GOR Chapter 425

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GOR Chapter 425 Accompany Me For One Round!

At that same time…

Somewhere in Hangzhou…

The sound of a lock being opened by a key could be heard within the darkness…

After pushing the door open, Han Bi stepped into the room and closed the door behind him. He did not move to turn on the lights. Instead, he slowly made his way into the living room and threw his body onto the sofa.

The room had been left without an owner for a long time and the doors and windows were closed all this time. Due to the lack of ventilation, a stale sensation floated in the air.

Han Bi ignored that, stretched his body on the sofa, and closed his eyes. He enjoyed himself and took a deep breath.

After a full hour, he slowly got up.

He moved to the kitchen and poured himself a cup of tap water, which he then gulped down. Then, he made his way into the bedroom and laid his body down upon the double-sized bed. Pulling the blanket, he curled up.

Although it was dark, he did not close his eyes. His pair of eyes was wide open as he quietly stared out the window.

He could faintly make out the lights on the opposite apartment and the twinkling stars…

Han Bi suddenly spoke up, muttering to himself.

Every sentence, every word, was spoken with extreme seriousness. An extreme harshness!

“Han BI! This time, you will not fail! You will not die! You definitely will not die! You must believe! If you cannot even believe, then no one will be able to save you!

“Han Bi! Let your spirit burn! You are not a wastrel!

“Han Bi! There are two more days before the instance dungeon begins! You must focus! You must believe in yourself! Believe in yourself!”

“I will not die! I will not die!”

At dawn, the middle-aged man woke up.

He was in a room of a small hotel, an old and scant hotel.

The mattress on the single bed was already spoilt and it released crunching sounds when the middle-aged man got up.

Seeing a water bottle in the room, he got up and moved toward it. Thanks to last night’s alcohol, he now had a hangover, a muddled mind and a parched throat.

He shook the water bottle only to find that it was empty.

He then got up and moved to the toilet. After opening the tap, he suddenly turned around to vomit into the toilet bowl.

After nearly vomiting his bile out, he then fell softly into a seated position on the floor.

Raising his head, he saw a sentence written onto the surface of the toilet mirror.

It was obvious that the sentence was written using a black marker pen.

“Remember! You have no son anymore!”

The middle-aged man was stunned. He forced himself to stand up, wipe his mouth and staggered out of the toilet. It was only then did he notice an envelope placed on the bedside.

After walking over and opening the envelope… he found that it contained a stack of red coloured bills.

“Da… Da Gang?”

Morning, Hangzhou train station.

As Tian Lie made his way into the train platform, Han Bi was standing on the opposite side of the platform.

Han Bi’s head was lowered but his expression solemn. His head remained lowered as he entered a train.

As for Tian Lie, he did not notice Han Bi. Instead, he reached into his pocket and pulled out a pack of cigarettes. However, he hesitated before crushing the pack and throwing it into a trashcan.

“Let’s end it like this!” He looked up at the sky and whispered.

Opposite him, a train slowly began moving. Han Bi, who was seated near the window, looked out with a resolute expression.

“I will not die! I will definitely not die!”

At Nanjing Airport.

Chen Xiaolian watched Roddy as he emerged and laughed loudly with open arms.

The two youngsters embraced each other for a while. Then, Chen Xiaolian patted Roddy and said with a smile. “You went to Africa! How is it that you ended up fairer?”

Roddy shook his head and sighed. “Although I went to Africa, I spent so many days inside a cave where there is no sunlight.”

Pausing, he turned to look at Chen Xiaolian. “That place is really good. Honestly, I think your luck is too good!”

“I thought you would be staying in Africa for a few more days.”

Roddy gave a wry smile. “I would have loved to do that. I do love tinkering with those machines every day. But I have to return!”

Chen Xiaolian nodded his head. “Right. Considering how long it has been, the next instance dungeon will be coming soon. In the event that the next instance dungeon is too dangerous and you are stuck outside, unable to get into the base, that will be problematic. And if we decide to participate in the instance dungeon, we will need to discuss a battle plan. You’re home just in time.”

Roddy laughed. “Right! When we get back, I will show you the unexpected harvest I got for this trip to Africa! Mm, let us not talk about it just yet. You will see it once we reach home. Who knows, it might prove very useful in the future when we participate in instance dungeons.”


Roddy then patted Chen Xiaolian’s shoulder. “We’ll talk about it after we get home! It is pointless to talk about it now. Oh, Qiao Qiao is back, right? We haven’t seen each other in a while. Time for a good drink!”

Pausing, Roddy then turned to Chen Xiaolian and said, “Should we call up Arslan as well? I figure our brother from the grasslands is probably feeling suffocated.”

“Him?” Chen Xiaolian laughed. “I was just on the phone with him before coming. He had reported to the university in advance and is now living in the dormitory. The coach would drag him to train with the team every day. The way I see it, this coach is aiming for CUBA (Chinese University Basketball League). “

“Damn! That amazing? Will our bro become a basketball superstar in the future?”

