GOR – Chapter 253 Part 1

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GOR Chapter 253 Part 1: King’s Courage

Chen Xiaolian used every ounce of strength within his body to bolt up the slope!

Bai Qi’s eyes that were seemingly in a daze focused onto Chen Xiaolian’s back. It was as though something had attracted his attention and Bai Qi’s pupils contracted as he took a deep breath and said, “Blood!”

A white coloured figure charged upward!

Chen Xiaolian had already covered a distance of over 10 meters. He ran with all his might; even though he was being slowed down by 5 times, he possessed a [B] class Agility. Thus, when he ran with all his might, he was still faster than your average Joe.

As he was about to reach the top of the hill, he suddenly heard a swooshing sound coming from behind him.

Chen Xiaolian dared not ignore it. He turned around and held the Sword in the Stone before him! Then, he saw a chilling sword flash shooting toward him from far away. He promptly exerted his all to block it with the Sword in the Stone!

A “weng” sound echoed out and Chen Xiaolian’s body was thrown into the air! The resulting sword qi erupted and his wrists, arms and even his body were left with bloody cuts!

Thankfully, the attack itself was blocked by the Sword in the Stone. Receiving the attack, Chen Xiaolian’s hands trembled as it felt as though an electric current was flowing through them!

His body soared over the shield wall erected atop the hill and two rows of soldiers before falling down. He fell into the middle of the formation set by the London armies!

Chen Xiaolian’s fall knocked over several shield-bearing soldiers. He rolled over and saw various swords and spears stabbing toward him from every direction.

Chen Xiaolian held onto the Sword in the Stone and quickly rolled his body out of the way.

Several “kaka” sounds rang out. Although the Sword in the Stone had yet to activate, it was almost invincible in terms of defensive capabilities. The normal weapons used by these soldiers could not cause any damage to the Sword in the Stone.

Chen Xiaolian rolled over 5 to 6 meters away from his landing spot. Despite having blocked off numerous attacks, several attacks did strike his body. Thankfully, his protective suit protected him.

Noticing a shadow coming down on him and the accompanying roar, Chen Xiaolian rapidly shoved his head to the side. A “boom” could be heard as an iron mace struck the ground!

A brawny man in chain mail panted hoarsely and shouted, “Kill him!”

Chen Xiaolian was already up and he rushed forward, to the surprise of the mace-wielding warrior. The warrior did not expect Chen Xiaolian to be so fast. Chen Xiaoliam slammed into his chest and the warrior was blasted off like an artillery before landing upon a group of soldiers.

By then, Chen Xiaolian had managed to straighten himself. Watching as a group of soldiers charge toward him, he…

Turned around and ran!

He brandished the Sword in the Stone to break his way through anyone standing in his way as he rushed into the depths of the London armies!

This decisive action of his was undoubtedly a smart one!

After one breath’s time, Chen Xiaolian had covered a distance of over 10 steps. It was then that he heard a loud explosive noise coming from the direction of the shield wall!

It was as though thunder had erupted out in the air above them!

A lightning like silvery radiance flashed out and a sword aura surged to the Heavens!

Under the radiance of the sword aura, the first row of shield wall collapsed.

Over tens of shield-bearing soldiers were instantly sent flying away.

While these men were flying through the air, their armour and the shield they were carrying and even their weapons… all of them shattered into fragments!

Countless cut off limbs and blood fell down from the sky. It was like a heavy rain filled with brutality.

The front area of the shield wall was wiped clean in but an instant.

Walking forward slowly step by step was none other than… Bai Qi!

A stature that could not be described as tall, wearing white clothes and enveloped by swirling black qi.

The rain of blood descended all around him and some of the droplets even fell upon his body…

Bai Qi took in a deep breath…

The air around Bai Qi suddenly changed!

The sky that was filled with blood suddenly transformed into streams of blood coloured qi. All of them came together from every direction and converged upon Bai Qi!

As for those severed corpses, all of them rapidly became withered husks, akin to that of mummies!

“Blood… life… blood!”

The cold expression on Bai Qi’s face were seemingly at ease as he greedily sucked in the blood qi gathered within the sky. More and more of the stream of blood flowed into his body!

As that happened, the black coloured qi swirling around Bai Qi’s body seemed to lessen.

Bai Qi raised his eyelids and regarded the surrounding soldiers. Then, he coldly raised his sword…

The blade of his sword descended once more!

Chen Xiaolian kept running forward.

Bai Qi’s sword struck out a second time and over 10 heads flew up to the sky!

The shields, swords and spears that were cut as a result of that slash scattered about.

The over 10 heads flew into the air before falling from the sky. Next, the blood from their corpses flowed out rapidly and all that was left were mummies.

The London soldiers mentally collapsed!

They may have seen many things in war… but this was a whole other level of savagery!

They have never seen someone killing others instantly and turning them into mummies!

Bai Qi seemed to have become intoxicated as he suddenly accelerated his pace. His figure became like the wind as he practically flew into the middle of the London soldiers. Wretched screams could soon be heard coming from everywhere as cut off limbs flew into the air.

The light from his sword shone in a dazzling manner!

