GOR Chapter 348

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GOR Chapter 348 I Just Want The Vehicles

After sometime, when the bearded man was about to lose his patience, Chen Xiaolian raised his head.

“Not bad.” Chen Xiaolian put the tarpaulin back in place before saying, “State your offer.”

“This pack here is around 1,000 grams. International price, 20 US dollars per gram,” the bearded man said coldly.

Chen Xiaolian shook his head. “Look here, I am a very sincere person. However, your price is unreasonable. This price is too high. We are now in its source country, not a shop in Europe or Asia. You can’t ask for such a price.”

Seeing him haggling, the bearded man seemingly became more relaxed and his guard was lowered somewhat. “Then, you give your offer.”

Chen Xiaolian deliberately entered a contemplative like state and casually moved to the side and leaned on the jeep.


“Impossible.” The bearded man shook his head. “The number of rhinoceros in Kombia is not high. The price is not that low.”

“$12, that’s about it.”




Chen Xiaolian stared at the bearded man and said, “$15! I’ll take however much you have! We’ll finalize the deal using this price 10 days later in Kabuka. If you don’t want this price, then forget about it.”

The bearded man considered it and said, “Deal!”

Chen Xiaolian gave a faint smile and pulled out several rolls of US dollars from his bosom. He said, “In addition to the one I gave you earlier, this would add to a total of $15,000. This 1,000 grams is now mine. I will first take these away.”

“No problem.” Said the bearded man who nodded his head. “You can take it with you.”

“Well, then. To a happy cooperation.” Chen Xiaolian smiled and put on a façade of wrapping up the package and taking it. He said, “How do I call you?”

“Luke,” the bearded man casually replied.

There was no need for him to ask to know that was a fake name. Chen Xiaolian smiled and said, “Luke? Oh, the name from Star Wars. You like that movie?”

“Where and how will we be trading in Kabuka?” The bearded man did not reply Chen Xiaolian’s question.

Chen Xiaolian mulled over the question and he just replied with some nonsense, “Ten days later in a hotel south of Kabuka…”

As he spoke, he lifted the wrapped up package with him and pretended to stagger.

He took advantage of that move to get close to the alcohol reeking man.

It was then that Chen Xiaolian suddenly took action!

The package of rhino horns that he was holding onto was flung toward the alcohol reeking man!

The other fellow was barely able to react. Seeing a package of items worth $1,500 flying toward him, his first reaction was to reach out with both hands to grab it!

That was the moment Chen Xiaolian’s kick struck his chest!

It was a kick with Chen Xiaolian’s full might!

Back then, a [B] class Four-eyed War Cat was able to break a tree with a swipe of its paw! The present Chen Xiaolian was stronger than even the [B] class Four-eyed War Cat!

This kick of his…

The alcohol reeking man was sent flying as the kick smashed into his chest, breaking his ribs! Blood spurted out of his mouth even as he was soaring through the air. Then, he fell down lifelessly.

At the same time, Chen Xiaolian’s body rushed forward like a ghost!

His hand shot out to grab the bearded man’s wrist and with a forceful twist, he broke the man’s wrist! The man had barely reacted to his broken wrist when Chen Xiaolian’s other hand reached out and grabbed his neck in a chokehold. Next, he squeezed with his hand.


This ‘Luke Skywalker’s head tilted to the side!

At the same time, Chen Xiaolian who had one of his hand on Luke’s wrist lifted up the rifle in Luke’s hand!

On the other side of the jeep, the smoking Caucasian was only about to reach for his rifle…


A bullet smashed through his head!

The final Caucasian was in the driver position of the jeep beside Chen Xiaolian.

The fellow frantically reached for his rifle and was going to turn around to shoot at Chen Xiaolian…

Chen Xiaolian’s response to him was very simple.

He swiftly crouched down! When the driver turned around to shoot at Chen Xiaolian, the jeep suddenly shook!

Chen Xiaolian roared out, both hands holding onto the lower section of the trunk of the jeep…


The jeep was overturned!

The driver was thrown out of the jeep and fell down the ground. Before he could even scream in response, the weight of the jeep came crushing down on him!

It was a jeep weighing nearly two tonnes. That was the equivalent of nearly 2,000 kg!

As for Chen Xiaolian, with his enhanced body, overturning this amount of weight was not exactly difficult.

Thus, all four poachers were dealt with!

That left the three African guides who had no firearms. Chen Xiaolian held onto the bearded man’s rifle and, without waiting for the three of them to even think about rushing him, he shouted, “If you don’t want to die, then scram!”

The three Africans were all natives there and they carried only machetes. They glanced at the muzzle of the rifle that Chen Xiaolian was carrying and then glanced over to the jeep that Chen Xiaolian had overturned.

The three African men acted in unison… they turned tail and ran!

Chen Xiaolian watched as they ran away. Then, he circled around the jeep and looked at the ground…

The driver was there with half his body caught beneath the jeep. He screamed out miserably and blood flowed from his mouth.

