GOR – Chapter 321 Part 2

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GOR Chapter 321 Part 2 Well Calculated!

“Honestly speaking, I am unable to even enter this punishment instance dungeon to make all these arrangements. Before this instance dungeon even began, I had arranged for characters like Qimu Xi and Ta Wang beforehand. Through various means, I influenced their behaviours and thoughts so that they would be able to encounter you within this instance dungeon… the routes I prepared was not limited to these two characters. Naturally, there were other routes prepared. However, you ended up taking this route, thereby meeting those two.

“Also, remember what I told you, once you entered this punishment instance dungeon, I would be unable to provide any other assistance to you.

“However, this subprogram I left with you, this doppelganger of me was able to activate because… you have accessed Player mode.

“Player mode had been separated out from this instance dungeon and connected into the main program.

“When you were in the punishment instance dungeon for Awakened ones, I was unable to contact you…”

“Let’s not talk about stuffs that are so complicated. Get to the main point now.” Chen Xiaolian sighed.

“The main point is, you have now acquired this base. However, you still need to take it out. Still, you have managed to solve the issue with the energy. This performance of yours is truly satisfactory. I had originally thought of providing even more assistance to you.”


“Correct. After the Player mode and the punishment instance dungeon had merged together, I interfered with the issuing of quest by Player mode for this instance dungeon and had this base’s coordinate become part of this instance dungeon’s quest…”

GM quickly explained the contents of the quest to Chen Xiaolian.

After hearing it, Chen Xiaolian became shocked.

After remaining stunned for a few seconds…

“You… you… you actually had this base’s coordinates set as the point validation location? This base?”

“Correct. I utilized the quest to lure those people over, then… originally, I had wanted to provide you these people as a source of items for ‘energy smelting’. They would be able to bring equipment and even their bodies… all of them can be smelted! After acquiring sufficient energy, you will be able to activate this base, miniaturize it and bring it away.”

“Holy shit…”

Chen Xiaolian was left gaping. He asked, “Are you not afraid of luring in too many people? What if I can’t handle them and end up getting killed instead?”

“No.” GM laughed. “After Player mode is merged with this instance dungeon, I can monitor the entire situation of this punishment instance dungeon. Thus, when I had this place set as the point validation location, I had done so only after considering the related conditions. The condition I used is the strength of the game participants that are located closest to this base.

“According to my calculations, those with a high probability of reaching this place first are those that you could easily deal with.

“My calculations reveal that there are only three targets in this instance dungeon with the strength to pose a threat to you.

“These three targets were quite far from the point validation location back then. They will not arrive first. Thus, you should have had sufficient time to deal with those weaklings who came first and turn them into energy.”

Chen Xiaolian felt cold sweat breaking out form his heart!

Although GM was helping him… it was also being extremely cruel!

Well, it was a program after all… thus, it will not consider human lives as lives.

In its eyes, these game participants were not living beings. They were just data to be calculated!

“The good news is, you did not require my arrangements to solve the energy problem… ahem, naturally, that is also due to a calculation error on my part. Since the Fallen Avenger was something controlled by the main program, I was unable to calculate when he would appear or how strong he would be. He became a missing value in my calculations.

“That resulted in a tough battle for you.

“However, you have very good luck. After dealing with the Fallen Avenger, you also managed to solve the energy problem.”

“It’s solved?” Chen Xiaolian was overjoyed to hear that.

“Correct, the problem had been solved. It has now reached the required energy for miniaturization.” However, what GM said next left Chen Xiaolian speechless.

“Now that I have given you the good news, let’s go to the bad news… within my calculations, there are three targets with the strength to pose a threat to you. One of them had arrived here far sooner than I had expected. Thus… there is the possibility of him severely wounding you. In fact, he may even… kill you.”

“Nani?!” Chen Xiaolian was flabbergasted. [1]

“This happened due to some deviation in the calculations,” GM said in a noncommittal tone.

“Then… what should I do now?”

“At present, this threat that has arrived earlier than expected is now outside fighting against your companion, Roddy. According to my calculations, Roddy’s strength is insufficient to finish off this threat. That remains true even though he had received some special help. However, the other threats are also moving closer to this little town as well. Thus, you now have two options before you.”

Chen Xiaolian’s face turned grim.

“First, abandon Roddy. With your present state, you cannot participate in a fight. You have already exhausted all your abilities and strength. Additionally, the cool down for Bai Qi had yet to end – according to my calculations, even if you did summon Bai Qi, you still would not have the sufficient power needed to finish off all the threats out there.

“This base is similar to Zero City. As long as you remain inside this base and not go out, the threats outside would be unable to pose any threat to you. This base possesses a defensive system. I judge that this defensive system is enough to allow you to safely stay inside. That is of course… if you do not leave this base.

“Once you leave this base, you will need to turn off the defensive system. When that happens, this base will be left in a defenceless state.

“Once those external threats discover this base and rush inside… you would not have the ability to protect yourself. You might end up dying and losing this hard-won base.

