GOR Chapter 510

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GOR Chapter 510 New Job

On the street across the One World Trade Centre building in New York…

Shen sat inside a café and looked through the floor-to-ceiling window at the building across the street.

It was raining outside. Even so, there were still tourists standing by the street. They braved the rain and used their mobile phones to take pictures of the ‘Freedom Tower’. Some bold females simply put aside their umbrella and started taking selfies, ignoring the rain soaking their T-shirt and how the rainwater turned their clothes slightly see-through.

“So, if you want to chase after pretty girls, the best present to give them is the latest mobile phone with powerful picture taking functions – additionally, it would be best if it is waterproof.”

Shen picked up his cup of coffee with a bored expression and took a sip.

A red-haired waitress in the café was constantly glancing at him.

Sitting opposite Shen was a young woman of clear Asian origin. She had her head lowered, both her legs pushed together and both hands on her knees.

“Enough. If you keep up that posture, everyone in this café would know that you are a Japanese.” Shen sighed. “Truth be told, there is no need for you to act in such a restrained manner.”

“… hai… … ah, I mean, I get it.” The young woman’s initial reply appeared to be out of conditioning. However, she then reacted by continuing with something else.

At that moment, the red-haired waitress walked over and stood before the table resting between the two of them.

“Excuse me, is the coffee satisfactory?”

“Thank you, the taste is quite good.” Shen raised his head up. There on his face was a smile that could instantly captivate females. The lethality of his smile was certainly over 9,000.

The red-haired waitress seemingly became lost for words for a moment. Then, she smiled and whispered, “Our new muffin is quite good. I can let you taste one for free.”

As she said that, the red-haired woman winked at Shen.

She was quite pretty. Although her facial features were not particularly exquisite, she had a pair of sultry eyes. Additionally… … her breasts were big.

The waitress’ skirt exposed her straight legs.

Shen smiled and chose not to refuse her good intentions. “Thank you.”

“Nina, my name is Nina.” The waitress used the opportunity to introduce herself. “If there is anything, you can call me at any time. I will be getting off work in half an hour.”

One minute later, she came with the muffin – there was only one, which was placed before Shen.

Shen noticed that there was a piece of note slipped beneath the muffin’s plate. A series of digits were written on them. Clearly, those were digits for a phone number.

After putting it down, this young woman known as Nina winked flirtatiously at Shen before turning to leave – not once did she give the Japanese female a glance.

“See? This is one of the reasons why I like New York.” Shen smiled. Then, he openly picked up the muffin and took a bite. “Not bad. Do you want to try it?”

Seeing Shen offer her the piece of muffin, the Japanese girl jerked her body straight and shook her head. “No, sir. I don’t need it.”

“Fine, let’s start work. Give me your progress report.” Shen sighed, a seemingly bored look on his face.

“Yes!” The young Japanese woman quickly retrieved a briefcase that was placed by her side – it was the flat, rectangular and old-fashioned type of leather briefcase.

Shen gave the briefcase a glance and knitted his brows with a smile. “You have quite a unique taste.”

“If, if you don’t like it, I will replace it immediately!” The young woman was quick to lower her head.

“No, I just meant it in a casual way.” Shen waved his head. “Just continue. Let us finish our work – if we keep this up, I fear you might explode from anxiousness.”

“Yes.” The young woman was so nervous, she was practically about to cry. She quickly riffled through the folders and pulled out a notepad.

She even pulled out a pair of old-fashioned black-rimmed glasses from her pocket. After putting it on, she dared not look Shen in the eyes and continued by speaking.

“The reply from Auburn’s company. They may not be able to give you much preference for the property that you want. What they want to say here is that there are many people who are also bidding for that property. If you have any issue with the price, they can offer you some other alternatives. In their words: There are many properties in New York worth investing…”

“No, I want this one.” Shen quickly shoved the remaining half of the muffin into his mouth. His cheeks became puffed up as a result – this move of his did not damage his handsome looks. Rather, it gave him an adorable look – the evidence of that? The two girls sitting in the table beside them were looking at him to the point where their eyes were turning flowery.

Shen finished his coffee in one go, swallowing the muffin at the same time. Next, he exhaled and continued, “Tell them, I want this one. As for the price, I don’t care how much the others are offering. My offer price will always be 10 per cent higher than theirs, understand?”

“This… this, this doesn’t… …” The young Japanese woman gulped. “This doesn’t seem wise.”

