GOR Chapter 507

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GOR Chapter 507 I Will Always Be By Your Side

On the southern part of the Mausoleum of Qin Shihuang’s scenic zone…

There beside an impressive black coloured SUV stood a young woman with long black hair. Her eyes were staring anxiously at the scenic zone.

Although Qiao Qiao was only wearing a common looking sweater, in the darkness of the night, her slender pair of legs was left exposed, revealing the tenderness of youth.

The long black hair was something that Chen Xiaolian had dreamed about before…

Chen Xiaolian was standing behind a tree and he quietly stared at this young woman before him. He became like an imbecile.

A tear silently dropped out from the corner of his right eye.

At that very moment, he could hear the pounding sound of his heartbeat.

In face of the unseen but growing torrent, the feeling of numbness that he had been feeling seemed as though it was on the verge of breaking.

He suddenly felt himself suffering from a shortness of breath. He placed his hand on the tree trunk for support and gasped for breath. This feeling of suffocation made his head feel dizzy.

At this moment, everything in the world had become a blur in his eyes. Everything except for the young woman with long black hair. She stayed in the very centre of his vision. So clear, so beautiful.

“Qiao… Qiao Qiao.”

Chen Xiaolian laboured painfully to utter out that name.

He could clearly recall what happened this night. After leaving the Mausoleum of Qin Shihuang instance dungeon, they spent this night atop the terrace of a hotel.

Qiao Qiao had accompanied him on the edge of the terrace as he drank. This young woman listened quietly as Chen Xiaolian talked about the confused and tangled thoughts he was having. In the end, she used her soft embrace to comfort him.

In the end, those words: “Together, all right?”

Those words, how did Chen Xiaolian forget about it, even if for a moment?

“Why… … why?” Tear began trickling down both of Chen Xiaolian’s eyes. They trickled down without stopping.

Tears covered his face and he clenched his fist as he asked himself.

“Why… … were you not feeling sad? Why?”

Chen Xiaolian suddenly straightened himself and inhaled deeply. A look of resolution could be seen across his eyes and he stepped out from behind the tree, moving toward Qiao Qiao.

However, at that same moment…

Two figures, one small and one big, ran out from the scenic zone. Qiao Qiao, who was staring in that direction, immediately revealed a look of surprise and happiness. She quickly strode forward and broke into a run.

“… …” Chen Xiaolian halted his body and he stood stiffly in place.

He watched as Qiao Qiao spread open her arms to embrace Soo Soo’s tiny figure. After examining Soo Soo for a moment, she stood up.

He watched as Qiao Qiao stared at a fellow who looked exactly like himself. He watched as she jumped into his arms, putting her arms over his neck as she embraced him tightly.

Chen Xiaolian suddenly felt it. An emotion surged ferociously forward, seemingly on the verge of breaking a firm dam in his heart…

Step by step, Chen Xiaolian retreated back until he was behind the tree again.

Next, he watched as history repeated itself. Lun Tai and Bei Tai, who were supporting each other, came out from the area.

Chen Xiaolian watched as those people began discussing something and left together on the same car.

“I… … what is going on?”

Seeing the taillights moving farther away, he quickly raised his brows and moved to give chase.

Despite the night, the lights from the city shone brightly, suppressing the light from the stars.

However, the moon remained up in the sky.

The night breeze blowing across the top terrace was very strong.

Chen Xiaolian stood within a dark corner of the top terrace and watched quietly.

He watched as the young man and woman sat together at the edge of the terrace, their legs hanging in the air. A wine bottle rested in between them.

The one who looked exactly like him was as he remembered, foolish, clumsy and soft-hearted. He spoke of his tangled thoughts to the young woman.

The young woman listened quietly beside him. The night wind blew her long black hair across her face and some of them landed lightly on the young man’s shoulder. The young woman’s eyes softened, but the young man remained oblivious and continued muttering…

Chen Xiaolian suddenly clenched his fist. He felt an urge to rush forward and shout at the young man, “Do you only know how to say all these? You… you… you idiot!”

The young woman quietly listened until the young man was finished. Then, she took a deep breath, leaned over and embraced the young man. She hugged him with everything she had before kissing the young man on the lips.

Chen Xiaolian, who was hiding in the dark corner, subconsciously moved his hand to feel his lips… … tears had been trickling down his cheeks without his knowledge.

“Can you feel it?”

“I do not know how to comfort you… … if we are to talk about real feelings, all I know is that sitting here with you and looking into your eyes makes me want to kiss you. And so, I kissed you.

“In my opinion, that is real.”

“ … if you are confused, I will accompany you in your confusion. If you feel difficult, I will accompany you in your difficulties.

