GOR – Chapter 260

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GOR Chapter 260: Do You Want To Know?

“I would like to remind you that things like Skill Books are rare within the system. So, you had better seal your mouth tightly about it and not blab. Besides, the benefits contained within this Skill Book that I have given to you are not limited to only that of a sword skill. There are other benefits included there as well… when you have completed our agreed upon exchange, you will find out about it.”

Chen Xiaolian: “… … …”

“Until we meet again, Mr Chen Xiaolian from the new generation of Irregularities. As your predecessor, I can only say this to you: I wish you good luck.”

Mr San then pulled open the door of the room.

The wind and rain from the outside abruptly flowed into the room. Mr San stood at the door way and turned back to face Chen Xiaolian. He blinked and said, “Don’t come out first. Wait until I am far away before you walk out of this door. That way, I can guarantee that you will be all right. Otherwise…”

After saying that, he smiled and walked out of the room before closing the door.

Don’t come out first? Guarantee that you will be all right?

What does that mean?

Chen Xiaolian’s face turned serious. He grabbed the Sword in the Stone that was on the table and kept it back into his system. He moved to the windows and gazed outside through them. What he saw shocked him!

Outside, Mr San casually closed the door, straightened the lapels on his trench coat before opening up his black coloured umbrella. Then, he leisurely walked down the stairs and stood in the middle of the wind and rain.

The private museum behind him was enveloped in a haze of wind and rain.

Before him, the gates to the private museum was automatically opening up.

Then, cracks suddenly appeared in the middle of the air!

A metallic glow flashed out and a faint silvery figure appeared.

The figure had a seemingly humanoid figure whose body gave off the impression of flowing liquid metal. Additionally, it also emanated the feeling that it was composed of flowing light.

The flowing light became several virtual figures, which stood before the gates of the private museum.

“Just in time. This time, you fellows came earlier than last time. It seems there has been an improvement.”

Mr San kept holding on to the umbrella as he walked toward the gates.

One of the virtual lights suddenly extended out an arm that was like the tentacles of an octopus. It extended and became like a whip, which viciously struck down at Mr San.

The other figures of light around it followed suit, lashing out!

The many figures of light formed out whips that blotted out the sun as they descended!

At the same time, a web made of dense number of electrical currents appeared within the air around them, imprisoning Mr San within!

“You Electronic Guardians, always sticking to the same old trick,” said Mr San as he continued holding onto his umbrella. He smiled and walked forward, meeting the countless number of whips and electrical web head on.

The whips descended upon the black coloured umbrella only to suddenly burst into flames! The flames ended as soon as it ignited as the whips suddenly combusted to become ashes.

The figures of light that were the Electronic Guardians howled out madly! Their howls carried with them the emotions of pain and fury.

Their bodies spread open and they rapidly pounced forward like a burst of light.

Mr San continued walking forward.

One of the Electronic Guardians arrived before Mr San. Its figure spread open to form something resembling a barrier of light.

Even so, Mr San continued walking forward and his body walked into the barrier of light.

The barrier seemingly attempted to block him off and was furiously attempting to squeeze Mr San’s body…

Mr San gently rotated the handle of his umbrella.


With a burst of flames, the barrier of light combusted into ashes!

Even more Electronic Guardians transformed into barriers of light after rushing forward and they charged forward…

The resulting flames grew more intense and Mr San’s figure grew blurry amid the many barriers of light… then, after the barriers of light were all incinerated, his figure reappeared.

He continued walking forward in a leisurely manner.

He walked into the countless electrical currents criss-crossing before him and kept moving through them.

Intense electrical currents struck his body but the black umbrella seemingly became an insulator as all the electrical currents were easily deflected off it!

Numerous electrical bolts bombarded the area and the surrounding walls, ground and the fountain in the central courtyard were reduced to a scene filled with smoking craters. Yet, amid the scattered stones, Mr San walked forward with a relaxed pace. He held onto his umbrella and walked outside.

When he reached the gates, the grid of electrical currents dissipated while the courtyard behind him were littered with craters and cracks!

Watching what had just transpired; Chen Xiaolian who was standing behind the windows was stunned.

Perhaps it was by accident, or perhaps it was on purpose… but he noticed that not a single electrical bolt fell upon the room he was in!

All of the lightning that came toward the door was seemingly forced to bend away by some power.

Don’t come out. I can guarantee that you will be all right.

As it turns out… this is what he meant.

Mr San stood there at the gateway. However, it appeared he had no intention of leaving. He gazed up the sky and smiled. “Mm, you’re here?”

