GOR Chapter 355

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GOR Chapter 355 Return!

The flat-shaped cannon muzzle on the right arm of the mech should have been an energy-tier weapon. However, Chen Xiaolian found that it was just there for show.

There was simply no energy-tier equipment or weapon on this mech.

The base of the cannon muzzle was empty!

With the exception of the outer body, only three basic equipment were retained on the mech.

The first was the turbine engine.

The second was the auto cannon.

The third was the metal blade.

However… even though the firepower afforded by the Vulcan auto cannon was immense, it was not exactly a futuristic weapon. It was at best a conventional weapon.

As for the metal blade, despite the high quality of its material, some kind of alloy… it was just a cold weapon.

In other words, this mech’s battle strength was not as powerful as a real mech.

For long-range combat, it could only rely on the modern day Vulcan auto cannon.

For melee, it would rely on the alloy metal blade – not even an ion blade.

As for energy-tier weapons, it did not have any. Or perhaps, they had been removed.

Naturally, its strength was still very strong. With the turbine in place, it would possess not only exceptional strength in a melee battle, but also exceptional speed.

The steel plates of the mech were also made of some type of alloy that afforded it an excellent level of defence. Naturally, that was only by taking modern real world weapons into account.

Other than that, however… this mech did not possess any futuristic advantage.

If he had a Thunderstorm Tank, he might even be able to destroy it. The Thunderstorm Tank do possess electromagnetic-tier weaponry after all.

Rather than call it an equipment for war, it would be more suitable to call it… a defensive shield.

Still, how could a mech fall into Zayad’s hands?

More accurately, why would this watered-down version mech appear here?

And Zayad. How did he become the system’s quest target?

Additionally, it had occurred when he was not in an instance dungeon!

Could it be? I had unknowingly bumbled into an instance dungeon?

That can’t be right! If I am now in an instance dungeon, I should not be able to use the guild channel to contact Roddy!

And yet…

His mind was caught in a swirl of chaotic thoughts once more.

Chen Xiaolian was not someone who was into argumentative reasoning. Since he was unable to figure it out right now, he decided not to dwell on it for now. He would return first before anything else!

This moment was not a suitable place for him to consider those questions.

Leave this place immediately! That was the decision that Chen Xiaolian had made.

However, he did not hastily leave. First, he moved back until he was beside the damaged Sentinel mech and kept it into his Storage Watch.

Within the warehouse was the truck that he had sent crashing inside. It contained many boxes. The contents of the boxes were all assets that Zayad had seized during his many years of rule. Chen Xiaolian did not hesitate to sweep them all into his Storage Watch.

After running out of the warehouse, Chen Xiaolian examined the yard and saw that the other truck was still there. The other guard soldiers had run off while some of those that were injured in the gunfight earlier could be seen sprawling on the ground.

Chen Xiaolian ignored them and jumped onto the truck. He inspected it – mm, the truck was still in good condition and could be started up.

At that moment however, Chen Xiaolian suddenly heard several wretched sounding screams.

He jerked his head backward to see Bai Qi standing in the yard… he held onto his short sword and the tip of the sword blade scintillated with a white light. The white light transformed into countless sword beams, which shot out in various directions, killing off the injured soldiers who were lying on the ground, one after another.

Over tens of injured soldiers were killed instantly!

Chen Xiaolian glanced at Bai Qi who had an indifferent look on his face.

This kind of act… naturally, Bai Qi was not someone who would hesitate about doing something like this – in the historical records, he was a demon king who was more than willing to butcher millions.

Chen Xiaolian had no intention to stop him from killing others to seize their life force. At any rate, he had already summoned him out. He should at least give him some harvest.

Anyway, the time for him to stay was about to end. Chen Xiaolian shook his head and allowed Bai Qi to continue his act of killing off those who had survived the gunfight. As for him, he rapidly moved to keep the boxes that had fallen on the ground and those within the truck into his Storage Watch.

By the time Chen Xiaolian was done, the outer perimeter of the warehouse no longer had any other living humans.

Bai Qi’s eyes turned to Chen Xiaolian and there seemed to be a trace of dissatisfaction within them.

Chen Xiaolian sighed and said, “There is only this much this time… next time, I’ll let you have an even bigger harvest.”

After saying that, Chen Xiaolian accessed the system to summon Bai Qi back.



Chen Xiaolian was startled!

Bai Qi continued to stand before him.

The system had summoned him back earlier… Chen Xiaolian could clearly feel it…


That was right! It was resistance!

Bai Qi coldly looked at him with a gaze that contained something indiscernible.

Just now, Chen Xiaolian could clearly sense the act of struggling and resistance from him! It felt like a pet was resisting its owner’s command!

Chen Xiaolian knitted his eyebrows and looked at Bai Qi.

Bai Qi remained silent. Then, he stretched out his left hand and opened his palm before Chen Xiaolian.

Chen Xiaolian was momentarily surprised. But he quickly understood. “You want… that thing?”

Bai Qi nodded his head.

Chen Xiaolian’s frown increased. However, he proceeded to retrieve several Demon Soldier’s Soul Fragments [1] from the system.

The translucent black coloured fragments fell onto Bai Qi’s palm and were soon absorbed.

Finally, Bai Qi’s eyes no longer had that strange expression – there was an instant where Chen Xiaolian could sense killing intent exuding out of Bai Qi’s body!

