GOR – Chapter 265

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GOR Chapter 265: Rules Might Not Apply

“Count me in as well!” Roddy was quick to say out loud.

“Me too!” Xia Xiaolei shouted as well.

Chen Xiaolian frowned and said, “No, you fellows did not participate in the London instance dungeon. So…”

“We are still members of this guild. Is Bei Tai just your guild member and not ours?” said Roddy with a smile.

“… very well! ‘ Chen Xiaolian nodded his head and smiled. He said, “In that case, we’ll pool our resources together for it!”

This matter of purchasing a new arm for Bei Tai from the system naturally required the help of the humanoid discount card, Xia Xiaolei. This was his time to shine.

However, after they sat down to carefully inspect the available options from the Exchange System…

They ran across a problem.

In the Exchange System, there were indeed items that could make up for the loss of a limb.

However, those exchange options mostly share one thing in common. They were mostly of the technological type.

As for the magical type that could restore the body, those options were limited. Furthermore, those options were extremely expensive!

The items of the technological type were generally metals or special materials. Those also come with certain complementary special effects.

For example, one of the items Chen Xiaolian and the others were considering was: [B] class Mechanical Arm. Exchange price: 750 points.

This [B] class Mechanical Arm was made utilizing some form of alloy. It had ports that allowed it to connect to the body’s control points and connect with the human central nervous system. Thus, the user can control the Mechanical Arm to perform various movements.

At the same time, due to it being made of alloy, the strength behind its grip can exceed the limits of the normal human body by three times.

It could be said to be a monstrously strong arm.

However, it had its own shortcomings. As a technological product that depends on ports to connect to the human central nervous system to perform various movements, it was by no means part of the body. Thus, it would not feel as natural as using one’s own arm.

This issue would appear when engaging in some delicate movements.

Take for example a sniper who had lost an arm and had chosen to use this item. Although his arm strength would increase, the sense involved during sniping would be completely lost.

Additionally, this Mechanical Arm would also find it difficult to perform fine tasks.

Naturally, there were also more expensive items available.

There was one that Chen Xiaolian found very tempting.

Artificial Liquid Metal Module.

Price in the Exchange System: 8,000 points!

Simply put, this Liquid Metal Module can be equipped to any part of the human body. It utilized super nano-technology to connect to the central nervous system, allowing the user to control it without suffering from any loss of sense!

This module was not limited to transforming into limbs. Truth be told, it could be used as any part of the human body – the only exception being the brain.

The heart, internal organs, eyes and even the genitals… all of those could be replaced with this module.

Quite simply, as long as you do not die, you can use this item to make up for any missing part of the body.

Additionally, its advantage lied in the fact that it was liquid metal!

It could transform into any form!

This could nearly be considered to be a smaller version of ‘Tian Lie’!

Naturally, it was incapable to transforming into a data stream.

It also held another advantage. It was hard to damage.

Even if it did suffer from some damage, it could reassemble itself in liquid form and restore itself.

Let’s put it this way, it was pretty much made using the liquid metal Terminator as its template.

At the same time, it can achieve a maximum power comparable to 30 times the limit of an ordinary human body!

An indestructible item with self-restoring ability and a maximum strength 30 times that of an ordinary human was naturally very tempting.

However, its high price made it hard to even look at it!

8,000 points.

“With Xia Xiaolei and his discounting ability, our total points is enough,” said Chen Xiaolian.

“I think it’s unnecessary.”

The one to oppose the decision was Bei Tai himself.

He smiled bitterly and said, “This is indeed a very good item. However, it would be a waste for me.”

Chen Xiaolian looked at Bei Tai and slowly said, “Don’t worry about the price. We are in the same guild. You lost your arm while fighting for the guild. We have also agreed that we will be paying for it together.”

