GOR – Chapter 327

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GOR Chapter 327 Survivor

Chen Xiaolian brought Roddy and the others around the base for a while.

There was quite the amount of shock and joy on Roddy’s face. After entering the Maintenance and Repair room, Roddy could not stop himself from sighing out. “With this place… those damaged equipment outside. If I knew earlier, I would have brought them in.”

Chen Xiaolian smiled wryly and replied, “A pity, we lack time. Trying to move them in would also prove problematic.”

Inside the room with the Energy Smelting Furnace, Roddy looked at the conveyor belt and the furnace inside. He exclaimed once more, “Even if we don’t feel like repairing it, we can still use it for energy.”

The intense battle within the instance dungeon outside continued. Although Chen Xiaolian was unable to observe what was happening outside, GM who had become the master of the base was able to somewhat detect what was happening outside.

Later on, according to GM, more than 20 participants had appeared in the little town outside and they engaged in a chaotic battle. As for the specifics of the battle, there was no way to know.

Chen Xiaolian waited silently. After all, he had already informed GM to allow Phoenix or Sawakita Mitsuo inside should they run here.

However, as time went on, the battle outside grew more intense and there was no way to know what had happened to Phoenix and Sawakita Mitsuo.

Nagase Komi appeared rather concerned about Sawakita Mitsuo’s wellbeing. Chen Xiaolian had noticed it; however, there was nothing he could do to help. He attempted to comfort her with some words. At the same time, he also asked, “After we went our separate ways in Japan, what happened to you? How did you end up joining Mr Sawakita’s guild?”

Nagase Komi thought for a moment before responding, “Later on, I had to participate in another instance dungeon. However… I had another fortuitous encounter and my strength was increased somewhat. It was in that instance dungeon that I met Great Teacher. As we were both Japanese, I ended up joining Great Teacher’s guild. Great Teacher treats me very well and gives me many pointers. However… in the end, we still failed to complete that instance dungeon.”

Chen Xiaolian’s heart skipped a beat and he uttered, “Failed? Mr Sawakita possessed such an extraordinary strength, but still failed?”

“Great Teacher had mentioned this before. In this game, there is no such thing as an undefeatable general. Within this game of instance dungeons, the first priority goes to surviving. Sometimes, if we already know that we cannot force our way forward, then there is no need to force our way forward. If we end up throwing our lives away in the process of forcing ourselves to complete the instance dungeon, then everything would have come to naught. If so, it would be better to preserve our life, even if it means entering the punishment instance dungeon. At least we will have another chance. That would be much better than throwing our lives away while trying to force ourselves to complete the instance dungeon.”

After saying that, Nagase Komi continued in a whisper, “In our last instance dungeon, we encountered a very powerful team. Seeing that the circumstances were unfavourable, Great Teacher decisively chose to step aside to protect our lives.” After saying that, she glanced at Chen Xiaolian and whispered, “I feel that Great Teacher is very wise.”

Chen Xiaolian nodded his head and replied, “That way of thought is very good.”

Everyone stayed within the base for quite some time. Minutes ticked by and when they looked at the time, they saw that roughly 10 hours had passed.

The intense battle outside had gradually subsided.

Nagase Komi had originally considered going out back when the battle was raging. However, she knew that doing so would endanger Chen Xiaolian and the others. Additionally, she had practically no strength left in her. Going out, she would be unable to offer any help.

When the Central Control informed them that the battle outside had subsided, she could not help but think about going out again.

Although Chen Xiaolian did not agree, however, he was willing to save Phoenix and Sawakita Mitsuo.

In the end, she decided to hold herself back again.

When the time for the instance dungeon finally ended, everyone received a prompt from the system!

[System prompt: Quest duration has ended. Now entering calculation period. Points acquired during calculation period will not be included in the calculations.

[Winners list established!

[The winners will be teleported out of the instance dungeon according to their ranking in the list, from the highest ranked to the lowest ranked.

[Losers will remain to accept punishment – on the spot extermination!

[This calculation period will continue for 10 minutes.]

“How about if I go out and check things out now?” Nagase Komi asked in a hushed tone. “I have quite a lot of points on me. Even if I go out now, the system might not exterminate me. I might be considered a winner…”

Chen Xiaolian shook his head and said, “If you go out now and something happens, then everything would have been for naught. The system had already stated just now, the winners’ list had been established.”

The meaning behind his words was: The fate of Sawakita Mitsuo and the others have already been decided. Going out now would change nothing.

Nagase Komi’s face turned pale and she sighed. She knelt down on the floor and placed her hands together as she inwardly invoked her deity God’s name.

Chen Xiaolian moved to the main control panel and asked in a low tone, “What do we do now? When can we leave this place?”

The GM replied, “Once the calculation period ends, the instance dungeon will automatically be closed. When that happens, this base can be taken out of the instance dungeon.”

Chen Xiaolian asked in a whisper, “We, can we escape the system’s punishment?”

