GOR Chapter 511

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GOR Chapter 511 Forced Offline?

After driving silently for a few seconds, the muscular man could not help but ask in a hushed tone, “That Tian Lie, what kind of person is he?”

“Mm?” A flicker ran across Shen’s eyes and he turned an interested glance at his driver. “Why, did you hear something?”

“You should know, nearly everyone in the guild felt envious of me because I was transferred to serve you.” The driver smiled. “However, before I was transferred over, countless people had whispered that name into my ears – naturally, I had also heard about Sir Tian Lie’s legendary name before. At any rate, he is said to be a powerful figure. According to the news circulating within the guild, he is the only one who could recklessly joke around with you.”

“He is…” Shen sighed. However, as he was seemingly about to say something, his face flickered and he grew silent. With a cold expression, he said, “He is just my previous driver and assistant. You don’t need to know anything other than that. Now… … any more questions?”

“… understood! No more!” The driver hastily shrunk his head back.

Shen, who was seated in the back, then pulled out a bottle of wine from the SUV’s refrigerator. He had just taken a sip when the driver spoke up, “Ah, sir, excuse me for interrupting.”

“Sigh.” Shen sighed. “Have I been too kind to you all?”

“No, not that.” Cold sweat trickled down the driver’s forehead. “I received an urgent message from my earpiece. It concerns the guild.”

“Mm?” Shen put down the bottle of wine.

Once again, the George Patton SUV stopped beside the street, ignoring the no stopping sign there.

Inside, after a few minutes had passed, Shen picked up a special communication device.

“I just received the report, what are the details of the situation? Mm…” Shen held the communication device and carefully listened to the other party’s report. After listening for a moment, Shen’s expression turned most peculiar. “You mean to say, it is completely cut off? Cut off, is that the right word?”

After receiving a reply from the communication device, Shen’s expression gradually became one of excitement.

“Wait… you mean to say, even the mole we put inside can no longer be contacted? This… … this is interesting! Are you certain that they were not exposed and taken care off by Zero City? You are certain that is not the case?  Good. If you are certain that is not the case, this will be interesting. As I recall… … this kind of incident has never happened to Zero City before.”

Shen held onto the communication device and fell silent for a moment. A light flashed across his eyes and he quickly gave instructions, “Have all our eyes and ears spread out! Start from the highest-rated objectives in the list and probe this out! See if they can find anything! My sixth sense is telling me that this could be a very interesting incident, and a rare opportunity! Let all our eyes and ears go search. I believe… there must be some people from Zero City who are now out here. If we are lucky enough to find one or two important figures, this would become an excellent opportunity.”

After putting down the communication device, Shen’s lips curled and a trace of wickedness could be seen in his smile.

“Err… … Guild Leader, I don’t mean to disturb you, but it seems a police officer is coming – this place does not allow the parking of cars. Do you want me to handle this?”

A police motorcycle came to a stop behind the George Patton SUV and a slim female police officer got down. A slender body brimming with vitality that was covered in police uniform walked before the side window. Then, she gently knocked the glass window.

The back window slid down to reveal Shen’s face inside. The ray of sunlight fell upon his face from a certain angle and his extraordinarily handsome face, sapphire like eyes and brilliant blond hair came into the female police officer’s vision.

The female police officer slowly took off her helmet, revealing a very beautiful face. Especially the thick lips, which brought out a sexy side to her.

“Is there a problem, Miss Police Officer?” Shen smiled gently.

“Do you need help?” The female police officer took in a deep breath. “I saw you stopping here. Did you encounter some sort of trouble? And also – this place does not allow the parking of cars.”

“It’s nothing. I am sorry, I…” Shen had seemingly wanted to say something. However, his eyes suddenly fell upon the female police officer’s hair – fiery red hair. Additionally, it appeared very natural. It was certainly not a product of a dye-job.

Shen’s smile then took on a peculiar turn. “May I know your name, my beautiful female police officer?”

“Simpson, you can call me Officer Simpson.”

“Officer Simpson. Well, now I know your last name, but what of your name? Would you grant me the honour of knowing it?”

The female police officer became seemingly tranced by the enchanting smile shown by this young man before her. She subconsciously replied in a hushed tone, “Lisa, Lisa Simpson.”

Shen smiled. It appeared to be a very pleasant smile. However, his eyes were locked upon the beautiful, fiery red hair on the female police officer’s head.

