GOR – Chapter 326

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GOR Chapter 326 Roddy’s Thoughts

Phoenix regarded Chen Xiaolian, hesitant on how to reply.

She quickly considered the situation.

First, ignore the fact that Chen Xiaolian was leaving.

However, if Nagase Komi and the others were to leave as well…

That would probably not be a good thing for her guild!

The powerful colossal dragon was somewhere distant, casting a greedy gaze at them!

There was still some time left before the end of this instance dungeon.

There was no guarantee that the colossal dragon would not return to take action against them!

Even if they were not afraid of the dragon… by joining hands with Sawakita Mitsuo, Monster and the wounded Titan brothers, would they be able to defeat the colossal dragon?

Even if they did… just how much would they have to sacrifice to win the fight?

Phoenix was uncertain.

“If I say I trust you?” Phoenix clenched her teeth.

“Guild Leader!”

Monster blurted, “You’ve gone mad!”

Phoenix turned to look at Monster who angrily continued, “This is an important matter of our own life and death! How can we pin our hopes on someone else?”

Phoenix’s face turned gloomy.

Chen Xiaolian said calmly, “You see, Guild Leader Phoenix, you trusting me or not is not the issue here. Since your guild members do not trust me, there is nothing else for me to say. Naturally, if Guild Leader Phoenix is willing to trust me, then you can leave with us. As for those who do not trust me, I have no obligation to save them.”

Phoenix’s face flickered and she stared at Chen Xiaolian. “I will not give up on my guild members!”

Just now, Monster and the Titan brothers’ faces had turned tense! If Phoenix had chosen to abandon them and leave…

Phoenix was the strongest among them. If she were to leave…

Thankfully, this response by Phoenix had dispelled their worries.

Phoenix turned to look at Monster and the Titan brothers. She said, “I feel that there might be a chance to survive if we follow Chen Xiaolian. If we stay here, there is no telling what that huge dragon might be thinking. Additionally… before this instance dungeon ends, I fear that no small number of participants will arrive here as well. When that time comes, there will be another round of brutal battle. I can’t be certain if we’ll survive that. So…”

There was a strained look on Monster’s face.

He considered it for a moment before finally shaking his head. “I can’t trust him. If we don’t fight for a spot with our own strength, where else can we hide? Once this instance dungeon ends, we’ll end up being exterminated. Guild Leader…”

Phoenix turned to the Titan brothers and asked, “Are you two of the same opinion?”

The Titan brothers exchanged glances but did not speak up.

Phoenix sighed and said, “All right then. I understand what you fellows think about it.”

The young woman turned to look at Chen Xiaolian and said, “Guild Leader Xiaolian, at the end of the day, I have a responsibility toward my men.”

Chen Xiaolian regarded Phoenix for a good few seconds.

He suddenly stepped toward Phoenix.

Phoenix was surprised but she took two steps forward as well. The two approached each other and Chen Xiaolian retrieved a gun from his Storage Watch.

The gun was something that Phoenix had given him back in the London instance dungeon.

“This thing had saved my life once more here,” said Chen Xiaolian with a smile. He shoved it into Phoenix’s hands and he leaned his body closer. At the same time, he whispered into Phoenix’s ear. “In the final moments, if things aren’t going well, run in the direction that I am heading.”

Phoenix was startled!

She regarded Chen Xiaolian, trust and doubt toward his words swirling within her mind.

At that moment, she had around 70 to 80 % amount of trust toward Chen Xiaolian’s words!

Does he really have a way to avoid the instance dungeon’s punishment?

She subconsciously turned around to look at the others behind her.

There were looks of disapproval in Monster and the others’ faces.

Sawakita Mitsuo on the other hand simply smiled without saying a word.

“All right, I’ll remember that,” Phoenix whispered back to Chen Xiaolian in a solemn tone.

Roddy held onto the middle-aged man while Nagase Komi helped to support Selina. They followed Chen Xiaolian who hobbled to a pile of debris some distance away.

Phoenix and the others watched them while standing at the end of the street. Suddenly, they noticed that Chen Xiaolian and the others had disappeared amid the pile of debris.

“Huh? Where did they go?”

Monster was surprised and he quickly ran over.

This time, Phoenix did not call out to stop him. She waited for Monster to make his way there. He searched around the pile of debris a few times before shaking his head. “The Hell?! They disappeared?”

Phoenix sighed and glanced at Monster. She said, “So be it… it seems my guess was right… but, to regret now would be useless!”

Both Nagase Komi and Roddy were looking at what lay before them with expressions of surprise!

When they had entered the middle of the debris just now, Chen Xiaolian took the lead and stepped into the hole on the ground.

Then, he disappeared!

Roddy was shocked for a moment before following suit. Next was Nagase Komi.

However, when they stepped into the hole, the scene before them flashed and they found that they had arrived in another area.

It was as though there was a teleportation portal outside that they were not aware of.

“This place is?”

Roddy looked at Chen Xiaolian with a look of surprise.

“You can consider this our future base.” Chen Xiaolian breathed a sigh of relief.

Before them was a metal orb. A head peeked out from behind the orb.