The formation of the London soldiers fell.

A considerable number of those soldiers tossed away their weapons and shields before turning around to make a run for it.

As for the soldiers who were standing behind, they were unaware of what was happening. Thus, they were trampled down by the deserting soldiers, leading to chaos in the ranks.

Some of them cried out while more fell to the ground in tears as they called out for their God.

Even more shouted out:



Wherever Bai Qi went, the soldiers would break away and escape. He calmly strode through the middle of the London armies with his translucent sword; blood trickling down from the blade of his sword.

Behind him were at least over 100 corpses left lying on the ground!

Not a single one of them were injured.

Anyone who was injured would immediately have his blood sucked out and become a mummy!

At this very moment, Bai Qi had seemingly transformed into the personification of the God of Slaughter!

Some had begun to ignore Chen Xiaolian’s existence.

Chen Xiaolian ran madly. On his way, he managed to pick up a shield, which he used to defend his front as he ran forward, penetrating the enemy ranks. He gradually found that the enemy soldiers around him were all escaping. Even those who were supposed to be blocking his path had mentally collapsed. None of them had any thought of blocking him anymore.

This defeat spread through the enemy ranks like a tidal wave!

Nolan watched as the front army collapsed.

Behind him, several aristocrats serving under King Harold rushed forward. These aristocrats were quite the courageous bunch. It would appear that the aristocratic knights of this era cared a great deal about honour.

Those aristocrats led their personal guards forward as they raised their weapons up high and shouted the words “For the King!”

Nolan’s face was ugly to behold.

He was unable to understand why the middle position that had the Flatlands Mire spell cast upon it could be easily broken through!

It was then that he caught sight of Chen Xiaolian!

Chen Xiaolian had a somewhat wretched appearance. The surface of the shield he was holding onto was filled with marks left by swords and axes. Even the clothes he was wearing were in tatters, filled with cuts and holes made by swords… the only thing that was relatively intact was the protective suit he had on the inside.

With a glance, Nolan recognized the protective suit worn by Chen Xiaolian.

Nolan gave a harrumph and hesitated for a moment before exchanging out a Blessing of Courage for the soldiers in the middle. Then, he charged toward Chen Xiaolian!

The Blessing of Courage was quick to show its effect.

Originally, Bai Qi had been able to stroll about within the armies, just like a wolf that had slipped into the middle of a flock of sheep… ah, no. Not wolf, but tiger.

With a tiger prowling about within their flock, the surrounding sheep could only scatter about in fear. The sword in Bai Qi’s hand slashed out, harvesting their life wantonly and absorbing their lifeblood!

The moment the Blessing of Courage was cast, suddenly…

An aristocrat led his personal guards forward and shouted loudly, “For the King!”

Those words were like the spark that lit the powder keg!

Suddenly, the surrounding soldiers that were running away acted in a hot-headed manner; they felt their blood coursing up their veins and they turned around. They looked at Bai Qi and in their hearts, an endless feeling of courage burst out. They picked up the weapons left on the ground and charged at Bai Qi from all directions!

Bai Qi raised his sword.

Heads flew up from one side!

Bai Qi slashed his sword down.

Cut off limbs flew into the sky!

Yet, the soldiers charged forward with seemingly no regard to their own lives. The soldiers swarmed forward from every direction like a swarm of ants!

Gradually, the number of soldiers increased higher and higher and Bai Qi’s white figure was seemingly submerged under the wave of incoming soldiers…

Chen Xiaolian finally caught sight of Harold’s royal flag!

It was not that far away from where he was.

He could even hear the sound of the horns and drums.

There were numerous soldiers standing under the royal flag. Those men should be the King’s personal guards; they were lined up in a circular formation, ready to defend their King!

Chen Xiaolian suddenly tossed away the shield that he was carrying. Next, he bent over to pick up a spear from the ground. He turned to face the royal flag and shouted loudly. After that, the spear in his hand transformed into a meteor, which shot forward!

A figure appeared in the middle of the air!

Seeing the spear flying over, Nolan sneered. He jumped up and his left hand shot out to snatch the flying spear!

A smouldering sound could be heard as the resulting friction caused sparks of flame to burst out and rapidly expand through the spear within Nolan’s grip!

The spear transformed into ashes just like that!

Within the midst of the drifting embers, Nolan slowly landed upon the ground. Remnant sparks and flames drifted down.

Nolan cast a cold gaze at Chen Xiaolian who was standing before him and asked, “Players? Awakened?”

Chen Xiaolian did not say anything. He raised the Sword in the Stone in his grip and stabbed forward.


As his sword was just before Nolan, Chen Xiaolian suddenly felt a violent constrictive force descending upon his body!

It was as though a certain point within his movement had suddenly become half a step slower.

He saw a hand appear before his sword; the fingertip gently flicked the blade of the sword.

In an instant, Chen Xiaolian felt his wrist going numb. It was as though he was about to lose his grip on the sword. He forcefully twisted his waist and his other hand shot out to catch the sword!

The force behind the attack was such that Chen Xiaolian had to stagger back two steps before he could stabilize his footing.

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