“Just do as I say, money is just a number.” Shen spread his arms. Seeing the expression on the young Japanese woman’s face, which clearly said ‘antics of the rich’, Shen broke into a smile. He said in a hushed tone, “Are you secretly calling me an idiot?”

“Ehhh?” The young Japanese woman subconsciously spoke with a Japanese intonation.

However, the way she looked and her idiotic expression made it quite an adorable sight.

“Do you know why I must buy this property?” Shen suddenly pointed out the window.

His finger was pointing at the ‘Freedom Tower’ located across the street.

The young Japanese woman thought about it for a moment before answering cautiously, “Because… … it is the ‘Freedom Tower’? I mean, it is the One World Trade Centre building after all. After the Twin Towers were destroyed, this building was built upon the very same site. It is a landmark of the United States of America, something infamous across the world. Your objective is to buy up an entire floor of this landmark building?”

“You got part of it right.” Shen smiled. “Most importantly, it was only completed in 2013, a newer product. If I just want a landmark building, I can just buy one from the Empire State building or the Rockefeller Centre. However, this building is different. It had just been completed. It is the latest in all aspects. The solid parts of it are all new, unlike those old buildings. No matter how you renovate those old buildings, you would not be able to get rid of the atmosphere of staleness. Living in a new building would feel more comfortable.”

“Ehhhh?” The young Japanese woman made that same voice again. She quickly covered her mouth. “So, sorry! It is my mistake!”

“So, the price is not an issue. Tell my agent that what I want is to get me what I want at best speed. Price is not an issue.”

“Yes, I understand.”

The young Japanese woman wrote on the notepad in a serious manner.

“Why aren’t you using electronic equipment?” Shen looked at the notepad in the young woman’s hand – the notepad’s cover was made from leather. Clearly, it was an old-fashioned product.

“Because… … digital products get damaged easily. I mean, in case it falls into water, or gets damaged, the information inside might be lost. Additionally… … since childhood, I have always preferred writing with my own hands.” The young Japanese woman was still nervous and she continued, “If you do not like it, I can change to a PAD tomorrow.”

“No need. I was just asking,” answered Shen with a yawn. “Is there anything else?”

“Your yacht has arrived. It is now in the pier. I will send the location to your mobile phone. It will be on standby for you for 24 hours.” The young Japanese woman quickly said, “I have selected three companies specializing in organizing high class parties to make the arrangements. They have each sent out their plans and I will be sending them into your email for you to choose. I have marked out what I believe to be their pros and cons…”

“No need. Let them all organize it.” Shen smiled. “Today is the first. I have one month’s time of holidays. Let all three companies organize it. Mm, organize a party once a week, I still have a surplus.”

“… yes, I will contact them immediately to arrange your party soon.” The young Japanese woman took a deep breath and nudged her glasses before continuing, “Do you have any special request? I can relay your request to them.”

“Request?” Shen thought about it for a moment before smiling. “For a young, rich and single man with a normal sexual orientation like me, what expectations would I have for parties? Just a couple.”

“Yes sir, I will note them down.” The young Japanese woman raised her pen, ready to jot the details down.

“Firstly, the most beautiful women in New York. Secondly, the best wine. Thirdly, organize some fun and interesting activities.” Shen then shrugged and said, “That is all.”

“… understood.” The young woman gripped her pen tightly. However, she was still able to write down all those details. “Beautiful women, wine and interesting activities.

“Also, for your custom clothes, I have made an appointment with the best Golden Shears winner from Saville Row. However, the appointment time …”

“No, you have made a mistake,” said Shen coolly.


“Time.” Shen smiled. “Working for me, there is a basic logic that you need to understand.”

“… yes.”

“Time,” Shen coolly repeated. “I have spent a great sum of money for his services. I did all that not so I have to follow his schedule, but for me to take my own time. So, don’t talk to me about his schedule, understand? Instead, it should be my schedule that we look at. When I am free to let him service me, he must come. Otherwise, there would be no point in me spending so much money for him. Do you understand?”

“Yes.” The young Japanese woman exhaled.

“Well then… … are we done discussing work?” Shen smiled. Then, he turned his head to look at the counter. The beautiful red-haired waitress was leaving. She wore a casual looking jacket and was smiling at him.

“Yes, today’s progress report is done.”

“Excellent.” Shen finished up the final bit of coffee in his cup. “Now that working hours are over, there is one thing I need you to do.”

