GOR – Chapter 79

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GOR Chapter 79: Final Entrant

Qiu Yun’s blood flowed down the Tiger Tally and fell down onto the giant ding.

From within the ding, black wisps of qi were emitted out. They condensed atop the surface of the ding, whirling slowly.

Upon Qiu Yun’s face was excitement and emotions.

At seemingly the same time.

The open square was suddenly transformed into something akin to a gigantic sauna.

Qi vapour began to rise continuously from the gap between the tiles.

These dark red gas appeared with such abruptness that everyone were shocked.

Miao Yan subconsciously turned to look at Chen Xiaolian. Chen Xiaolian’s face was grim as he solemnly stared at red mist coming out from the thin gap between the tiles.

“Xiaolian?” Miao Yan shouted.

Chen Xiaolian’s expression remained grim and he let out a bitter smile. “Do not ask me. I have no idea what is going on either. I have been here with you all this time. This…”

He took a deep breath. “It appears that… the Five Elements array I mentioned has been activated?”

Miao Yan was startled! Clearly though, this woman’s eyes were shining with excitement and curiosity.

She, does she even understand the concept of fear?

“Come! Come! Once again! More sweet blood to act as nourishment! Only then can Bai Qi be truly awakened!” Qiu Yun’s body had already dropped down to the ground and he stood beside the giant ding. His face was no longer as relaxed as it was earlier. He panted, and his face revealed withered paleness.

Two loud noises resounded simultaneously from both the left and right side of the open square!

The 2 gates of the 2 side palaces of Epang Palace that were facing the open square were pushed open at the same time!

A dense and orderly row of Qin terracotta soldiers charged in!

Shield bearing soldiers in the front, pole arm and sword bearing soldiers in the middle. As for the crossbow bearing soldiers, they immediately spread out on both sides like wings the moment they walked out from the side palace buildings. Those terracotta soldiers went down on one knee and raised their crossbows, aiming their crossbow arrows at everyone who were standing at the square.

More and more terracotta soldiers rushed in from the 2 side palace buildings. The sight was akin to dark clouds racing speedily down from both stairs, rushing down towards the open square. They surrounded the square in a dense orderly formation. If one were to take a view of the top of the open square, one would mistake them for a group of black ants!

“Prepare for a big fight!”

Da Vinci shouted loudly. He flexed both arms and roared. “Get rid of these weak soldiers. Do not waste too much energy. It seems the main boss is about to appear!”

“Guild Leader!” The big-breasted woman quickly asked. “What method do we use?”

“Follow the old method,” Da Vinci immediately replied. “Follow me, we will rush in to the main palace building! Leave these Awakened ones behind to become our cannon fodder!”

Da Vinci had already moved towards the main palace building’s stairs. The big-breasted woman and the twins followed closely. The 4 of them stood beneath the stairs and immediately began with a peculiar action.

The twin brothers glanced at one another and nodded at the same time.

The one on the left quickly produced three small flags and placed several flags down the surrounding area occupied by the Wind Slasher Guild members. The inserted flags formed a triangular shape.

The three little flags were of the black, white and yellow colour respectively. The moment the flags were inserted onto the ground, the flag that was originally swaying about suddenly quivered. With a “shua”, they rose straight up as they fully unfurled.

“What a dense killing intent!” The younger twin looked at the flag beneath their feet.

The elder twin had already sat down cross-legged on the ground.

At that moment, Da Vinci was standing guard for the triangle’s main corner. The big-breasted woman and the younger twin were respectively protecting the other two corners. The three of them placed themselves around the elder twin, protecting him.

“Make sure to control the rhythm,” As Da Vinci observed the incoming Qin soldiers, it appeared that he was still able to smile. “Do not be hasty in launching skills. We still need to fight the guardian.”

“Move quickly! Everyone assemble!”

As the Qin soldiers were rushing down from the 2 side palace buildings, Chen Xiaolian ran towards Bei Tai.

He held onto Soo Soo in his hands while Miao Yan followed.

Chen Xiaolian grabbed onto Bei Tai’s neck and shook with force. “Stop crying! If you do not want to die, then get up and fight!”

Seeing Bei Tai’s expression of distress, Chen Xiaolian shouted as he pointed towards the badly injured Lun Tai who was lying on the ground. “Your Guild Leader is already dead! Do you want your brother to die here? Do you want the both of you to die here?”

Bei Tai shuddered!

Chen Xiaolian pointed towards the catalpa tree and shouted. “We will go there! Place our backs against the tree and fight back!”

Bei Tai said nothing. He grabbed Lun Tai and placed him on his shoulders. Then, he strode towards the catalpa tree. Chen Xiaolian glanced around and grabbed the still breathing Alice. He shouldered her and quickly ran.

They ran to the side of the catalpa tree. Chen Xiaolian observed the soldiers descending down the stairs. Although their speed was not fast, the neat rows of Qin terracotta soldiers and the dense formation used by them caused his scalp to tingle.

“We cannot hold back anything! We must first survive this hurdle!”

After saying that, Chen Xiaolian looked at the people beside him… Alice and Lun Tai were both injured.

Han Bi seemed somewhat better. However, he too could only barely stand and walk.

The only fighting force we could count on is probably the mysterious Miao Yan, Bei Tai and me.

And Soo Soo… well, during the most critical moment, she could launch the blazing Phoenix skill!

