GOR – Chapter 70

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GOR Chapter 70: Let Us Undress!

“What the Hell?”

Failing to kick open the gates, Miao Yan narrowed her smiling eyes and regarded the gate. She lifted up her leg to deliver another kick, but Chen Xiaolian quickly stopped her from behind. “Ancestor! Stop kicking! If this gate could be so easily kicked open, then these few people would not have died here.”

At that moment, a change suddenly happened to the statue of a giant beast located to the left of the gates.

The paws of the giant beast was originally pressing down on a stone sphere. That stone sphere abruptly changed into an hourglass!

The round shaped hourglass was divided into two layers, one up one down. The sand in the upper layer slowly flowed down…

“Look! This must be a form of timer,” Chen Xiaolian forced out a smile.

As expected!

The system instantly sent out a prompt!

[Prompt: Gate Blockade of the Imperial Mausoleum Palace of Qin has been activated. Please enter the Imperial Palace within 5 minutes. Failure to comply will result in the attack by the defending Qin soldiers. Countdown begins…]

“Five minutes,” Chen Xiaolian’s face turned bitter. “It seems that these unfortunate people who died here were unable to find a way to enter before the countdown ends… which resulted in them killed by the Qin armies here.”

Miao Yan’s face twitched and she exhaled. “Could it be… there is a mechanism for entry? Or a storyline that needs completion?”

Chen Xiaolian looked to his left and right. He suddenly whispered out. “I did recall something. However… if I am to say it out, please do not be angry.”

“… Go ahead,” Miao Yan gave him a glance.

“En, then… let us undress together.”

“… what did you say? Bastard!”

Miao Yan was greatly enraged. Her eyebrows were raised upwards and she brandished her sword. It seemed that if Chen Xiaolian were to try anything, he would be hacked to death and thrown down a river!

“Don’t! Don’t be angry!” Chen Xiaolian took two steps back as he waved his hand. “Don’t be in such a hurry to get angry, listen to my full explanation first!”

“… speak up!”

“How much do you know regarding the legend of Epang Palace?”

Miao Yan’s pleasantly charming face became slightly blushed and she bit her lips. “Not much.”

“How much is not much?”

“Not much means…” Miao Yan gritted her teeth and stared at him. “I do not know a thing about it! Happy?!”

Chen Xiaolian sighed. “As I thought.”

Seeing Miao Yan’s glare towards him, Chen Xiaolian chose to not be anxious. He continued slowly. “Epang Palace is a legendary palace that Qin Shi Huang built by mobilizing all the forces of his dynasty. I must first tell you this.”

“En, and then?”

“That Qin Shi Huang is the first emperor in history. The people who made a sear in history, they all have rather special way of thinking. When it came to the construction of this Epang Palace, Qin Shi Huang too had a special design for it,” As he spoke, Chen Xiaolian pointed towards the gates and continued slowly. “Firstly, it is said that the gates of Epang Palace is different from the norm.”


Chen Xiaolian sighed. “In the process of unifying the world, that Qin Shi Huang committed who knows how much massacres. Additionally, there were also those states that he conquered. It was unknown just how many assassins they have sent to attempt to assassinate this great man. There is no need for me to cite others, you should at least know of the story of Jingke stabbing Qin Shi Huang, right? The wind blows, the river freezes. The hero fords, never to return! The dagger is revealed at the end of the map [1]. You should have at least heard of this story before, right?”

Miao Yan narrowed her eyes. Despite maintaining an indifferent expression, her eyes could not help but reveal traces of embarrassment. “You… just say out what you know! Don’t keep asking me!”

“Qin Shi Huang made too many enemies. In order to prevent assassins from entering the palace to cause him harm, it is said that he made a special design for the construction of Epang Palace.

Most of the assassins were disguised as messengers or envoys, wearing flexible armour while hiding sharp blades within their chest.

In order to prevent others from secretly bringing in weapons and wearing flexible armour into the palace, Qin Shi Huang made use of a very big slab of magnetic stone in the creation of the gates of Epang Palace.

Also known as iron attracting stone.

This palace’s gates were created using magnets. That way, when walking past these gates, anyone who hides sharp blades within their chest or those who wear flexible armour will be completely exposed!”

“You mean to say… these gates were created using magnets?” Miao Yan frowned. “But what is so great about magnets? Even if it were sacred iron, my kick would still be able to kick them open! But, these gates are so hard…”

“Apparently, the legends are not exactly accurate,” Chen Xiaolian glanced at the hourglass. He increased his speed and said quickly. “The part about being made from magnet may be unreliable. However, the key factor in this legend is not the magnet. It is about hidden items: Those who hide sharp blades within one’s bosom, or wears iron armour cannot enter!”

Miao Yan was speechless.

“In other words, anyone carrying metal would be unable to pass through these palace gates. This is my deduction,” After saying that, Chen Xiaolian looked at Miao Yan and said slowly. “If it is only magnet, hacking it apart is feasible. However, look at all the corpses on the ground. I believe that these people are not weaklings. Even if they were not as strong as you, could they not cut open the gates? But they have all failed, thus dying here. Clearly then, they key factor is not about the material.

Instead, it lies in what restrictions are imposed by the gates!”

“Restrictions,” Miao Yan’s face showed hesitation.

