GOR Chapter 346

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GOR Chapter 346 One Night In Africa

Hans looked outside and said, “When outside, you should not thoughtlessly get off a car. Heaven knows if some wild animals might be hiding inside the grasses. We are now in summer, a time when those animals would frequently be hunting. Every year during spring, the mating season would begin for the lions. Their mating becomes more frequent during summer and their primal nature after mating would subconsciously beckon them to increase their hunting activities to ensure there is sufficient food for the pregnant female lions.

“This is also the most dangerous time to be going outside.”

After saying that, Hans sighed and turned off the jeep’s headlights. He then waited silently inside the jeep for a moment.

The others followed suit and maintained a state of silence, not moving at all.

A moment later, when Hans had determined that there was no movement in the surrounding grasses, he carefully opened the door, creating a slight gap. Next, with the gun in hand, he extended his foot out and stepped on the ground.

“Don’t come down,” Hans grimly said to the others.

However, after getting off the jeep, Hans saw that Chen Xiaolian had gotten off the jeep. Hans could only look on helplessly.

He looked at Chen Xiaolian for a while before sighing. “All right… you help me keep watch. I will check it.”

With one hand holding onto a gun, Chen Xiaolian pulled out a military-grade tactical flashlight and carefully checked their surroundings.

The instant Hans opened up the jeep’s front hood, a plume of white smoke surged out.

The German fellow swore out in German.

A few minutes later, Hans furiously kicked the jeep and said, “There’s nothing we can do. It’s the engine. We are now in the wilderness and the few of us won’t be able to fix it.”

Chen Xiaolian turned to look at the German fellow, his heart feeling dispirited.

Is my luck turning for the worse here?

The two of them went back into the jeep and informed the rest that the engine had broken down. When they heard the news, they sighed.

“So, we’ll have to walk?” Chen Xiaolian asked.

Hans eyebrows were creased and he answered, “There is no other way around it. To find another vehicle in Kombia… that is only possible in a city or town. Here… other than abandoning this vehicle and move on foot, there is no other way.”

“What are we waiting for? Let’s move.” Chen Xiaolian shrugged his shoulders.

Hans cast a perplexed expression at Chen Xiaolian and said, “You… could this be your first time in Africa?”

“What do you mean?”

“There is no better method of killing yourself than to go walk through the wilderness at night in this part of Africa,” said Lin Leyan who was at the back with a wry smile. “The wilderness here don’t just have a beautiful starry sky and fresh air, it also has wild animals, lions, wolves… mm, and also leopards.”

“That’s right. There are only so few of us. Even if we were to team up and walk through the night, if we accidentally enter the territory belonging to a pack of lions, that would be the equivalent of taking the initiative to offer ourselves up as their supper,” the Australian fellow, Winston joked.

“You mean, we’ll wait here until the sun rises?” asked Chen Xiaolian with a frown.

“Once the sky lightens up, it will be safer. Since it is now night, our visibility will be reduced. If wild animals attack us from the grasses, we won’t be able to see them coming. We won’t even be able to react to them. Once the sun is up, our visibility will be better and it will be safer,” Hans explained.

Chen Xiaolian fell into a state of silence.

To be fair, it was only natural that he was not afraid of wild animals like lions.

Let’s ignore his own skills.

All he needed to so was summon out Garfield. With three Four-eyed War Cats walking beside him…

Lions, wolves, leopards? Go home, little kitties.

Offering them supper?

In face of the Four-eyed War Cats, who will end up being the supper, huh?

However, there was a problem. He could not possibly just summon out Garfield in front of all these ordinary people.

If he did, it wouldn’t be surprising if they ended up seeing him as a summoner.

What a pain… is this the reward for acting out of kindness? Chen Xiaolian smiled wryly.

Still, he was in no hurry. Arriving in Kabuka one day earlier or one day later made no difference.

Since that was the case, he might as well spend the night here.

“So, we’ll spend the night in the SUV?” asked Chen Xiaolian with a frown.

“That is the only viable way.” Hans shook his head.

“How about we go climb up a tree and sleep?” Chen Xiaolian asked.

“African leopards can climb trees. I doubt you would want to feel a wild animal biting your throat in the middle of the night.” Hans smiled. “Just sleep in the SUV and restore your strength. Once the sun rises, we’ll have to start walking. Who knows how long we’ll have to walk. We’ll need a sufficient amount of strength for that.”

Pausing for a moment, Hans then turned around and whispered to his companions, “From now on, we’ll be imposing a strict regimen. No one is allowed to simply get off this SUV. If there is a need to relieve yourselves, don’t go alone. There must be at least two people together while another one keeps watch and at least one of the people keeping watch must be armed.

“If the females want to go relieve themselves, they need to be accompanied by a male. This is not the time to feel shy. Safety first.”

The four people in the back row were silent. They did not express any objection to it. These people have had experience living in Africa and were able to immediately accept the arrangement.

“Now, we’ll rest and take turns keeping watch. One person will keep watch for one hour each time. I’ll go first, then Winston…”

Hans spoke out the names of those who will be keeping watch in order. The final name was Lin Leyan.

