GOR – Chapter 239 Part 2

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GOR Chapter 239 Part 2: Error

When afternoon arrived, they finally reached their destination.

The place was a valley. There was a stretch of forest on the right while a hillside rested on the left side. The middle part was originally filled with wild growth. However, after having played host to the comings and goings of countless men, a dirt road was formed.

Chen Xiaolian did not see where Merlin’s men were hiding. He simply continued to lead his men forward until he reached the end of the hill.

Once again, Bighead performed yet another meritorious service.

According to this fellow, he had come to this place to smuggle wine before. He knew of a place behind the hill where the lands caved in to form a concave area. The wind will not blow across that spot; considering how the hill would also block anyone from seeing that spot, it became the best spot to hide in.

Chen Xiaolian personally ran forward to inspect the spot and found that it was the back area of the hillside. A small gourd mouth was naturally formed there. There were mountains on all three sides while a small stretch of flat land lay in the middle. The land was about as big as a basketball court.

Additionally, the other side of the hillside was not too steep. It was not difficult to climb up. As long as two men were to keep watch above the hillside, their safety would be assured.

“Good place!” Chen Xiaolian praised.

Bei Tai too, nodded his head and said, “If we set up an ambush here, it is likely that we will not be discovered.”

“Then, rest up. Our target will probably only arrive here at night.” Chen Xiaolian weighed the matter and said, “Tonight, no fires are allowed! Whoever dares to so much as create sparks will have his legs broken!”

His command to prohibit fires did not cause too much complaints from the mercenaries.

As mercenaries, they were already accustomed to drinking cold water and munching on hard, black bread.

Within the valley, the mercenaries were sprawled on the ground.

At the moment, Chen Xiaolian did not restrict them from doing so. He knew that everyone needed to rest up before the battle began so as to restore their endurance.

However, it would appear that Heaven was somewhat unwilling to let them have that.

After the sun went down, the wind started blowing and it began to rain.

This caused Chen Xiaolian to feel somewhat worried.

Bei Tai was on top the hill keeping watch.

Chen Xiaolian stayed in the hiding spot and had the mercenaries move as close as possible to the side of the hill so as to avoid to rain.

Unfortunately, as evening arrived, the rain appeared to have gotten even heavier.

The mercenaries were completely drenched in the rain – if not for Chen Xiaolian using his might to suppress them, these motley bunch would have scattered as they ran to the forest area for shelter.

Chen Xiaolian quietly sat on the side while listening to the complaints and grumblings of the mercenaries. Occasionally, he would check the time.

At the same time, he did not forget to pay attention to the system radar.

He wondered. In the vanguard army sent by the enemy… would a game participant appear from the enemy camp?

Would it be Players? Or Awakened ones?

Sometime late at night, Chen Xiaolian was in the middle to resting himself with his eyes closed. Suddenly, he received a message from Bei Tai through the guild channel.

“Someone is coming!”

Chen Xiaolian quickly jumped up!

“Everyone, stay quiet!”

Chen Xiaolian quickly ran around the hiding spot to get the mercenaries to stay quiet. Some were snoring as they slept and were roused up. All of them pressed close to the hillside and crouched down.

Bei Tai continued to keep watch from atop the hill.

At that moment, Bei Tai had been drenched from head to toe in rainwater.

The rain seemed to have lessened somewhat. However, the strong winds were still blowing.

From across the overgrown lands, a dark mass of figures could be seen moving closer.

The ones leading them were carrying torches. However, due to the winds, the fires from the torches swayed about and were limited in their ability to illuminate the area.

None of them was riding on horses. They were all infantry soldiers, just like how Merlin said they would be.

Bei Tai was crouched down upon the hillside, not making a single movement. He quietly made an estimate of the number of soldiers on the enemy side.

The men within the enemy army were also moving in a disorderly manner – as expected, such was the standard of the medieval army. There was not much discipline there.

However, at the back of the army was a group of soldiers wearing uniformed attire. The shields that these men carried had a white cross emblem emblazoned upon them.

There was a slightly stricter attitude within these men.

At the end, there were two men riding on horses. One glance was sufficient to tell that they were the commanders here.

However, the dirt road had turned muddy due to the rain and it was difficult for the horses to move forward. The fact that it was now night did not help.

Bei Tai quietly estimated that there were at least 1,000 men on the enemy’s side!

This number had almost reached the highest expected number that Merlin deduced.

The army was very long and it took them at least 20 minutes to move through the place where Bei Tai was keeping watch.

Some men were cursing while others shouted. There was also the neigh of the horses.

After these men had finally moved past him, Bei Tai quietly slipped down the hill and went toward Chen Xiaolian. He wiped away the rainwater on his face.

“There’s close to 1,000 men and possibly slightly more than what we expected.” Bei Tai quickly continued, “There are no mounted soldiers. However, there were two that looked like commanders riding on horses. Their equipment is pretty decent. About one third of them are part of the regular army.”

Chen Xiaolian noted that Bei Tai had spoken to him in Chinese.

He was quick to understand and he nodded his head.

Chen Xiaolian turned around and saw that all the mercenaries were looking at him with complicated expressions. Some were anxious, some were excited, some were fearful and some were eager.

“Listen up!”

