GOR Chapter 423

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GOR Chapter 423 Eternal Clarity Fire

Chen Xiaolian carried Soo Soo and placed her on a sofa before shouting.

It did not take long for Qiao Qiao and the others to run in.

“What happened?” Seeing her little sister lying on the sofa with her eyes closed, Qiao Qiao immediately tensed up.

“Medical kit!” shouted Chen Xiaolian, who had a very grim expression on his face.

Lun Tai was the fastest to react. He promptly ran out toward the equipment warehouse of the base to retrieve a medical kit. After running back into the room, he opened the kit and pulled out a small medical equipment.

This was something that they had acquired from Blade Mountain Flame Sea Guild. The medical kit was a portable medical item to be taken with them during fights. It consisted of some simple medical supplies and a few simple analysing devices.

Using the analysing devices on Soo Soo, Chen Xiaolian then pushed open Soo Soo’s eyelids.

“Pupil response is normal.

“Blood pressure is also normal.

“Abnormality found in body temperature.” Chen Xiaolian picked up the infrared thermometer and knitted his eyebrows. “Body temperature…”

Lun Tai and Qiao Qiao, who were beside him, looked at it and were stunned by what they saw.

Body temperature… … 48 degrees?

Such a thing was unheard of even in cases of fevers!

Additionally, the displayed numbers on the thermometer were still rising!

“It’s already… 49 degrees… … it’s going to 50 degrees! Why is her body temperature still climbing?” Qiao Qiao anxiously knelt before the sofa and gripped the thermometer. Her other hand reached out to feel Soo Soo’s forehead. “Xiaolian, what happened?”

There was a tangled look on Chen Xiaolian’s face. He glanced at the candle and said, “It’s hard to explain. I will tell you about it later. Let’s wake Soo Soo up first.”

Xiaolei’s head poked in from behind and said, “Such a high body temperature is not a good thing… … should we think of a way to cool her down?”

Cool down?


Chen Xiaolian quickly ran into the bathroom. He wetted a towel with cold water and twisted it lightly before rushing back to Soo Soo. Then, he used the towel to wipe her face gently.

This simplistic physical method to cool her down appeared useless. To their surprise, when the wet towel made contact with Soo Soo’s face, her high body temperature caused vapour to appear and rise upward rapidly! The process occurred before their very eyes!

“Body temperature… … is still rising!” Qiao Qiao’s eyes had turned red from anxiousness.

“Could it be due to poisoning?” Lun Tai interjected.

“Right! Antidote!” Qiao Qiao quickly exclaimed. “Hurry, antidote!”

Chen Xiaolian did nothing to stop Qiao Qiao. He watched as Qiao Qiao had Xia Xiaolei purchase a normal antidote from the Exchange System and fed it to Soo Soo.

The antidote was a product of the system, something that brought no side effect. Thus, there was no issue in giving it to Soo Soo.

Nothing wrong with giving it a try.

However, after giving her the antidote, Soo Soo remained unconscious. Rather, her body temperature continued increasing!

“The thermometer… … has reached its limit.” Qiao Qiao’s eyes were red.

Chen Xiaolian reached out to feel Soo Soo’s forehead. It was very hot!

He quickly carried Soo Soo up and strode into the bathroom. He placed Soo Soo down beside the bathtub and poured cold water down on her.

Despite how little time this action took, the area on Chen Xiaolian’s hand that had made contact with Soo Soo had been seared red!

“Heavens! Her body is practically about to burst into flames!” Xia Xiaolei cried out in shock.

They had already given her antidote and healing substances. However, those had no effect.

The clothes on Soo Soo’s body slowly curled up somewhat, a reaction toward the high temperature. It would appear that she might actually burst into flames if they do not cool her down!

Soo Soo’s present body temperature was shockingly high. It was not possible to make direct contact with her and the temperature of the air around her body had greatly risen as well!

It seemed as though her body was about to exude flames!

“Ice! Hurry! Ice!” Chen Xiaolian growled out.