“So… together, all right?”

Together, all right?

Together… all right?


Chen Xiaolian, who was hiding in the corner, suddenly let out a silent sob. He knelt down on the ground.

At that moment, somewhere in the depths of his consciousness… the sound of glass breaking could seemingly be heard. A layer of gauze that had been covering a certain part of his consciousness was suddenly torn.

Utterly torn.

That heart rending and lung splitting pain came crashing down like a tidal wave, smashing down on his entire body.

Every corner of his body!

It was as though all those feelings, emotions, sadness and memories that were held back by a certain mysterious power… were now all welling up at the same time.

“So… together! All right?”

The soft and gentle voice, each and every word, appeared in the deepest and gentlest part of his heart.

“So… together! All right?”

Chen Xiaolian’s fingers clawed the surface of the floor, his tough fingers leaving deep marks on the stone floor.

There in the distance… … at the edge of the terrace, the oblivious young man had lied down. His head was resting on the young woman’s thighs. After having unloaded his worries, he was seemingly finally able to sleep.

The young woman gently held the young man’s head, one hand softly stroking his eyebrow area.

Chen Xiaolian recalled… … that night, he had indeed said all those things. Then, after getting the greatest feeling of comfort from Qiao Qiao, he was finally able to sleep.

After that… … all he remembered was dawn.

That night, he had slept on Qiao Qiao’s thighs. It was a feeling of peace unlike anything he had ever felt.

In his memories… … that was all he could remember.

Chen Xiaolian’s body shivered as he endured the pain of the tidal wave of emotions.


A song that was both familiar and unfamiliar gently drifted over and entered the ears of a nearly suffocating Chen Xiaolian.

That was… … Qiao Qiao’s voice.

Qiao Qiao, who had never liked singing, used a soft and rather awkward tone to gently sing a song.

There was no skill behind her singing. However, the soft voice of this young woman, the unmistakeable affection, the gentleness in her voice seemingly contained an indescribable form of magic.

When he heard the first line, Chen Xiaolian’s trembling body turned stiff.

Qiao Qiao was singing in a low voice. She seemed to be doing her best to comfort her lover who was sleeping in her embrace.

“I will be ~ by your side ~ never to look back.

“Of you ~ every move you make is like a heartbeat ~ moving all of me.

“I will be ~ by your side ~ never to let go.

“Regardless of ~ past, present, future ~ all till the end.”

“I will never leave ~ be it the present colour of red or white or grey or cold or whatever else.

“Beside you ~ watching you move forward bit by bit.

“Never stop ~ thinking about the waiting done every day and night.

“Don’t look back ~ I have not left.”

When he heard the line “Don’t look back ~ I have not left”…

Chen Xiaolian silently broke into tears again.

No matter how much he tried to endure it, the tears and snot flowed out.

At this very moment, it was as though everything had cleared away. Everything had awakened.

This was not the first time he had heard this song.

On that night, on this top terrace, this young woman had sung this song for him for a long time as he slept in her arms.

She had used her tender voice to comfort his confused and fearful mind.

I will always be by your side, never to let go.

Chen Xiaolian suddenly lost it. He rushed forward, intending to hug the young woman.

However, the moment he took a step forward, the entire world turned upside down.

The scene before him broke apart akin to dispersing clouds.

When Chen Xiaolian recollected himself, he saw that he was standing in the space belonging to Zero City’s main program once more.

“… is it, already time?”

Chen Xiaolian’s voice was hoarse.

“Yes,” Zero City answered with a cold voice.

Chen Xiaolian lowered his head and remained silent for a long time. Then, he asked in a low voice. “I… … what happened to me?”

“… you were under a type of spell.” Zero City’s reply was one of calmness and clarity. Yet, it ripped off the gauze.

“It is a magic spell cast with good intentions. The spellcaster locked up the source of your sadness and also some memories.”

“… was it… her?”

“According to your memories, it would appear to be the case,” Zero City replied. The reply made Chen Xiaolian felt torn. “In my judgement, the reason she did that was so you would not feel sad. Thus, she utilized magic to seal away all the memories within you that might cause you to feel sad after her death.”

“That is why I have not been able to feel sad, is that it?” Chen Xiaolian smiled bitterly before biting his lips heavily. “What about now? Is the spell gone?”


Chen Xiaolian hung down his head.

“So… … even in death, the last thing she wanted was that I do not feel sad or upset?”

Chen Xiaolian smiled bitterly, a very bitter smile

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[TL: The song here is ‘夏洛特烦恼’, loosely translated as ‘Charlotte’s Concerns’.]


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