Chen Xiaolian stood up straight and walked until he was in the middle of everyone else. He said, “Our target has arrived! As we had estimated, their numbers are not that big, no more than 500!”

Chen Xiaolian cut their number in half.

“Furthermore… they had been travelling for a long time. Now that they are hurrying through the night, their endurance is pretty much spent. Forget wielding a sword, many of them are about to drop from exhaustion!” Chen Xiaolian did his best to drum up their morale. “And don’t forget, we are not alone! There is Lord Merlin and the Knight Tayloff who’ll be bringing 200 men to ambush them from the other side of the valley! Knight Tayloff has up to 100 mounted soldiers under him!

“There are no walls here. You all should understand just how terrifying the charge of mounted soldiers upon flat lands could be!

“In this war, victory is already within our grasp!”

After hearing his words, most of the fear and anxiety on the mercenaries’ faces faded away.

“Remember this! These fellows simply could not take even one hit! They are simply no match for us! There are simply a flock of lambs who have come here for us to loot! That’s right! They’re nothing but lambs! Lambs to the slaughter!”

Chen Xiaolian vigorously waved his hand and continued to speak up in a low voice, “Now, check your weapons and equipment! Make sure you are wearing your shoes properly. When we are collecting loot later on, I don’t want to see someone tripping over themselves!”

“Ha ha ha ha…”

Several of the mercenaries could not restrain themselves and they laughed out. Those men were truly valiant and the swords and axes within their hands were gleaming from sharpness!

Chen Xiaolian brought his men to the mouth of the valley and he stared carefully at the far end of the valley. He waited for Merlin’s flame signal.

He did not arrange for any other strategy.

It was presently in the middle of the night. They were going to engage in a fight in the middle of the night. Add in the fact that his men were a motley bunch of mercenaries; discussing matters of cooperation during the heat of battle would be a joke.

Their right timing, right place and right people had fallen into place. As long as they could display their biggest specialty of ‘courageously swarming forward’, things would go well.

Unexpectedly, after waiting for a good 10 minutes…

No flame signal appeared on the other end of the valley!

A faint sense of unease rose up within Chen Xiaolian’s heart.

This valley was not that long. The time needed to move to the other side would take less than 20 minutes!

At present … Merlin should have sprung his ambush.

However… why was it that the flame signal had not gone off?

After waiting for another 2 minutes, Chen Xiaolian made up his mind!

“Enough waiting! We’ll charge!” Chen Xiaolian took a deep breath and continued, “Something is not right! There is no flame signal… I suspect the heavy rain made it so they could not gather firewood for the signal!

“There is no point in waiting anymore! By this time, they should have made their move! Otherwise, our target would have made it out of this valley!”

“Then, what should we…”

“We’ll charge!”

The neigh of a warhorse could be heard.

A mounted soldier struggled in the mud as he forcibly pulled the reins.

However, the horse’s hooves were trapped in the mud, making it difficult for it to move forward!

The whole group were struggling to make their way through the wilderness.

Merlin was at the van, riding on a horse. The robes he wore had been fully soaked with rainwater and it flowed down his beard.

Merlin’s face was extremely ugly to behold and his eyes were terrifying!

They were held back!

In the morning, their guide led them down the wrong path causing them to deviate from their path for at least ten miles!

Then, the rain started in the evening, causing the road to become muddy.

This was especially hard on the 100 mounted soldiers! They were barely able to advance!

All the mounted soldiers wore heavy armour! The heavy load and the muddy road made it difficult for the horses to move forward!

They had fallen way behind schedule.

Considering the time, their target probably had already entered… perhaps, they have even walked out of the place of ambush!

The furious Merlin had the stupid guide killed in the evening.

Observing the situation, he feared that his ambush plan might have to be…

He had also sent out another supporting division of 100 mercenaries. He wondered if they had already reached the designated location.

His plan should have had a high rate of success. However, due to an idiotic guide and this damnable weather…

How could the prideful Merlin endure such an outcome?

“How far away are we from our destination?” Merlin angrily asked a soldier.

The soldier quickly retrieved a map and checked it before shouting loudly, “My Lord… there is less than 1 km!”

Merlin made his decision!

“We can’t go on like this! Relay my orders, get the mounted soldiers to lead their horses out of this area as soon as possible!

“As for the others… all infantry soldiers are to increase their speed. Follow me forward! Throw away all heavy armour and equipment! Shields, rations, all of those are to be thrown away! Carry only your weapons and follow me!”

I, Merlin would never accept such a kind of defeat!

Merlin roared inwardly in rage!

As he spoke, Merlin jumped down from the horse. Then, he moved toward Tayloff who was struggling within the mud.

“Knight Tayloff!”

Merlin’s eyes, which seemed as though they were about to spray fire caused fear to spread through Tayloff’s heart.

“Listen up! I am giving you command of all the mounted soldiers! I will bring the infantry soldiers forward first! All I ask of you is… to do everything in your power to get these mounted soldiers to the location. I hope that when I am attacking the soldiers from London, your mounted soldiers can arrive at the critical moment! Do you understand? If we win this battle, I will personally ask King William to reward you for your deed! I guarantee that you will be granted a real aristocratic title! In the future, you will not just be Knight Tayloff! Instead, you will be addressed as Lord, or Baron! It would all depend on your performance!”

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