GOR – Chapter 90

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GOR Chapter 90: Accompany You!

Chen Xiaolian instinctively realized that this fellow who had sent him a message just before leaving the guild… this person known as Dong Shi was certainly no ordinary character!

The problem however…

Was that the guild name in the system had turned red earlier!

That indicated that Meteor Rock Guild no longer have a veteran of 5 instance dungeons!

However, judging from his name, this fellow known as Dong Shi seemed to be similar to Qiu Yun, an iconic figure in Meteor Rock Guild. Since that was the case…

Dong Shi should have been a veteran of 5 instance dungeons or more, right?


Something just does not feel right about this.

… …

Lun Tai and Bei Tai’s entrance to the guild proceeded smoothly.

Next, Qiao Qiao was added.

Not long after, something that Chen Xiaolian did not expect happened.

“He, left just like that?”

Chen Xiaolian knitted his brows and looked at Roddy with a complicated expression.

Roddy sat on the sofa. He first picked up a bottle of mineral water and gulped down half its contents before exhaling. He then sneered. “He did not just leave. He said that he is ashamed to meet you and that he feels guilty. So, before reaching the hotel, he requested to get down from the car and left alone.”

Chen Xiaolian frowned. “What else did he say?”

“He asked you to not go look for him. He is too ashamed to be together with us. You entrusted Soo Soo to him but he ended up losing sight of her.”

Chen Xiaolian sighed. “But Soo Soo has already been safely brought out. Qiao Qiao should have told you all about these through the walkie-talkie.”

“That was what I told him as well,” Roddy softly said. “But, Han Bi said that he is too ashamed to meet you. According to him, he owes you a lot and meeting you would make him feel guilty. Thus, he did not have the face to come meet up with us.”

Pausing, Roddy looked at Chen Xiaolian solemnly. After hesitating for a moment, Roddy slowly spoke out. “Xiaolian, I have been thinking about saying something. In the end, I believe I should still talk to you about it.”

“What is it?”

“In the beginning, I thought that the Han Bi fellow is not bad. However… on our way back, Xia Xiaolei informed me about what happened to you all in the instance dungeon. Honestly, I feel myself somewhat disliking that Han Bi fellow.”

“… why do you say that?”

“Originally, there was no need for you to enter the instance dungeon. You risked your life to enter the instance dungeon, firstly for Soo Soo and secondly, for Han Bi! Furthermore, in order to save Han Bi back in the train, you nearly died in the hands of other Awakened ones. Saying Han Bi owes you one life would not be that much of an exaggeration would it?”


“In the Mausoleum of Qin Shi Huang’s instance dungeon, you willingly became the decoy. But then, what did Han Bi say? He just accepted it?”

Chen Xiaolian forced out a smile. “Anyone would be afraid. He is also an ordinary person. Besides, that was the result of drawing lots.”

“Do not try to fool me, Xiaolian,” Roddy’s eyes stared into Chen Xiaolian’s as he spoke heavily. “How many years have we known each other? Would I not understand your character? Once Xia Xiaolei told me about what happened during the drawing of lots, I immediately understood. The lot you drew must have the ‘leave’ word. That means the last one for Soo Soo must have the ‘stay’ word! Instead, you swallowed them down. Hmph… I understand you too well!

In order to protect Soo Soo, you can take the initiative to become the decoy.

What about Han Bi? You are his saviour! Why can’t he stay behind as the decoy as a way to repay you saving him?

Is there no need to repay you saving him? Can Han Bi accept all that with a clear conscience? Additionally, you have to sacrifice yourself again for him in the instance dungeon? Hehe!”

“That was a voluntary act on my part,” Chen Xiaolian smiled bitterly.

“Your voluntary act is your own matter! You being noble, great… that is also your own issue! I am talking about Han Bi now! You taking the initiative to sacrifice yourself is one thing! However, how could he just accept it with a clear conscience?” Roddy coldly said. “I have to say this, him being ashamed to meet you should only be natural! If this was someone else, that person too would not have the face to meet you again.”

“He is also an ordinary person. Under those circumstances, becoming fearful and faint-hearted is a normal matter.”

“I did not say he is not normal,” Roddy shook his head. “What I mean to say is… in my opinion, someone like him is not worthy as a bro.”

Chen Xiaolian sighed.

Roddy stared into his eyes and extended his hand to press down onto Chen Xiaolian’s shoulder. “You are someone who gets soft-hearted too easily.”

In the middle of the night, Chen Xiaolian stood atop the roof as he observed the city.

The view of the flourishing neon lights in the city brought both a sense of beauty and regret. At the very least, his current spot does not permit him to clearly take in the magnificent scenery of the city.

