GOR – Chapter 325 Part 2

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GOR Chapter 325 Part 2 Would You Trust?

The atmosphere grew tense!

Monster and the Titan brothers were openly casting malicious gazes at Chen Xiaolian!

As for Phoenix, there was a solemn expression on her face as she was seemingly deep in thought.

The young woman suddenly turned to face Sawakita Mitsuo and asked, “Sir Generalissimo, what do you think of this?”

Sawakita Mitsuo answered coolly, “If you want to take action, there is no need to ask me.”

He sighed and looked at Chen Xiaolian before speaking out, “Back in the airplane, I had cooperated with him before. I just could not bear to take action against a former companion.”

Phoenix sneered and said, “So, Sir Generalissimo does not wish to dirty his own hands.”

The old man simply shook his head and did not say anything to defend himself.

Phoenix continued coolly, “A murderous heart. It’s not as though I have that kind of heart, however… even if we ignore Chen Xiaolian and his companions, the number of our alliance members have already exceeded the number of spots available. What does Sir Generalissimo think about this matter?”

Sawakita Mitsuo replied calmly, “If we aren’t in an alliance, I fear we would have already started fighting each other. The alliance function given by the system was actually a trap. At present, alliances with a high number of members are probably feeling very anxious.”

Chen Xiaolian who was standing beside them softly interjected, “The system will not be so kind-hearted or benevolent. I fear that before this instance dungeon is over, there will be some changes to this alliance element.”

Phoenix’s face sank!

Sawakita Mitsuo sighed and said, “Your words echo the concern I am having. According to my experiences, matters such as alliances tend to be subject to last minute changes by the instance dungeon most of the time. Perhaps, around one hour before the instance dungeon ends, the system would allow participants to dissolve the alliances made. When that happens, there will be bloody chaos.”

After saying that, the old man turned to face Phoenix and asked, “Guild Leader Phoenix, what do you think?”

Clearly, Phoenix had also considered that possibility!

“So that’s why you fellows weren’t willing to fight against the dragon. You were thinking about preserving your strength for the final moment?” Roddy shouted out loudly.

Those words of his had likely revealed what many of them were thinking. There were complicated expressions on the people on Phoenix and Sawakita Mitsuo’s side.

Chen Xiaolian spoke up once more.

He nodded at Phoenix before turning to Sawakita Mitsuo and nodding at him as well.

“Then, allow me to speak my mind,” Chen Xiaolian spoke in a very calm manner. “If some of you want to take action against us to kill us, then I can only say we are unlucky. However, I, Chen Xiaolian, and my brother are not the type who would just fold without a fight! If you fellows want to take action, then we will naturally fight to the death. Whether we can knock off a few of your teeth in the process, you’ll have to just see for yourself. If you think I am bluffing – that’s up to you as well!”

After he said that, the faces on Phoenix’s subordinates grew tense!

Among those who participate in this game, who would not have a final trump card saved up until the very last moment?

While it was true that Chen Xiaolian could simply be bluffing… what if he wasn’t?

Phoenix looked at Chen Xiaolian and said, “Enough, what is it you want to say, Guild Leader Xiaolian?”

“I can pull out.” Chen Xiaolian said calmly. “Roddy and I will walk away and not vie for one of the six winning spots.”

“Who do you think will believe that?!” Monster gritted his teeth.

Chen Xiaolian sneered inwardly as he looked at Monster. Back in London, when you were facing Mr San, if I were a ruthless person, you would have died under my sword. Do you think you would still have the opportunity to throw a ruckus today if I had?

Naturally, he did not say those words out loud.

Chen Xiaolian took a deep breath and said, “There is still quite some time before this instance dungeon ends. My friends and I will leave this place first. Our life and death will be left to our own devices.”

“What if your points are already sufficient? As long as you have enough points to get to the top six spots, you will be able to survive!”

“He doesn’t have enough points.”

Nagase Komi suddenly opened up her mouth and spoke up loudly. “The last time I killed someone; I acquired points and was able to see the ranking list. Chen Xiaolian and Roddy’s name were not on the top six of the ranking list.”

Both Phoenix and Sawakita Mitsuo who had acquired points as well from killing nodded their heads.

The expression in Phoenix’s eyes grew more peculiar and she said, “Chen Xiaolian, you…”

“Naturally, I have my ways.” Chen Xiaolian harrumphed and continued, “Since you fellows are so concerned about the number of spots, I can give way. At any rate, I was never interested in getting a spot there. If you fellows want to compete for it, then you fellows can go ahead.”

He took two steps backward and pulled Roddy. He said coolly, “The two of us will be taking our leave now. If you want to kill us for the sake of points, you can come try it. But if you don’t want to, then we’ll leave!”

After saying that, Chen Xiaolian pulled Roddy and they slowly backed away.

Monster clenched his fists and the sound of his knuckles cracking could be heard. However, Phoenix harrumphed and walked forward to stand before Monster. She said, “Stand down.”

Monster cast a puzzled look at Phoenix.

There was unwillingness in his heart. Even the Titan brothers beside her had complicated looks in their faces!

The number of points Phoenix acquired had placed her within the top six spots.

However… Monster and the Titan brothers had yet to kill anyone!

This was a matter of their personal life and death. Would they let go of this simply due to a word from their Guild Leader?

Phoenix saw that Monster was still yearning to take action and she said in a hushed tone, “Are you all not going to listen to my orders?”

Monster exhaled and whispered, “Guild Leader, the Titan brothers and I still do not have any points! Can you not protect outsiders to this extent?”