Bei Tai ran out and quickly lugged the refrigerator’s icemaker into the room before tossing a large box worth of ice into the bathtub.

Ignoring the scalding heat, Chen Xiaolian picked Soo Soo up and placed her inside the bathtub.

They watched as the ice rapidly melted. Soo Soo’s body that had been placed within the pile of ice, exuded such heat that the ice quickly melted into water.

Soo Soo’s face had turned red hot. Her eyes remain closed but her long eyelashes were fluttering slightly.

There was guilt on Chen Xiaolian’s face and he bit down on his lips heavily.

“Xiaolian!” Lun Tai tugged Chen Xiaolian over. “I think there is something strange here. The way Soo Soo is acting seems… … seems like she can no longer control her own powers. Don’t forget, her skill is of the fire attribute!”

Chen Xiaolian’s eyes lit up instantly!

Flames had begun appearing from Soo Soo’s body!

The ice within the bathtub had rapidly melted into water and the water in turn, rapidly boiled. Soon, plumes of vapour rose up into the air and the mist like vapour filled the bathroom.

It was at that moment that Soo Soo, who was inside the bathtub, released a low sound.

It sounded like a groan. However, it did not convey any feeling of pain. Rather, it was one of extreme satisfaction and comfort.

Chen Xiaolian’s heart suddenly gave a pound. “Not good! Everyone, get out!”

He abruptly bent down, reaching out with both hands to grip the edges of the bathtub. With a forceful tug, he pulled up the bathtub!

Carrying the bathtub filled with water and Soo Soo, he strode out of the room even as the heat seared his hands. It was like carrying a pot of boiling water!

Even his hair had started curling due to the high temperature. Every breath he took caused the heat wave to assail his senses.

Carrying the bathtub, he quickly made his way out. Qiao Qiao, who was right behind him, saw him running into the training room. She followed him in and heard him shouting, “Close the door!”

There was no time to think about it. Qiao Qiao reached her hand to her back and closed the door of the training room.

At the same time, Chen Xiaolian placed the bathtub on the ground. Then, he turned around, grabbed hold of Qiao Qiao and summoned out the Sword in the Stone into his hand.

“Get down!”

Qiao Qiao then felt Chen Xiaolian reaching out to embrace her and push her down the floor, using his not too wide back to shield her…



“Hold your breath!” Qiao Qiao heard Chen Xiaolian’s anxious voice from one of her ears.

A ripple of heat wave burst forward as the bathtub exploded and steam soared up the air. Even with her eyes closed, Qiao Qiao could still sense the fiery crimson light amid the explosion.

At the same time, the Sword in the Stone in Chen Xiaolian’s hand projected out a golden light screen to act as a shield of sorts. When the shockwave from the explosion fell upon the shield of light, it was blocked off and took the form of an umbrella before the shield. After that, it gradually faded away into their surroundings…

It was a loud and clear sound!

A phoenix made of flames charged upward, like a skyward meteor! It exuded an atmosphere of majesty as it circled around in the air before descending!

It finally fell upon a figure.

Soo Soo’s little figure was standing there, flames enveloping her body. Her pair of eyes was jet black and there was a trance-like expression on her face. She spread both her hands, seemingly to welcome the arrival of the flaming phoenix!

The flaming phoenix disappeared into Soo Soo’s body and the little girl’s eyes snapped open. Next, the flames around her were immediately absorbed back into her body…

Finally, everything disappeared.

As for Soo Soo, she plopped down to a seated posture on the floor and gave a long exhalation.

There were black spots hovering around Soo Soo’s body, which then transformed into mists, rising upward before dissipating away.

Soo Soo looked around in confusion and saw Qiao Qiao on the floor, hugging Chen Xiaolian. She blinked and whispered, “Sister? Oppa?”

She struggled to sit up. Then, she tried to step forward. As she took her first step, flames the colour of crimson dawn sparked to life. Soo Soo’s figure became as soft as feather and she flew forward until she was beside Chen Xiaolian and Qiao Qiao!

Chen Xiaolian and Qiao Qiao stared at Soo Soo, their faces filled with astonishment.

