GOR Chapter 477

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GOR Chapter 477 No Intention Of Going In

This prop was Heavenly defying!

Unknowingly, Chen Xiaolian’s rate of breathing had become ragged and heavy.


Although this was not exactly a true resurrection, the effect granted by this prop was almost comparable to it.

When an instance dungeon was starting up, use this Lifehymn Music Score by writing down his teammates’ names into the scorebook to store their lives inside it. After doing so, his teammates would exist as puppets outside. Additionally, those puppets could only unleash up to 70 per cent of their maximum combat power. However, should that person die in battle, the Lifehymn Music Score could be used to bring that person back to life.

In other words, as long as a person’s name was written down on this scorebook, that person would have a second chance to live.

At present however, there were two names on the scorebook: Thirteen and One-eye. Clearly, those names were written down by Lefty.

No wonder Thirteen could fearlessly choose to become an insider for him. He really did have the chance to be resurrected.

Facing the present choice forwarded by the system to resurrect them or not…

Chen Xiaolian smiled and chose no.

After making his choice, the two names on the surface of the scorebook gradually faded away until there were no more traces of them left.

Chen Xiaolian watched the process before turning to look at his teammates.

A desire rose within him to write down two names on the scorebook… … writing down those names was the equivalent of taking an insurance policy.

However, after the names ‘Thirteen’ and ‘One-eye’ disappeared from the surface of the scorebook, he received a new system prompt.

[System prompt: Lifehymn Music Score has entered a cool down period. Until the cool down period is over, no new lives may be stored inside. Please note the following rules:

[1 . The number of lives that can be stored cannot exceed two.

[2 . Storing of lives: Each single usage will cost 200 points. A single usage is defined as the act of ‘storing — resurrect / cancel resurrection / cancel storage’.

[3 . After storing, there is a time limit of 48 hours for storage. After this time limit is exceeded, every extra hour will consume an additional 100 points. This cost will be calculated using hours. Even if less than an hour had passed in the end, the cost of one hour will be charged. If there are insufficient points on the stored life’s person, the stored life will be exterminated. If, after 100 hours, you have yet to make the choice of whether to resurrect or cancel storage, the amount of points on the stored life notwithstanding, the stored life will be automatically exterminated. The different rate of time flow between the time inside an instance dungeon and the time outside an instance dungeon will be ignored. The timer used by the system will be used as the standard.]

When Chen Xiaolian saw that, he sighed inwardly. As expected. Although this prop was Heavenly defying, the price of using it was not small.

A single usage required 200 points. That single usage will last up to 48 hours. In other words, two days. That price seemed reasonable. However, after the 48 hours were up, every additional hour would cost 100 points. This was something that only plutocrats could afford. One extra day meant forking out an extra 2,400 points.

Additionally, even if he was a plutocrat who could throw that much points in, the storage time could not exceed 100 hours. Otherwise, the stored life would be exterminated.

This meant there was a need to properly consider the situation. That was especially true of the amount of points on them and the state of the instance dungeon they were in – many instance dungeons would not end in just 48 hours. Take the London instance dungeon for example. In the middle of that instance dungeon, the system transported them back in time to participate in a medieval war. That phase took days to complete.

One hundred hours of time was just little more than four days. Even if he could afford it, that amount of time may not be enough to last through an instance dungeon.

After reaching that line of thought, Chen Xiaolian continued reading…

[4 . During the storage period, the prop holder may cancel storage at any given moment. After storage is cancelled, the puppet will transform back to the person’s original body and that person will regain his or her full combat power.

[5 . Every time a storage cell is used, this prop will enter a cool down period of 24 hours. When it is in the cool down period, it cannot be used. The storage time limit and the cool down period will be calculated separately.

[6 . When storing a person’s life, that person’s attributes and state, positive and negative included, will be completely stored. During the storage period, all effects, positive or negative, that the puppet undergoes will be ignored. After resurrection or cancel of storage, the previous state of that person – before his or her life was stored – will be used as a point of reference.]

This line caused Chen Xiaolian’s heart to skip a beat.

There appeared to be some unique aspects to this line. He also saw some way how this could be used to their advantage.

Everything affecting the puppet would be ignored during storage period. After resurrection, the stored person’s previous state would be used as a point of reference.

Take this instance dungeon for example. If Roddy had been stored inside before he was infected by that thing, they could just wait for him to die and resurrect him. Either that or just cancel storage after he was infected. After that, Roddy would return to his uninfected state.

Another example would be Bei Tai and his cut arm. If he had been stored inside, he could return to the state before he lost his arm.

He would have to properly consider this aspect of the scorebook and take full advantage of it.

However, despite the benefit of this aspect, there was also a disadvantage.

In the description, it was stated that everything would be ignored. Both positive and negatives included.

