GOR Chapter 374

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GOR Chapter 374 Ptui!

As the sharpened metal pipe was about to stab into Chen Xiaolian’s heart, a hand suddenly reached out to tightly grip the metal pipe!

The fingers holding onto the metal pipe were strong and unyielding.

Chen Xiaolian abruptly opened his eyes and he revealed an unpredictable smile on his face.

Using his great strength, he instantly snatched the metal pipe to his side! Then, he tossed it to the ground beside him.

The figure showed no hesitation to turn around and make a run for it!

Chen Xiaolian jumped up and caught up to the figure in just a few steps. He lashed out a kick directed at the back of the figure’s knee, causing the figure to fall, kneeling down on the ground.

Una struggled and screamed sharply. Before she could turn her body around, the cold edge of a sword had been placed upon her throat!

Una’s mouth opened up and she uttered out a “Hah!”. As she did so, Chen Xiaolian saw a translucent silhouette surging out from her mouth toward him!

In but an instant, his entire body felt awash in coldness! An intense sense of fear rapidly pervaded his whole body, causing him to lose all desire to fight. At that moment, the only thing he could think of was to kneel down…

However, the Sword in the Stone in his right hand quickly sent out a gush of warmth into his body. The gush of warmth washed away all the negative emotions.

Chen Xiaolian then brandished the Sword in the Stone and cut the translucent silhouette into two. Then, he watched as the translucent silhouette dissipated before reforming itself into the shape of a human.

A wretched scream emanated outward like that of a fearsome spirit’s wail! Thunder roared within Chen Xiaolian’s ears! This mental type of attack caused Chen Xiaolian’s entire body to recoil.

Once again, the Sword in the Stone sent out another gush of warmth into him to drive away the chaotic state he found himself in. Thus, he was able to quickly recollect himself.

Chen Xiaolian took a step forward and slashed out with the Sword in the Stone, hacking that translucent silhouette into two once more!

This time, the silhouette retreated as it screamed. It retreated all the way to the corner of the wall.

Chen Xiaolian was holding the sword with his right hand. However, he quickly used his left hand to pull out a gun and aim it at the silhouette.

This was a spirit-force handgun. It was rather similar to the one that Phoenix had lent him. However, it was not the same thing. This was one that Chen Xiaolian had Xia Xiaolei purchase for him from the Exchange System after the London instance dungeon. While its quality was slightly lacking compared to Phoenix’s gun, it was still quite good.

Chen Xiaolian pointed the spirit-force handgun at the silhouette and said, “Save your breath! You are not afraid of this sword in my hand. But if I have to make a wager, I’d say you are not too keen on tasting spirit-force bullets.”

“… humph!”

A deep voice came from the corner of the wall.

The silhouette swiftly floated upward, making its way to the central underground cave as it attempted to run away. Chen Xiaolian showed no hesitation and pulled the trigger.

Bang! A bullet flew out and pierced through the silhouette’s body before suddenly exploding!

The silhouette screamed out in agony as a clump of silver liquid burst out from within its body. The floating silhouette instantly fell down the ground.

Chen Xiaolian walked over and aimed the muzzle of the handgun at the silhouette’s head. “How about it? Do you still want seconds?”

The silhouette raised its head to reveal a blurred face. However, rage and resentment could be seen upon its visage. “I messed up. I did not expect you to be impervious to spirit-type attacks… if my real body is here, you would be no match for me!”

Chen Xiaolian smiled and replied, “Is there any point in saying something like this at this point in time?”

The silhouette was silent.

Chen Xiaolian turned to glance at Una who was sprawled down some distance away. He knitted his eyebrows and asked, “Just who are you?”

The silhouette hesitated for a moment before saying, “What gave me away?”

Chen Xiaolian smiled and replied, “It’s very simple. Her reaction was wrong.”

“Which part?”

“I blew up the entrance to the mine outside. As an ordinary person, she should have screamed her lungs out to the point of a mental breakdown. When I returned, I did see her show extreme fear – naturally, that was a normal response. However, the rate at which she regained her calm was too fast. I simply threw out a few threatening words and she actually chose not to do anything. No struggles, no shouting… that kind of calmness, it could only mean either she possesses a great state of mind or she had been possessed.” As he spoke, Chen Xiaolian smiled and stared at the silhouette. “As expected, she was possessed.”

“I’m not a ghost!” The silhouette retorted in a rather furious tone.

“Then, what are you?”

“I am a necromancer.” There was what appeared to be unwillingness within the silhouette’s tone. “This is just a spirit avatar of me. If my real body is here, you would be the one in hot soup.”

Chen Xiaolian broke into laughter.

“You bombed the entrance. That is why I sent my spirit avatar inside. I had originally assumed…”

“You thought you could take me by surprise?” Chen Xiaolian shook his head and looked at the Sword in the Stone that he was holding.

“Your sword is the problem.” The silhouette spat out savagely. “Your sword can get rid of the negative effects of my necromancy! I never expected that you could have something like that.”

“I’ll say it again. Is there any point in saying these now?” Chen Xiaolian smiled. “Let’s talk about something more meaningful.”

The silhouette slowly stood up and it spoke with a tone brimming with haughtiness. “Little brat, don’t be too arrogant! You’re just a minor third-rate character! This mining site is not something that a minor character like you can occupy!”