“Han Bi!” Chen Xiaolian shouted. “Can you still fight?”

Han Bi’s thick, brush like eyebrows knitted together. Then, he exhaled and whispered. “Even if I can’t, I still have to!”

Pausing, he continued in a low voice. “My skill is temporarily unusable… I had used it when fighting against the Wind Slasher Guild members, for now…”

“En, follow behind me, don’t stray too far,” Chen Xiaolian said without hesitation.

Miao Yan who was waving her bronze spear had seemingly become more piqued. She then glanced at Chen Xiaolian and curled the corners of her lips. “What nonsense! You still want to be a hero? When the fight starts, all of you can just hide behind me! Heng!”

The square was soon nearly filled with the descending Qin terracotta soldiers. The rows of soldiers took up more and more of the area in the centre of the square. Oddly, though, the formation of soldiers from both sides stopped just as they were tens of steps away from the Awakened ones and Players.

The black military formation of soldiers was displayed before them. These stone terracotta soldiers were obviously unable to speak. However, that silence emanating off the battle formation, appeared no different from a sky-piercing thirst for blood.

At that very moment…

Crunching sounds could be heard coming from the north of the square…

The sealed main gates slowly opened!

A huge foot stepped out. Black coloured greaves, thighs as thick as a tree shrouded by black qi!

Then, the entire figure appeared!

A burly constitution, 30 feet tall (9.14 m), armour tied around his waist, a black scarf wrapped over his head, the head of a Qin general.

Rock like shoulders with godlike curves!

As this lesser giant like Qin general was walking out of the main palace building…


With a uniformed action, every row of terracotta soldiers turned their bodies, raised their heads up 45 degrees and turned towards the Qin military general.

Sky-piercing black qi enveloped his body! It appeared as though his entire body was standing within the shadows itself… resembling a divine martial black knight from the legends!

This was especially true if one were to examine the face of the general that was akin to a black void!

Miao Yan stared at the black commander standing before the gates. Her face revealed eagerness. “Chen Xiaolian! Could this be Bai Qi? Is it?”

“I, I do not know,” Chen Xiaolian smiled bitterly. “Maybe…”


The situation turned worst!

This military general that was shrouded with black qi walked down from the main palace building. Then, he moved, turning to the left to give way…

From the main palace building behind him, another huge military general in black armour stepped out!

Then… the third appeared!

… and the fourth!

The four military general with a height of around 10 metres stood before the gates of the great hall, black qi swirling around their body…

By then, Chen Xiaolian was certain… these were not Bai Qi!

Miao Yan squinted her eyes and stared at the row of 4 giant military generals. “I can feel a strong thirst for blood! The killing intent on these fellows body is very strong! I have never encountered this level of blood thirst before! En, a pure power of darkness! Just like that of the Undead Knights, but stronger! I like it, hahahaha!”

Chen Xiaolian could not help but throw a glance at this woman: To think she could say something like that at a time like this. Is she crazy? Or, is her level of strength so powerful that she could be so confident?

“Haha, haha, hahaha!”

Qiu Yun weakly laughed and he squinted his eyes. “Kill! Kill! Let more blood flow! Hahaha ha ha ha… let more blood flow down to become nourishment! Just a little more, just a little bit more!

En, who should I choose to sacrifice first?”

His empty eyes suddenly flashed with a strange radiance. “I choose you!”

At that moment, Qiu Yun was standing beside the gigantic ding, holding onto the Tiger Tally in his hands. Wisps of flaming black qi branched out from the side of the gigantic ding, and swirled up both of Qiu Yun’s thighs!

“Tiger Tally… Tiger Tally… is this the feeling of holding absolute control over military power? Haha!”

Both of Qiu Yun’s eyes flashed and he spoke out in a deep but low voice. “I will put you on the chopping board first… Da Vinci!”


From outside Epang Palace, an average built person struggled to push open the heavy ‘magnet’ gates.

After labouring to open a small gap, he took a step inside.

With sweat flowing down his head, Xia Xiaolei ran inside and quickly closed the magnet gates! After that, he leaned onto the surface of the magnet gates, panting for breath.

How unlucky! Why am I so unlucky!

The system is being too unfair! It gave me who lives in the mountains the message to enter this instance dungeon within 48 hours! Rushing to the county town alone takes half a day argh!

I was barely able to enter this instance dungeon in the final 3 minutes before the 48 hours limit was reached! That was considered a huge luck for me!

But… why is it that this time around I cannot find any place to hide?

I was chased by stone monsters, pursued by terracotta soldiers and fell into a damnable hole. The fall caused me to bruise and bleed all over. Then I mysteriously rolled down towards this big palace’s gates…

There doesn’t seem to be anyone here? Hopefully, I can hide here for a while then!

En, it would be best if I can hide here until the instance dungeon concludes!

As Xia Xiaolei was panting for breath while leaning on the magnet gates, he suddenly let out an “eh” sound!

He caught sight of Qiu Yun who was standing beside the gigantic ding!

“There is someone? Is he an Awakened or a Player? Damn!”

Xia Xiaolei quickly threw himself down the ground and he rapidly crawled to the side as his buttocks stuck up in the air.

He did not see me, right? He did not see me, right? Right? He did not see me! He did not see me!

Xia Xiaolei’s body turned soft.

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