Qimu Xi anxiously regarded them. When she finally saw Chen Xiaolian, she broke out in tears and fell to the ground in a heap.

Chen Xiaolian laughed and walked over. He patted her on her head and said, “Did I scare you just now?”

“You, you told me to run inside… after I run inside, I fell and found myself in here… I… I…”

“I know that you have been trying to save me outside. You even turned into a marmot to dig through the debris,” said Chen Xiaolian with a smile. “That’s good. If others treat me kindly, then I shall repay them with gratitude. Don’t worry, although you do not have enough points, staying here will allow you to survive through this instance dungeon.”

“Guild Leader Xiaolian, this is your secret?” Nagase Komi looked around the strange room in wonder. “A… separate space?”

“Yes,” Chen Xiaolian answered and nodded his head.

“However, will we be able to escape the system’s punishment by being here?” Nagase Komi was still feeling slightly doubtful.

Chen Xiaolian laughed and said, “Roddy and I do not have enough points… besides, this little companion of mine also do not have any points.” He pointed at Qimu Xi.

Nagase Komi took a deep breath and said, “I… I truly trust you now! But… if this is the case, I should go tell Great Teacher and have him come in as well.”

Chen Xiaolian’s face flickered and he said in a hushed tone, “Just now, your Great Teacher was unwilling to enter. I think he may have some other thoughts. However… that Phoenix… well, you could try to go talk to them…”

It was at that moment that a passive electronically synthesized voice sounded out from the Central Control.

Listening to the voice, he was only barely able to recognize that it belonged to GM!

“Intense energy fluctuations have been detected outside. Entering battle mode, internal defensive systems activated.”

Chen Xiaolian was shocked.

The battle had begun?

So fast?

Nagase Komi’s face sank and she asked, “What is going on here? What did it mean by that? Has a fight started outside?”

She was worried about Sawakita Mitsuo. “I…”

Roddy sighed and turned to face Nagase Komi. He asked, “How much strength do you have left?”

Nagase Komi’s face sank further!

She was well aware that her liquid metal skill was far inferior compared to Sir Tian Lie. Hers was merely at an early stage. In terms of strength, she was unqualified to be called powerful. Especially after having gone through an intense battle just not too long ago. At present, she was in an extremely weakened state.

Although the present Nagase Komi was stronger than Chen Xiaolian in his weakened state, she was only slightly stronger. Furthermore, there was a very real limit to how much strength she could display.

She was about to speak up when Chen Xiaolian spoke up with a frown, “A battle had occurred outside. Given our current state, going out would not help anyone.

“I am sorry, but this base’s defensive systems will not automatically attack and will only defend this base. If we go out now, we won’t be able to offer any help.”

After pausing for a moment, he looked at Nagase Komi and said, “Mr Sawakita probably has his own ways of surviving. Besides, I had already informed Phoenix, if things don’t go well, they should retreat to this place… I will get the Central Control to allow them entry.”

Roddy on the other hand, was more relaxed.

To him, Phoenix and the others… meh – he was only concerned about Chen Xiaolian!

Since he and Chen Xiaolian were now safely out of harm’s way, the others were inconsequential.

However, Roddy suddenly realized that he had forgot something.

That… Han Bi?

In the fierce battle just now, he had left Han Bi to follow Nagase Komi, but now…

“Miss Nagase Komi, just now…” Roddy looked at the bald girl.

“What is it?”

“Err… nothing.” Roddy abruptly shut his mouth.

Nagase Komi was not a fool. After pondering about it for a bit, she was able to guess what it was Roddy had wanted to ask about – back when she was going to fight against the members of Feral Tiger Guild, she had seen Han Bi run into a building with Culkin in tow.

However, that huge explosion of light that the Feral Tiger Angel had unleashed at the end…

Both Han Bi and Culkin should have died in that explosion.

Nagase Komi was about to open her mouth, only to find Roddy secretly waving at her, signalling to her not to say anything.

Roddy’s thoughts were very simple.

To be frank, his thought was a slightly black bellied one. [1]

To begin with, he did not have a good impression of Han Bi. Thus, he did not care if Han Bi lived or died.

Additionally, considering the huge explosion of light earlier, it was likely that Han Bi had died. Since he had already died, why mention it to Chen Xiaolian? Doing so would only throw his mind into a state of chaos.

But, if Han Bi had managed to stay alive…

At any rate, Roddy had no intentions of telling Chen Xiaolian that Han Bi was outside!

Because, at present… a battle had started outside. Furthermore, the three of them had lost all potential to do battle!

Go out at a time like this for the sake of Han Bi?

Roddy was not interested in doing something like that.

Additionally, he knew Chen Xiaolian too well. He understood that Chen Xiaolian was the type who cared much about camaraderie and old friendships. If Chen Xiaolian chose to try and save Han Bi…

Roddy made up his mind and shut his mouth!

Roddy was not someone who was fearful of death, nor was he only thinking about himself, rather…

“Xiaolian oh Xiaolian, you are just too soft-hearted. If I tell you about this, it will be the equivalent of sending you to your death. A bastard like Han Bi is not worth saving.”

Roddy secretly let out a sigh.

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1 Black bellied person means a person who appears good but harbours a cunning mind.


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