“Please instruct me!” The young Japanese woman quickly snapped her body straight.

“I will be leaving now. My car is outside and I will be entering it after I exit this place. What I want you to do is…” Shen looked into the young woman’s eyes and said, “Find the best nearby hotel, about 20 minutes distance from here, and help me book the best room they have. My request for this is that I would be able to smoothly access the room just by giving my name. There will be none of those boring details that waste time.  Oh right, there must be rose petals on the bed and champagne in the room – Dom Perignon is not a bad choice. As for the year, I will leave it in your hands. I want everything to be ready 20 minutes after I leave this place, understand? As for the location of the hotel, you can just send it to my driver later.”

“… yes!” The young Japanese woman gritted her teeth and nodded.

Seeing the nervousness in the young woman, Shen smiled. “No need to be nervous. This is your first day at work. In the future, you will slowly understand that I am quite easy to get along with.”

Seeing that Shen was about to leave, the young Japanese woman suddenly got the courage – perhaps something happened to her mind, but she suddenly found the courage from somewhere to open her mouth and say, “May I ask you a question?”

“Of course, I always treat my subordinates with kindness,” replied Shen with a smile.

“Why her?” The young Japanese woman turned her frowning gaze at the red-haired woman who was sending a flirtatious look their way. “Although she is quite beautiful… … considering your status, you can’t possibly…”

“Because she is a redhead,” Shen replied coolly. “It is a personal preference of mine. I prefer red-haired women.”

“… yes sir, I will remember this point. When arranging the party, I will be sure to arrange for your personal preference.” The young Japanese woman then bit her lips. “One last question… … why me?”


“Why me? I mean, why did you employ me? You employed me with a salary package that I simply could not refuse.” The young Japanese woman sighed. “I have worked before, and have encountered some wealthy men. I can see that you are without question one of those figures within the highest layer in high society. As for me… although my track record in the service industry is not bad, I do not see myself with the ability to be your personal assistant. The remuneration you have given me far outweighs my ability.”

Hearing that, Shen, who was about to stand up, sat back down. He then stared at the young Japanese woman for a good five seconds. “So, that was your intention behind dressing up this way on your first day at work?”

“Ehhhh?” The young Japanese woman’s face turned red. The awkward look of a person whose thoughts were exposed could be seen on her face.

“Old type of pencil, old-fashioned and conservative attire, even your hair was done in an old fashioned style. In addition, you purposely brought a 20-year-old leather briefcase… … let me take a guess, you probably did not even apply any perfume. As for your makeup, you look 20 years older. What are you worried about?” There was a mockful tone in Shen’s voice. “Are you worried that I am one of those rich playboys who likes to play around with their beautiful staff members? Are you worried that I might be interested in you? Is that why you dress yourself up like this for work?”

“… … I am very sorry.” The young Japanese woman lowered her head.

“There is no need to apologize, Ms, Takashimoto Shizuka.” Shen rapped the surface of the table. The corners of his lips curved and a smile appeared on his face. “I find your actions very interesting – continue doing it then.”

“But you have not answered my question, why me?” Takashimoto Shizuka drummed up her courage and asked, “I am just an ordinary young woman who had worked as a flight attendant for a few years. Considering how highly placed you are in society, if you want a personal assistant, given the standard of remuneration you are offering, you can easily find many others who are more professional than me. People who are much more capable than me – even in terms of looks, you can find others who are prettier than me.”

“… you really want to know the answer?” Shen smiled.

“Please do tell me, I am begging you!” The young woman bowed her head.

“Because, among all the resumes given by the agency, be it qualifications or abilities, yours are the worst.”

“Ehhhh?” Takashimoto Shizuka snapped her head up, a look of shock on her face.

“Thus, I thought about… … doing it as a charity work.” After saying that, Shen stood up and turned to leave. Before moving away however, he turned his head and said, “Remember what I asked you to do. Hotel, room, roses and champagne. You only have less than 20 minutes.”

“Ah! Yes!”

The young woman then watched as her employer, who was handsome to the point of having no friends, walked to the door of the café and waited for the red-haired waitress. They walked out together. Next, they moved toward an overbearing looking George Patton super SUV. A muscular man in form-fitting suit stepped down from the driver’s seat to open the door for them. He surveyed their surroundings with a ferocious gaze before jumping back into the driver’s seat. After that, the SUV slowly moved away.

Takashimoto Shizuka sighed. She quickly pulled out a mobile phone and checked up on the nearby hotels.

