GOR Chapter 512

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GOR Chapter 512 Huge Incident!

The path inside the luxury suite, from the doorway until the bedroom floor, was littered with clothes belonging to both male and female gender. It was clear that an intense ‘battle’ was fought here. Many of the clothes were even ripped apart.

The door to the bedroom was opened and a *** woman could be seen lying on the soft, big bed. The corner of the bed sheet covered her waist while revealing a slender pair of legs that was brimming with vitality. The woman also had a curvaceous *** that would arouse the envy of many Asian women.

Fiery red hair lay in a dishevelled manner on the pillow, covering the woman’s face from view.

On the floor beside the bed was an NYPD police uniform.

Shen stood up from the bed and got into a set of pyjamas. Even so, the outlines of his powerful chest muscles could be seen through them.

He moved to the window and looked into the distance.

As the suite was located at the topmost floor of this tall hotel, it provided an unquestionably excellent view.

Shen turned back to look at the female police officer who was lying on the bed.

What was her name again? Simpson?

Whatever. At any rate, what I like is just her red hair.

The silver metal bracelet he wore on his wrist suddenly vibrated and Shen lowered his head to look at it. A certain spot on it was flashing.

He walked to the suite’s living room. He first went to the refrigerator and pulled out a bottle of water, unscrewed it and sat down on the couch. Only after gulping down a mouthful of water did he brought the bracelet to the side of his mouth.


At the same time, an invisible sound barrier appeared around Shen.

Shen was also able to look past the opened bedroom door and look at the beautiful object lying on the bed.

“It is confirmed. There is an important target outside. Our men have our eyes on the target. Coordinate of target: the 24th region. However, we are lacking experts in the region. I fear that the ones sent to keep an eye on the target might be discovered at any moment.”

Hearing the words from the bracelet, Shen pondered for a moment before replying, “This important target, how important?”

“According to those that were on-site, they suspect this to be a big fish.”

Shen immediately straightened up his body.

Big fish. That was the nickname Thorned Flower Guild gave to important figures from Zero City.

Anyone of the leaders of Zero City’s resident guilds would be labelled as ‘big fish’.

In other words, they were either the Guild Leaders or Deputy Guild Leaders.

“Is this reliable?” asked Shen after a moment of consideration.

“This possibility is very high. However, our men dared not get too close. The difference in strength is too high.”

“Continue keeping an eye on them. Hurry up and send personnel with the proper level of strength to the region. Do your utmost not to beat the bush and alarm the snake. Your main objective is to keep an eye on the target’s actions.”

After ending the call, Shen thought about the matter with a frown on his face, Next, he gulped down the rest of the bottle’s contents.

Suddenly, he received a system prompt from his personal system.

[Personal system: Unknown data disruption has occurred. Attention to all [High] class Players who are presently online, the connection will be cut off immediately. All online users will be forced offline in five seconds’ time.]


Shen instantly jumped to his feet.

Forced offline?

This has never happened before!

Light flashed across Shen’s eyes and he quickly retrieved something from his bracelet.

It was a small metal object, resembling a pigeon’s egg.

He held the object in his hand and a silver coloured glow quickly radiated out from his hand. The silver coloured light swiftly spread out to cover Shen’s entire body, forming something like a layer of membrane.

At the same time, a prompt appeared in his personal system.

[System prompt: Cutting off connection… unknown data… obligatory offline procedure failed!]

Shen gave a harrumph and quickly walked out to stand before the window. He carefully observed what was going on beyond the window.

A few seconds later, as he had speculated, something strange happened. It was a most peculiar sight.

A vast curtain of light suddenly appeared high up in the endless sky.

The curtain covered all under Heaven. Like waves in the sea, the curtain pushed outward, sweeping its way through the sky.

At the same time, the cars and pedestrians filling the streets outside began shaking.

They shook as they alternate between tangible and virtual, just like… … a 3D projection when its projected light became unstable. In that moment, everything shook.

Shen retracted his gaze and turned around to look at the woman in the bedroom of his suite.

The woman remained on the bed. However, her body had suddenly turned almost transparent. Her body flickered a few times, seemingly about to disappear.

“A refresh? Strange… … a large-scale world encompassing refresh? What is going on with the system? Is there a huge change coming?”

Shen mumbled to himself.

The entire world appeared to be undergoing a refresh process.

