First, no personal fights allowed. Any private fights in public areas are a violation of the rules.

“Second, all transactions must be done voluntarily and you must sign the contract designed by Zero City. After successfully signing the contract, the body known as Zero City will protect you. It is illegal to use coercion when selling.

“Third, actions such as thievery, robbery and others of the same are strictly prohibited.

“Fourth, the public areas in Zero City may be accessed freely. However, it is illegal to trespass into private areas.

“Fifth, if there is anything that you do not understand, there is a Consultation Office within the public area which will offer free consultation at any time.

“One final reminder, there are security personnel assigned within Zero City. If a violation of rules occurs, Zero City reserves the following right: Including but not limited to the corporal punishment, incarceration, demand for compensation, permanent exile and other forms of punishment towards the violators of these rules.

“Well, then. I wish you all a smooth stay in Zero City.”

After saying all that, the receptionist waved his hand impatiently at them.

In an instant, 7 beams of light descended from the skies, enveloping all seven of them!

With a “soo”, the seven of them disappeared from the spot.

“I hate it when old-hands bring in newbies,” The receptionist sat back down and sighed. “We do not even have a chance to promote to them. I prefer it when newbies who know nothing come in, how adorable.”

An electronically synthesized voice came out from the mech beside him. “Jack, stop complaining. You received the assignment to become a receptionist here precisely because you liked to complain so much. Finish your job properly and your punishment will end.”

“Even if the punishment is over, I still do not want to go back to the Intelligence Department. That place is so boring it will drive people crazy. Everyone there is a madman with brain damage.”

The receptionist Jack scowled.

At that moment, the doors of the elevator opened again.

A young man with a very thin body who was carrying a longbow stumbled out!

Upon his body was a protective suit. However, the protective suit was broken! Bloodstains were evident upon his body!

His face was pale and his breathing weak. The moment he stepped out of the elevator, he plopped down onto the ground!

“Shaw (xiào)?”

The receptionist Jack quickly jumped out from his chair. He rushed forward and pulled the longbow man up from the ground. Patting him on the face, he asked. “Didn’t you go out?  Why are you coming in from a temporary entrance gate? Why are you not using the staff passageway? How did you get hurt? Why is there so much blood?”

The longbow man forced his eyes open and exhaled. “Don’t mention it anymore, mission failed. Rudd (luō dá) is dead! Target woke up, too high levelled. Rudd died while bringing up the rear. It was difficult even for me to escape. But, on the way, I was intercepted by Electronic Guardians. I almost died there!”

“Electronic Guardians? The Development Team sent those monsters inside?” The receptionist Jack’s face changed.

“If I have to guess, this time’s assassination target must be a pinnacle Player with special authority! Only special targets will be granted such strict protection by the Development Team,” Shaw spat out a mouthful of blood. “Son of a bitch, those idiots from the Intelligence Department, I want to kill them! The Electronic Guardians chased me for a whole night and I was unable to return using the exclusive passageway. It was not easy for me to slip away from them and I could only use this way. Right, quickly issue a warning. There are Electronic Guardians patrolling the vicinity of the 16th exclusive passageway. Immediately enact an emergency shutdown! Otherwise, there would be a risk of exposure!”

The receptionist Jack rose. However, as he turned around, he saw the I-Model Sentinel Mech moving over. The mech raised its arm, aiming its gun barrel directly at Shaw who was on the ground!

“What are you doing? Are you crazy?” The receptionist’s face changed.

The mech pilot spoke using the electronically synthesized voice. “I am not crazy! According to security protocols, field staff members who encounter Electronic Guardians must be strictly escorted when they return! Jack, you have never been out in the field. You do not understand how dangerous of an existence those Electronic Guardians are! They possess an extremely powerful infiltrative capability! Shaw, you and I can be considered friends. However, according to protocols for the current situation, it is necessary to monitor you. I hope you understand.”