A huge figure appeared from the other end of the street!

A towering body trudged through the heavy rain. The figure’s head was lowered in indifference as he moved forward, his feet plopping through the muddied waters and the rainwater showered down upon his body.

The figure then raised his head to reveal empty looking eyes. Those eyes looked at the gates of the private museum… yet, there was only blankness within those eyes.

“You are finally here?”

Mr San revealed what appears to be a smile and said, “I was waiting for you.”

The giant man slowly walked over. Then, as he was standing across the street from Mr San, he stared while panting.

Chen Xiaolian who was standing before the windows was stunned. He looked at the figure standing across the road from Mr San.

He recognized the figure!

“There is nothing special about a London instance dungeon. The Development Team must be suffering from head damage if they send an inspector here,” said Mr San as he regarded the figure standing across the street. “Thus, I believe that you are not here for the sake of this instance dungeon… you are here for me, right?”

The giant man did not say anything. Both his hands were hanging limply and his head was lowered. The rainwater flowed down his face.

“It’s clear that the distance between us is getting smaller,” Mr San said softly. “That doesn’t surprise me… after all; this world was created by you fellows. Me and Zero City, the both of us are only making use of some loopholes that you left behind.”

A laborious sound spoke out from across the street, “There is something similar to Zero City on your person. Capturing you is the equivalent of capturing the key to Zero City.”

Mr San was silent for a moment before nodding his head. “That way of thinking is correct. Zero City is the main body of the virus while I have a small portion of it. It seems you fellows still could not find a method to counter the main virus. Thus… you fellows need a sample, am I right? Capture me first and conduct research on the sample. That way, you will be able to find a way to break through Zero City’s defences, is that it?”

The toilsome voice sneered and said, “In the end, you are simply an artificial existence.”

“We all have our own aspirations,” Mr San murmured. “Even if you fellows are truly the Creators, and we are artificial existences… since we exist, we have our own lives, our own reasons for existing and… our aspirations.”

“Oh? In this period, don’t you fellows usually claim to be NPCs?” The toilsome voice laughed and continued, “According to the rationale of this world, why would NPCs have any meaning for existing.”

“We do.”

Mr San’s tone was neither loud nor strong. However, there was a sense of stability and assurance in his voice.

It seemed as though he was merely using a calm and reserved tone of voice to state a fact.

An iron-clad fact!

We do!

Chen Xiaolian was staring with wide-open eyes. His mouth gaped as he observed the figure standing across the street.

Surprisingly, the figure was…

A guild member of the Coffeehouse Guild, one of Phoenix’s subordinates.


An inspector?

Before this instance dungeon began, GM had informed him that the Development Team had sent an inspector here!

To think that…

An absurd but peculiar feeling suddenly arose from within Chen Xiaolian!

Monster was standing across the road and his mighty figure appeared stiff.

His mouth was tightly closed and his eyes were looking down the ground. He was like… a marionette.

The laborious voice was not coming from Monster’s mouth.

The voice had come from Monster’s shoulder!

And resting upon his shoulder was the monkey!

The monkey held onto a half-eaten apple, which it tossed away.

It stared at Mr San who was standing across the road and said, “There is a reason you say? Existences like you always like to make your own decisions!”

The monkey was actually…

The inspector!

“The system’s laws states that one should not casually kill off NPC characters when not in an instance dungeon. Is that why you used the identity of a pet for this time’s arrival?

“He he… to enter as a monkey and accompany an Awakened game participant…

“This approach is quite interesting.”

“Unfortunately, you were still nearly able to get away.” The monkey said coolly. “I am surprised. If you had left, then you would have been able to escape.

“However, although this instance dungeon had ended and the London area was being refreshed, you chose to remain here.

“You should be clear on this. When an instance dungeon ends and this London area refreshes itself, that period of time is when the scanning ability is at its strongest. At a time like this, why would you choose to remain here? If you had left this place earlier, I would have been unable to find you!

“Mr San, let me ask you this. Why did you choose to stay here?

“You should have known that the scanning is at its strongest during the refreshing period when an instance dungeons ends. Considering your experience, you would not have stayed here and hope that we cannot find you.

“Why did you choose to stay behind?

“I would very much like to know the answer to this question.”

Chen Xiaolian’s body shuddered!

Mr San stayed behind… taking the risk of being found…

For the sake of…

Meeting up with him!

“Do you want to know the answer?” Mr San lowered his head, seemingly pondering over the matter.

Then, he raised his head with a childish smile on his face.

“I don’t feel like telling you. Bite me!”

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