GOR – Chapter 332

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GOR Chapter 332 Gunfire Agreement Plus Travel Expenses

The yoga room next door used only two days before it was open.

The renovation done on the room was as what the administrator had said, very simple. No paint was applied at all to the room. Only mirrors were affixed onto two sides of the room. As for the floor, only the most basic combinations were laid down; not much work was needed. Finally, a signboard was placed on the door and the place was opened just like that.

On the day the signboard was put up, Nicole smiled as she walked to the side and gave Xia Xiaolei a business card.

“If you want to train, you can come over and find me. Since we are neighbours, I won’t charge you for the first class.” Nicole smiled as she handed him the business card. Then, she left. However, before leaving, she turned to cast a glance at Tian Lie who was seated behind the table while playing games on his mobile phone.

For some unknown reason, looking at the thing young man with wooden expression gave her an indescribable feeling of… threat?

Nicole was unable to discern where that feeling had arisen from.

On the second day of opening, the yoga room was naturally… empty.

Naturally, there was no way it could get any business.

However, to Xia Xiaolei’s surprise, the young female owner who had nothing to do came over to their place instead.

In her words, “Being idle here or there makes no difference. Besides, I am still unfamiliar with this place. I might as well chat with you to get to know more about this place.”

Xia Xiaolei felt that it would be rude to turn her away.

After all, she was their neighbour.

Secondly… for a normal youngster, it was difficult to reject a lovable young woman with incredibly hot body and cheerful smile who was taking the initiative to approach him. Additionally, Xia Xiaolei was still a meek person.

While Nicole and Xia Xiaolei were chatting awkwardly, Tian Lie casually threw out an excuse before leaving.

Before leaving, he cast a profound glance at Nicole who was standing before the table and talking to Xia Xiaolei.

Walking out of the door, Tian Lie then pulled out a pack of cigarettes. After lighting up one, he took a puff and a strange smile appeared on his face.

“Definitely not after me… then, this is directed at Chen Xiaolian them… Chen Xiaolian, who did you end up ‘inviting’?”

At that moment, there was someone who had really been ‘invited’ by Chen Xiaolian. However, this person was presently feeling helpless and distressed.

After getting off the airplane, Qimu Xi had followed Chen Xiaolian’s instructions and arrived at the address provided, a certain residential complex in the city.

The poor girl carried a large suitcase with her as she waited over 20 minutes beneath the residential complex.

She had pressed the doorbell. However, Xia Xiaolei had not returned home for the past two days. Since there was no one at home, it felt too lonely to be staying there. He had eaten and slept in the fitness centre. Now that Tian Lie had returned, Xia Xiaolei lost all interest in returning home. He simply stayed at the fitness centre; at least there, he would have someone to accompany him.

Qimu Xi waited pitifully downstairs until the sky had turned dark. However, no one came for her and she felt her frustration and discouragement increasing.

She was unable to stop herself from becoming suspicious. Could that fellow had tricked me? Did he just sent me away by giving me a fake address?

However, recalling what had happened back in the instance dungeon, she felt that Chen Xiaolian was not someone who would do something like this.

However… at present, she was unable to contact those two fellows.


Thankfully, she had some money on her and did not have to go hungry.

She struggled to pull her large suitcase with her and found an eating-house opposite the residential complex. She sat down and got herself some stuff to eat. After she was done with her meal and not knowing what else to do, she sat there and watched the residential complex with anticipatory eyes.

She waited until the eating-house had closed up.

Qimu Xi no longer had any money on her!

Back in America, Roddy had given her some money. However, Roddy did not bring much cash with him. Although she had taken all his cash money, she had used a portion to buy a plane ticket. The ticket for such a long distance flight was not cheap.

After arriving at Nanjing, there was also the cost of the train ticket, meals and etc… at present, Qimu Xi only had some tens of yuan.

The poor girl wanted to cry but no tears came out.

However, she still held a trace of hope. Although she had been staring intently at the entrance to the residential complex all this time… what if she missed something?

Qimu Xi tried her luck. She approached the residential complex in order to press the doorbell for Chen Xiaolian’s unit.

This time around however, entering the residential complex was no longer as easy.