He did not mention Chen Xiaolian’s name.

“Don’t I need to keep watch?” Chen Xiaolian asked.

Hans sighed. He looked at Chen Xiaolian and said solemnly, “We are a team now and you are the strongest person in this team. In other words, if this is a team-based game, you are our only warrior. We need to ensure that you have enough energy, just in case we end up encountering some dangers. That is why you can skip keeping watch and take a good rest. Try your best to recover your strength.”

Chen Xiaolian wanted to say that he could go without sleep. However, seeing the resolute expression on their faces, he chose to swallow those words.

Resting was not a bad idea after all.

That night, Chen Xiaolian slept. However, it was not a deep sleep. Truth be told, he had been staying vigilant. After all, these people were practically strangers. Although their identities put him at ease, there was no way Chen Xiaolian could simply trust them unconditionally.

Although he had closed his eyes to rest, he did not enter a deep sleep. He would be able to wake up at any sign of trouble.

A few hours later, the sky gradually brightened.

The moment the sun emerged from the horizon in this African wilderness could certainly be described as spectacularly beautiful.

Coincidentally, Chen Xiaolian had opened his eyes the moment a ray of sunlight fell upon his face.

He subconsciously extended his hand to block the ray of sunlight. Then, his gaze fell upon the sun emerging from the horizon, looking like a sunny side up fried egg. He felt his senses overwhelmed!

This was the most beautiful sunrise he had ever borne witness to.

Back in his own country, the various forms of pollution and haze had made it so he may never be able to see such a kind of sunrise.

As Chen Xiaolian was staring at the rising sun, he heard Lin Leyan’s voice coming from behind.

“Do you like looking at it? You think it’s beautiful, right?”

Lin Leyan had spoken in a hushed tone because the others were still sleeping.

Maybe it was because she had to stay up late, but the young woman’s voice sounded rather hoarse.

“It is very beautiful.” Chen Xiaolian did not turn his head around and instead continued admiring the distant sunrise.

“This is the reason I came to Africa.” There was something in her voice that bordered on devotion. She continued, “This is such a beautiful place. A place graced by such beautiful sun light should not be suffering from so many disasters.”

“Compared to me, you people are pretty much saints.” These words spoken by Chen Xiaolian did not hold any trace of mockery. Rather, it was very sincere.

“I am actually very curious about you. However, I also know that I should not ask you about your affairs. It’s just that… can you at least tell me your name?” Lin Leyan asked in a whisper.

“My name is…” As Chen Xiaolian was planning to fabricate a fake name, he suddenly noticed the look of extreme sincerity in Lin Leyan’s face through the jeep’s rear-view mirror.

Chen Xiaolian sighed to himself and said, “I’m surnamed Chen, Chen Xiaolian.”

Lin Leyan smiled. Although she was not some great beauty, when she smiled, a unique beauty of sincerity and innocence shined.

“Thank you. I can feel that this is your real name and not some fake name.”

“Are you from Taipei?” Chen Xiaolian casually asked.

“No, my family lives in Keelung. I’m a woman who grew up by the seaside.” Lin Leyan smiled and continued, “When I was 18, I followed my parents to America and went to college there.”

“New immigrants.” Chen Xiaolian smiled as he said that.

Lin Leyan suddenly patted Chen Xiaolian’s shoulder and extended a hand over. There was something on the palm of her hand.

“It’s chocolate, my treat.” Lin Leyan smiled and her eyes narrowed into moonlike lines.

Chen Xiaolian looked at the young woman.

Chocolate was a rare item in Africa.

“I like to eat sweets. Moreover, I also have hypoglycaemia, so I would always carry some high-calorie foods with me,” Lin Leyan said with a smile. “However, I don’t have much left. Before we reach Kabuka, this will be my last one.”

Chen Xiaolian thought about it and decided not to be hypocritical and simply accepted it. He generously broke it in half and handed the other half back to Lin Leyan.

“Half each, we’ll share in the good fortune.”

Lin Leyan smiled. She accepted it and took a bite before looking at Chen Xiaolian. Then, she said, “I think you are not that old.”

“A bit younger than you,” Chen Xiaolian answered vaguely.

“I have seen many people who came to Africa to ‘do business’. But you are different.”

“Oh? What part of us is different? Is it my age?”

“No, I have seen young fellows before… however, they are mostly local Africans who’ll hire some people and order them around. Someone like you who goes around alone at such a young age, that is something I have never seen before,” said Lin Leyan with a smile. “Also…”

“Also what?”

Lin Leyan laughed in a low tone before replying. “Not telling you.”

They chatted and laughed in a low tone, the atmosphere between them open and sincere without ambiguousness.

Chen Xiaolian like this open and sincere atmosphere. His tense state of mind eased up somewhat.

The two of them exchanged glances through the rear-view mirror.

It was then that Chen Xiaolian’s face suddenly turned taut!

He heard a sound!

It was the sound of car engines! The sound was coming from outside!

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