GOR – Chapter 337

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GOR Chapter 337 Business Discussion

On the way back home, Chen Xiaolian bought two cartons of beer from a nearby supermarket. After entering the house, he saw that the group had already seated themselves around the table. Roddy had already taken out the hotpot from the kitchen and arranged it.

He had chopped the mutton that Arslan brought with him to pieces.

When Arslan saw Chen Xiaolian carry the cartons of beer in, he pursed his lips to the side and said, “What is so good about beer?”

Chen Xiaolian laughed and said, “I would very much like to drink the wine your family made. A pity that you came using the airplane and they did not allow you to bring it. We’ll have to make do with beer. I know of a hotel in the city that sells a more excellent Hot Sword wine. They also have the Bored Donkey wine. I’ll bring you there some day.”

Yu Jiajia who was seated in front of the table watched them while staying silent.

She had yet to fully calm down and was still feeling rather frosty. Qimu Xi on the other hand, after being called out from the room, had went on to help Roddy clean up the table. When Chen Xiaolian returned, the girl timidly hid at the back, not daring to look Chen Xiaolian in the eye.

Chen Xiaolian glanced at her and knitted his eyebrows. “What are you trembling and hiding for? If I am going to scold you, you are not going to be able to hide. Eat up. Your matters… we’ll talk about it later.”

Qimu Xi was stunned. Roddy who was beside her laughed and said, “All right, all right, what Xiaolian meant was, he is letting you off the hook. He is actually a soft-hearted fellow; it’s just that his mouth is a bit harsh. Since he said he’ll talk about it later, that means he’s letting you off the hook.”

The atmosphere around them was rather agreeable as they carried on with the meal. The two females stayed mostly silent while the three males who had reunited drank and ate the meat heartily.

Qimu Xi courteously sat by the side; with a spoon and a pair of chopstick in hand, she helped the three of them cook the mutton. Although she was quite timid, the mutton she cooked tasted quite delicious. Chen Xiaolian ate them and felt them slip into his mouth; unknowingly, he had eaten a good portion of it.

The tens of beers were soon finished. Originally, Chen Xiaolian and Roddy’s capacity for alcohol was not as good as Arslan’s. However, Arslan just had a long journey and was not at his best.

Secondly, both Chen Xiaolian and Roddy had enhanced their bodies. Following the increase in their bodily attributes, the capacities of their internal organs had also been strengthened. Their endurance toward alcohol and metabolism had also been enhanced considerably. Thus, their drinking capacity was naturally higher.

After drinking those cans of beers, Chen Xiaolian and Roddy remained unfazed. However, the effect of the beer was already showing on Arslan’s face. When they had finished the two boxes of beer, it was clear that Arslan had to force himself to stay awake.

After lunch was over, Chen Xiaolian let Arslan rest in his bedroom. Next, he turned to Roddy and said, “You stay at home and look after Arslan. I’m going to the fitness centre.”

Roddy was surprised. However, seeing as how Chen Xiaolian was not saying anything else, he decided not to probe further.

Chen Xiaolian looked at Qimu Xi before turning to Yu Jiajia. “Little Xi will stay at home. You…” He pointed at Yu Jiajia. “You follow me out.”

“Me? Where are we going?”

Yu Jiajia was stunned.

“There is something to do outside,” Chen Xiaolian replied coolly.

Yu Jiajia did not further ask anything and simply followed Chen Xiaolian out the door. When they were downstairs, Chen Xiaolian and Yu Jiajia headed to her car.

They started the car and drove out of the residential complex. Chen Xiaolian drank a can of beer as he let Yu Jiajia drive.

After moving out of the residential complex’s entrance, Chen Xiaolian deliberately rolled down the window.

Chen Xiaolian looked at the rear-view mirror and was not surprised to see a car slowly following them, a distance of 50 meters in between the two cars. However, the car dared not move too close and it simply followed them while maintaining a long distance.

The road they took had a lot of turns and curves. Eventually, they made their way to an outlying area of the city. Then, they reached the fitness centre building.

Chen Xiaolian had Yu Jiajia stop the car before the two of them got off. Chen Xiaolian noticed that the car trailing after them had stopped there as well.

While Yu Jiajia was not paying attention, Chen Xiaolian took advantage of the moment to wave to the car – the two fellows in the car turned pale.

“Go up,” Chen Xiaolian said while pointing at the shabby looking building.

The dilapidated building did not have an elevator. As for the escalator, it had stopped moving.

Thus, the two of them made their way up on foot.

Yu Jiajia followed with a belly full of questions. When they made their way upstairs and into a corridor, Chen Xiaolian saw the door of the fitness centre open.

As he was feeling puzzled about it, he heard a melodious tone coming from the corridor.

The sound had originated from slightly opposite of the fitness centre. That place had just been renovated. The glass door was open and melodious music came out from the lot.

Chen Xiaolian walked all the way to the entrance of the fitness centre and saw Xia Xiaolei sitting inside, his eyes occasionally glancing at the door.

When he saw Chen Xiaolian, Xia Xiaolei was shocked. Next, he called out in excitement, “Guild Leader! You are finally back!”

