GOR Chapter 422

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GOR Chapter 422 The Lamp Wick And Soo Soo

Chen Xiaolian’s special training took up a total of seven days.

Only he could know what he had learnt and acquired during that seven days.

After his return, he saw that there was not much change in the guild. All he saw was that the members were training together with Lun Tai and Bei Tai every day.

It had to be mentioned, but Meteor Rock Guild’s strength was still greatly insufficient.

Although Lun Tai and Bei Tai were veterans, their level of strength was already unable to keep up with the system. They could train newcomers by teaching the newcomers about combat basics and weaponry. However, in the recent instance dungeon, the two brothers’ strength had been insufficient to help them tide over the situation.

Roddy possessed a very good Mech. Using the Mech, he was able to fight against the [A+] class Jacob. Unfortunately, the 18 seconds time limit was too big of a weakness.

As for Soo Soo… … her Blazing Phoenix skill was very powerful. Unfortunately, only God knows when her second personality would emerge. It was something that required her receiving a shock after all.

At present, Xiaolei could only serve as a logistics member. Qimu Xi… … not fainting after seeing blood would be a huge improvement on her part.

As for Qiao Qiao…

Qiao Qiao’s skill…

Chen Xiaolian’s heart sank somewhat.

Ever since Qiao Qiao joined him, she had never used her skill even once.

Additionally, it would appear that no one in the guild knew what her skill was.

But Chen Xiaolian knew! As the one person closest to Qiao Qiao, it was only natural that he would know.

The problem was… Qiao Qiao’s skill had a fatal flaw!

“Sigh… …” Chen Xiaolian sighed.

After he had finished bathing, Chen Xiaolian came out and changed his clothes. Then, he proceeded with something.

He retrieved something from his Storage Watch, something that he had purchased some time earlier… … the boxes of wax!

Chen Xiaolian took out the lamp wick that he had taken out from the world within the ancient painting.

It was uncertain what materials were used to construct this wick. Normal wicks were made using cotton threads while some others were made using fiberglass. But Chen Xiaolian did not know what to make of the wick in his hand.

It was about as long as a piece of cigarette. He twiddled it in his hand and determined that it was very pliable. Yet, it was quite durable.

After pondering for a moment, Chen Xiaolian tore out a piece of wax…

Soo Soo knocked the door and noticed that the door was left unlocked. She pushed it gently and was about to step inside.

She stayed outside and shouted, “Xiaolian oppa! Can I come in?”

After hearing Chen Xiaolian’s assenting reply, Soo Soo moved inside.

Chen Xiaolian turned his head to regard the Korean loli. He smiled and said, “Why are you here?”

Soo Soo remained silent. Then, she puffed up her roundish face, ran over and knelt down beside Chen Xiaolian. Both her hands reached out to grip the edge of his clothes and she raised her head to reveal a ‘bitter baby face’ expression.

Chen Xiaolian laughed. He reached out with his hands to pinch her cheeks before turning back to the task at hand.

Soo Soo stared with widened eyes. “Oppa, what are you doing?”

Chen Xiaolian smiled. “Making a candle.”

Chen Xiaolian was indeed making a candle.

Although he had bought many boxes worth of wax, lighting up the wick in his hand was not that easy.

First, he needed to melt the wax down to liquid form before putting the wick in – making wax candles was not something he was knowledgeable in.

Thus, he could only proceed awkwardly.

First, he started up a fire and placed the wax atop the flames to melt it. After it had melted down into liquid state, he poured it into a bowl that he had placed beside him. Next, he stuck the wick into the bowl. Once the wax solidified once more, this task would be complete.

Soo Soo, who was watching beside him, was unable to stop herself from feeling bored. She frowned and said, “Oppa, why are you making candles? Also, this thing is too ugly!”

Chen Xiaolian simply smiled without saying anything.

He had casually melted the wax down. Now he waited for it to cool down and solidify once more. Next, he turned the bowl upside down and a completed wax candle popped out. At any rate, the wick had been placed inside.

After considering it, Chen Xiaolian picked up a lighter and lit up the wick.


A flame the size of a bean appeared and Chen Xiaolian breathed a sigh of relief. He then watched as the flame swayed. After observing it from different angles, he determined that there was probably nothing special about it.

This… … is an ordinary candle flame.

Chen Xiaolian frowned.

I thought that after igniting the wick, something special would happen. Perhaps… … a spatial world like that of the ancient painting would appear?

It would appear that I had been overthinking things.

He did not notice that Soo Soo, who was kneeling beside him, was sniffing the air. Then, she subconsciously moved closer to the flame.

Chen Xiaolian watched as the flame burned through the wax candle slowly. By his estimate, it would take several hours for it to finish burning up this big bowl of candle.

Mm, Mr San had said that he just needed to ensure that its flame continued burning.

There was no need for him to stare at it all day long… … otherwise, how was he to do anything else?

After reaching that line of thought, Chen Xiaolian suddenly turned around to look at Soo Soo, who was beside him. He smiled. “Soo Soo, I’ll give you a task, is that all right?”

“All right!” Soo Soo’s eyes suddenly lit up.

Chen Xiaolian pointed at the candle and said with a smile, “Help me keep an eye on this candle, all right? Mm, just make sure it doesn’t go off.”

“Eh?” Soo Soo’s eyes turned wide. “But… … what if the wax is all burnt up?”

“All burnt up?” Chen Xiaolian opened up a carton beside him, revealing that it was packed full of wax. “Just add these in. In short, just make sure that it continues burning.”