Roddy rubbed his chin and suddenly whispered out conspiratorially, “Should we help him out? His current physical attributes should be quite good. However, when compared to professional basketball players, he is still considerably lacking. I think we should still have some Genetic Enhancement Serum. Let’s find an opportunity some day and slip it in… … we’ll make him a superman in the field. Forget CBA, he will even be able to get into the NBA!”

Chen Xiaolian rolled his eyes. “Don’t be reckless and use system items willy-nilly. Our existence is a secret. If it gets exposed, we won’t be able to explain it.”

As they conversed, the two of them reached the car park. After getting into the car, Chen Xiaolian looked at the time. “It is nearly lunch time. Should we find a place…”

“Hell no!” Roddy was quick to speak up. “What is the point in eating?! Hurry up and head home! Hearing you talk about those Sentinel mechs and that Tidal Fighter made my heart itch for days! Hurry! I want to put my hands on those lovely babies!”

Tian Lie had made his way back from Hangzhou to Nanjing. Just as he was about to enter the residential complex, he met the head of security. The head of security looked at Tian Lie with a frown on his face as he said, “Da Gang, you have just returned?”

Tian Lie had altered his appearance back to Da Gang’s. Standing beside the head of security, his small stature could only reach the head’s chin.

“Hurry up and get changed. Old Xu’s got something going on at home and he’s applied for leave. You’ll be on guard duty at the entrance.”

Tian Lie did not say anything. He simply ran to the dormitory to put on a security personnel uniform before moving to the entrance to replace the other guard.

He had stood there for no more than 20 minutes when a cab suddenly stopped before the entrance.

A graceful figure in a sports t-shirt and shorts emerged from the cab. After slowly emerging form the cab, Nicole moved toward the entrance. When she saw Tian Lie in the security guard uniform, she took off her glasses and blurted out in laughter!

“Honestly, I never expected that we will meet again… … like this.”

Tian Lie narrowed his eyes and looked at Nicole without saying anything.

Nicole waved her hand. “I am not here to fight you.”

Tian Lie looked around before suddenly moving forward. He leaned closer toward Nicole and whispered, “Behind this residential complex is a stretch of forest. There should be no one there right now. Let’s go.”

“Mm?” Nicole raised her eyebrows.

Tian Lie had already taken off the security guard uniform and tossed it to the ground beside him.

“As it so happens, I am in a bad mood, so i really wanted to find someone to fight. I was just worrying that I won’t be able to find a suitable fellow… … but along came you!”

“I said I am not here to fight you.” Nicole knitted her eyebrows.

Tian Lie stretched his neck, cracked his knuckles and harrumphed. “If you win, I will let you go find Chen Xiaolian. If you lose, then scram back into whichever hole you came from.”

Nicole was taken aback for a moment. Then, she laughed and cast a provocative look at Tian Lie. “Do you have the guts to raise it? If I win, you must tell me who you are!”

Tian Lie narrowed his eyes. “If you lose, you’ll have to tell me who you are!”


“Oh my God!!!”

After entering the base, Roddy did not even greet his guild members. Rather, he had rushed into the equipment room. When he saw the gargantuan Tidal Fighter in the room, he quickly tossed Chen Xiaolian aside, spread open his arms and rushed forward!

Judging from the way he looked, it seemed as though he was about to stick out his tongue to lick it!

“Good stuff! Good stuff! This is absolutely a good stuff!”

He circled the Tidal Fighter twice before saying, “I’ve made up my mind! I will be spending the next three days here! I must do a proper research on this precious baby!”

Chen Xiaolian sighed. “Qiao Qiao is still waiting to drink with you.”

“Balls! That’s your girlfriend, not mine! You go drink with her!” Roddy waved him away cheerfully.

He then cast a voracious look at the other locations in the warehouse… Thunderstorm Tanks… Sentinel mechs…

“I think I can live here for a whole year!” Light glittered out from his eyes!

“Enough!” Chen Xiaolian interrupted him and continued in a serious tone, “These things are here to stay and you will have the time to study them slowly. Now tell me, what is the harvest you got back in Africa?”

Roddy rolled his eyes. “All right! I’ll give you an eye-opening experience… … right, tell them to come in as well! Let them all have an eye-opening experience!”

A few minutes later, every member of the guild had gathered inside the equipment warehouse.

There was an obvious look of pride on Roddy’s face. It was a face that was made deliberately to appear low-key; yet a boastful expression could be seen on it.

Even when he was greeting Qiao Qiao and Soo Soo, light could be seen emitting from his eyes.

However, everyone there ignored his expression. They simply looked forward at the ‘surprise’ that Roddy had brought out!

There were looks of astonishment on everyone’s faces!

After a long time had passed, Chen Xiaolian was unable to stop himself from asking, “This… this is your… … surprise?”

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