GOR – Chapter 92

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GOR Chapter 92: The Awakened Community

“This ‘game’ that we have had to go through had existed for a very, very long time. It is such that there is no possible way of tracing it back to its origin. When exactly did it begin, was something that not a single Awakened could clearly tell. Some claimed that it had existed for several years, some several hundred years while some others several thousand years… no one knows the truth. Perhaps… only the most ancient of Awakened ones would know the answer to this.

“This world of ours, its past thousand years of civilization and its past generations, ancient history, myths and legends… all of these are things created by the Development Team from the ‘Players’ world.

“And so, the exact beginning of this ‘game’ in our world is something that none of us knows.

“However, there is this one place within the Awakened ones’ community.

“It is said that a long, long time ago, a group of very old Awakened ones with a certain objective in mind: for example, the unification of all the Awakened ones in this world to fight back against the Players, or perhaps for the sake of exchanging things. At any rate…

“There were some old Awakened ones who came together to build a city.

“Legend has it that they acquired an incredibly miraculous equipment from a certain instance dungeon. What that thing is, I do not know. Is it of the magical type, space type or technological type… I do not know those either.

“At any rate, they utilized that equipment to create a small city within this world. This city is hidden somewhere outside of this world… You can consider the city to be an underground city, or a secret base or a pocket space. None of those is important.

“What is important is that this secret base was named by its founders as ‘Zero’. It meant: If our world is truly a virtual one, then we Awakened ones must unite to create a real world! That was their primary objective. That was also why they had named this secret base as ‘Zero’, indicating that everything begins from zero.

“This ‘Zero’ has always been in existence. How long has it existed? No one knows either.

“At present, there are several top-notch guilds with a permanent residence and a base for their guild within this city. But, there is a limited amount of space available within this secret city of ‘Zero’. Additionally, it is not feasible for every Awakened in the world to be based inside.

“Therefore, in order to allow every Awakened ones in the world to enter ‘Zero’ and share information with other Awakened ones, make transactions, make acquaintances, start discussions, form cooperation…

“‘Zero’ City would be opened up to this world at irregular intervals for a short period of time.

“Every time it is opened, it will randomly create an entrance gate in this world. This entrance gate does not have a fixed location. Instead, it will be different each time.

“Additionally, every time ‘Zero’ is opened, it will use certain media within this world such as newspapers to inform all the Awakened ones within this world. It will use certain news to disguise its information and conceal its secret coded message.

“Awakened ones who received this information can enter ‘Zero’ at the specified time and location.”

Hearing all those, Chen Xiaolian nodded his head. “Is it acceptable for me to consider it as… a trade market that is designated to open up? Or a trading spot that opens up at random? A fair? A marketplace?”

“The function of ‘Zero’ is not simply to allow Awakened ones to make transactions with one another. Naturally, the functions that you mentioned are also available,” Lun Tai smiled.

“En, I am interested to know who oversees the general affairs of ‘Zero’ City? Who decides the rules? And how do they maintain those rules? With so many Awakened ones together, won’t there occur the act of killing amongst themselves or snatching of equipment? During the trading process, if someone tries to swindle another, how will that situation be fixed?

“Since it is a public area, then there will be a need to lay down the rules and the people to maintain those rules.”

“Naturally these exist. The Awakened ones who created ‘Zero’ laid down the rules early on. Until this day, those order and rules of ‘Zero’ are still maintained by those top guilds stationed within ‘Zero’.

“Everyone from these top guilds with a long history have extraordinary strength… put it this way, they can be considered to be the ‘powerful clans’ of the Awakened community.

“The order in ‘Zero’ City is maintained together by several top guilds with permanent residency within the city. They supervise one another, while watching over the stability and maintenance of law and order in the city. At any rate, all actions committed within Zero City must comply with the rules. Not doing so will lead to the consolidated punishment by the top guilds.

“Believe it or not, I have been an Awakened for a few years now. But, I have never heard of anyone who has the balls to create trouble in ‘Zero’.”

Chen Xiaolian pondered carefully and nodded his head. “If so… then that place can be regarded as a public area or public platform exclusive for Awakened ones.

“This kind of place will certainly be very useful. At least, we will be able to conduct some transactions and glean all sorts of information.”

“Naturally, the benefits are plentiful. For example, many of the instance dungeon quests are recurrent. Even if you have never experienced it before, who is to say that there will not be others who have? So, if you received an instance dungeon quest, you can ask around inside ‘Zero’. There is the possibility that you will find an Awakened who has experienced that instance dungeon before who is willing to exchange that information to you.

“If one can learn specific information regarding an instance dungeon before entering, you should be able to imagine just how big of an advantage that would bring.”