Chen Xiaolian walked over. First, he took away the driver’s rifle. Then, he glanced at the driver for a moment before ignoring him.

Chen Xiaolian began cleaning up the battlefield.

He retrieved the money in the bearded man’s bag.

When he got up, he saw that Hans and Winston had come over.

“You…” Hans and Winston were holding onto guns both and they looked at the corpses on the ground, and the overturned jeep.

“How did you do that?” Winston looked at Chen Xiaolian with a shocked expression.

Chen Xiaolian shook his head and replied with a calm expression, “Now we have a vehicle.”

“You killed them?” Hans frowned as he inspected the corpses on the ground.

All four poachers were thoroughly dead.

Hans heart pounded as he inspected the corpses. He determined that the chest and ribs on the alcohol reeking man were all pulverized!

The bearded man’s neck was snapped.

He ignored the one who died from the headshot… but the driver…

How did the jeep get overturned?

There was quite a distance between them just now. Additionally, the battle had taken place on the other side of the jeep, thus blocking their view of the fight.

The women also ran over. They all cast trembling but respectful gazes at Chen Xiaolian.

Even Lin Leyan was looking at him with a complicated expression.

Chen Xiaolian ignored those and quickly checked his loot.

One of the jeeps had a half-full fuel tank. There were also two guns inside the jeep. However, there were not much bullets left. Additionally, there were also several animal traps of the metal type.

There were spots of rust on the surface of the traps as well as bloodstains.

“How can you kill people so casually?” one of the young women emotionally asked.

Chen Xiaolian raised his head and cast a glance at her before replying calmly, “I am the one who did the killings, not you people. Their deaths have nothing to do with you.”


“I just want the vehicles. Besides, they are bad people, bad people who deserved death. Thus, I killed them.”

“You are not God! You have no right to pass judgement!” Clearly, the woman was having a hard time accepting that line of thought.

Hans came forward and pulled the woman back. He stood before her and looked at Chen Xiaolian.

“Why are you looking at me that way? Don’t worry, I won’t hurt her. I’m not someone who would get angry because of what she said.” Chen Xiaolian smiled and continued, “You people have your ways of thinking and I have mine. As long as we don’t force our thoughts on each other, that’s fine.”

He then spread open his hands and said, “I need a vehicle and don’t feel like walking my way to Kabuka. Since I bumped into a bunch of bandits that deserved death, I killed them and simultaneously got the vehicles. It’s that simple.”

“Whether they deserve death or not, was it something for you to decide?” Winston too, expressed his dissatisfaction.

Chen Xiaolian sighed and said, “Then? Should they be sent to court? Does Kombia even have a court?”

“… … …”

“Besides, I am just doing this for myself. It’s up to you to accept it or not,” Chen Xiaolian said coolly. “Right now, I am going to start up one of the jeeps. As for the other one, that’s yours.”

He did not feel like arguing with them. He exhaled and said, “If your conscience is unable to accept it, then you can choose not to use the jeep and walk to Kabuka. It’s up to you.”

As he spoke, Chen Xiaolian’s hand went into action.

His hands gripped the overturned jeep and he turned it back into place – this action of his caused the eyes of Hans and the others to pop out!

Chen Xiaolian went back to his jeep and pulled out the items in the trunk. He brought them over and stuffed them into one of the jeep while tossing away whatever he found that was unnecessary.

“I’ll take this one. That one’s yours,” Chen Xiaolian said calmly. “Whether you want to come along or not is up to you.”

The volunteers looked at each other.

Hans exhaled and decided. “Let’s go! These poachers are just a small team. Poachers usually hunt in a group and these fellows are just a small part of the group. Now that something like this had happened, I fear that their companions would quickly find us. Staying here is too dangerous.”

Hans words caused everyone to fall into a state of silence.

Winston looked at Chen Xiaolian who had already entered the jeep. He said, “We… do we continue to use the same road as him? Although he is helping us… he is a slaughterer.”

Hans struggled to make the decision for a while before whispering, “We are just going on the same path.”

“That’s right,” said Lin Leyan in a hushed tone. “We can’t possibly choose to avoid using this road just because he is using it. We need to return to Kabuka.”

The others fell silent.

“Get in the jeep! Every minute we dally increases the risk for us.” Hans who was the leader made the final decision.

Chen Xiaolian watched as the people entered the other jeep and the corners of his lips curled slightly.

Although they had different thoughts on the matter, Chen Xiaolian was not angry at them. Truth be told, he respected these virtuous and principled young people, Hans included.

They were truly good people.

As Chen Xiaolian was starting up the jeep, Lin Leyan suddenly walked to the first passenger side of the jeep and opened the door.

“Can I sit in your car?”

Chen Xiaolian knitted his eyebrows and looked at the young woman from Taiwan.

“The other car is full,” said Lin Leyan in a calm tone. “Since we have two cars, there is no need for us to squeeze ourselves. Sitting separately would be more comforting. Besides, you are not too familiar with this road, I am.”

Chen Xiaolian raised his eyebrows and said, “Get on then.”

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