GOR – Chapter 171 Part 2

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GOR Chapter 171 Part 2: Turn of Events

After she said that, Chen Xiaolian found himself unable to respond. He considered it. It was just a trip to the train station and should not take too long.

“Get in.”

Yu Jiajia moved to the back row.

Roddy smiled and dragged Da Gang with him into the MPV. He purposely placed himself and Da Gang at the second row. When Chen Xiaolian got into the car, he could only move to the back and sit together with Yu Jiajia in the back row.

Within the narrow confines of the car, Chen Xiaolian who was seated beside Yu Jiajia could smell the faint fragrant aroma wafting out from Yu Jiajia’s body. Feeling awkward, he quietly moved a little to the side.

However, that subtle movement of his did not escape the girl’s notice. Another burst of grievance welled up from within Yu Jiajia and she turned her head to look out the window. Her heart felt sour and bitter.

The MPV drove smoothly through the street and headed toward the train station.

The atmosphere inside the car was very quiet and no one said anything. Da Gang felt cramped while Roddy pretended to fiddle with his mobile phone. However, Roddy was surreptitiously checking out the back row through the reflection on his mobile phone.

Chen Xiaolian and Yu Jiajia were lost in their thoughts each. Both pretended to be looking out the window, but they were both in fact preoccupied with their own thoughts.

After a while, Yu Jiajia pursed her lips and said in a whisper. “Roddy, are you returning to Jinling?”


Roddy who was not paying attention nearly answered the question. Then, he suddenly recalled that she was asking Chen Xiaolian.

Chen Xiaolian too was surprised. Then, he answered with a stammer. “En, yes.”

“Then, when will you be coming over to Hangzhou again?”

“There will be chances for that, there will be,” Chen Xiaolian smiled wryly.

“When I have the time, I will go to Jinling to find you guys. I have never been to Jinling yet. I hear that there are many fun and scenic places there.”

Chen Xiaolian said ambiguously. “Actually, it is around the same.”

Yu Jiajia’s heart felt increasingly sour. Her eyes had turned red and tears nearly trickled down from her eyes; she bit down hard on her lips.

Roddy who was seated in front heard their exchange clearly. He could not help but let out a sigh inwardly. Yet, it also felt somewhat funny.

Da Gang was about to say something to lighten the atmosphere when…

Suddenly, a bang could be heard!

The car shook and the chauffeur quickly hit the brakes.

They looked out the windows and saw that the car had stopped by the street. In front of them, a sedan car had come to a halt as well. It appeared that the MPV had knocked into the sedan car’s rear end.

Two people walked out of the sedan car, their faces filled with anger and curses flew out from their mouths.

The chauffeur rolled down the window to argue with them.

“Something about this doesn’t seem right.”

Da Gang who had remained silent all this while suddenly uttered.

“Hmm?” Roddy glanced at Da Gang.

“The car in front had suddenly stopped, causing us to slam into them,” Da Gang pointed to the front.

The gears in Chen Xiaolian’s mind moved and he observed the scene before him. Then, he turned around to look behind.

He quickly discovered that another car had come to a stop some distance behind their MPV. Two people had alighted from the car and they quietly, slowly moved toward them.

“Something is not right!” Chen Xiaolian’s face fell and he abruptly recalled the assassination attempt on Qiao Yifeng from a few nights ago.

At that moment, the chauffeur in front suddenly gasped in shock as a hand stretched inside and pulled the chauffeur out from the driver’s seat!

The strength behind the action was so strong that it ripped out the seat belts!

“Roddy!” Chen Xiaolian howled and Roddy charged out of the MPV.

Chen Xiaolian followed suit. Just as he was moving out from the MPV, he heard a “hey” shout coming from Roddy!

Roddy was already fighting against one of the men. As for the chauffeur, he was lying motionless on the ground.

“Stay in the car!” Chen Xiaolian shut the door to the MPV behind him.

Another man had stepped forward to besiege Roddy. Chen Xiaolian moved forward and sent a fist toward the back of that man’s head.

That man dodged in a flash and a dagger flashed out unmistakeably in his hand. He bent and the dagger stabbed toward Chen Xiaolian’s chest!

Chen Xiaolian narrowed his eyes and he retreated one step after another. He retreated all the way until his back made contact with the surface of the MPV. Seeing the incoming dagger, Chen Xiaolian dodged to the side and the dagger pierced into the car!

The dagger was incredibly sharp to the point where even the handle made its way in!


By the time Yu Jiajia, who was seated inside the MPV screamed out, the dagger had already been pulled out of the car!

Chen Xiaolian quickly made his deduction!

That was no ordinary dagger! It was most likely an equipment acquired through the system!

Roddy was tussling with the other man – even though Roddy did not have any martial skills, he was still someone with an enhanced body. His body had [B] class attributes.

He would not be taken down so easily.

By then, the other two men from the back had dropped all attempts to be subtle. They charged forward with guns in their hands!

Chen Xiaolian gritted his teeth and pulled out a gun with his left hand while his right hand pulled out ‘Fearless War Axe’ from the system!

Lashing out with Head Cleaver, his move shocked the man he was fighting against. The man retreated and used the dagger in his hand to block the attack.

A breaking sound rang out and the dagger was broken into two! Chen Xiaolian raised his other hand and fired away with his gun. The bullets fired struck the man on his chest!

The man uttered a muffled grunt and cast a grudging expression at Chen Xiaolian before slumping weakly onto the ground.

