GOR – Chapter 247

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GOR Chapter 247: Spread The Warmth

The marks mentioned were undoubtedly the marks that they had acquired by completing those few random quests back in London.

Back in the London instance dungeon, Chen Xiaolian and his team had completed 2 random quests.

They completed Jack the Ripper’s quest and acquired 100 marks.

They also acquired the Sword in the Stone hilt from the Tower of London, which further gave them 200 marks.

However, when they were searching for the Sword in the Stone blade in advance, the important storyline character, Xian Yin died. Even though they had successfully retrieved the blade, they did not get any marks.

Which meant that their Meteor Rock Guild presently have a total of 300 marks.

When the London instance dungeon began, the system had clearly notified them that the marks would play an important role in the later phase of the instance dungeon.

And now…

Authorization to utilize marks now activated!

Chen Xiaolian quickly contacted Lun Tai and Bei Tai using the guild channel. He called them to gather within the tent to discuss things through.

After returning, Lun Tai and Bei Tai saw Chen Xiaolian seated in the tent with a peculiar expression on his face.

“What happened?” Lun Tai walked over and sat beside Chen Xiaolian.

“Sit down, you two.”

Chen Xiaolian moved inward to make room for them before sharing the system prompt to his two team members through the guild channel.

After looking through it, both Lun Tai and Bei Tai laughed out.

“So this is how you use the marks!”

[System prompt: Successfully bonded with the soul force belonging to storyline character, Merlin. Warlock abilities exchange now activated.

[Exchange out the corresponding magic spell. The corresponding amount of marks will be consumed.

[List of available exchanges…]

The three of them sat inside the tent and opened up the [Exchange List] in excitement. The more they read on, the more joyful they became.

Exchange out a gale in the battlefield. The direction of the gale will be beneficial to your side. Lasts for 15 minutes and consumes 50 marks.

Exchange out rays of sunlight in the battlefield. The direction of the sunlight will be beneficial to your side. Lasts for 5 minutes and consumes 50 marks.

Exchange out a blessing to give an aura of courage for the army. Lasts for 10 minutes and consumes 50 marks. Area of effect: 30 x 30 meters.

Exchange out a blessing to give an aura of brute force for infantry soldiers. Lasts for 10 minutes and consumes 100 marks. Area of effect: 20 x 20 meters.

Exchange out a blessing to give the charge of mounted soldiers trample on collision effect. Lasts for 5 minutes and consumes 100 marks. Area of effect: 50 x 50 meters.

Exchange out a blessing to halve any damage a key character on your side might receive. Lasts for 3 minutes and consumes 150 marks. Specify a single target.

Exchange out a twofold increase in damage dealt to a key character from the enemy side. Lasts for 3 minutes and consumes 150 marks. Specify a single target.

The [Exchange List] was very long. There were various types of magic spells and blessings available for exchange in there.

Each magic spell would consume a certain amount of marks. Additionally, there was also a clearly displayed message at the end of each: There is no limit to the number of times you can exchange this.

Lun Tai and Bei Tai were rubbing their palms.

Bei Tai was the most excited of them both. He said, “Interesting! Now this is interesting! I’ve been wondering what those marks we got from that random quests were for. I never expected that it would be used for this! Ha ha ha!”

Just by taking a glance at the various effects listed within the exchange, the three of them were able to understand that if those exchanges were to be made in the battlefield, it would end up helping them a lot!

Those auras of courage, brute force and other buffs need not be mentioned.

Even those in the beginning, the direction of the wind and sunlight would play an important role in the battlefield!

Just imagine, two sides had arranged their soldiers and were about to engage in a battle. Then… a gale suddenly blew up, blowing his soldiers forward while the enemy soldiers had to march against the wind…

Running forward against a gale would cause them to exhaust more stamina! Moreover, there was the possibility that the gale would force their eyes shut.

The same logic applied to sunlight. If you had to face the sun, the rays of sunlight would cause a piercing feeling, causing you to close your eyes… at that moment, your enemies’ swords would hack down on you from all sides…

That minor advantage could potentially change the outcome of the war!

“I think those few written below might be of more use.”

Lun Tai calmly and carefully said, “This one, halve the damage for a key character on our side! We can use it to ensure King William’s safety. King William must not die. In the event that he is killed, we will lose. At the same time, there is the twofold damage on the enemy key character… we can use that to deal with King Harold.

“Xiaolian, you said it before, in history, the key point in this war is to kill off King Harold in the battlefield. That is how King William will win this war for the throne.”

“I agree,” said Chen Xiaolian. He nodded his head and pointed out, “However, do not forget, in the enemy camp, there should also be game participants.

“Since we are aware of the fact that we have to kill King Harold, it is likely that our enemy also knows about that.

“Perhaps, the other side can also make use of a magic spell to bless King Harold to protect him from damage.