“Hello, is this XXX Hotel? I need a luxury suite. Mm, the most expensive one… time… asap! Yes, I will be sending the payment your way immediately. Additionally, I need you to arrange something. Please jot this down…”

A few minutes later, after using her mobile phone to forward a large sum of payment from a special account, Takashimoto Shizuka gave a relieved sigh. She then sent the address of the hotel to a certain phone number in her mobile phone.

“Done.” Takashimoto Shizuka sighed and sat back down. There was an absent-minded look on her face.

This job of hers felt just like a dream.

A few days ago, she sent her resume to an agency, hoping to get the job of an assistant in the service industry. Unexpectedly, she ended up getting employed by such a weird boss.

There was no question about it. This super handsome employer of hers was one of those legendary super rich figures.

The remuneration package for this job… … the annual salary was at least 10 times that of her previous job as a flight attendant in Japan.

In fact… … on this first day of work, she had received the work clearance for a special account. This account was specially opened for paying some of her boss’ expenses.

For example, the expenses for the hotel earlier.

This special account was a Citibank account with unlimited credit.

All of these felt just like a dream.

However… … this would at least solve the problem, right?

After reaching that line of thought, Takashimoto Shizuka picked up her mobile phone and called up a number.

A few moments later.

“Mikiko, it’s me! Ah… … yes, I am now in New York… … yes, I have already found a job… … it is very good… … tell mother not to worry about money anymore… … huh? What are you talking about? That will never happen… … don’t worry, I will take good care of myself. Mikiko, you work hard as well!”

“What are you looking at?”

Inside the SUV, the red-haired waitress was leaning against Shen. Her considerable breasts were resting on Shen’s arm.

Shen however, was looking at the café through the window. It was possible to faintly make out that Takashimoto Shizuka was still seated inside the café.

“An interesting young woman, don’t you think?” Shen smiled before turning back to face her.

“Where are we heading to?” The red-haired waitress looked at Shen. There was a sense of restraint in her voice. “I… … I didn’t think you are a rich man.”

After saying that, she looked at the SUV.

“So?” Shen gave the red-haired woman a ruminating look.

“I… what I mean to say is, I don’t often do something like this. I… … I don’t do things like this. It’s just, looking at you… … there is this feeling,” the red-haired woman stuttered.

“Enough. Words like that would only make things awkward,” Shen said coolly. “As it so happens, I am in a bad mood and in need of some interesting activities. As for you… … it just so happens that you have this beautiful red hair.”

“Red hair?” The female waitress smiled fawningly. “You like my red hair? The dye job was done well, no? I just did it the day before yesterday, I really like it too…”

After saying that, the female waitress brought out a mirror to comb her hair.

“… … wait, dye job?”

A few seconds later, a black George Patton SUV suddenly halted by a street with a crunching sound.

Next, the door was opened and a red-haired woman jumped down. After that, the door was closed and the SUV sped off.

The red-haired woman waved her middle finger at the SUV and swore, “F**K! Psycho! Pervert!”

“Where should we go now, Guild Leader? Do we still head to the hotel?” the muscular man in the driver’s seat asked in a low and hoarse voice.

“What a pity, my new assistant has already booked a hotel room for me, with roses and champagne… … but now, there is no beauty. See how frustrating this can be?”

“… … I still don’t understand why you chose an ordinary human to be your assistant,” the driver said with a frown. “Although she is quite the beauty, she is still just an ordinary human.”

“No no no, you do not get it.” Shen smiled, revealing his white set of teeth. “I have already investigated it. She seems to have a strange connection with a certain someone. She is a bait that I am preparing. Sooner or later, this bait will be luring in an interesting fish to me.”

After a pause, Shen suddenly broke into a smile and said, “Also, did you realize something funny?”

“What is it?”

“This Japanese girl is not interested in me at all. She is even putting up precautions against me.” Shen appeared very happy. “You have seen it for yourself. Just by sitting in the café for a while, I would end up receiving several phone numbers. However, this Japanese girl actually treats me like I am a cold virus.”

“This is the real reason you hired her, isn’t it?” The muscular man sighed helplessly. “I think your playboy side is getting provoked.”

“Enough, you are not Tian Lie. There is no need for you to imitate his tone and joke around with me.” Shen suddenly retracted the smile on his face. “You do look a lot like him, and I did have you transfer to my side. However, there is no need for you to mimic that fellow, understand?”

“… yes.”

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