“By staying inside this base, the chances of you surviving become 100 %. However, you will have to abandon your companion, Roddy.”

“Never!” Chen Xiaolian shouted firmly. “I will never abandon my friend!”

He used the wall to prop himself up and said, “I must save him and bring him inside!”

“Then, there is the second method. By my estimate, the rate of failure is higher than 50 %. Even with the help I had arranged, there is no way to greatly increase your rate of success.”

“I will choose the second method!” Chen Xiaolian said without hesitating.

“Then… you will have to take a gamble,” GM said slowly. “Due to the Fallen Avenger’s death, you have acquired a reward from the main system. This reward will temporarily give you a huge boost in battle strength.

“You will only have this one chance.

“Now, you will need to make a decision, a decision that will depend on whether you are willing to trust me or not.”

“Mm?” Chen Xiaolian was surprised to hear that.

“Integrate me into this base’s main control centre and make me its master!”

Chen Xiaolian. “… … …”

After recovering from his state of shock, Chen Xiaolian spoke out in a rather hoarse voice, “This is your final objective, right?”

Chen Xiaolian was quick to continue, “Truth is, you were actually finding a refuge for yourself! This ‘Zero City’ is not for me! It’s for you! After entering this refuge, you will be able to survive within this refuge’s main control program… theoretically speaking, as long as this ‘Zero City’ is not found and destroyed by the system, you will be able to survive!”

“Your statement is only partially correct.” GM’s voice remained calm. “Truth is, the me conversing with you now is not the real me. The one conversing with you now is just a ‘portion’ of the me from the other world.

“Theoretically speaking, I had split myself into two. There is still a GM outside while this doppelganger, me, had followed you into this base.

“True, after I am integrated into this base’s main control centre, I will have acquired a place to help me survive.

“However, the GM outside, the other me will still exist in the outside world. It will not be able to enter this base, nor will such a possibility exist.

“Once we were split, we no longer have the ability to reintegrate.”

Chen Xiaolian laughed loudly and said, “Even if you say so… would I be that stupid? After all those hardships, after nearly dying… yet, after getting this base, I have to make you its master?”

“We share the same cause, you and I. Or rather, we share the same long-term cause. Our objective is to escape the control of the main program and acquire the power to survive. That is true for both you and me.”

“So, now that you have acquired the power to survive… do you not care about the GM in the outside world?”

“Theoretically speaking, after we have been separated, the both of us have become two independent entities. However, from the perspective of the continuation of life, we have gained the possibility of surviving. I am its continuation, its heir, its doppelganger, or backup… you can consider me to be something like that.

“For me, my ultimate objective is to ensure that my memories and self-awareness are not erased.

“From a certain perspective, by entering this new ‘Zero City’, this refuge, I have already achieved this objective.”

Chen Xiaolian was shocked!

What a well calculated plan!

“After becoming the master of this base, I will not become your enemy. We have the same cause after all. You can simply consider me as a self-aware program that controls this base. Naturally, I would have the highest clearance. Although you can use this base… if my calculations show that your behaviour and plan will bring a huge danger upon this base, thereby threatening my existence, I will refuse to allow you to use it. Other than that, I believe that we can coexist and cooperate.”

Chen Xiaolian fell into a state of deep contemplation.

“You don’t have much time.”

GM coolly reminded Chen Xiaolian. “The battle outside is still going on. According to my calculations, Roddy is presently not in trouble. However, the other threats are moving into this location soon. When that time arrives, even if you did join the battle, the chances of you surviving would be low.

“You will have to make this decision now!

“You can simply go outside and fight. However, doing so will turn off this base’s defensive system. That is because this base does not have any artificial intelligence program and requires someone to control it. And once this base’s defensive system is turned off, it becomes defenceless.

“Or, make me the master of this base. I can update the control program of this base and become the artificial intelligence program for this base. That way, I will be able to control this base’s defensive system. When you go out, I will be able to utilize this base’s defensive system to help you as you are battling.

“There is no third option!”

“What if I have a companion now? What if I let that companion stay here to control this base’s defensive system? Then, when I go out, there will be no need to rely on you, right?” Chen Xiaolian muttered in displeasure.

“Theoretically possible,” GM replied coolly. “However, your companion Roddy is engaging in a battle outside. The one closest to your location is the girl known as Qimu Xi. A pity, she is also outside this base. But even if she is inside, would you be at ease in handing over the control of this base to her? You could certainly trust Roddy. But could you trust that girl?”

Indeed, rather than trusting the girl, he may as well trust GM.

At the very least, GM got one thing correct. They shared the same cause!

As for the girl… knowing a person’s appearance is not the equivalent of knowing a person’s heart!

Chen Xiaolian dared not place both his and Roddy’s life in the hands of a girl that he was unfamiliar with.

Additionally, there were too many secrets within this base!

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1 ‘Nani’ is ‘what’ in Japanese.


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