Chen Xiaolian sat on the edge of the roof, his pair of legs dangling down on the outer edge of the big building. High altitude winds blew with strength, causing his hair to dance about in disorder. Chen Xiaolian gulped down the contents of an entire can of beer. Then, he crumpled the can into a clump before tossing it over his head to the back.

Hearing footsteps behind him, he forced out a smile. “You have come?”

“En, I heard the discussion between you and Roddy,” Qiao Qiao’s gentle voice came from behind him. “I guessed that you would probably not be able to sleep soundly.”

“How did you know I would be up on the rooftop?”

“You mentioned before, your wish was to stand on the highest storeyed building with purple coloured top and pee down,” Qiao Qiao pursed her lips and smiled. “Even though this place is not the building with purple coloured top, it is still a high-rise building.”

“I am just here to drink beer,” Chen Xiaolian pursed his lips to the side and smiled.

Qiao Qiao walked to Chen Xiaolian’s side and sat down beside him. A pair of slender legs jutted out and dangled on the outside of the big building. Qiao Qiao threw a glance downwards. “So high.”

“Are you scared?”

Qiao Qiao squinted her eyes and said nothing.

“I almost forgot, you are not a soft, weak damsel,” Chen Xiaolian laughed. Qiao Qiao picked up another can of beer and opened it. In one breath, she gulped down half its content.

“I do not know how to comfort you. Truth be told… we are not exactly familiar with one another,” Qiao Qiao turned her head to look at Chen Xiaolian and said in a low tone. “I also do not know what it is that I should be doing now. So, I can only sit here beside you and accompany you while you drink beer.”

Chen Xiaolian glanced heavily at Qiao Qiao, his eyes expressing his emotions. “Thank you… truth is, you are the first girl to drink with me.”

“Have you thought about what to do in the future?” Qiao Qiao whispered. “Now, we have a guild and you are the Guild Leader. This time’s instance dungeon is finally over, in the future…”

“That is enough, thinking about future matters right now gives me a headache,” Chen Xiaolian smiled bitterly. “Do you know? My mind have been feeling flustered for a while now. There are so many questions, so many difficulties. However, I dared not think about it. Because, the deeper I go when considering these things, the more I feel as though I am getting lost into madness.”

“For example?”

“For example…” Chen Xiaolian held onto a can of beer and smiled in a state of daze. “For example, I am currently drinking beer. But, I do not even know if I am the one who wants to drink beer, or… did the system’s program arranged for me to drink beer here?

In the end, what is real? What is false?

When I first learned from the GM [1] about all these things, a huge sense of doubt towards my entire life surfaced – well, I am only 18-years-old. It is probably too early for me to be saying things like my entire life.

Yet, I could not help but think about it… the warmth of my mother’s bosom when I was young, the rough stubble on my father when he kissed me; when I am sick, my mother would trick me into eating medicine by saying it is candy, when I fail my exams, my father would scold me in fury over my inability to be successful… all these emotions, could they all be false?

Could all of these simply exist as codes written by the program?

Even… today, Roddy had asked me: why do I want to be such a good, kind hearted, saint like person…

What came to my mind was: Is that my character, or… just a setting fixed upon me?

I feel very flustered; I am really, very flustered.

I thought… if everything is false, then what is real?

How does true feelings feel like?”

Qiao Qiao listened quietly. Listening to Chen Xiaolian’s words, she said nothing at all. She did not interrupt him either.

She blinked as she gazed at Chen Xiaolian and listened attentively. Traces of tenderness were gradually revealed within her eyes.

After Chen Xiaolian finished his words, Qiao Qiao suddenly took a deep breath and…

She leaned over and hugged Chen Xiaolian’s neck tightly.

Chen Xiaolian felt a soft and gentle lip pressing onto his mouth and he stared with widened eyes into Qiao Qiao’s eyes.

Those lips… feels… very soft, very fragrant.

The feeling flowing through his lips and the maddening poundings of his heart…

This feeling, was so clear, so… true!

Qiao Qiao released Chen Xiaolian and looked him in the eye. She whispered. “Can you feel it?”

Chen Xiaolian nodded vigorously. “I feel it.”

“I do not know how to comfort you. The fact of the matter is, I too am feeling confused. But… if we are to talk about real feelings, all I know is that sitting here with you and looking into your eyes makes me want to kiss you. And so, I kissed you.

In my opinion, that is real.”

This young girl’s face was blushed, but she said with a firm tone. “In the future, do not carry all the burden by yourself. If you are confused, I will accompany you in your confusion. If you feel difficult, I will accompany you in your difficulties.


Together! All right?”

Looking at this girl’s eyes, Chen Xiaolian suddenly felt his heart awash with a surprising feeling of softness and tranquility.

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1 Chen Xiaolian had a chat with the GM in Chapter 34.


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