Chen Xiaolian nodded in a thoughtful manner and said, “Mm, now we’re talking. Keep talking.”

“It’s simple. You must have gotten hold of this mine by accident. However, you don’t have the qualifications to occupy this place… if you don’t wish to provoke a cataclysmic disaster, you had better give this mine up. There are people that you just can’t afford to provoke.”

“Things are getting more interesting now.” Chen Xiaolian nodded his head and he spoke with a sincere tone. “Your words are very logical. I have made my own calculations regarding this mine. To occupy this place and maintain the operations here… the expense is very very big. Simply put… I truly cannot afford this mine. So…”

“Then just give it up!” The silhouette said with the same tone of haughtiness. “You can also continue to live on.”

Chen Xiaolian deliberately shrugged his shoulders and said, “But I’ve run all the way here. I’ve also had to suffer so much on my way here. And now, you’re just going to take this mine away just like that? That’s too unfair for me.”

The silhouette cackled out. “Well, how about I give you some benefits?”

“Benefits…” Chen Xiaolian made a show of being moved by the offer. “I like benefits. But the problem is… what kind of benefits? Also, who is the one giving me these benefits?”

After saying that, Chen Xiaolian turned to look at the silhouette and said, “Unless you tell me who you are, how can I trust you?”

The silhouette was silent for a moment. Then, it slowly said, “Do you know the name ‘Rodriar Guild’?”

A change flashed across Chen Xiaolian’s face.

“Rodriar Guild?” Chen Xiaolian whispered. “The one from Zero City? Humph, I have heard of that name before. Back when I visited Zero City, I had stayed in the guild’s hotel.”

The air of confidence exuding from the silhouette rose once more. It opened up its hands and said, “You’ve heard of it, that’s good! The guilds from Zero City are not existences that you can afford to provoke! Brat, hand over this mine and you will be able to save yourself! Otherwise…”

“Otherwise, people with great powers like you could crush a minor character like me as easily as one crushes an ant, right?”

“Ha ha ha ha! You are very smart!”

Chen Xiaolian sighed. “Now I’m convinced that you are someone from Rodriar Guild of Zero City.”

“… what do you mean?”

“You’re too bloody arrogant.” Chen Xiaolian shook his head. “At present, I have you in my grasp. I have both a sword and a gun pointing at you, and yet you would use those words to threaten me. To be able to spout such overbearing words under such circumstances, there are usually only two possibilities…

“The first one, you are batshit insane. An eccentric who do not understand the height of the Heavens and the depths of the Earth – however, you are a magic-type Awakened. In the Awakened circle, those who can use magic are usually not idiots. So, this is very unlikely.

“If that is not it, then that means you have really joined some super powerful guild. Thus, you would normally be able to act in an arrogant manner. Since you are already used to it, you constantly treat others in the same manner.”

The silhouette’s tone changed and he asked, “What are you trying to say?”

“It’s very simple, you reminded me of something.” Chen Xiaolian suddenly revealed a smile. “Those two fellows outside the collapsed entrance… they are probably not together with you, right? If I had to guess… they are probably interested in this mine as well.

“Naturally, I am someone who likes benefits… however, there is something that I’ve heard a lot: When selling goods, get prices from three shops. When it comes to the prices, we need to see who’s the highest bidder, no?”

After saying that, Chen Xiaolian deliberately slowed down his rate of speaking. “Who knows? Perhaps, those two fellows outside are willing to offer a price that’s higher than yours… at least, they probably won’t be as arrogant as you. As of right now, I have both my sword and gun aimed at you, but you are still able to use that kind of tone on me. Heaven knows what will happen if I give the mine to you. After you regained your freedom, you might kill me off when I go out.”

“Brat! Don’t get conceited! You think you’ve subdued me?” The silhouette was furious. “This is just my avatar! Although this avatar of mine cannot harm you, you killing this avatar won’t kill me!”

“… won’t kill you…” Chen Xiaolian smiled. “Even so, if you ask me… while it won’t kill you, you would certainly suffer a great deal, right?”

The other party fell silent.

This random guess from Chen Xiaolian had hit the mark!

If Chen Xiaolian were to face the owner of this silhouette head on, without summoning Bai Qi, he would simply be sending himself to Death’s door.

Unfortunately, the other party had underestimated him. As the entrance to the mine had been blocked off, the owner of the silhouette, in order to avoid Theodore and Jacob, used his magic to have his avatar enter the underground cave of this mining site.

In the end, the other party messed up.

How could the owner have guessed that Chen Xiaolian possessed the Sword in the Stone, which could nullify all spirit and mental-type attacks?

As for this spirit avatar, while its death by Chen Xiaolian’s hand would not translate into the owner’s death, it would cause a backlash that would lead to no small amount of loss to the owner’s strength.

As it so happened, the Rodriar Guild that the silhouette owner was part of had some odd rules. If the silhouette owner’s strength were to fall badly, the silhouette owner’s position within the guild would suffer…

“All right, we’ve been spouting enough nonsense. Now let’s get to the meat and potatoes.” Chen Xiaolian kept his sword. However, the spirit-force handgun remained aimed at the silhouette. “Let’s say I hand over this mine and let your avatar go, what can you give me in return?”

The silhouette pondered the question for a moment before replying, “You will become a friend of Rodriar Guild!”


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