The expression on Phoenix’s face grew more contorted.

It was at that moment that Nagase Komi suddenly walked out.

The bald girl stood before Phoenix, her back against Chen Xiaolian and Roddy and her figure blocking Monster and the Titan brothers view of Chen Xiaolian and Roddy. She said coolly, “Let me put this out here. If you want to take action against them, I will not hold back!”

After saying that, the bald girl turned to Sawakita Mitsuo and bowed. “Great Teacher, I am very sorry about this. This is my own private matters. Since I owe them a favour, I must repay them.”

Chen Xiaolian looked at the bald girl and was moved. He whispered, “Nagase Komi…”

The bald girl did not turn her head. She straightened her body and said slowly, “Back in Tokyo, someone said to me that the most despicable kind of person is the one who abandons their own companions.”

Chen Xiaolian looked at Nagase Komi’s back.

Suddenly, his face flickered.

Roddy had secretly sent a message to Chen Xiaolian through their guild channel.

“Just now, she had engaged in a battle. I don’t know how much strength she has left.”

Hearing that, Chen Xiaolian hesitated for a moment before making a decision!

“Nagase Komi.”

Chen Xiaolian said in a calm voice. “Are you willing to put your faith in me one more time?”

“… what?”

The bald girl was surprised by that.

“Back in Tokyo when we first met, you thought that I abandoned you. However, I did not do that. Then, when the incident was over, you had already left my guild. This time, are you willing to believe in me once more?”

There was a puzzled look on Nagase Komi’s face and she asked, “What does Guild Leader Xiaolian mean?”

“If you believe me, then leave this place with me.” Chen Xiaolian revealed a faint smile and continued, “I have a method for us to survive.”

Chen Xiaolian paused for a moment. Then, he continued, “If you stay here, I fear that at the final moments, the issue of the number of spots available will lead to a brutal infighting within your alliance. Why stay for the sake of such a gloomy outcome? If you trust me, then come with me.”

“But…” Nagase Komi frowned.

The bald girl’s mind raced… since Chen Xiaolian had the ability to defy the norm to enter a punishment instance dungeon, then…

Perhaps he truly possessed a method to escape the system’s punishment!

This thought that was running through Nagase Komi’s mind was also churning within Phoenix’s mind!

In fact, since the moment Phoenix encountered Chen Xiaolian until now, the shock in her heart had yet to dissipate.

Back in the London instance dungeon, Chen Xiaolian’s side had won. That was something that Phoenix could attest to!

So, why would he end up entering a punishment instance dungeon?

That was a question that Phoenix had a hard time answering. At present, seeing Chen Xiaolian take the initiative to get Nagase Komi to leave with him…

A thought subconsciously popped up in Phoenix’s mind. Could it be he really does have a way to elude the rules of the punishment instance dungeon?

“Ha ha ha ha!”

Sawakita Mitsuo suddenly laughed out loudly and said, “Guild Leader Xiaolian, if you don’t mind, this old man is also willing to trust you! How about it?”

When Sawakita Mitsuo said that, the faces on Phoenix and the others grew more contorted.

Chen Xiaolian looked at the old man and smiled faintly. He replied, “Just now, you said that you are ‘could not bear to take action against a former companion’. By virtue of that alone, I would certainly welcome you if you want to come with us.”

Sawakita Mitsuo held his subordinate, the middle-aged man and walked toward Chen Xiaolian.

Phoenix wanted to speak up but was unable to find the words for it. However, her subordinates Monster and the Titan brothers had increasingly complicated expressions on their faces.

“Guild Leader, they…”

Monster’s thought was not hard to guess… points!

Theoretically speaking, Sawakita Mitsuo already had enough points on him! Leaving or not would not make a difference for him.

Additionally, him leaving may prove unfavourable… after all, everyone was the equivalent of a portable 500 points!

Every additional person to leave would mean one less person to seize points from. That meant 500 less points to gain.

Naturally, there was no way to say this out in the open… that was tantamount to openly starting a conflict.

It was no different from telling them: You cannot leave because I plan to kill you for your points later.

Could words like these be said?

If Sawakita Mitsuo left, then… this alliance would be broken! Phonix’s guild will be the only one left.

Thankfully, Sawakita Mitsuo said with a sigh, “There is no need for me to leave. Since I have already formed an alliance with Guild Leader Phoenix, I will not leave my allies behind. However… this assistant of mine had been seriously wounded. He also does not have any points on him. If he is to stay here, I fear that the only thing awaiting him would be death. If Guild Leader Xiaolian…”

Chen Xiaolian laughed in reply and said, “I thank you for putting your trust in me, Mr. If so, you may leave this assistant of yours in my care.”

After saying that, Chen Xiaolian made a facial gesture to Roddy, who quickly reacted by moving forward to accept the middle-aged man from Sawakita Mitsuo’s hands. After taking him, Roddy returned to Chen Xiaolian’s side.

Chen Xiaolian smiled and said, “Since this is it, then this is goodbye. I wish you all good luck.”

After taking just one step, he heard a shout coming from behind him!

“Chen Xiaolian!”

Phoenix had a troubled expression on her face and she stared at Chen Xiaolian. She said, “You, do you really have a way to avoid this instance dungeon’s punishment?”

Chen Xiaolian turned around and looked at Phoenix with a serene expression. “If I say I do, would you trust me?”

Phoenix bit down hard on her lips and the troubled expression on her face grew heavier.

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