The security guards of the residential complex had seen her loitering around the area during the day. Back then, they had allowed her in. After all, Qimu Xi was young and did not appear to be a criminal.

However, after seeing her stay near the residential complex for so long without leaving, it was only natural for the security guards to become suspicious.

Following his line of responsibilities, the security guard at the entrance stopped Qimu Xi.

First, it was already night and he could not simply allow anyone to enter the residential complex. Second, Qimu Xi was not even capable of telling him Chen Xiaolian’s phone number.

“Since you don’t even know the house owner’s phone number, how am I supposed to let you in?” The security guard hardened his heart and shook his head. “I am sorry, but we have to adhere to the rules.”

“But, I know his name, he is called Chen Xiaolian… I really do not know his phone number… but he said there should be someone at home.”

Qimu Xi begged pitifully.

The security guard was helpless against her pitiful look and he suggested to have his colleagues keep an eye on Qimu Xi while he tried knocking on Chen Xiaolian’s house door.

A moment later, the security guard returned and said, “There is no one at home.”

Despair filled Qimu Xi’s eyes as she uttered, “What should I do…”

“If you are his friend, how could you not even have his phone number?”

“I… do you have his phone number?” Qimu Xi begged.

“I’m sorry, we don’t. But even if we do, we cannot simply give it to you.” The security guard sighed. “You had better think of something else.”

As Qimu Xi was on the brink of absolute despair, one of the older security guards who was moved by the tearful look on Qimu Xi’s face pondered the matter and said, “Little miss, I am not too familiar with the house owner with the surname Chen, but if I am not mistaken, he is a student. You can try go to his school to search, maybe…”

“School?” Qimu Xi was shocked.

Although Chen Xiaolian did appear to have quite the young face, Qimu Xi had never thought of connecting the word school and him together.

However, having a life-saving straw was already something. Qimu Xi quickly said, “All right, thank you. Can you tell me which school he’s in?”

“… err… it’s XXX high school.”

“High school? He is actually a high school student?” Qimu Xi exclaimed.

The two security guards watched as the little girl pulled the large suitcase along as she left. Then, they exchanged glances. There were peculiar expressions on their faces.

“How sinful! Youngsters these days… just look, this is most likely an acquaintance he hooked out from the internet and had her come look for him. Such a young little girl… I don’t even know if she is already of age. Youngsters these days…”

“Sigh, what do you know? Youngsters these days all have an open mind set. After getting into social media, they’ll just have gunfire arrangements everywhere [1]. That Chen Xiaolian usually appears like a gentlemen, yet he is actually so capable. To think that he is even capable of tricking such a tender little girl to dance into the palm of his hands.”

The poor Qimu Xi headed straight to the school even though it was night. She stood on the quiet street and felt her pockets. There were only some tens of yuan there. In the end, she found an ATM machine room, leaned on its walls and forced herself to sleep through the night.

Naturally, it was hardly an effective way of sleeping. However, she was at least able to force herself through the night. When dawn broke, Qimu Xi then pulled her large suitcase with her as she exited the room.

The school entrance was just opposite the street.

She waited until eight o’clock and as the number of students entering the school increased, Qimu Xi went to each of them to ask.

“Excuse me, do you know Chen Xiaolian?”

“Excuse me… do you know Chen Xiaolian?”

“Excuse me…”

At this moment, the only one to blame was Chen Xiaolian for being a minor and near transparent character in school, always keeping a low profile. Other than those in his class, almost no one else would know of him.

However, the more unfortunate fact was, out of all those people that Qimu Xi had asked, not a single one of them was Chen Xiaolian’s classmate.

As this timid and foolish girl was falling into despair, something rare happened! She suddenly recalled something important!

Other than Chen Xiaolian, she also knew of another name!


When they were sending her off, Roddy had personally told her his name.

Seeing as the two of them were together… perhaps, Roddy was his classmate?

Who cares! Let’s try my luck!

She stood at the entrance to the school and stopped two students and asked out twice.

Compared to Chen Xiaolian, the young master Roddy who came from a rich family had a much higher level of fame.

The first student answered that he had heard of the name before but was not a personal acquaintance.