Soo Soo pondered the matter. “So, I will be staying here to stare at it?”

“No.” Although Chen Xiaolian was being lazy himself, he was not shameless to the point of letting a little girl waste her time here without eating or drinking. “Mm, check up on it once every hour and add more wax to it when necessary.”

“No problem!” Soo Soo nodded her head vigorously.

Chen Xiaolian stood up and pointed at the several boxes that he had placed aside. “All the boxes there contain wax and will be enough for a long time. If the wax starts running low, quickly come tell me and I will go buy more. In short… … don’t ever let the flame be extinguished.”

There was a resolute look on Soo Soo’s face as she replied, “Oppa, be at ease and just leave it to me!”

Chen Xiaolian patted Soo Soo’s mushroom style hair before getting up and moving out of the room. He then went looking for Lun Tai and the others to discuss some other matters.

Soo Soo then knelt down on the floor and observed the flame burning atop the bowl of candle.

As time progressed, Soo Soo subconsciously felt a faint aroma coming off the burning candle…

This aroma was not actually a perfumed scent. Rather… … it was an inexplicably pleasant sensation that drew her even closer. She moved closer, widened her nostrils and inhaled deeply…

Savouring the aroma, Soo Soo failed to notice something. When she had taken a deep breath earlier, the lamp wick instantly sizzled for a brief instant as it burned fiercely, causing a small portion to be burnt off!

Soo Soo was unable to stop her eyes from narrowing as her body fell into an intoxicating state. She subconsciously took another deep breath, and she grew even more intoxicated…

She then subconsciously closed her eyes as she entered a half-asleep state…

It was uncertain how long this lasted. But Soo Soo suddenly jerked back with a start and she sat up. She shook her head vigorously and saw that the wax in the bowl was almost completely burnt up! The flame had also turned dim.

Soo Soo was shocked. She thought that she had somehow fallen asleep for a long time, she hastily tore out some new wax from the box beside her and began adding it into the bowl.

Her skill was the Blazing Phoenix, one with a fire attribute. Although she was unable to utilize it when she was not in her second personality, she could still create some minor fire. After a little while, she was able to melt down the wax and add it into the bowl.

Seeing that the bowl was full once more, Soo Soo breathed a sigh of relief. However, when her eyes fell upon the swaying flame, she once more felt the intoxicating aroma filling the room… …

It appeared as though this aroma, that Soo Soo found exceptionally pleasing, would grow richer the longer the candle flame burned…

Soo Soo who had fallen into an intoxicating state was unaware of the fact that she had not fallen asleep just now. She had only shut her eyes for a few minutes!

Every breath she took brought the intoxicating aroma into her very soul and a strange light gradually emerged within her eyes.

Just like how a child that had eaten delicious candy would lose control over himself, Soo Soo was presently lost in a haze. She was unable to stop herself from leaning closer and inhaling in the aroma. The more she inhaled, the more lost she became.

It did not take long for the wax in the bowl to fall to less than half its volume. This time, Soo Soo who had seemingly lost herself subconsciously tore out new pieces of wax, melted it and added it into the bowl…

Her rate of breathing had also subconsciously increased, faster and faster!

Unknown to her, a faint crimson coloured light was gradually filling the air around her! It was as though the air itself had taken the colour of a dim flame…

Chen Xiaolian had gone to the central resting area to chat a bit with Lun Tai. After asking him about the training progress of the others, he turned around and moved back into the room.

The moment he stepped through the door, he caught sight of a shocking scene.

Soo Soo was kneeling before the bowl of wax like a little puppy. Her head leaned forward and her nose was practically on the verge of making contact with the candle flame!

This little girl had an intoxicated expression on her face. It was as though she would stick out her tongue to lick the candle flame at any moment!

As Soo Soo was about to stick out her tongue, Chen Xiaolian strode forward and whispered firmly, “Soo Soo! What are you doing?”


It was only then did Soo Soo pull herself out of her intoxicated state. Her eyes snapped open and she found that she was about to make contact with the candle flame. She quickly pulled her head back.

Chen Xiaolian made his way to Soo Soo’s side. At first glance, he found nothing amiss. However, after a detailed examination, he found something stunning!

The box of wax that was placed beside her… … was almost used up!

Chen Xiaolian pointed at the box. “Where is all the wax inside?”

There was a blank look on Soo Soo’s face. “Err… I… I… I think I added them all inside.”

“All of them had been added?” Chen Xiaolian was shocked. “In just a few moments, all of them had been burnt up?”

Soo Soo rubbed her eyes, raised her head and cast an adorable expression at Chen Xiaolian. “Oppa… … where did you buy those wax? It smells very good! I really like the aroma!”

Chen Xiaolian felt something amiss. He rapidly moved to pick Soo Soo up and took several steps back before putting her back down. He regarded Soo Soo with a frown and said, “Are you all right?”

There was a reddish glow upon Soo Soo’s face. It seemed as though she was drunk. However, she did her best to shake her head. “I… … I am fine. Just… I think I feel tired.”

She then stared with widened eyes. “Oppa, the candle flame did not go off!”

Chen Xiaolian carefully regarded Soo Soo. Seeing the redness on her face, he felt something amiss. He reached out with his hand to touch Soo Soo’s face and was shocked!

So hot!

Terrifyingly hot!

He turned around and looked at the candle flame, a trace of unease sprouting within his heart.

It was at that moment… plop!

Soo Soo, who was beside him, suddenly turned limp and fell into a seated posture on the floor. Her head tilted to rest on Chen Xiaolian’s legs.

She had fainted!

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