GOR – Chapter 181

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GOR Chapter 181: Reappearance

Within a dark room…

It was clearly an unknown basement.

Da Gang was seated before a computer and the flashing screen of the computer was the only source of light within the room. In one hand, Da Gang was holding on to a take-away meal box. The contents of the box were fried fish and chips. A bottle of Coke was placed beside him.

He chewed the fried fish that was dipped in tomato sauce while his other hand held on to the mouse and deftly moved it through the computer screen.

Behind Da Gang, the poor Frenchman, Jean was wrapped up and placed in a corner of the room, his being appeared similar to a mummy. Upon Jean’s body was a layer of liquid metal. The liquid metal wrapped him up completely, exposing only a pair of eyes.

The pair of eyes stared at Da Gang’s back. Those eyes were seemingly exhibiting both anger and fear.

Da Gang finally turned around just as he was tossing the last piece of fried fish into his mouth. He licked his fingers and smiled.

“Are you hungry too? What a pity, I only bought food for one. Oh, well. Going hungry for one or two days won’t kill you. Hmm, the attributes of your body should have been enhanced before. So, that should not be a problem.”

Da Gang walked before Jean and pulled over the chair from the computer table. Holding onto the bottle of Coke, he sat down and took a long sip of Coke from the straw. Then, he let out a lengthy belch.

“To be a pet, you must be aware that you are a pet,” Da Gang smiled. Appearance wise, his smile was a good-natured smile. However, in Jean’s eyes, the smile brought a terrifying chill down his spine.

“First, I need you to help me with something,” Da Gang said coolly. “I need you to help me buy something from the Exchange System. Ah… the points will definitely have to come from you. You should have some saved up, right?”

Jean. “… … …”

“Don’t try to contact your companions,” Da Gang sighed gently. “I have taken control of your central nervous system. If you want to use the guild channel to contact your companions… sigh, I really do not want to threaten you. Because, I really do not want to kill off a pet that I have just recently caught, understand?”

Jean. “… … …”

A few minutes later, Da Gang was able to get Jean to purchase the items he wanted from the Exchange System.

He moved over and turned off the computer screen. Then, he turned around, moved through the door and left the basement.

Outside the basement was an underground parking garage. Inside the garage were three different models of vehicles. Without exception, all three of them were SUVs that were durable and resistant to impacts.

“Time is getting closer and closer,” Da Gang glanced at his watch and said to himself. “What should I do to celebrate my first instance dungeon after being resurrected? Kill a couple of people? Or level two streets? Hmmm, would that be going overboard?

“Sigh, just why did I end up getting resurrected? This is truly bothersome.

“Also… after being resurrected, why is the Exchange System not available?”

After returning to the hotel, Chen Xiaolian’s face appeared off colour.

The meeting he had with Miao Yan this night had not been a pleasant one. Especially the final incident…

Forcibly shaking his head, Chen Xiaolian tried his best to shake those thoughts out of his mind. Then, he opened the door into the hotel suite.

Roddy and the two brothers had not turned in. Instead, they were waiting for Chen Xiaolian’s safe return.

“You don’t look too good,” Roddy quickly went forward.

“… … I am fine.”

“What is the result of the meeting? Is there any news?”

Chen Xiaolian shook his head. “None.” He looked at his three guild members. “There is one thing though. We guessed correctly. The Countess is indeed Miao Yan’s Exclusive Account. Going there tonight, I ended up meeting with Miao Yan.”

The faces of those three turned tense.

Roddy however, was not too disturbed.

Lun Tai and Bei Tai were the only ones who had met Miao Yan in the instance dungeon before. They were well aware of just how immeasurably powerful this High-class Player was. For Awakened ones, bumping into a High-class Player was not something that could be considered safe.

“She did not make things difficult for you?”

“… strangely, no,” Chen Xiaolian tried his best to ease the atmosphere. “She actually asked me to try out an ’85 Latour.”

Then, Chen Xiaolian summarized out the contents of his discussion with Miao Yan for them.

When he reached the matter of Qiao Qiao and Soo Soo’s whereabouts, Roddy sighed. “It seems Boss Qiao have taken them away.”

“Then, we’ll just follow our previous plan. Completing the instance dungeon will be our primary objective,” Chen Xiaolian said slowly. “Roddy, before the instance dungeon opens tomorrow, you must leave London City!”

“… …” Roddy did not say anything. He simply gave Chen Xiaolian a silent glance before nodding his head.

Lun Tai and Bei Tai who were beside them were silent for a moment. Then, Lun Tai suddenly spoke up. “The recording of your conversation with Miao Yan, can you replay it again for us to listen?”

Chen Xiaolian cast a glance at Lun Tai. Lun Tai nodded his head.

He replayed the recording. When the replay reached the part where there was no sound, the faces of everyone in the room turned grim!

“… sigh!” Lun Tai sighed. “So, the legends were true! All information regarding the upper plane will be blocked off by the system.”

“All right. At present, Miao Yan is not a threat to us. The instance dungeon is,” Chen Xiaolian said slowly. “We’ll make preparations following our original plan – tonight, we must get a good night’s sleep. That will ensure that when the instance dungeon opens, everyone will be in good shape.”

The next morning, Roddy left London. He rented a car for this trip out of London.

Before he left, Chen Xiaolian went to face Roddy. “I know you do not feel at ease with this. However, you must understand. You not participating in this instance dungeon do not mean that you are not contributing to the guild. After the instance dungeon is over, you will be the guild member in charge of extraction! After undergoing an instance dungeon, there is the possibility of our battle strength being reduced. In order to ensure that we do not suffer from any malicious attacks from other guilds after the instance dungeon is over, you will become our reinforcements!”