The second student answered that he was acquainted with him but did not have his contact number.

The third student was a female student. The female student assessed Qimu Xi from head to toe before saying in an unfriendly tone, “Who are you to him?”

After saying that, she rolled her eyes and walked away.

Qimu Xi felt herself gradually inching toward a state of mental collapse. She held onto her large suitcase before the school entrance as she squatted down and was on the verge of tearing up when…

A pair of legs suddenly appeared before her.

Calfskin boots the colour of red wine. The metal buckle on it was extremely exquisite.

Above that was a pair of slender and toned legs, pleated short skirt… slim waist…

Qimu Xi raised her head to see a beautiful face, long supple and side-parted hair that was dyed in dark brown colour.

When she gently pulled off her sunglasses, Qimu Xi saw that the one standing before her was a young woman with stunning beauty.

The young woman cast a curious look at Qimu Xi. However, there was an odd look in her face.

“Hello. Just now, I saw you asking about Roddy here? Is that right?”

Qimu Xi’s eyes lit up!

She was quick to jump up.

The young woman was shocked and she hastily took two steps back. Then, she reached out to feel her nose that was nearly struck by Qimu Xi’s actions.

“Ah! So… sorry!” Qimu Xi held back the excitement she felt and said, “You, you, may I ask, may I ask you if you know Roddy?”

“I… naturally, I know him.”

When the young woman said that, she seemingly bit down on her lips. However, Qimu Xi did not notice that detail.

“What is your relationship with Roddy?”

“Eh?” Qimu Xi was taken aback by the question and she hesitated on how to answer.

How should she answer that?

A team member who experienced life and death together in the game world?

Clearly, this was not something she could say to normal people! Although she was somewhat foolish, she still had some understanding of the basics.

However, when the young woman saw the expression on her face, it was easy to end up misunderstanding.

“Friend? Lover? That can’t be… how old are you?”

“No no no! Not, not lover!” Qimu Xi quickly waved her hands.

“Oh? If so, then what is your relationship with him?”

Qimu Xi cast a vigilant look at the young woman and asked instead, “Err… that is, may I ask, what is the relationship between you and Roddy?”

“Me? I am his friend, a very good friend.” The young woman smiled gently.

Qimu Xi nodded her head and continued, “Then, you must have his phone number, right?”

A trace of anger flashed across the young woman’s face but quickly disappeared.

Phone number?

If the phone number works, would I need to make this trip?

“I do have his phone number; however… it is not something I can casually tell you.” The young woman smiled as she looked at Qimu Xi.

Her intuition told her that this little girl standing before her was easy to deceive. She then said, “Are you in a hurry to find him? Maybe I can help you.”

After saying that, she raised her head and looked around. Then, she smiled and said, “This is not a suitable place to have a chat. Let’s find a place to continue our conversation. Mm, have you eaten breakfast yet?”

In response, Qimu Xi’s stomach growled out and she blushed to the point where she hated the fact that she could not simply hide herself.

The young woman laughed.


They were inside a clean hotel restaurant. Qimu Xi who was faced with a table full of breakfast servings felt herself losing control over her own limbs.

The young woman gracefully cut an omelette with her knife and fork before putting it into her mouth. Then, she looked at Qimu Xi. “May I know your name?”

“My name is… Qimu Xi.”

“Qimu? This is quite the rare surname.” The young woman smiled softly and continued, “Right, how did you come to know Roddy? And why did you run over to find him?”

“I… he and I, we’re…” Qimu Xi pondered the question and answered ambiguously. “Right, we got to know each other when playing a game.”

“Fooling around with a little girl on the internet? This Roddy really knows how to surprise me!” Yu Jiajia said in a contemptuous tone. She looked at Qimu Xi’s innocent face and was unable to stop herself from feeling sympathetic. “You came to find him just like this?”

“No, no.” Qimu Xi felt embarrassed and said, “He had given me the address and even money for me to buy a plane ticket.”

“Wow! Gunfire agreement plus travel expenses? Roddy, you are one capable one!”

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1 Gunfire agreement. A slang for an arranged meeting between a male and female for a one night stand.


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