GOR – Chapter 310

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GOR Chapter 310 Battle For Survival!

The virtual simulation created by this place was so realistic…

It was clear that although Lancelot had become a Fallen Avenger, there were still some vestiges of his former self inside him.

Those remnants were incomplete. However, they were somewhat sufficient for him to recognize this place.

This familiar place had caused a temporary chaos to erupt within his state of mind…

Chen Xiaolian shouted loudly, “You stand before the glory of the Lord! Lancelot! If there is even a trace of devotion left within you, then hurry up and kneel! Kneel and pray to the Lord so He may forgive your sins!”

The Fallen Avenger wailed. It was a wail that was overflowing with pain and grief; and an unspeakable amount of unwillingness and grievances…


His huge body actually went down, on one knee on the floor.

His head too, faced downward.

Seeing what was happening, Chen Xiaolian’s heart skipped a beat.

There was no time for him to consider too much. Chen Xiaolian was unable to tell how long will the Fallen Avenger be caught in this state of mental turmoil. If he did not make a run for it now, then when will he be able to?

Chen Xiaolian leapt forward with all his might and his body soared through the air. His figure vaulted over the Fallen Avenger’s left shoulder as he made his way through the Fallen Avenger!

The instant he landed, Chen Xiaolian vigorously rushed out and his body shot out of the chapel…

The scene before his eyes flashed and he found that he had exited the training ground. He was now in the central control room.

Due to his disappearance from the training ground behind him, the simulation suddenly disappeared. The simulated chapel disappeared with a flash of light and returned back to its original state, an empty room with metal walls.

The Fallen Avenger was still kneeling on the floor when the change occurred. The change to the room seemed to have provoked him and he jumped up furiously. Raising his head to the face the ceiling, he roared in rage!

Within this roar was a rage that could reach the Heavens!

Chen Xiaolian dared not stay here to end up entangled by the Fallen Avenger. He simply ran!

He ran to the entrance point of the Central Control room where the Fallen Avenger had broken through.

However, the moment he reached the crack left by the Fallen Avenger, his heart abruptly sank…

“Son of a bitch!”

The source of his outburst was… what lay beyond the crack. The elevator that was beyond the wall had been utterly demolished!

Its interior was filled with stones and remnants of the walls…

How was he to escape?

If he had to make a guess, this had happened when the Fallen Avenger was forcing his way inside. While doing so, the Fallen Avenger must have destroyed his surroundings, leading to the collapse of the passageway!

With the way out blocked off, Chen Xiaolian felt horrified. He could do nothing except turn around and run.

When he turned his head, he saw that the Fallen Avenger had rushed out of the training ground room.

Chen Xiaolian panicked and was unable to make any other considerations. He simply ran toward the door that was closest to him…

“Main Energy Control!”

Chen Xiaolian burst into the room and the door closed up behind him.

He quickly straightened himself.

Although he was in a dire situation, Chen Xiaolian forced himself to calm down by brutally slapping himself on the forehead a few times.

“Calm down! Chen Xiaolian! If you don’t want to die, then calm down!”

He shouted in a low tone.

His eyes were bloodshot and fierce like those of wolves. His eyes quickly swept around the room and the gears in his mind rotated quickly as he considered what he could do to survive.

A loud noise could be heard coming from the metal door behind him as the door was being twisted open!

The Fallen Avenger was about to break in!

Chen Xiaolian’s eyes suddenly lit up as he stared at the large module hatch inside the room…

Perhaps… this is my final chance!

Energy smelting furnace!

I’ll gamble on it!

Chen Xiaolian made up his mind.


The metal door was forced open as torn out fragments of metal flew forward and the Fallen Avenger’s body stepped inside!

Chen Xiaolian had already jumped on the conveyor belt that was moving toward the energy smelting furnace!

“Come one, Lancelot! We’ll see if the one to die is you or me!”

He brandished the Sword in the Stone with one hand and the conveyor belt beneath his feet began moving.

“Target object meets the requirements for smelting.”

A green coloured light flashed out from beneath Chen Xiaolian’s feet and a line of text appeared on the surface of the platform beside the metal orb not far away.

The Fallen Avenger stepped forward. With his hand holding onto his long sword, he jumped onto the conveyor belt as well and faced Chen Xiaolian!

“Target object meets the requirements for smelting.”

The same green light flashed out from beneath his feet.

Chen Xiaolian used both his hands to grip the Sword in the Stone’s hilt. At the same time, he also bit down on his tongue.

The intense pain forced him to calm down. At the same time, the Sword in the Stone’s blessing helped dispel the negative emotions that he was facing, terror, despair, fear…

After all the negative emotions had been dispelled, Chen Xiaolian immediately entered a state of tranquillity!