Nicole stood in the shower and hot water sprinkled down from the nozzle upon her body.

Her youthful body was like a blooming begonia. Amid the sprinkling hot water, her body was exceptionally enticing. She stroked her hair backward with both hands again and again. Then, she continued standing in the water for a few minutes, allowing the hot water to wash her face and body.

“Idiot. What a complete idiot!”

Her mind was replaying what happened in the last instance dungeon. Specifically, how the ‘idiot’ used her Floater.

Humph, that is seriously not how you use the Floater…


Thinking back to how he looked at her…

Nicole sighed.

She quickly turned off the water and pulled a towel to her. Wrapping the towel over her body, she then stepped out from the shower barefooted.

Her slender and alabaster feet stepped upon the soft carpet of the room and she moved to a closet inside the room. She stood before the closet’s mirror.

Looking back at her through the mirror was Nicole’s original face. The beautiful face, the highly charming eyes, the long neck, the slender collarbone and… despite being wrapped by the towel, it could not hide the curves of her body.

And there beneath the towel was a pair of straight and slender calves.

“Sigh, not being able to use my own face to meet others is really annoying.” Nicole sighed.

If I run over to meet him using my own face, he would probably get frightened, no?

Would he end up screaming?

Or would he cry and run to hug me?

Damn it! Why am I thinking about something so strange?

Nicole walked back into the shower room. One minute later, she walked out. She was wearing a new set of clothes. A sports jacket and even a baseball cap.

Her Floater was left in Roddy’s hands for so long it was now severely lacking in energy. . Thus, Nicole decided to return to Zero City in order to recharge and repair her Floater. Since she did not have any repair machines with her, she could only choose to go back to Zero City and figure out how to proceed.

Thankfully, as a high-ranking member of the Angel Corps, she had some secret reserves.

She walked before a door and held the door handle gently. Next, she rotated the door handle repeatedly. After a few rotations…

She forcefully pulled the door.

What happened next stunned Nicole.

Unlike what she was expecting, what lay beyond the door was not Zero City’s reserve passageway.

Rather… … it was her own bedroom.

“What happened?”

Nicole knitted her brows and closed the door. Once again, she rotated the door handle.

This time, things ended on a more definite note – with a click, the door handle simply broke and fell down.

Nicole was utterly dumbfounded.

“Wha, what, what the Hell?!”

Within a certain racecourse for the aristocrats within the London suburbs…

Men of the aristocratic class were in riding gears and they rode upon horses. Two men with especially well combed hair deliberately rode before Miao Yan, riding their horse back and forth. This was already the eighth time.

Feeling somewhat bored, Miao Yan yawned.

She was seated beneath a patio umbrella. There on the table beside her was the standard afternoon tea for British aristocracy.

I really messed up. I had wanted to experience the standard lifestyle of the British aristocrats, so I came online earlier to participate in this horse racing event… … how could I have guessed it would be so boring!

She watched as some fellow with the title of Lord rode his horse before her for the ninth time. He even pulled out his hat to throw a salute her way.

Miao Yan forced back the impulse to pull out an RPG to blast the unsuspecting fellow into smithereens and forced a smile on her face.

Although the fellow had a very courteous smile on his face, Miao Yan knew very well that this fellow was thinking of how to obtain this Countess and lead her all the way into his bed.

Humph, disgusting things.

After sitting there for over half an hour, Miao Yan decided that she had given the host of this event enough respect. She got up, intending to leave.

It is better for me to return and check to see if there are any interesting instance dungeons. Then, I can make use of my authority as a high-ranking Player to create an exclusive right to enter. Going in there to play around would surely beat participating in this damned aristocratic lifestyle.

Just as Miao Yan was moving to leave the table…

[Personal system: Unknown data disruption has occurred. Attention to all [High] class Players who are presently online, the connection will be cut off immediately. All online users will be forced offline in five seconds’ time.]

Forced offline? Da, damn it! !

A few seconds later…

The ‘Miao Yan’, who was standing there, suddenly looked at her hands absent-mindedly. A look of shock and terror quickly appeared on her face.

“I, I… … how did I end up here? Aah!”


The helpless Countess fell on the ground in a seated posture and she clutched her head. “I, I, how did I end up here? How can I be here?”

It did not take long before some people ran over to her side…

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