GOR – Chapter 296

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GOR Chapter 296 The Hunt Begins

Qimu Xi felt as though this was the first time that time had flowed so slowly.

She lay on the floor, hiding behind the railing. Both her hands were gripping the binoculars tightly to the point where she could nearly press the lens into her eyes. She dared not doze off as she watched the distant streets and intersections, fearful that she might miss some minor movements.

The silence of her surroundings gave her goose bumps. Far away, there would be the whistling sound of the winds and the crackling sound emitted by the house that was detonated apart earlier. Flames continued to lick what remained of the wooden house.

Qimu Xi could almost hear her heartbeat. She forcefully bit down on her lips, unaware that her lips were nearly bleeding from her efforts.

Occasionally, she would turn around to look at Chen Xiaolian… she saw that he was leaning to the side with his eyes closed as he rested – who knows if he was really sleeping. At any rate, she was able to hear him breathe in an even manner.

He could actually fall asleep at a time like this?

Qimu Xi was unable to help herself and she pulled her face in response to the thought.

Thus, she laid there for nearly one hour. By the end of the hour, she felt as though her entire body had gone stiff. The cold wind had been constantly blowing her in the face, leaving her face as stiff as wood.

Suddenly, she was unable to restrain her body from jerking a bit.

That movement from her caused Chen Xiaolian who was beside her to open both his eyes, revealing a sharp sword like gaze. His gaze then swept across Qimu Xi, causing her to tremble.

“What happened?” Chen Xiaolian asked with a slightly hoarse voice.

“No, nothing…” Qimu Xi whispered in a rather timid tone. However, she could not help but twist her body next.

“Just what is going on?” Chen Xiaolian creased his brows and looked at the young girl in an unhappy manner.

Qimu Xi nearly cried. Her face blushed as she hesitated over and over again before speaking out in a very faint whisper, “I, I want… want…”

“Want what?”

“Want to go to the toilet…” Tears nearly rolled down the girl’s eyes. To have to say something so humiliating, she felt as though her heart would fall off from her body.

“… … …” Chen Xiaolian was momentarily startled. He glanced at her and took a deep breath before extending his hand out. “Give it to me.”


“The binoculars!” Chen Xiaolian said frostily. “I’ll keep watch, you can go… the second floor is empty. Since there is no toilet here, you can go there to do your business.”

“… oh.”

Qimu Xi slowly crawled up and returned the binoculars to Chen Xiaolian. Then, she continued crawling down the stairs using both her hands and legs.

Chen Xiaolian watched the trembling girl’s back and was unable to help himself but let out a smile – it would appear that this little girl was very fearful of him.

He then turned over and used the binoculars to observe the streets. Then, he looked at the distant areas of the little town.

The Fallen Avenger… should still be wandering around inside this town.

Using this real-life situation, Chen Xiaolian had already deduced that the Fallen Avenger did not have any special methods to locate him. Perhaps… as long as he did not enter a state of combat, the Fallen Avenger will not be able to detect him.

Then… what about the one who looked like Qiu Yun?

Where could he be hiding right now?

Chen Xiaolian frowned inwardly and looked at the time… less than one hour had passed.

The time left before he could summon Bai Qi again… 16 hours.

Culkin was presently hiding at someplace dark.

The name of this place was… the sewers.

It had to be said; this fellow had a very outstanding mind. He had made a very keen and resourceful move.

After escaping from the place where his armoured vehicle was blown apart, Culkin did not rush to find Chen Xiaolian – although he still did not know that it was Chen Xiaolian, the fact that Chen Xiaolian had led the monster to them and further caused the death of Lei Hu was enough to make Culkin hold a grudge against him.

However, Culkin was not that anxious to go avenge Lei Hu. After having seen first-hand the might of the Fallen Avenger, Culkin decided that it was more imperative to secure his safety!

Undoubtedly, he was a very smart fellow.

He did not run into the many houses in the little town – the dense number of houses in the little town appeared aplenty and safe. It would appear as though all he needed to do was hide inside one of them and the enemy would have a tough time finding him. However, that was but an illusion.

Culkin came up with a more ingenious thought.

He abandoned the top and chose to descend below the ground!

Any town would have a system of sewers.

This was a small town. However, even if it did not have the huge sewers standard to large cities, which would allow him to drive underground, some of the pipes were still big enough for him to move about.

Thus, Culkin was presently hiding inside a sewer pipe.

Since the little town had been abandoned for who knows how long, the sewer pipe was very dry. The pipes of the sewer system seemed almost devoid of water. All that was down there were dry up filth and sludge. The scent was suffocating, but for someone with a firm willpower like Culkin, that was not something impossible to withstand.

He was curled up amid the filth and dirt and he breathed quietly. Every minute, he would check the radar.

He had chosen this sewer pipe due to its layout. There were two pipes before and after his current position.

Should any monster attacked him here, he would be able to escape using the other paths.

He had also made one correct assumption… the monster he met aboveground was able to move quite quickly. However, with the monster’s huge constitution, entering the sewer would certainly limit its mobility!

When the time came, Culkin should have no issue running away.

Besides, optimistically speaking… he may not even need to run away!

As for the two fellows who had brought the monster down upon him, Culkin was not too anxious about seeking revenge on them.

For a gentlemen, ten years is not too late to take revenge.

Culkin was very experienced regarding this matter!

