GOR – Chapter 325 Part 1

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GOR Chapter 325 Part 1 Would You Trust?

The colossal dragon and the mighty yellow-robed warrior were tangled into a ball and they rolled through the ruins of the little town.

Phoenix and the others ran toward the distant street. Roddy stood up and watched as Sawakita Mitsuo and the others approached. He subconsciously turned to look at Chen Xiaolian.

There was a complex expression on Chen Xiaolian’s face. However, he was quick to recollect himself and he whispered, “Roddy.”

Roddy understood what he meant and he quickly made his way toward Chen Xiaolian. Phoenix and the others followed behind him.

There was also a complicated expression on Phoenix’s face as she looked at Chen Xiaolian, who pretended not to notice it. Instead, he turned to face Sawakita Mitsuo. “We meet again, Mr.”

Sawakita Mitsuo smiled in a somewhat meaningful way and said, “We meet again.”

Behind Sawakita Mitsuo was Nagase Komi who was supporting the seriously injured middle-aged man. The bald girl exchanged glances with Roddy but chose to say nothing.

There was a rather odd atmosphere around them.

Phoenix and Chen Xiaolian stood close to each other. However, beside Phoenix, Monster was watching Chen Xiaolian with a pair of vigilant eyes. The seriously injured Titan brothers were both silent – their gazes were not of the friendly kind.

“Thanks for your help, if you had not…”

Chen Xiaolian finally spoke to Phoenix, a wry smile on his face.

Phoenix grunted, her face pale. “You’re pretty good at concealing. However…”

It was at that moment that a loud roar interrupted them!

Within a wrecked area not far away, the colossal dragon had successfully pressed down the mighty yellow-robed warrior beneath its claws. He viciously opened his mouth and chomped down on the mighty yellow-robed warrior’s head! With a tug, he then bit the head off!

The mighty yellow-robed warrior’s body transformed into a huge clump of flames before disappearing.

Phoenix’s body shuddered and she spat out a small mouthful of blood. “My spell cannot hold it!”

The colossal dragon raised his head and his gargantuan body flew up before falling down heavily before them all!

The vertical pupils of the colossal dragon stared at the people standing beneath him and he spoke out, “Ahahahaha! There are more people now, this is interesting!”

He suddenly sniffed with his nose and his gaze fell upon Roddy who was standing within the group of people!

“You are that metal monster? Why did you end up like this? Let me guess… did your skill duration run out? Ha ha ha! Interesting! A powerful skill, yet limited by duration! Ha ha ha ha ha!!!”

Next, his gaze swept across everyone there. “You all…”

Phoenix gritted her teeth and said, “Together! With our numbers, I don’t believe we won’t be able to finish this monster off!”

Beside Phoenix, Monster clenched his fists while Sawakita Mitsuo narrowed his eyes without saying a word.

“Ha ha ha ha ha ha!”

The colossal dragon suddenly laughed out.

Hearing the dragon laugh, Chen Xiaolian’s heart sank!

“You want to come together to siege me?”

The colossal dragon continued in a condescending and amused voice, “Let’s not even consider if you have the ability to do so… I am curious about one thing. You have so many people here, how do you plan on completing this instance dungeon’s quest?”

When the dragon said that, everyone’s faces, including Phoenix’s, sank!

The quest issued by this instance dungeon only had six winning spots!

At present, excluding Jacob the colossal dragon…

The number of people present was higher than six!

Phoenix’s guild had four people.

Sawakita Mitsuo’s guild had three people.

Roddy and Chen Xiaolian, two.

In addition, there was the unconscious Selina.

Chen Xiaolian added Qimu Xi into the mix.

A total of 11 people.

Even if everyone here were to work together to defeat the dragon…

How were the 11 of them supposed to share the six winning spots?

The atmosphere there suddenly became precarious!

The colossal dragon continued to laugh before purposely taking a step backward.

This fellow was more cunning that Chen Xiaolian had expected!

He was not like the Feral Tiger Angel, a fierce and brutal character. He was more cunning!

The colossal dragon continued to quietly retreat. Then, he narrowed his eyes and said, “How about if I give you fellows some space to solve the problem first? Ha ha ha ha…”

He was indeed very smart.

The amount of points Jacob had was already enough to place him in the top six. Thus, there was no need for him to risk his life to fight everyone here.

Back then, he was just aiming cheap kills when he targeted Chen Xiaolian and Roddy. But now that so many people had appeared, facing their combined attack brought about a completely different type of risk.

“Let me guess, looking at the way you people reacted, it would appear that you fellows are not in an alliance, right?” The triumphant voice in Jacob’s words increased.

Everyone’s face grew tense!

Monster was quick to silently take two steps to the side.

Roddy’s eyes noticed that and he swiftly moved before him. He asked in a heavy tone, “What are you planning to do?”

