GOR Chapter 508

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GOR Chapter 508 Room Zero

“Now is not the best time for you to be dwelling upon such emotions,” said Zero City with a stiff voice. “I must remind you that you have just completed the screening process. Next, there is something even more important for you to do.”

Chen Xiaolian took a deep breath and raised his head. “For example?”

“For example, authority.”

“Why the Mausoleum of Qin Shihuang instance dungeon?”

“I thought you already knew,” replied Zero City coolly. “Or should I say it using your human preference? As you would often say, taking a step back for the sake of advancing.”

“… … …” Chen Xiaolian sighed. “I really detest that tone of yours.”

“There is no need for me to modify my voice or to cover anything up,” Zero City said in a wooden voice.

“All right, then. I believe the reason for that is… Bai Qi, right?” Chen Xiaolian spoke aloud. “It is Bai Qi! Am I right?”

“Yes. After scanning your memories, I found out about Bai Qi. Additionally, according to my data, your War Soul Bai Qi is an extremely irregular existence. Not only that, from certain aspects, he possesses the authority of the founders… … his rate of compatibility is in fact even higher than yours in certain aspects.”

“That is why you arranged to have me go through the Mausoleum of Qin Shihuang instance dungeon again for the screening process?”


After over 10 seconds of silence, Zero City finally responded.

“Because the Bai Qi in your system is incomplete. Additionally, his manner of existence left me puzzled. I needed to re-examine it all from the beginning. Initially, when I saw that the War Soul Bai Qi that you possess was in an incomplete state, I decided, after you chose to undergo the screening process, to send you to the Mausoleum of Qin Shihuang instance dungeon, the very place you obtained him.”

Chen Xiaolian suddenly recalled that in his former experience of Mausoleum of Qin Shihuang instance dungeon, the Bai Qi back then was all white. More accurately, the Bai Qi that seized Qiu Yun’s life force to resurrect himself was white.

In the instance dungeon that he had just undergone however, BOSS Bai Qi was a downright undead creature.

“So… … Bai Qi is now… complete?”

“… I can only say that he is more complete compared to earlier. Although he has yet to reach the level I hoped, he is in a much better state now.” Zero City’s answer caused Chen Xiaolian’s heart to give a pound. “At the very least, he is now at the level where he can issue me commands.”

The gears in Chen Xiaolian’s mind were quickly rotating.

Mr San is one of the founding members, so is Bai Qi…

Mr San’s group… … they are the previous generation of Irregularities.

In other words, Bai Qi back then was also an Irregularity!

If so…

Bai Qi…

Did he die? Or not?

“According to his state in the Mausoleum of Qin Shihuang instance dungeon, Bai Qi is already dead. The spirit category that the system gave him is undead creature. This point is unmistakeable. What puzzles me is how something like this could be done. I could sense the atmosphere of life coming off the War Soul Bai Qi that you obtained – he is no longer just an undead creature. This is something contrary to the directives I know of. Thus, I am very puzzled by this.”

Chen Xiaolian’s heart throbbed uncontrollably at that.

His heart pounded faster and faster and his throat felt parched. He took a deep breath.

“Am I correct in understanding your words as… … Bai Qi had once died, but… … was resurrected?”

Zero City entered another state of silence for a few seconds. This time, its answer left Chen Xiaolian excited.

“… yes. From a certain perspective, your words are correct. The founder Bai Qi died. Then, he… … mm, was resurrected.”

“In other words, system Irregularities like me… … we can in fact be resurrected?” Chen Xiaolian clenched both his fists.

“At present, that would appear to be the case.”

“How to do it?” Chen Xiaolian asked loudly. “If I want to resurrect Qiao Qiao, how? Tell me, how do I do it? Since it is possible for Bai Qi, Qiao Qiao… … it must be possible for her too!”

Resurrect Qiao Qiao!

For the first time ever, Chen Xiaolian saw a glimmer of hope.

If there was something that would make Chen Xiaolian put everything on the line for, it would be Qiao Qiao’s resurrection. For her, he would do anything.

“I do not know.” For the first time ever, a hint of emotion tainted Zero City’s voice. It was something similar to the human tone of doubt.

“There is nothing in the information available to me to fulfil your request. I do not even know how it works – if so, there is only one explanation. The authority involved in this matter is one superior to mine.”

“… authority.” Chen Xiaolian gritted his teeth. “Aren’t you a part of this world’s main program? You said it before. Anything this world’s main program can do, you should have as well.”

“However, I was cut apart,” replied Zero City calmly. “I am just a miniaturized version of the world’s main program. It is possible that a portion of my authority and function had been cut out as well. Only, I am not aware of something like that.

“Naturally, there is another possibility. This incident happened because, after I was cut out from the main program, the highest authority holder, that is, the Development Team created a new function. As part of the old version that was cut out, I was not a recipient of the upgrade. Thus, it is only normal that I do not possess this function,” Zero City explained with a patient tone. “Bai Qi is one of Zero City’s founders. From a logical standpoint, his death was something that happened after the founding of Zero City. By then, I was already cut out from the world’s main program. Thus, how did Bai Qi become the guardian of an instance dungeon and how he was resurrected after his death… … all those happened after I was cut out. I know nothing of it.

“According to my data, I do not possess the authority to turn an Awakened, Irregularity or any participant into an instance dungeon BOSS… I am not equipped with that function.

“Thus, I am of the opinion that this function is something that was added in by the Development Team after I was cut out. It is a new authority, a new and special one that I do not possess.”