“No, the price is only one factor,” said Bei Tai as he shook his head. He continued in a firm voice, “I just feel that this item would be too much of a waste for me. Given my strength, I am unsuited for such a powerful equipment. This item… is indeed very good. However, to place it in my hands… I would be unable to unleash its true potential.

“Truth be told, even though it frustrates me to say this… Guild Leader Xiaolian, I am not our guild’s core powerhouse.”

This topic was somewhat sensitive.

Everyone fell silent.

Although Bei Tai was a reckless person, at that moment, he appeared very calm as he sighed. “Although my brother and I are veterans, the strength of every member of this guild is rapidly improving.

“As for me, my abilities do not make me outstanding.

“Truth is, the amount of contribution I can give in battles is also limited. Additionally, I fear that it would be much less in the future.

“I am simply stating the truth. Perhaps, this is the limit of my talents.

“When it comes to battle strength, Roddy’s Mechanical Heart and his ability to control the Mech gives him a battle strength that far surpasses mine.

“There is no need to say much about my big bro. He is the core battle strength that can charge up front. With his Muscle Fruit skill, he could become a main tanker in melee engagements.

“And then there is you, Guild Leader. You have a pet that can split into doppelgangers. You can also summon that terrifying white man. You also have the Goddesss of Dawn as your trump card. Additionally, you now have a super weapon, the Sword in the Stone.

“When compared to you all, my battle strength is insufficient to contribute much to the guild.

“For the sake of the guild’s development, I think that using up all of our present reserve of points on an expensive liquid metal arm for me that I would not be able to fully utilize would not be beneficial to the guild. This would not help improve the battle strength of our guild.”

Although Chen Xiaolian, Roddy and Xia Xiaolei kept insisting that they were willing to use their points to help out…

Bei Tai was adamant in his decision.

Lun Tai on the other hand, remained silent.

It was clear that he was feeling conflicted.

On one hand, as Bei Tai’s big brother, it was only natural for him to want Bei Tai to have an even better equipment.

On the other hand, Lun Tai was someone who placed high importance in team spirit. He had also thought about what Bei Tai had said about using up all of the guild’s present reserve of points. To use it all up on an expensive arm that cannot contribute much to improve the guild’s battle strength would truly be wasteful.

“Just listen to me on this.”

Bei Tai stood up and said, “The [B] class alloy Mechanical Arm is good enough in my opinion. If we could strike gold in the future and we become rich with points, we can consider buying this item. Additionally… who knows? Maybe in the next instance dungeon, we will come across other options.”

After saying that, he deliberately put on a relaxed smile.

After their discussion came to an end, Chen Xiaolian quickly left the room. He excused himself saying that he needed a walk. He then left alone and reached a road.

In his heart, Chen Xiaolian felt that he was trying to run away.

In the end, Bei Tai had Xia Xiaolei help him purchase the [B] class Mechanical Arm. After the discount, the price came down to 600 points.

Under Chen Xiaolian’s insistence, he had paid for the 600 points himself.

Even so, Chen Xiaolian felt a sense of guilt inside him.

Truth was… the reason he felt guilty was because he found himself moved by the words said by Bei Tai.

Indeed, his resolution wavered.

When faced with choosing between his companion and the needs of reality, he found himself wavering.

He walked alone up the road and slowly arrived at a seemingly abandoned public square.

The place was a flower garden. However, due to lack of care, it was overgrown with weeds – this place was not the city centre after all.

Chen Xiaolian sat on a worn out bench and observed the pedestrians who were occasionally walking by.

He suddenly took a deep breath and shouted loudly, “Come out!”

No one answered.

Chen Xiaolian sneered coldly before shouting again, “Come out! I have something to talk to you about! GM! I know you can hear me! Hurry up and come out!”

He bellowed out in the direction of a crowd of people.

All who heard him all gave him a peculiar look.

Chen Xiaolian ignored them.

Finally, an old man wearing a cap who carried a plastic bag came over. It appeared as though he had just bought those things from a supermarket.

Without saying anything, the old man then sat down beside Chen Xiaolian.