Monster did not choose to hide his intentions. He pointed at Selina who was lying on the ground some distance away and said, “Kill those that are unrelated first.”

Roddy’s face twisted and his hand gripped onto a military blade.

“Is she a member of your guild?” asked Monster who raised his eyebrows.

“No.” Roddy glanced at Nagase Komi and said coolly, “She is not a member of my guild.’

“There you have it. Or could it be you want the points?” Monster harrumphed.

“… at any rate, you cannot kill her.” Roddy shook his head.

Monster laughed out and said, “Are all members of Meteor Rock Guild so conceited?”

He took a step forward and continued, “Don’t you think there are too many people here?”


Chen Xiaolian who was standing beside them sighed and uttered that word.

“What did you say?” Monster raised his eyebrows.

“I said you are a fool.” Although Chen Xiaolian had no battle strength at all at the moment, he stared at Monster without a trace of fear and said coolly, “Am I wrong? This dragon simply threw a few words of provocations and yet you are so quick to take the bait? Are you so keen on starting an internal struggle so quickly?”

Monster’s eyes darted about and he turned to Phoenix and slowly said, “Guild Leader! What happened in the past is in the past! The rankings involves our life and death! This is not the time to be soft-hearted! These two have clearly lost all ability to do battle. Just now, I clearly saw that Chen Xiaolian could not even put up a fight; he can’t even walk straight! And that brat’s mech had already disappeared… do you want to let these two trash take a spot in the rankings?”

Monster said coldly, “We have four members!”

Sawakita Mitsuo who was standing beside them did not say anything. However, Nagase Komi spoke out coolly, “True, but our guild also has three members! Adding it up makes seven! That has already exceeded the number of spots available! What are you planning, Monster? Could it be you plan to have one of us seven die?”

Monster’s face turned stiff.

Phoenix exhaled and cast a stressed look at Chen Xiaolian.

Eleven people!

But there can only be six survivors!

No, perhaps they may have to allow the dragon inside one of the six spots.

At present, none of them had the confidence that they could finish off the colossal dragon.

“How about we make a deal?”

The colossal dragon laughed and turned to look at Phoenix. “This situation right here is my favourite! I’ll be honest, I cannot be certain that I can kill you all. However, even if you all did gang up on me, can you kill me? If so… how about we make a deal?”

“What kind of deal do you want to make?”

Phoenix raised her head and asked the colossal dragon in a loud voice.

“Very simple, I’ll go away.” The colossal dragon laughed again. “I can leave this place first and let you people settle your differences. I just need to get one of the six spots. This is a punishment instance dungeon. All I need to do is to leave this place alive, there is no need for me to risk my life by fighting against you all. How about it? I’ll take one of the six spots and not fight against you fellows. You fellows can avoid engaging in a battle where you might end up being seriously injured. Rather than going against someone powerful, don’t you think it’s easier to target weaklings instead?”

Those words caused Phoenix to shudder.

A faint flicker seemed to flash across Sawakita Mitsuo’s eyes.

The dragon’s words were undoubtedly tempting!

Phoenix assessed the situation. Due to the alliance between her and Sawakita Mitsuo, their members were unable to kill each other. The system rules forbade them from doing so!

If so… dealing with the three people on Chen Xiaolian’s side seemed to be the wisest move!

First, the three of them were also participants and killing them would give points! Second… it was clear that they had already lost all battle strength. The chances of succeeding were higher!

Theoretically speaking, that was how things were.

Roddy gritted his teeth. He looked at Sawakita Mitsuo before turning to Phoenix and said, “Are you all really getting tempted by his words? Don’t forget, after we are done killing each other, he could still renege on his word and attack you all!”

The colossal dragon laughed and added fuel to the fire. “Perhaps it would be risky. However, them killing you fellows right now should not use up too much in terms of strength. They would also lose nothing. In other words… even if I do renege on my words, they would still be able to get points easily by killing you off! Additionally, they don’t lose any battle strength by doing so, am I wrong?”

Roddy was unable to retort.

It had to be said, this dragon’s mind was very vicious!

Theoretically speaking, even if everyone here were to join hands to fight against the dragon…

In fact, not all eleven of them could fight!

Because those on Chen Xiaolian’s side: Chen Xiaolian himself, Roddy and Selina had no more ability to do battle!

The colossal dragon’s words were meant for Phoenix and the others!

Why would they want to fight to the death against the powerful colossal dragon?

“Have you thought it through? I am only taking one of the spots while they are taking three. Besides… they have points on them! Three people means 1,500 points while each kill gives every alliance members 100 points! Think about it, which one is more worthwhile?”

After saying that, the colossal dragon smiled and took several steps back.

Next, he laughed loudly, spread open his wings and shot up into the sky. After circling around in the air, he then flew away!  In a matter of moments, he had disappeared from their line of sight!

He left just like that?

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