Shaw lied on the ground and exhaled. He forced out a smile. “I understand, I am not angry… but, can you first give me a damned healing substance? I feel that I am about to bleed to death here. Son of a bitch… the standard medicinal kit that I brought with me has been used up!”

The receptionist Jack laughed and readily produced a Healing Type Beast Blood. He brought it to Shaw’s mouth.

Shaw swallowed it and let out a long sigh. “Thanks Jack. After the quarantine inspection is over, I will buy you beer. With this time’s attendance in fieldwork, I should be able to get a very long vacation. Only, poor Rudd…”

Jack sighed and said nothing.

At that very moment however, something happened!

A change suddenly occurred upon Shaw’s friendly face!

His expression suddenly turned stiff and his pair of eyes turned crimson red in a blink of an eye!

With lightning like speed, his hand shot out to grab the receptionist Jack’s shoulder and he forcefully pulled Jack to his side!

Feeling a strong force pulling him, Jack became alarmed. He turned his head to see the twisted expression on Shaw’s face.

Jack’s heart pounded violently.

Shaw roared out in frenzy!

With a tug, blood showered out! Jack screamed out in misery as Shaw pulled out one of his arms!

Shaw threw away the pulled out arm and sent Jack flying with a kick.

Jack slammed onto the surface of his table. Coughing out blood, he howled. “Mutation!”

The Sentinel Mech made its move!

Several red dots fell upon Shaw’s body and the barrel on the mech’s left arm instantly rotated at an insane pace!

“Chugchugchug chug!” A burst of intense fire was unleashed!

Shaw who was on the ground immediately leapt up. He then moved to dodge the barrage of fire with lightning like speed!

The Sentinel Mech immediately retreated. After putting a safe amount of distance between them, it launched out a chain of bombs! Next, it suddenly discharged a mass of reddish orange flames from its back!

Its right hand clenched tightly onto a serrated war sword and it charged forward!

A “click” resounded as the blade of the sword viciously descended and the elevator behind Shaw was hacked into two.

Shaw’s figure had dodged over to the side like an octopus. After moving in a circle, it threw itself and clung onto the Sentinel Mech’s body!

Shaw’s body melted at a rapid pace!

A green coloured liquid flowed out from beneath his skin and it rapidly proceeded to corrode the pale gold coloured coating upon the Sentinel Mech! The powerful degree of corrosion was truly shocking!

In but mere seconds, the elbow of the Sentinel Mech’s left arm that had a machine gun installed was torn apart from the corrosion. The left arm fell onto the ground and sparks flew out from the fractured area.

“Damn it!”

The Sentinel Mech pilot viciously cursed out. The pilot then activated an unknown operation, which caused the mech’s body to emit orange flames!

The flames appeared to be immolating the mech, completely enveloping it within its fiery reaches.

At the same time, intense electrical currents flashed as it flowed across the surface of the mech!

Shaw shrieked out in misery and his body bounced off, falling onto the ground. The Sentinel Mech stumbled before immediately dissipating the flames. The serrated sword on its right arm descended and Shaw’s waist was hacked apart.

Shaw’s body above the waist was still alive and he opened his mouth to release a shrill cry as its pair of eyes glinted with a crimson colour.

The blaster installed upon the Sentinel Mech’s shoulder locked onto him!

“Wait, wait, he…”

“He is no longer Shaw. He has already been infiltrated by the Electronic Guardian!” The Mech pilot replied coldly.

A “bang” resounded… a bolt of lightning flashed out from the blaster and Shaw’s upper half body exploded apart!

The mech took several steps back before falling with one knee on the ground with a “plop”.

“Hurry, raise the alarm,” The Sentinel Mech pilot sounded distressed. “My left arm is broken and my central control system has shorted out! Son of a bitch! Hurry up and get reinforcements! We must tightly seal off this entrance and exit gate!”

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Jack, raw: ‘杰克’, pinyin: ‘jié kè’.

Shaw, raw: ‘肖’, pinyin: ‘xiào’.

Rudd, raw: ‘罗达’, pinyin: ‘luō dá’.


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