His eyes were focused as he stared at the powerful enemy standing before him!


Chen Xiaolian abruptly roared out as he raised the sword and charged forward!

His first sword move was a vertical hacking motion!

This move was not a Sword Skill.

It was his best skill, the Demon King of Confusion’s Three Axes!

Chen Xiaolian was not in possession of any high-grade Sword Skill. Among the skills he had for cold weapons, this Axe Skill was the one he was most proficient in.

Head Cleaver!

Ear Gouger!

Impish Teeth Displacer!

The slashes went down at an incident angle!




Each of the slashes brought a sharp cleaving power and the edge of the blade hacked down on Lancelot’s body.

The first slash hacked Lancelot’s helmet apart!

The second slash sliced open the area beneath Lancelot’s neck!

The third slash… the fourth slash…

After having taken three slashes of the Demon King of Confusion’s Three Axes moves and a fourth slash in one go, the Fallen Avenger seemed to have had his upper body hacked apart.

To Chen Xiaolian’s frustration, the Fallen Avenger’s spirit body quickly healed up the hacked areas…

At the same time, the black coloured long sword in the Fallen Avenger’s hand was raised up high and sent slashing downward…

A piercing sound was heard and black coloured flames flew forward. Chen Xiaolian bellowed loudly…

At present, Chen Xiaolian was in melee range with the Fallen Avenger. He was standing to the right of the Fallen Avenger.

He was only barely able to block off the incoming black coloured flames as it slammed onto him!

He screamed out in misery. Even so, he forced his body to move forward and he jumped into a roll…

The black coloured flames spread to his body…

Chen Xiaolian was wearing an [A] class protective suit as a first layer of protection.

It was the one that he had picked up earlier. Although it was damaged by 60 %, it was still an [A] class item. When the black coloured flames made contact with his body, the protective suit instantly created what appeared to be an air barrier.

Thus, the black coloured flames were held back slightly.

Unfortunately, the [A] class protective suit was a damaged equipment. It was not long before the black coloured flames broke through the protective suit’s defenses…

Under the assault of the black coloured flames, the protective suit then shrivelled up at a noticeable rate before breaking down…

Next was the other protective suit Chen Xiaolian wore inside – Meteor Rock Guild’s exclusive protective suit.

It was a [B] class equipment. However, it was incapable of holding up to more than two seconds under the powerful assault of the black coloured flames. It utterly broke apart, transforming into fragments, which were then burned by the black coloured flames…

Chen Xiaolian screamed out in agony!

The black coloured flames did not penetrate his body. However, the clothes on his body were turned to ashes while his skin was blackened as a result!

It was not merely a physical pain. The black coloured flames seemed to possess a power that could invade the soul itself. Chen Xiaolian felt a pain originating from his own soul, as though some power was savagely attempting to rend his mind apart…

Thankfully, the Sword in the Stone activated its skill once more.

The skill that dispels all negative spiritual effects was activated and Chen Xiaolian felt a warm power flow through his body from the hilt of the sword…

Hovering on the brink of death, he rolled out of the way.

Then, he activated the other skill of the Sword in the Stone!

Instant restoration of all stats! His body was healed!

Chen Xiaolian howled and got to his feet!

The black coloured flames were still assailing his body. However, the restoration of health gave him one final opportunity!

Due to his actions of rolling away after the strike, both Chen Xiaolian and the Fallen Avenger’s position had been greatly changed!

He was now behind while the Fallen Avenger was… closer to the smelting furnace!

Chen Xiaolian endured the pain he felt from the black coloured flames. He could sense that his fully restored body was quickly weakening as a result…

He summoned out every last energy he could muster and raised the Sword in the Stone toward the Fallen Avenger…

“Goddesss of Dawn! Overwhelming Sunlight Purification!”

Combust every attributes!

The silhouette of a Martial Goddess seemingly emerged into existence in the middle of the air behind Chen Xiaolian…

The female Martial Goddess raised the long sword in her hand and swung down…

A ray of light that was the equivalent of the sun itself shone out…


A beam of light blasted outward, striking the Fallen Avenger’s body!

With a roar, the Fallen Avenger’s helmet and upper body armour were decimated!

His body became exposed. Shockingly, his body was the black coloured flames itself!

Those black coloured flames melted under the power of the beam of light…

The Fallen Avenger took the light attack head on and staggered backward step by step… in the same direction that the conveyor belt was moving toward…

“Come on! More! Just a little bit more… a little more…”

Chen Xiaolian could feel his body weakening at a rapid rate. All his physical attributes were being combusted, sending his body into a weakened state.

The beam of light pouring out toward the Fallen Avenger was sapping away all of his strength!