“Indeed.” The answer was straightforward. “The scanning directive of the system has already been blocked off by this base. Rewards and punishments alike have now been blocked off.”

Chen Xiaolian nodded his head.

He was not too concerned about the rewards… their biggest gain in this instance dungeon was this base.

“The calculation period has already begun. We will be able to get away from this instance dungeon after 10 minutes. At present, there is no telling what will happen after the results have been established; it is highly inadvisable for you to open the base and move outside. The risk involved is too high.”

The little town had been reduced to ruins. Back then, there were still some walls and damaged buildings. Presently however, it was filled with charred earth, the result of explosions.

The streets were beyond recognition.

Teleportation beams appeared one after another as several figures were teleported away.

Some screamed sharply while running in every direction.

After running just a few steps, their bodies burst out into a spray of blood!

A hand suddenly stretched out from underneath a pile of debris at the end of a street. The hand forced away the surrounding debris fragments and a head that was covered in soil popped out from inside the debris.

The man’s nose and mouth was filled with dust and soil and he coughed a few times.

His Chameleon Tent had been utterly ruined. However, it was also thanks to the tent that he was able to create a small space underground when the Feral Tiger Angel had unleashed the Electromagnetic Boom. That small space helped him survive the explosion of light.

Later on, a series of ruthless battle erupted within the little town. However, as he was hidden underground, he was also able to survive through that dangerous phase.

As the battle was raging on, there were a few occasions where some battles had occurred close to where he was hiding. If the battles had moved just slightly closer to his location, he would likely have died on the spot.

His hand moved to pat away the dust on his face and a pair of thick, brush like eyebrows was revealed. Han Bi observed the little town and he sighed to himself.

The final ranking list gave Han Bi a sense that he had successfully overcome a tribulation!

Sixth place: Han Bi – 700 points.

Han Bi lowered his head to look at his left hand.

Blood stained the dagger in his hand.

Not even in his wildest dreams would Culkin imagine that he would die to someone as weak as Han Bi.

In that final moment, when Han Bi had stabbed that dagger through this formidable character’s heart, who knows what was Culkin’s final thoughts.

However, at that moment, both his hands and feet were tied up by the Black Widow spider silk, rendering them utterly unusable. With every limb sealed, he was no different from a lamb waiting to be slaughtered.

By killing Culkin, Han Bi acquired 500 points. Additionally, he also acquired one tenth of the points on Culkin, giving him an additional 200 points.

It totalled up to 700 points.

As luck would have it, that 700 points allowed him to attain a spot in the top six!

From another perspective, it was also thanks to Nagase Komi’s decision to enter the base, thereby taking her out of the calculation for the ranking list. Additionally… the other person with high amount of points, the Feral Tiger Angel was forced to commit suicide!

Thus… those 700 points were able to allow Han Bi the chance to survive.

The system had stated out the rules for teleportation clearly. One will be sent out every two minutes.

Han Bi climbed out from underground when the fifth participant was being sent out.

He still had to spend two minutes inside.

The little town… no, it would be more accurate to say that the stretch of ruins was now empty. There were some who survived the earlier battles. However, they did not have enough points to make it to the top six.

Human nature led these people to scatter, running in hopes of escaping the system punishment.

Han Bi smiled wryly.

He was simply someone who had been forgotten. The bald girl and Roddy; in the end, they no longer cared about him… but thankfully, he had Culkin. Through Culkin, he was able to acquire those points to escape this calamity.

In terms of strength, Han Bi believed that he would have been among the weakest few within this instance dungeon’s participants.

Unexpectedly, he survived.

Han Bi walked along what used to be a street of the little town. He was somewhat lost in thought and also somewhat bitter.

I survived this one… but what about the next?

Roddy had already become a pro, while me…

“I am still an ant,” said Han Bi with a sigh.

He did not feel much guilt about killing Culkin… this was simply how this game worked. It was either you kill me or I kill you.

As he was walking, Han Bi suddenly noticed what appeared to be light coming from the centre of a crater.

It appeared to be originating from a metallic object, reflecting the light of the sun.

A vast portion of the crater had been filled by the gravel and soil, the result of the intense battles earlier. However, the exposed corner of the metal object was quick to attract Han Bi’s attention.

Han Bi thought of something and he quickly ran over. Crouching down, he reached out with his hand to grab hold of the exposed part of the object.

The soil covering the object was loose and Han Bi quickly used his hands to dig them aside!

What lay before him was…

The tiger head!

The tiger head was already damaged and deformed. However, a faint electronic spark flashed within its eyes…

“This is… the Feral Tiger Angel’s war armour?”

Tears broke out uncontrollably from Han Bi’s eyes!

While kneeling on the ground, he raised his head to face the sky and roared out loudly!

He embraced the tiger head with all his might! Then…

Two minutes later, the teleportation for Han Bi came.

Following a beam of light, he then disappeared.

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