“Humph, are you also hiding?” Culkin coldly checked the radar. Seeing nothing, the corners of his lips curled into a cold grin and he said, “Then, we’ll see who has the most patience… and, who has the better luck!”

Indeed, the present situation had become a contest of patience and luck.

The one found by the Fallen Avenger will be at a disadvantage!

Two hours later, Culkin suddenly heard something shaking. He concentrated his ears to listen.

A faint explosive sound came from up above.

“Mm?” Culkin’s eyes lit up!

Chen Xiaolian had detonated another bomb.

The sound and flames of the explosion disrupted the silence of the little town once more.

On a distant street, the Fallen Avenger’s figure charged out from the darkness. He rushed madly toward the detonated house – the flames from the explosion had attracted him over.

Chen Xiaolian was crouched behind the railing and he quietly observed what was happening far away. He was able to see the blown up house and the silhouette of the Fallen Avenger clearly.

Chen Xiaolian’s mouth suddenly revealed an odd smile.

Well… since I can’t take you on using brawn, then… I’ll use my brain.

I don’t believe that a highly knowledgeable being like me would be inferior to an undead monster!

Chen Xiaolian grinned.

Mm, naturally, there is also a complementary fellow in my prey list.


Another loud explosion could be heard!

The flames rising to the sky seemed to have provoked the Fallen Avenger. He charged into the house and his enlarged black coloured long sword hacked away at the house. The entire house was cut into pieces by him!

“What an energetic fellow.” Chen Xiaolian who was over 100 meters away chuckled. “Come on, bite my bait.”

Culkin remained immobile. He carefully strained his ears to hear the sound of the explosion.

After the third explosion, Culkin frowned.

Judging by the direction of the sound, the three explosions had erupted at the east side of the town. The only difference was that there was a slight distance between the three explosions.

Clearly, the other party was the one who had set off the explosions. But… why do so?

Could the monster have found them? Did they use the explosives while confronting the monster?

However, when he considered the location of the explosions, that possibility seemed very unlikely.

Culkin carefully mulled the matter over and he suddenly thought of a possibility.

“Could it be… the monster do not have the ability to detect us? It could be attracted by the sound of explosions?” The more he considered the possibility, the more likely it seemed. “Perhaps… the other party had set up the explosives beforehand. Then, they used those explosives to lure the monster there. Mm, they can hide somewhere and detonate the explosives to lure the monster away. That way, they will be able to ensure their safety!”

Culkin was a smart person after all. He had swiftly deduced the rough situation that Chen Xiaolian was in!

“If so… there might be a chance.”

A glint flashed within Culkin’s eyes.

“The location of the explosions must certainly be far away from their hiding spot! After all, they are planning to use the explosions to lure the monster far away… if so, by utilizing the location of the explosions and assess their opposing directions, it may be possible to find these fellows!

“Then, while the monster is still far away, finish them off!”

Culkin quickly reviewed his plan.

“Mm, I cannot kill that fellow right away. There are a few things that I need to ask of him! How did his team know of this secret regarding Player mode and… if he knows of a more valuable information.”

Culkin inhaled deeply.

This was a little risky.

However, it will be worth it!

First, he would be able to avenge Lei Hu.

Second, he could get information.

Third… and also the most important factor was that this approach was safe! The other team was using explosives to lure the monster far away. Thus, taking advantage of this period to ambush them would be a safe thing to do.

As a decisive person, Culkin was quick to make up his mind!

He slowly crawled out of the pile of filth and sludge before climbing his way up using the sewer’s handrails. Then, he opened up the manhole and crawled up to the ground.


Another explosion rocked the little town.

Now that Culkin was crawling on the ground, he could sense it more vividly.

The ground itself seemed to be faintly quaking due to the explosion.

Culkin got up and leaned forward as he moved. He quickly moved into a house beside his position. There, he identified the direction of the explosion.

A savage grin appeared on his face and he turned around and began sprinting in the opposite direction.

His movements were neither too fast nor too slow and were precisely at the limit of what an ordinary person could achieve when running. He also did not execute any skills or abilities, ensuring that his body was below the threshold of a combat state.

This degree of proficiency in controlling his body was something that Culkin could do even with his eyes closed.

“That’s the fourth explosion,” said Chen Xiaolian with a frown on his face. He carefully observed the distant flames that were the result of the explosion.

The prey… should be biting the bait soon, right?

He then turned around and glanced at Qimu Xi.

Qimu Xi who was lying there was at a loss at what she should do. She looked at Chen Xiaolian.

“Now then, I have something I want you to do. The only thing is, I do not know if you have the courage to do it.”

Chen Xiaolian curled the corners of his lips and a demon like smile appeared before the girl’s eyes. “Although it could be slightly dangerous, I assure you, as long as you follow my orders to a T, you will be fine.”

“Er… me? What can I do for you?” Qimu Xi asked in a trembling voice.

“Don’t worry, I won’t send you to your death,” Chen Xiaolian said in a hushed tone. “If you obediently follow my orders, not only can I assure you of your survival… I will also give you 100 points.”

“Can I refuse?” There was a miserable expression on Qimu Xi’s face as she said, “I don’t dare…”

“No,” Chen Xiaolian replied coldly. “If you refuse, then from this moment on, I will stop protecting you. You can just go wherever you want to go.”

“… … …” Qimu Xi cast an indignant and mournful gaze at Chen Xiaolian before finally nodding her head. She asked, “What do you want me to do?”

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