They could recover from being infected. However, if they received some special positive benefits from the instance dungeon… for example, during the storage period, if they encountered something fortuitous, which suddenly increased their attributes or if they suddenly received a new skill… … once the stored life is resurrected or if the storage was cancelled…

Let us put it this way. When in storage period, even if you had a fortuitous encounter and mastered a Godlike Nine Yang Technique and reached level 99, all of it would just go down the drain.

Once the storage was cancelled, everything would disappear. They would have to start over again.

If Chen Xiaolian’s life was stored before he acquired Skyblade’s power, then…

This part brought not only benefits, but also disadvantages. There was a need to exercise caution in using it.

[7 . This prop is a fragment. More functions will be gradually unlocked depending on the prop’s rate of wholeness.]

The system prompt ended.

Fragment… … rate of wholeness.

Chen Xiaolian became lost in thought.

“Well, I will be heading in first.” Nicole glanced at Tian Lie, who was standing in the rear position. Then, she observed the Light Faction members that were standing on the opposite direction and picked up a candle. Taking a deep breath, she used one hand to grip the candle and reached out the palm of her other hand to cover one side of the candle flame. Suddenly, an invisible cover spread out from Nicole’s palm, protecting the candle flame from the strong winds.

The members of the Light Faction remained immobile. They simply cast a cold stare at Nicole.

A few moments later, Nicole’s figure disappeared.

“Our turn.” Mene sneered. Before his eyes, a sword-wielding knight strode forward to the centre of the bridge.

He raised a hand and his entire body glowed with silvery light, blocking the winds. After that, he calmly picked up a candle.

“Arte! Kill that woman!” Mene shouted coldly.

The corners of Arte’s mouth curled into a fearsome grin and his body immediately disappeared.

“Who is next?” Tian Lie looked around. After some consideration, Natasha said, “I will go.”

Two minutes later, nearly everyone from both factions had picked up the candles and left.

Coincidentally, the number of people on both factions was the same. Tian Lie aside, the Demon Faction consisted of Nicole, Natasha, the four-man team and the solo participant, totalling up to seven. As for the Light Faction, the number of members there minus Mene was also seven. All of them had picked up the candle and teleported inside.

At that moment, Tian Lie and Mene were standing on either ends of the bridge, staring at each other.

“If I had to guess, you are not going to let me go in.” Tian Lie smiled.

“Of course.” Mene slowly pulled out the sword hanging on his waist. “You are the strongest one among them. I will not allow you to enter.”

“My thoughts exactly.” Tian Lie sighed. “Among the knights of Jerusalem, you, Mene is the strongest.”

“I had never intended to go in. I believe that my brothers are capable enough to purify you heretics.” Mene raised his sword and stepped forward. When he reached the centre of the bridge, he abruptly raised his sword and slashed down on the tray in the centre, destroying it.

The strong winds instantly snuffed out the candle flames.

There was no expression of surprise on Tian Lie’s face. It appeared that he had predicted this move from Mene. He simply stood there without doing anything to stop Mene. Then, he said, “It seems the two of us will be having a decisive duel right here.”

“You have harmed one of my brothers. Additionally, I can smell the wretched stench of heresy from you! Like I said before, I will kill you!” Mene raised his sword and pointed it at Tian Lie.

“How pitiful.” Tian Lie sighed and deliberately put on a commiserating expression as he looked at the leader of the knights. “We are both residents of this game world. Ordinary humans I can understand, but you are an Awakened. You should know the truth of our current world. And yet, you could still mouth out things like heresy, religion, purify…”

“Blasphemy! Die!”

“Nutjob….” Tian Lie stretched his neck and clenched his fists, issuing out cracking sounds while he was at it. “Come on then, let us fight!”

In a nondescript little hotel located on the southern part of Jerusalem…

Inside an untidy and filthy room was a table. On the table was a copper bottle that was completely rusted.

A snapping sound suddenly rang out as a crack appeared on the copper bottle. The bottle was split into two and water flowed out from the bottle. The water flowed to the floor, forming a pool of water. Next, a hand promptly clawed its way out of the surface of the water.

The hand pressed down on the floor and a body slowly crawled out from the pool of water.

Lefty’s body was completely soaked, as though he had just walked out of a pool. His wet hair stuck to his head and he sat on the floor as he panted. After a moment, he raised his head and looked at the broken copper bottle. There was intense fury and heartache within his reddened eyes.

He reached out with his hand to pick the cracked copper bottle over and clutched the pieces tightly. The rage within his eyes could inundate even the Heavens!

“You made me lose such a precious soul artefact! Damned Meteor Rock Guild! I will have my revenge! Just you wait!”

The edges of the broken copper bottle cut Lefty’s palm and blood trickled down the floor. However, Lefty ignored it and the resentment within his eyes grew.

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