“En, legends are legends after all. And this is only my deduction. I dare not guarantee that it is definitely correct. However… there is no harm in trying,” Chen Xiaolian glanced at the hourglass again. “There is not much time left! It is best if you do not think about using brute force to break through the gates. Since the system had set a restriction here, brute force alone will not solve it. No matter how strong you may be, you still cannot beat the system! The way I see it, this is not something that can be solved by brute force. We can only think of ways to comply with the restrictions in order to enter through the gates.”

“According to your deductions, we cannot bring any metal inside?” Miao Yan narrowed her eyes, her face blushing red.

“Merely a speculation, but there is no harm in trying,” Chen Xiaolian replied seriously.

Miao Yan suddenly kept the two swords back into the system. She then gritted her teeth and casted a look at Chen Xiaolian. “There is also metal on you, right?”

Chen Xiaolian placed the Bone Crusher Axe into the system and smiled. He then untied his leather belt and threw it down the stairs.

He also took off his coat – there were some metal buttons on the coat.

As for the items within his backpack: mobile phones, Swiss Army knives, etc. They were all placed next to the stairs.

He examined himself for a moment and determined that there were no metal objects upon himself. Under Miao Yan’s watchful gaze, he walked before the gates and extended his hand to push…

Amidst the monotonous sound of chafing stone boards, a small gap appeared between the gates!

Chen Xiaolian forcibly pushed open the gates and stepped foot inside…

Miao Yan’s eyes flickered and she immediately followed suit. When she reached the front of the gate however, an invisible force propelled her back out despite the fact that she was standing before the gap!

Miao Yan took two steps back and stood right there. She stared with wide-opened eyes at Chen Xiaolian who was standing inside.

Chen Xiaolian was already calling Soo Soo over. “Come!”

Soo Soo did not have any metal objects on her person. The little girl’s face expressed a smile and she walked inside, walking into Chen Xiaolian’s arms.

This caused Miao Yan to become stunned.

Watching Chen Xiaolian and Soo Soo who were standing inside, she bit down on her lips. It appeared as though there was a great struggle within her heart.


Without saying anything, she quickly unzipped the zipper on her leather clothes – metal zipper.

Chen Xiaolian’s eyes watched as this woman took off the leather clothes. That unrestrained body, those exquisite curves, once they were broken out from the restraints of the tight leather clothes, suddenly…

At that instant, a thought flashed through Chen Xiaolian’s mind.

This tall woman’s body, she looked even better now compared to when she was wearing leather clothes!

Underneath the leather clothes was a tight, black coloured, elastic clothes. It was extremely thin and stuck closely to her body. It completely outlined her hot and well-proportioned body!

This was especially true when Miao Yan had bent over to take off her leather pants. As she bent down, one look at the raised curved and ripe buttocks caused Chen Xiaolian’s face to turn red involuntarily.

Chen Xiaolian suddenly felt someone tugging his hand. Lowering his head, he saw Soo Soo raising her head, staring at him. Her small lips were pursed to the side, showing a look of discontent.

Chen Xiaolian was suddenly visited by a feeling of being caught red handed. He quickly turned his head away, not daring to look anymore.

After taking the leather clothes off her body, all that was left on her was the tight, black coloured, elastic clothes.

Although those clothes completely covered her, it still gave off a hot and sexy look. Standing before Chen Xiaolian, Miao Yan seemed unable to keep herself collected. Both her cheeks were flushed red and she gritted her teeth, speaking out in a low voice. “What are you looking at!”

Chen Xiaolian averted his eyes. Miao Yan then took a deep breath and produced a cord. She used it to tie her long hair up into a ponytail – After brushing her hair aside, her sleek face was revealed. Chen Xiaolian could not help himself and glanced at her again.

Miao Yan walked forward through the gate. This time, nothing impeded her way.

After she walked through the gates, the gates suddenly shut itself slowly.

Seeing Miao Yan walk over, Chen Xiaolian mumbled something out. However, due to his voice being too low, Miao Yan was unable to clearly hear what he said. She frowned and asked. “What did you say?”

“… nothing,” Chen Xiaolian quickly lowered his head.

His heart was terrified… thank goodness she did not hear it!

Because, if Miao Yan was to hear what Chen Xiaolian had said, he feared that she would throw a fit on the spot!

What Chen Xiaolian said was…

“It turns out… not wearing bra…”

Miao Yan did not catch those words, however Soo Soo who was by Chen Xiaolian’s side heard them clearly. The little girl looked up curiously at Chen Xiaolian. “Xiaolian oppa, how do you know that?”

“Err… you will know when you are older.”

Soo Soo frowned and thought about it thoroughly. “The sister there did not have any bumps ah.”

Chen Xiaolian’s face turned frantic. “I told you, you will know when you are older! Be obedient and don’t just ask randomly!”

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1 Jingke’s assassination attempt on Qin Shi Huang is one of the more well-known attempts on Qin Shi Huang’s life.

‘The wind blows, the river freezes. The hero fords, never to return!’ is a song reputedly sang by Jingke.

‘The dagger is revealed at the end of the map.’ Jingke was able to get close to Qin Shi Huang on the pretext of gifting him a map and other valuables. A poisoned dagger was hidden inside the map scroll, revealed only after opening the end of the map. (Maps are very valuable at the time btw.)


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