Chen Xiaolian lowered his head. He caressed his fist and his shoulders were rising up and down gently. Clearly, he was breathing in and out deeply in an attempt to stabilize his emotions.

“Are you… disappointed?” asked Zero City.

“ … no.” Chen Xiaolian promptly raised his head. A strange light shone from within his eyes.

“No! Why should I be disappointed?” There was ferocity within Chen Xiaolian’s eyes. “At the very least, I now know that resurrecting an irregularity is not a complete impossibility! It is just that we have yet to obtain this authority. We just haven’t found the method to do it! However, it is feasible! It can be done – this answer alone, to the present me, this answer is good enough!”

That was Chen Xiaolian’s answer. That was also what was on his mind.

He had originally thought it to be an impossibility, but now he found that it was possible.

At least now – he was no longer in despair. Now, he had a glimmer of hope.

“It is good that you could think that way.” Zero City did not appear too concerned with this topic of discussion. “Now, let us proceed with what you should be doing.”

“To obtain the authority, right?” There was a tangled look in Chen Xiaolian’s face.

“Yes, you may now enter Room Zero.”

Room Zero?

What the Hell is that?

Seemingly sensing the doubt in Chen Xiaolian’s mind, Zero City replied, “Room Zero is the highest authority room created by the founders. In that room, you can obtain the same authority as the founders and become Zero City’s… … master.”

Zero City’s master.

Those words alone were enough to make him focus.

Despite the sorrow that was overflowing from Chen Xiaolian’s face, he was unable to stop himself from becoming moved.

“So, how do I enter Room Zero…”

Before Chen Xiaolian could finish his words, a gate appeared before him.

This gate had seemingly appeared out of thin air – more accurately, it could not even be considered a gate. It was just something built from some broken stones. It was barely able to form the frames of a gate. It was so humble and unrefined it was eye-striking.

“I… … I need to enter?” Chen Xiaolian pointed at the gate dubiously.

“Of course, you are the only one who can enter.” Zero City gave a very simple reply.

“What about you?” asked Chen Xiaolian.

“I am a part of it.”

Oh well.

Chen Xiaolian took a deep breath and looked at the gate standing before him. After a moment’s hesitation, he stepped forward. The moment his left foot stepped across the gate…

Everything before him lit up.

The blue sky appeared as though it had just been washed clean.

Chen Xiaolian looked at what rested beneath his feet before looking around. He was unable to stop himself from breaking into a wry smile. “This is… … Room Zero?”

He was standing on a meadow.

More accurately, it was just a stretch of meadow.

The size of the meadow was not too large, only about one mu (1 mu = 1/15 hectare). The green grasses on the meadow were very comfortable. He felt softness from every step he took.

Beyond the meadow… … was… … the sky.

A sky filled with nothing.

All around this world, all of it was filled with the blue sky.

No matter which way he looked, he was unable to find an edge.

In the middle of the meadow was a large stone slab. It was not the well cut square shaped kind of stone slab. Rather, it was a very natural looking one. One that followed no design. It was around five to six metres in length and its surface was flat. It lay in the middle of the meadow.

There around the stone slab were a few…

Mm? Are these benches?

Chen Xiaolian felt puzzled.

Judging by the layout, it would appear that the stone slab was used as a table. As for those things around it, those were probably where people were meant to sit.

However, those ‘seats’, or rather, those ‘benches’ all looked different.

The one closest to Chen Xiaolian was a tree stump. Clearly, it was one that was cut out. It was already dry, but was still very firm. The tree stump was just at the right height, allowing an adult to sit down on it and still lay their feet down on the ground.

Beside the tree stump was a… … huge tortoise shell.

In terms of size, it was around the same.

Next to the tortoise shell was a… … straw cushion.

Beside it was a saddle.

A rolled up bale of straws.

A stone stool – thank goodness, finally something that actually looks like a stool.

The way the stone stool was carved did not appear refined. It appeared quite rough.

That was all the ‘seats’ available.

Tree stump, tortoise shell, straw cushion, straw bale, saddle, stone stool.

A total of six seats encircled the stone slab serving as the table in the middle. All of them were far apart from one another.

“This is Room Zero?”

Chen Xiaolian walked around.

He had imagined this room to be one filled with futuristic designs.

When he reached the edge of the table, his finger reached out to touch the surface of the stone slab…

Suddenly, a strange sensation spread from his fingers to him.

Naturally, the stone was very coarse. However, what his fingers felt was like… … it was like an electrical current flowing into him.

Is this… resonance?

Chen Xiaolian looked down.

“This… … what is this?”

Chen Xiaolian muttered to himself.

“First, you need to seat yourself.” Zero City’s voice rang out within his ears. “Sit at my side.”

“At your side?”

“Naturally.” Zero City’s reply left Chen Xiaolian surprised. “Your fingers are now touching me. Now, you may sit down.”

“You… … are this stone slab?” Chen Xiaolian was utterly shocked. “This is your inceptive appearance? Your real appearance? A piece of stone?”

Zero City replied coolly, “No, there is no external form for my inceptive form. More accurately, this Room Zero is also not of any inceptive appearance. Rather, it was created according to the founders’ preferences.

“As for me… … when you have obtained the authority, you may change me into any shape you want. A piece of stone, a car or even a toilet bowl. There is no difference. It is nothing but external appearance.”

Chen Xiaolian was left speechless.

After contemplating it, he asked, “Where should I sit? Any one of the six?”

“No, you should sit in your own place.” Zero City gave him a strange answer.

My own place?

Chen Xiaolian became confused.

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