“At the same time, they might also cast the spell which causes King William to take double damage.

“If that is the case… then having these magic spells may not be make things as easy as we expect.”

Chen Xiaolian’s speculation made a lot of sense. Lun Tai nodded his head, his expression stern.

“I think we should still make use of the first spell in the exchange list! With a gale helping us out, our archers will be able to shoot farther! That will bring greater damage to the enemy!”

As a military maniac, Bei Tai was very interested in the spells in the exchange list that could be used to help the battle.

“If you are the main commander, then these spells would be of use.”

Lun Tai splashed a bucket of cold water down his brother’s head and said, “Unfortunately, we are just a minor 100-man captain. We only have 100 soldiers under our command.

“I mean to say… since you are not the main commander, you cannot determine when the army will charge out and when the army will engage in a decisive battle. You also cannot determine which team will be responsible for engaging up front and which team will be responsible for flanking manoeuvres.

“If you exchange out a gale but the army did not move, instead they only continue to stare at the enemy… then once the gale ends, would it not be a waste? Don’t forget, these spells have a time limit.”

“You have a point.” Chen Xiaolian sighed. “We only have 100 men under us.

“Take this blessing that gives mounted soldiers trample on collision effect… we are not the commander of the mounted soldiers. We cannot control when the mounted soldiers will begin attacking. We have no way of accurately knowing the speed of their charge and their rhythm. We can only go along with it as the situation develops.”

After saying that, Chen Xiaolian spoke up a few words of encouragement to raise morale. He smiled and said, “No matter what it is, these spells that can be exchanged out using marks is still a useful thing.

“What we need to do is to make the proper strategy and observe when and how we can make the best use of these spells!

“There are many spells available for exchange. However, do not forget that we only have 300 marks. It is impossible for us to exchange out all of them.

“Good steel must be used for the blade.”

After saying that, Chen Xiaolian suddenly knitted his eyebrows together.

“What is it?” asked Lun Tai who noticed the change in Chen Xiaolian’s expression.

“There is one thing we have to take into account.”

Chen Xiaolian exhaled and spoke out in a serious manner, “Theoretically speaking, the enemy camp should also have game participants like us – otherwise, this war for the throne would be too easy for us to win. It is practically not difficult at all. There is no way the system would give such an unbalanced storyline quest.

“At the same time, I think there is still another question… in each camp, is there only one team of game participants?

“In other words, those who had participated in the London instance dungeon, regardless if they are a team or solo participants, can reach this phase by completing the earlier random quests.

“This means, each team will have their own quest marks!

“If the enemy camp has two or three or more teams… theoretically speaking, if they were to unite together, their marks would be far higher than ours.

“Personally… I think this should not be possible. The system will not arrange things in such a manner.

“Balance, I believe that the system will act in a way that maintains balance.

“If so… maybe…

“What I mean to say is, perhaps there is more than one team in the enemy camp…

“If so, within our camp, there should be other game participants besides us!

“We had better seek them out! Otherwise, in the event that our enemy teams unite, I fear that we will face a huge disadvantage in terms of the amount of marks we have.”

Lun Tai and Bei Tai were startled!

“But… how can we find the other game participants? If… they really do exist, then they have been hiding within the army. How do we…” Bei Tai furrowed his brows.

At that moment…

“Is anybody there? Three champions of Demacia, your old friend from London is here to spread the warmth!”

A voice could be heard coming a distance away from the tent.

Chen Xiaolian and his team of three were surprised!

The three of them rose up at the same time and they quickly moved out from the tent.

Under the night sky, they caught sight of a man standing around 10 meters away from their tent with a smile on his face.

He had an average build and a baldhead. He wore a ragged sackcloth robes and he simply stood there with a casual posture with a laughing smile on his face.

Despite the unfamiliar face, that smile and eyes brought a somewhat familiar feeling to Chen Xiaolian.

“What’s up? Do you not recognize me?” Tian Lie deliberately revealed a frustrated smile. He said, “Back in London Tower, we fought side by side, my friends.”

Chen Xiaolian’s eyes lit up.


Tian Lie scratched his head and grinned while taking a few steps forward. He said, “Who else? The decisive battle is going to take place tomorrow. After thinking about it, I feel that it would be for the best to come meet up with you fellows… at present, it seems we will be fighting side by side.”

Pausing, Tian Lie then pointed toward his nose and said, “Right, let me give you fellows good news. This might cheer you up – I have marks oh.”

Chen Xiaolian stared at Tian Lie and carefully examined him. “You… you have been hiding within the camp all this time? Why didn’t you come out to meet us earlier?”

“You can’t blame that on me,” answered Tian Lie. He pursed his lips to the side and said, “You fellows ran off to execute the ambush together with Merlin… someone will have to stay behind to protect King William. You fellows can go take part in the glorious scenes. I will just stay behind and be the hero that lurks behind the scenes.”

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