Although the killing intent was not directed at him, Chen Xiaolian suspected that there was the possibility that Bai Qi would attack him!

Just like how Bai Qi had lost control back in London…

After absorbing the few pieces of Demon Soldier’s Soul Fragments, Bai Qi nodded toward Chen Xiaolian.

“Next time, I hope there will be more living beings. Otherwise, the balance will be broken.”

The words were spoken fluently and naturally. No longer was there the laborious feeling that was evident the first time he spoke.

Chen Xiaolian could clearly sense it. Within Bai Qi’s eyes… although they were still cold, there was a faint trace of something… a spark of life.

This time, when Chen Xiaolian summoned Bai Qi back into the system, he did not face any resistance. When Bai Qi disappeared, Chen Xiaolian breathed a sigh of relief.

This Bai Qi… he’s getting stranger and stranger.

Chen Xiaolian drove the truck out of the yard and saw that the streets had fallen into a state of chaos.

Just as he was turning into a street, he suddenly noticed a car by the street. Beside the car was a familiar figure who was cursing furiously.

Seeing who it was, Chen Xiaolian was unable to stop himself from sneering.

An acquaintance, eh.

It was none other than the African minister.

The African minister was highly enraged. His car had slammed into the building beside the street and the front hood was deformed as a result. Clearly, the car was no longer useable.

The minister held a gun in his hand and waved it angrily. Seeing the incoming truck, the African minister hastily rushed into the street, raised his gun and pointed it at the truck as he shouted loudly.

“Stop! Stop!”

Stopping the truck, Chen Xiaolian rolled down the window and gave the African minister a glance. He asked, “Sir Minister, what’s the matter?”

“It… it’s you?” The African minister was momentarily shocked. Next, an elated look appeared on his face and he said, “Thank goodness! My good friend! It is good to see you again here! Hurry, hurry up and let me into the truck! My car is busted and we need to leave this place immediately!”

Chen Xiaolian looked at the gun in the African minister’s hand and the corners of his lips curled into a grin. “Come on up then.”

The African minister was overjoyed. He quickly circled around to the other side, pulled open the door and seated himself in the front passenger seat.

However, before he could properly seat himself, Chen Xiaolian’s hand shot out. His hand reached out to grip the African minister’s wrist. Then, he gently twisted, causing the African minister to scream out in pain. As a result, the gun in his hand fell down. Without showing any courtesy, Chen Xiaolian proceeded to grip his neck!

“Hey! Don’t, don’t! We are friends! Friends ugh!” The African minister shouted in terror.

Chen Xiaolian shook his head and said, “We are not friends, especially after what happened in the presidential palace. You deceived me.”

“I… I didn’t have any other way! I also didn’t know the President would…” The African minister continued to scream out.

Chen Xiaolian shook his head. However, just as he was about to finish this fellow off, the African minister suddenly shouted out, “Don’t kill me! I know which way the rebel army is attacking from! I know which direction to take in order to escape!”

“Oh?” Chen Xiaolian’s heart skipped a beat and he released his grip. “Speak up, then.”

“You won’t kill me?”

“Do you think you are in any position to bargain?” Chen Xiaolian shook his head.

“… fine! All I ask is for you to bring me out of Kabuka,” the African minister quickly said. “My brother is the commanding officer for the east side’s defence! Just now, he had sent someone over to tell me to run… to the south! The main attack of the rebel army is focused on the east side of the city! Those cunning fellows… although they clearly came from the west, they purposely circled around, avoiding the defensive line set up in the west side and launched a surprise attack on the east side of the city! By now, the rebel army had already broken into the city. Although the remnants of the National Army in the east side is still fighting against them, they will not be able to hold on for long… we can only head south! Somewhere 15 li from the south of the city is a river. There are two big ships on the pier of the river, which are guarded by a team of soldiers. As long as we can reach the ships, we can just move down along the river and reach the border. That way, we will be able to escape to Congo.”

The African minister spoke hastily while looking at Chen Xiaolian, “I have a good friend in Congo. He is a government official; if I ask him, he will be able to receive us into Congo. Without that… even if we make it out of Kabuka, we won’t be able to survive. Killing me would serve no purpose… I am useful!”

Chen Xiaolian retracted his hand and put it back on the steering wheel. “All right! I hope you are not lying. If not, Sir Minister, you will be in for a bad day, a very, very bad day.”

“I swear on it!”

“Don’t bother, I don’t believe in your God,” said Chen Xiaolian who shook his head.

He started up the truck again. However, as he was about to drive forward, he suddenly jerked!

Chen Xiaolian turned and looked at the African minister. “Just now you said… the rebel army is attacking from the east side? The east side of the city?”

“Yes! The east side of the city! Those cunning fellows circled around… they were too cunning!”

Chen Xiaolian’s face sank!

The truck rapidly charged forward. However, when the African minister noticed which way they were going, he quickly screamed, “Argh! You’re going the wrong way! We need to head south! South! This… where are you going?”

“Just shut up!”

Chen Xiaolian gritted his teeth and stepped on the throttle to its limit. He shouted, “We need to return to the hotel first!”

The hotel was in the east side of the city!

Lin Leyan and the others… they were all there!

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1 Demons Soldier’s Soul Fragments. Loot from Chen Xiaolian’s first instance dungeon obtained in Chapter 38.


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