“I’ll be ready.”

During the day, Lun Tai continued driving around to survey their surroundings. Chen Xiaolian drove around in another car as he too, was checking out the surroundings.

As for Bei Tai, he went to find his ‘friends’ to pick up some ‘goods’.

Chen Xiaolian’s mind was not at ease.

He did not have an international driving license. Additionally, he was not familiar with the UK’s right-hand drive cars. Thus, he rode in a sightseeing MPV that he had rented from the hotel. He paid a fee to ensure that he could ride the MPV around London.

When noon came, his MPV reached London Bridge near the London Tower.

The loud sound of the bell echoed out toward him.

It was precisely 12 o’clock.

Today’s weather was fairly agreeable. There was no haze about and the rays of light from the sun were quite acceptable. If anything, the temperature was a little on the low side.

Chen Xiaolian rolled down the window and looked out. His mind recalled the words that Miao Yan had said to him last night.



As Chen Xiaolian was in a trance, the chauffeur who had been seated in front spoke up without turning his head.

“The instance dungeon is about to open up. It is not a good thing to be having this kind of mental state at this time.”

Chen Xiaolian was shocked!

The chauffeur was recommended by the hotel. Appearance wise, he was of a typical Anglo-Saxon descent with average build, strong looking constitution, and a slightly balding head. After having rented his services for half a day, Chen Xiaolian saw that this fellow was clearly someone with a taciturn nature. Or perhaps, he was simply someone who was not good with words.

Unexpectedly, those words had come out from him…

Chen Xiaolian narrowed his eyes and he stared intently at the back of the chauffeur’s head.

The chauffeur continued driving the MPV, his eyes looking out the front windshield. He did not direct his gaze toward Chen Xiaolian at all.

Chen Xiaolian stared at him in silence for a few seconds before uttering. “GM?”

The chauffeur grinned. “I thought that you would panic and pull out a gun, or summon out the Four-eyed War Cat. It appears that you’ve undergone a good amount of training in the last three instance dungeons.”

Chen Xiaolian let out a sigh of relief. Subsequently, he became anxious. “You… why did you suddenly appear?”

“That in itself is a wrong question,” The chauffeur answered coolly. “To be precise, I am everywhere regardless of the time, understand?”

Chen Xiaolian. “… … …”

“Although I did not create you, I do look highly upon you,” The chauffeur smiled as he drove. “Please remember, you are of great importance to me… oh, right. Let me turn on some music to lessen the awkwardness of this atmosphere.”

After saying that, the chauffeur turned on the MPV’s stereo. Soon, a song by John Lennon was played.

“Oh, for someone who is about to go risk his life, listening to a song by a dead musician is not a good sign.”

Chen Xiaolian pursed his mouth to the side and retorted. “You deliberately did that, didn’t you?”

“You see, I have also learned some stuff… this should be considered as humour. Or perhaps, it would be more accurate to label it as black humour, right?”

Chen Xiaolian looked at the chauffeur’s face through the rear view mirror. “You are not a human!”

“Then what about you? Are you certain that you are a human?” The chauffeur responded coolly.

Hearing his response, Chen Xiaolian become quiet.

I… am I a human?

This question is so ridiculous and absurd – of course, I am a human!

However, if… if I am just an NPC created from a virtual world, then… does that mean that I am not a ‘human’ in the real sense?

“Just what are you trying to tell me here?” A look of frustration was etched on Chen Xiaolian’s face.


The MPV stopped by the side of an isolated street.

The driver turned over and looked at Chen Xiaolian. He stared right into Chen Xiaolian’s eyes.

“Because of the words you exchanged with Miao Yan last night.”

This time, there was no jest or wit in the chauffeur’s eyes. Instead, there was only seriousness!

Chen Xiaolian quietly opened the door and stepped out.

The chauffeur too, stepped out. He then moved to stand behind Chen Xiaolian.

“Just what are you trying to achieve here!”

Chen Xiaolian abruptly turned around. He used both hands to seize the chauffeur’s collar and he spat furiously in a low tone. “I feel like a damned pawn! I hate this kind of feeling! What are you trying to use me for? What is your objective?”

The chauffeur remained indifferent. Not minding that Chen Xiaolian was seizing his clothes, he coolly replied. “I had clearly told you about it the last time we met.”

“For the sake of… ‘resisting’ them? To complete the instance dungeons and stop the Players from winning?”

“Correct,” The chauffeur looked into Chen Xiaolian’s eyes. “Like you, I do not wish to ‘die’. Or rather, I do not wish to be ‘refreshed’.”

“Then help me out! Don’t just spit these damned unreasonable riddles at me!” Chen Xiaolian loosened his grip.

He was unable to keep a handle on his emotions.

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  1. I have been thinking about what Miao Yan said about an Exclusive Account body being a body housing 2 souls and the ressurection of Awakened by beingang Irregularity. What do you people think will happen to a Player once he/she becomes an Irregularity? Would he/she be like Soosoo with two personalities? Will the soul of the Player or the persona in the real world take over the body? If the first one is true, doesn’t it mean that Soosoo was once a Player that died and got resurrected by being an Irregularity? However, she already had split personality before being an Irregularity. So that means that the second one is more likely to happen. For me, I think the Player personality would take over. What does this imply? It would mean that the restrictions on Players would disappear. What kind of restriction do you think? ?

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