Xia Xiaolei jumped up from the chair he was seated on and took two steps forward hastily as he made his way to Chen Xiaolian. However, he then noticed Yu Jiajia behind Chen Xiaolian. He was quick to react and stopped whatever it was he was planning to say.

Chen Xiaolian nodded his head. Xia Xiaolei was becoming more steady.

“Bei Tai and Lun Tai are still not back?”

“No, but Da Gang had returned.”

Chen Xiaolian smiled and said, “Where is he?”

“He went out to buy some cigarettes.” Xia Xiaolei’s eyes darted around and he regarded Yu Jiajia who was standing behind Chen Xiaolian. After observing the beautiful woman, he hesitated for a moment before asking, “Guild Leader, is this… your friend?”

Chen Xiaolian replied with a casual “Mm.” without elaborating any further.

Yu Jiajia looked at Xia Xiaolei before turning to look at Chen Xiaolian again. She asked, “Why did he call you Guild Leader?”

Chen Xiaolian glanced at Yu Jiajia before replying, “Oh, we play games together. We are part of a guild.”

Yu Jiajia smiled and said, “How unexpected. Someone like you would actually play games.”

“Naturally, I am a big spender.” Chen Xiaolian snickered.

Chen Xiaolian led Yu Jiajia into the fitness centre. Seeing the place made Yu Jiajia curious.

“Eh? This place is quite spacious! Even the equipment are all intact! Could this place belong to you?”

“Something like that. It’s something I did together with my friends.” Chen Xiaolian waved his hand. “Are you interested in exercising? There is a lounge inside for you to change your clothes and shower. There are treadmills and weight lifting equipment here.”

Yu Jiajia considered his offer and finally chose to go along with it. She entered the lounge and took off her jacket. After that, she got on the treadmill and began exercising.

Chen Xiaolian stood beside, observing for about two minutes.

This young woman’s figure was indeed praiseworthy. Both her legs were long and slender. Additionally, it was obvious that she had trained her body before. When she was running, her movements were executed with a grace that could stir the heart of others. There was also a rhythm to her movements.

He watched her for two minutes after which he then turned around to find Xia Xiaolei looking at him with a complicated expression. Chen Xiaolian smiled and walked over.

“Leader… could this be your new girlfriend? What about Qiao Qiao?”

“Stop talking nonsense.” Chen Xiaolian reached out with his hand and patted Xia Xiaolei on his head. Then, he whispered, “You keep an eye on her and make sure she does not run around. I’ll be heading downstairs to deal with some matters.”


Chen Xiaolian did not allow Xia Xiaolei any time to ask anything. Instead, he said, “Keep a close watch on her, don’t ask anything and don’t spill anything out. I’ll be back in a while.”

After saying that, Chen Xiaolian turned around and headed out the door. When he reached the doorway, he suddenly thought of something. Then, he turned around and reached for a barbell that was placed in the corner of the room. After pulling out the weights on the barbell, he hefted the barbell stick with him as he headed out.

When he reached the lobby of the first floor, Chen Xiaolian looked around before pulling a chair that was placed on the side to the centre of the lobby. Seating himself on it, he placed the barbell stick on his thighs, pulled out a piece of cigarette and lit it up.

Right after finishing the first cigarette, he heard the roaring sound of a car engine. Two cars sped forward before stopping at the entrance of the building. Even before the cars were properly halted, the doors had been pushed open and seven to eight muscular looking men jumped out from the car.

They were all young; some looked rough around the edges while most of them wore sport shirts. Some of them had bulging muscles. They were clearly brawlers.

Following behind those fellows were the two men who were tailing Chen Xiaolian and Yu Jiajia. Chen Xiaolian who was seated on the chair saw the two men and was unable to stop himself from letting out a sigh.

“That’s him!”

The one who had been in the driver position back when Chen Xiaolian had met them outside the residential complex stepped forward and pointed at Chen Xiaolian.

As for the one who had been in the first passenger seat, he had a grim expression on his face.

Chen Xiaolian gently tossed away the cigarette butt and regarded the men standing before him. These fellows were obviously experienced brawlers.  The moment they stepped into the lobby, they had spread out, blocking off the route to the stairs and entrance as they surrounded Chen Xiaolian.

The driver moved forward, stared at Chen Xiaolian and said, “We are here to take our people back.”

Chen Xiaolian squinted his eyes without looking at the driver. His head was lowered as he caressed the barbell stick. “What a pity, you did not listen to my advice. It seems you had no interest in the things I told you in the afternoon… these people were sent by your superior and not Father Qiao, right?”

“Who do you think Boss Qiao is and what makes you think you are qualified to get his attention? Kid, don’t think that you’re hot stuff just because you can pull out a fake gun and performs some moves,” said the driver in a cold manner. “I was frightened by you this afternoon. But did you take me to be an idiot?”

“I suppose you are right.” Chen Xiaolian felt his chin and continued, “My actions don’t quite fit that of a kidnapper. Would a kidnapper continue to stay in their own home and open a business after committing a crime?”