Chen Xiaolian watched as the Fallen Avenger grew closer to the energy smelting furnace… however, there was still just a little bit more, just a bit more needed…

However, Chen Xiaolian could feel it. The power of the beam of light had been exhausted!

The momentum behind the attack grew weaker!

Finally, the beam of light disappeared!

More than 80 % of the Fallen Avenger’s armour had disappeared! His upper body was nothing more than a clump of black coloured flames with a humanoid shape. The only part that still had armour was his legs.

Additionally, the black coloured long sword in his hand had also suffered considerably under the power of the beam of light earlier. Only one third of it was left intact.

However… it was still not enough! Just one more step and he would have been forced back into the energy smelting furnace…

Just one step!

The Fallen Avenger’s black coloured flames were clearly dimmer and seemingly on the verge of getting snuffed out.

But not yet!

Chen Xiaolian plopped down as his legs gave way and he knelt on the conveyor belt. He had completely exhausted every last bit of his strength…

Although the Fallen Avenger had only less than one third of his armour left… he continued staring at Chen Xiaolian. He roared out and took a step forward!

“… I lost…” Chen Xiaolian finally lost all hope.

A little bit!

Just a little bit!

If he could unleash another Overwhelming Sunlight Purification…

Unfortunately, the King’s Courage skill that restored his stats to full had already been used. A short period of time will be required before he could use it again…

Seeing the Fallen Avenger take one step forward, Chen Xiaolian knew that since the Fallen Avenger did not die, it meant that he was the one who will die.

However, he was unwilling!

In the face of death, humans would end up thinking about various matters.

Who knows where this thought had come from? At any rate, Chen Xiaolian abruptly tossed away the Sword in the Stone to free up his hands. Then, he retrieved a rifle from his Storage Watch and aimed it at the Fallen Avenger. He pulled the trigger.

Despite knowing that it was of no use, Chen Xiaolian who was facing death was filled with rage and unwillingness. He had to do something to vent those feelings.


The sound of a gunshot rang out and the bullet pierced through the Fallen Avenger’s body, the black coloured flames, without facing any resistance at all. It also did not harm him in the slightest.

“Spirit body… useless…” Chen Xiaolian muttered angrily to himself.

Chen Xiaolian did not have any skill that could be used against such an enemy!

Perhaps… only a magician like Phoenix…

Mm? Wait!


A thought suddenly struck the despairing Chen Xiaolian!

This thought was his lifesaver!


A glint of joy appeared in Chen Xiaolian’s eyes!

He howled and pulled out another gun from his Storage Watch!

This was not an ordinary gun. It was…

Back in the London instance dungeon, he had fought alongside Phoenix. When they had to fight against Jack the Ripper, Phoenix had given him this gun… one made specifically to deal damage to enemies with spirit bodies!

Chen Xiaolian faced the Fallen Avenger and the corners of his lips curled into a sneer.



Bang! Bang! Bang!

Chen Xiaolian pulled the trigger rapidly and unloaded all the bullets in one breath!

Finally, the gun was left without any bullets and the gun hammer released “ka ka” sounds…

The spirit power bullets struck the Fallen Avenger’s body and burst out with a silvery radiance. As expected, it was capable of dealing damage to the black coloured flames that were the Fallen Avenger’s body!

The Fallen Avenger’s body received the incoming spirit power bullets. The power of the spirit powered silvery explosion caused the black coloured flames to become shaken…

He growled in pain!

Although this type of spirit power firearms could damage the Fallen Avenger… the difference in level was too big.

Normally, this little amount could not have caused the Fallen Avenger to take too much damage.

Presently however, things were different!

The Fallen Avenger had just taken on the brunt of the Goddess of Dawn’s attack; he was already badly wounded from that!

His body was also in a weakened state!

At such a moment, the power of the spirit power bullets became the final chip, a small and minor item to be placed on the scales.

Yet, it was enough to tip the scales!

The Fallen Avenger staggered backward and his body took half a step back… then another half step…

Finally, his body tilted and his head turned to face the ceiling…

The hatch of the energy smelting furnace opened and the Fallen Avenger fell into it… the hatch closed up…

Chen Xiaolian used what final strength he had to push himself off the conveyor belt and he crawled on the floor…


A series of thunderous noise came from the furnace…

Roars were issued out non-stop…

Finally, the sounds slowly faded… and disappeared!

Chen Xiaolian was finally able to feel at ease. He fell to the floor with his face facing the ceiling. The gun in his hand fell to the floor as well.

With his final bit of strength, he then retrieved a spicy bar ([Beginner] class Healing Substance) and shoved it into his mouth. He was only able to chew it twice before swallowing it whole…

Then, having spent every last ounce of strength within him, darkness clouded his vision and he lost consciousness…

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