“This image doesn’t quite suit you,” said Chen Xiaolian as he rolled his eyes.

GM smiled softly and lowered his head to look at the plastic bag in his hand. He then pulled out two cans of beer. Then, he handed one of them to Chen Xiaolian.

Chen Xiaolian accepted it. After opening it, he drank a mouthful of it.

“Is there something you need me for?”

“Yes!” Chen Xiaolian said in a heavy tone. “There is something I need to ask you.”

GM gulped down a mouthful of beer himself and said, “Say on.”

“I want to ask you, how much monitoring power do you have over Irregularities?” Chen Xiaolian gave a faint smile and continued, “You said it before. Irregularities are existences outside the surveillance of the system. And you… you are part of the system. How do you monitor us? I recall you saying that as GM, all the NPCs in this world, as long as they are people of this world, you can monitor them. What they want to say, what they want to do, even what they want to think, these are all things that you can know about. If so… what about me?”

Chen Xiaolian looked at GM and asked, “Do you know what I am thinking right now?”

GM looked at Chen Xiaolian and slowly shook its head. It said, “I… I cannot.”

Chen Xiaolian nodded his head and said, “This is it.”

Just now, he had thought: I am not the first generation of Irregularities!

“Simply put…” GM slowly said, “You are a loophole in the system. Since I am part of the system, whose normal directives are incapable of examining you, then I too am incapable of doing it.

“Thus, from a theoretical viewpoint, you are an existence outside my scope of surveillance.

“However, reality wise, you live in this world.

“I can sense what you say and what you do.

“For example, if you were to talk to yourself… I won’t be able to hear what you said.

“However, if an ordinary person were standing beside you and that person heard what you said – that is the equivalent of me hearing what you said.

“For example, if you were to talk with your guild member Lun Tai and Bei Tai, I may be incapable of directly hearing what you said.

“However, since Lun Tai and Bei Tai heard what you said, that is the equivalent of me hearing it as well.

“Do you understand?

“Naturally, I would be unable to know what is it that you are thinking in your mind.”

Chen Xiaolian nodded his head.

He thought to himself: As expected.

Truth be told, Chen Xiaolian had made up his mind back in the London instance dungeon. He had considered telling his secret of being an Irregularity to Lun Tai and Bei Tai.

Especially after Bei Tai lost his arm for the sake of the guild!

Especially after the fight in the private museum. Although Bei Tai was already injured, he ignored the danger and rushed out of hiding to help him when he was fighting against the fellow who looked the same as Qiu Yun even though he knew all too well that he was way outmatched!

Chen Xiaolian made up his mind. There was no need to hide anything from these brothers whom he could entrust his life with.


After his second meeting with Mr San…

Chen Xiaolian decided not to go through with the idea.

The secret regarding Irregularities was also connected to Mr San.

The secret included the fact that this GM was not the first generation GM. It had been reset before.

Also… Mr San had said it before… the words he exchanged with Chen Xiaolian would not be known to GM.

What he meant was; these matters should not be revealed to GM.

This caused Chen Xiaolian to hesitate.

Informing Lun Tai and Bei Tai meant informing GM!

Because Lun Tai and Bei Tai were not Irregularities. They were normal Awakened ones.

Awakened ones were still part of the system.

“Since you are an omniscient existence for the everyday people, then I would like you to help me out with one matter… tell me something.”

Chen Xiaolian looked at GM and said, “In the London instance dungeon, the fellow who ambushed us and looks like a dead ringer for Qiu Yun, who is he?”

“… the directives of the system states that I cannot disclose information on Awakened ones to other Awakened ones.” GM shook its head and continued, “There are directives put in place to protect the information of participants.”

Chen Xiaolian’s face darkened.

“However… as you are not an ordinary Awakened, I think… maybe this protective set of directives might not apply to you.”

GM’s next words caused Chen Xiaolian’s face to change.

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