“Kid, this is not something you should stick your nose in. You may be Young Miss Yu’s friend, but this is her family issue! Truth be told, we also do not wish to cause you harm. So, it would be better for you to just move aside.” It would appear that the driver was quite the knowledgeable one.

Chen Xiaolian smiled and looked at the driver before saying, “You have quite a head on you… for that, when I am beating you up later, I’ll make sure to go easy on you.”

“… what?”

“I know that you must have not reported this to Father Qiao.” Chen Xiaolian shook his head and slowly got up. “If he knew about this, he would never have sent you fellows in to receive a beating.”

The first passenger grunted and shouted, “A brat who does not know the height of the Heavens and the depths of the Earth! Charge!”

He waved his hand and the brawlers on both sides rushed forward.

“Where’s Chen Xiaolian?”

Yu Jiajia who had finished her run got off the treadmill and pulled over a towel to wipe off her sweat.

Xia Xiaolei who was beside her handed her a bottle of sports drink. She looked at him and said, “Thank you… where is your Guild Leader?”

“Err… Guild Leader went out on an errand. He’ll be back soon.”

Yu Jiajia knitted her eyebrows before taking a mouthful of water. She did not probe any further.

Chen Xiaolian pulled back the stick and looked at the only two fellows who remained standing before him.

The driver and the first passenger were deathly pale, a gaping look on their faces as they stared at the surrounding lobby.

The seven to eight muscular men were sprawled on the floor; some were holding on to their arms, some their knees, their abdomen while others rolled on the floor.

Chen Xiaolian did not attack too viciously and had refrained from harming their bones. However, the metal stick of the barbell was certainly an item that could bring the pain. The fellows’ faces were all either green or blue. Chen Xiaolian had been very cunning in his attacks and all his attacks were aimed at places that would cause the most pain. The susceptible joints were all struck.

After just a few exchanges, the seven to eight men were all left lying on the floor.

As Chen Xiaolian walked toward the last two fellows, they turned stiff.

The first passenger gritted his teeth and pulled out a stun baton from his bosom.

Chen Xiaolian looked at them and smiled before asking, “Are you sure you want to resist?”

The driver abruptly held down his companion and turned to look at Chen Xiaolian. He said, “We were blind and messed up. We’ll accept our punishment!”

Looking at him, Chen Xiaolian said, “At least you can think. As I said earlier, I will go easy on you when I beat you up.”

After saying that, he suddenly took a step forward.

The driver did not know what was happening; all he could see was a flash and a banging sound coming from his side. Then, the first passenger who was beside him fell to the ground and the stun baton that was in his hand was now in Chen Xiaolian’s hand. Chen Xiaolian checked the stun baton for a moment before stuffing it into his pocket. Next, he threw a punch at the driver’s stomach area. The driver grunted and he crouched down.

“Stop pretending. I did not use much strength for that,” said Chen Xiaolian as he looked at the fellow. “By now you should have understood. This is not something that small fries like you can deal with… just do your job and report this to Father Qiao. Let him come discuss with me.”

“… yes.”

Chen Xiaolian turned and walked toward the stairs. After taking a few steps, he turned around to look at the driver.

The driver had pulled out a gun from his pocket and was aiming it at Chen Xiaolian!

There was a seemingly nonchalant look in Chen Xiaolian’s face. He revealed a calm smile as he looked at the gun muzzle aimed at him.

The driver suddenly felt his heart freezing over! Although he had a gun in his hand, looking at the smile on his opponent’s face, a smile that seemed to be carrying a trace of ridicule, he suddenly felt his courage vanishing. He no longer had even the courage to pull the trigger!

It was as though there was a voice inside him telling him: Once this shot is fired, what follows is a world of hurt.

“Are you going to open fire or not?” asked Chen Xiaolian with a frown.

“No, I don’t…” The driver swallowed a mouthful of saliva. At that very moment, he felt as though he was being eyed by a ferocious beast.

“If you are not opening fire, then I’ll be leaving.” Chen Xiaolian then pointed at the floor and said, “Make sure you deal with your men. Don’t let them lie here and block other people’s path.”

“… right, we’ll be leaving,” said the driver as he lowered his gun.

Chen Xiaolian smiled, shrugged and went upstairs.

The driver’s head was drenched in sweat and he lowered his head only to see something on the floor. When he saw it, he shat bricks!

The floor area before him, the place where Chen Xiaolian had been standing on when he walked over…

There on the cement floor were two footprints! He had produced those two footprints by stepping down with his feet!

“Tha… thankfully I did not open fire earlier. Someone like that is most certainly beyond my pay grade… but, but this… just what kind of person is this…”

After returning to the fitness centre, Chen Xiaolian watched as Yu Jiajia approached him. She asked, “Where did you go?”

“I went out to discuss something business related.”


“Mm,” answered Chen Xiaolian who tossed the barbell stick to the side. Then, he spread out his arms and said, “Back then when I was having a business discussion with the other party, I had informed them of my price. But the other party was not convinced, so I had to further discuss matters with them. This time, I believe that the other party would increase the offer…”

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