Chen Xiaolian immediately nodded his head!

If they were aware of the quest and type of monsters within the Qin Shi Huang’s Mausoleum prior to entering… then, they would be able to avoid taking many detours and at the same time, avoid many dangers – that would be the equivalent of obtaining a walkthrough beforehand [1]!

“Every now and again, Zero will be opened once. Moreover, the time for that is never fixed. Sometimes, there would be 1 month’s interval, sometimes 7 to 8 months of interval. There was once where the interval lasted for a whole year and a half before it was opened again. Every time it is opened, the time allowed inside would not be more than 1 week.

“Anyone who is an Awakened would be able to enter during the open period. However, once the open period is over, with the exception of those guilds with the qualifications to permanent residency in ‘Zero’, others will be required to leave.

“It is said that this is to ensure that ‘Zero’ would not be found.”

Roddy pondered and suddenly smiled. “That is not right. This secret city… it has existed for so long. Consider the number of years where Players and Awakened ones have battled against one another. Even if it is a secret city, how can information regarding it not get leaked? Besides… isn’t the system supposed to be both omniscient and omnipotent?”

“You can compare it to a virus,” Lun Tai smiled. “It is similar to what would happen if your computer has a virus in it. You realized that it is infected, but your antivirus software may not be able to locate and kill it. The reason being that Zero does not have a fixed location and does not open up according to any set time period. Its opening time is selected at random and at irregular intervals. Only right before it opens will it inform all the Awakened ones… additionally, it is likely that those founders who created the city must have certain special equipment. This equipment would allow them to bypass the system’s ‘antivirus software’.

“That is why this city can exist for so many years.”

Chen Xiaolian gestured with his hand. “The place is a good one. I feel that it is necessary for us to experience it… at present, our guild consists mostly of rookies. Going to such a place and getting more information would be a good thing.”

He turned to Lun Tai. “From the looks of it, you have obtained information from the newspaper? Zero is open?”

“The time of its opening is 2 days later,” Lun Tai smiled. “Honestly, I was thinking about how to convince you to go… all other guilds will not miss out on Zero’s opening time! The circle of Awakened ones may not be big, but it is not small either. Many of the Awakened ones who have experienced dangers time and again will have acquired various types of loot. Thus, it may be possible for you to make transactions for many items that you could never even imagine. This opportunity is a rare one, how could we miss out on it?”

Chen Xiaolian inhaled and looked around at Roddy, Xia Xiaolei, Qiao Qiao and Soo Soo. They were all looking at him.

At that moment, Chen Xiaolian could suddenly feel the weight of the Guild Leader’s responsibilities.

Chen Xiaolian pondered for a moment before nodding his head. “Since that is the case, we will go for a visit! Lun Tai, where is the opening location?”

Lun Tai smiled and pushed the newspaper forward by a little.

On the international financial page, there was news that seemed like a report on an ordinary business summit.

However, after reading it again in detail, Chen Xiaolian discovered the trick.

When connected together, the first word in each sentence of this news report would form the sentence: Awakened ones welcomed to visit zero world.

Chen Xiaolian narrowed his eyes. “This… business summit is the place where Zero will open in this world?”


Everyone in the room remained silent.

From the contents of the newspaper, the business summit will be held at:

Japan, Tokyo.

“We did not take our passport and visa with us when we came out, how do we get to Japan? Can we even get on the plane?”

Chen Xiaolian was faced with a problem.

A few hours later though, the answer arrived.

After Qiao Qiao made a call, the rest of them were able to relax in the hotel for a whole day.

In the evening, 2 luxurious limousines arrived at the hotel to pick them up and rush them to the airport.

The limousines drove directly into the airport, moving right into the tarmac. The limousines then stopped right beside the runway…

A ‘Gulfstream G650’ was resting quietly beside the runway.

A middle-aged man in formal black suit bowed towards Qiao Qiao and slowly said. “Immigration procedures have all been handled. Your father had me inform you to be careful when going away from home.”

Qiao Qiao nodded her head once and the man then drove the car away.

After getting off the car, Chen Xiaolian stared at the silver coloured airplane and exhaled. He gave a bitter smile. “Do you have to be so ostentatious…”

Qiao Qiao smirked. “Feeling the pressure?”

“En… somewhat,” Chen Xiaolian stroked his nose. “I suddenly understand. Back then, when you said that you were going to buy up that high-rise with purple peak as a gift for me, you weren’t joking! Do I still have the opportunity to regret my decision?”

Qiao Qiao made a face towards him before bouncing her way up to the airplane.

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1 Walkthrough is a strategy guide that contain hints or complete solutions to specific games. [Source: Wiki].


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