“Soo Soo… you… how do you feel? Do you feel uncomfortable anywhere?”

Soo Soo looked on with widened eyes and there was a lost look in her face. She lowered her head and thought about it. “I don’t feel uncomfortable. My body feels much lighter. It is like… a relaxed, joyful and comfortable feeling.”

As she spoke, she waved both her hands. Due to her actions, her body slowly drifted up and her feet left the floor, it was as though she had become as light as a feather!

Chen Xiaolian’s eyes lit up!

“Give birth to true fire inside the body, refine and exterminate the impurities! Body as light as feather, step like the clouds, and swing like the mists! This, this…” He looked at Soo Soo with a look of disbelief.

“Samadhi… True Samadhi Fire [1]?!”

As Chen Xiaolian was mumbling to himself, Soo Soo sat down and lowered her head. She reached out with her hand to hold Chen Xiaolian. “I, I feel very sleepy…”

The little girl shut her eyes once more and fell asleep.

Chen Xiaolian and Qiao Qiao quickly got up and moved toward her.

Soo Soo’s body temperature had normalized and her rate of breathing was stable and uniform. Her outward appearance suggested that she was totally fine and was merely sleeping.

Chen Xiaolian and Qiao Qiao exchanged glances.

Qiao Qiao looked at Chen Xiaolian and said, “What did you say just now? What fire?”

There was a peculiar expression on Chen Xiaolian’s face. “Now is not the best time to talk about it… but, I think that Soo Soo might have gotten something really good… … True Samadhi Fire!”

They put Soo Soo back inside the room to let her sleep. This time, no one dared to leave her alone.

Everyone gathered inside the room for a discussion. Chen Xiaolian held the bowl candle in his hand with a serious expression as he informed them of the origin of the wick – before this; he had informed them about his adventure inside the ancient painting. However, he had not spoken about this wick in detail.

After he was done, they all looked at each other.

“When you put it that way… … this wick is something obtained from a sacred artefact?” Xia Xiaolei responded in excitement. “A sacred artefact!”

Lun Tai nodded his head. “It would appear that the issue had originated from the wick. Although I am not too certain… … the wick is for lighting fire while Soo Soo’s skill is fire-based. Maybe, by going near the burning wick, something changed.”

As they were discussing it, Chen Xiaolian remained silent. It was unknown what he was thinking.

After everyone had spoken their mind, they turned to look at him. Chen Xiaolian then exhaled deeply. There were traces of excitement and entanglement on his face.

“I have a speculation.”

“What is it?” Qiao Qiao was the most anxious.

“Sacred artefacts.” Chen Xiaolian revealed a wry smile. “My Sword in the Stone can be more or less be considered as a sacred artefact. It is a very powerful item in the annals of history. As for the lamp that this wick came from, Mr San had informed me its name. I believe its name was the Eternal Clarity Fire.”

He paused for a moment before looking at the others. Then, with the wry smile still on his face, he continued, “Following this line of thought… … a sacred artefact known as Eternal Clarity Fire must certainly have an extraordinary origin. If we are to look at the famed legendary artefacts in the history of this world, there is indeed one such item known as Eternal Clarity Fire.”

“Which is it?” Xia Xiaolei was the most curious.

This time, the one to speak up was not Chen Xiaolian. Rather, it was someone who had been too fearful to open up her mouth, Qimu Xi.

The girl timidly opened her mouth and whispered, “Guild Leader, are you by chance referring to… … the legendary Eternal Clarity Fire that was placed before Buddha?”

“Buddha?” Xia Xiaolei exclaimed.

Lun Tai blinked and stared at Chen Xiaolian. “Buddha? You mean ‘the’ Buddha?”

“Mm, ‘the’ Buddha.” Chen Xiaolian replied with a wry smile.

The one before Buddha, the Eternal Clarity Fire!

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1 True Samadhi Fire. Something from the Journey to the West. True Samadhi Fire is an inextinguishable fire cultivated by the Redboy, the Ox King’s son.


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