The pedestrians on the streets appeared ignorant of what was happening. Yet, the flickering of the imagery of the entire world continued.

The vast curtain of light enveloped Heaven and Earth!

Soon however, the advance of the curtain of light came to a pause.

This pause lasted for a few seconds.

There on the ground and streets of the city, everyday people were engaged in various matters. However, all of them were paused – it was as though someone had pressed the ‘pause’ button for the whole world.

It did not take long for another curtain of light to appear from the other side of the world. This curtain of light was green in colour. Likewise, it too was majestic, magnificent, vast and boundless.

This curtain of green light swept its way across Heaven and Earth and rushed to meet the refreshing curtain of light from earlier head-on.

The two curtains of light were like two tidal waves coming from two different directions. They smashed into each other ferociously. Instantly, day and night flashed repeatedly.

Next, the two of them merged together. The green curtain of light overcame the refreshing curtain of light, devouring it by force before continuing to spread forward…

The world returned to its original image.

Shen stood before the top-to-bottom window of his suite and quietly bore witness to the wondrous spectacle that occurred earlier.

His face had turned very, very serious.

In the bedroom beside him, the woman on the bed did not disappear. After flickering a few times, the image seemingly stabilized and the woman remained asleep on the bed.

It was as though nothing had happened.

Shen took a deep breath. This time, the expression on his face was even more solemn compared to the one earlier.

“A huge refreshing process that encompasses the entire world… … it was large enough to warrant forcing high-ranking Players with Exclusive Accounts offline. With the exception of an overall update of the system, such a large refresh should not have happened… … additionally, even if there was a large-scale update of the system, it should not have happened so suddenly.

“Most importantly… this refresh process was stopped. It was forcibly stopped and… … cancelled. The refreshing power was devoured…

“Everything is now normal, as though nothing had happened at all. It is as though the large-scale refreshing process that appeared a few seconds ago had never happened at all.

“I am Shen. I had witnessed what happened in this world earlier and I record this message – in hopes that my memory just now would not be erased.”

After saying all that to his bracelet, Shen thought for a moment before adding.

“Such a large-scale refreshing process could only be initiated by the main program. However, the ability to forcibly cancel such a large-scale refreshing process… … undoubtedly, only the Development Team would have the ability to accomplish such a feat.

“If so, what actually happened?”

After recording those words, Shen lightly tapped his bracelet and a small, translucent memory sphere floated out from the bracelet.

Shen gently placed the memory sphere on the pigeon egg like object that he was holding in his other hand. Tilting his hand lightly, he allowed the memory sphere to seep into the object.

After doing all that, he breathed a sigh of relief.

He kept the object that resembled a pigeon’s egg and the silver coloured membrane of light covering his body disappeared as well.

Shen immediately raised his bracelet and said, “Does anyone know what just happened?”

No answer came from the other end of the bracelet.

Shen was about to call out again when a system prompt suddenly appeared in his personal system.

Having kept the pigeon egg like object, the shield had also been cancelled. However, this prompt in his personal system appeared most peculiar.

[Personal prompt: System is issuing an impromptu instance dungeon quest. Quest level: Highest. Participation is mandatory. [High] class Players with Exclusive Accounts have the right to be exempted. Do you wish to use this right to be exempted?]

Shen was stunned and a look of shock was etched on his face.

An instance dungeon at the highest level of difficulty? An impromptu one at that?

Something huge has really happened.

Without hesitating, he chose to accept.


Stop joking! How could I miss out on something so exciting?

A few seconds later however, after reading the prompt for this new instance dungeon, the curious smile on Shen’s face turned into one of utter… … shock.

[System prompt: Forcing all Players online…

[Instance dungeon quest description: Entrance to Zero City found! Repeat, entrance to Zero City found!

[Quest duration: No limit.

[Instance dungeon’s restrictions: None. Any skill and equipment may be used.

[Instance dungeon’s participants: Player Faction only.

[Instance dungeon’s coordinate: XXXXXXX

[Quest objective: Destroy Zero City!]

Zero City?

Found… … Zero City?

The system’s main program found Zero City?

What exactly is going on here?

This is too sudden…

Shen, who remained standing at the same spot, was dumbfounded for a few seconds. A vague speculation formed within his mind.

Zero City being found all of a sudden. Could it be connected to the world nearly being refreshed earlier?

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