Seeing another man running over while opening fire with a gun, Chen Xiaolian narrowed his eyes, he then raised his axe to defend himself. The double-bladed axe had a broad surface area and the bullets fired bounced off its surface.

The other party saw the axe in Chen Xiaolian’s hand and he shouted fiercely. Then, he pulled out a long sword and slashed it down before Chen Xiaolian!

Chen Xiaolian raised his axe to block the attack and the sound of metal hitting metal echoed out! Both their bodies shook and they looked at one another.

Chen Xiaolian’s strength was at [B+] class, but his opponent was clearly in no way weaker than him!

After executing two of three attack moves of Demon King of Confusion’s Three Axes in succession, he found that the opponent was able to block them all without suffering from any damage. Chen Xiaolian quickly changed his pace and utilized the Charging Stinger skill.

His opponent was clearly in no hurry to finish things off. However, once Chen Xiaolian utilized the Charging Stinger skill, his Agility soared. A “chi” sound was heard as the tip of his axe tore through his opponent’s clothes. His opponent dodged away and his clothes were torn to pieces, revealing the protective suit within.

Chen Xiaolian took a glance at the suit and his heart sank!

Judging by the colour of the protective suit… if Chen Xiaolian was not mistaken, it was an [A] class protective suit!

At that moment, another gun-toting fellow had arrived. He ignored Chen Xiaolian and aimed his gun at Roddy…

By then, Roddy had already pushed his opponent down onto the ground. He had one hand on his opponent’s neck while the other hand held onto his opponent’s hand. The two of them were locked in a stalemate.

Chen Xiaolian’s face turned grim. He quickly stepped aside to toss out Fearless War Axe!

A bang rang out and the gun-toting fellow’s neck tilted to the side as Fearless War Axe cleaved its way into his shoulder. Half his body was instantly stained with blood! The fellow screamed out miserably and fell to his knees on the spot. The gun in his hands too, fell to the ground.

Chen Xiaolian tried to rush over only to have the long sword-wielding man slash at him. Seeing that Chen Xiaolian was now unarmed, he took advantage of this moment to attack. Chen Xiaolian took two steps backward and summoned out Garfield!

A majestic leopard-like animal suddenly appeared in broad daylight. Thankfully, the street they were in was secluded with little to no pedestrians or incoming cars – apparently, the other party had specially selected this place for their actions.

Unleashing a roar, Garfield pounced forward.

The long sword-wielding man sneered. “You’re seeking death! You’re using [A] class power!”

He quickly retreated and the long sword in his hand flew out toward Roddy’s back!

Chen Xiaolian was shocked and he quickly leapt forward to pull Roddy away. The sword sliced through Roddy’s cheeks and into the ground, creating sparks of flames in the process!

The man smiled contemptuously. Then, with a flick of his wrist, he caused the sword to fly back into his hands.

Turning around, he opened the door to the MPV and delivered a punch onto Da Gang who had tried to rush him. With one hand, he swept up his two injured companions and tossed them into the MPV.

Chen Xiaolian rushed forward. However, as the man was turning around, a faint air flow appeared before him…

By then, Garfield had already descended before the man. However, he only sneered. His long sword shot out to deflect Garfield’s charging blow. Then, with a turn of his body, the blade of the sword drew out an arc of light.

A semi-circular arc of light flew out at incredible speed!

Chen Xiaolian hastily crouched down. Unfortunately for one of Garfield’s doppelgangers, he was unable to dodge in time and was sliced through by the attack. Then, he turned into a beam of light before disappearing.

The other two of Garfield’s doppelgangers were about to pounce forward when the two airflows suddenly appeared, locking the two of them in place!

Although it had lasted for only a few seconds, in that time, the man had steadily marched forward and engaged Chen Xiaolian again. Their fists connected and Chen Xiaolian staggered backward. The man took advantage of that instant to jump into the car.

At the same time, Roddy’s opponent got up and leapt upward. His body slammed through the window and he got into the MPV.

The MPV was started up and it charged forward!

Roddy who was standing before the MPV saw it charging at him. He quickly jumped to the side. Then, he watched as the MPV drove away.

“Damn it! Chase!” Chen Xiaolian gritted his teeth and he ran toward the car left behind by those men.

Roddy who was right behind him got into the car as well. Chen Xiaolian started up the car and quickly gave chase.

“Do you want me to summon the Mech?” Roddy’s eyes shone.

“Not just yet!” Chen Xiaolian’s face was grim. “Save up the summoning time. We may need it later on!”

Garfield had already been summoned back into the system. Their car sped forward in hot pursuit of the MPV.

“Thirteenth Bro and Ninth Bro won’t make it.”

Inside the MPV, the man who was fighting Roddy raised his head in anger. “Bastard!”

The man driving the MPV was none other than the one who was fighting against Chen Xiaolian. His long sword had already been kept. When he heard the news, his eyes twitched and he coldly said. “Hmph! For now, send the objective to the target location! They are still chasing us… lure them over there and finish them off right there! We’ve taken a huge loss this time! To think that this little girl would have such powerful bodyguards! It seems Qiao Yifeng really dotes on her!”

Yu JIajia was completely terrified and her body trembled as she lay on the back seat.

“Ninth Bro! Ninth Bro! Thirteenth Bro!”

The fellow at the back row held onto his two companions tightly. He had already fed them with Healing Beast Bloods. Unfortunately, it appeared that the injuries they received were too much. That was especially true for the one whose shoulder was cleaved by Chen Xiaolian. The attack had split open part of his body.

Seeing that his two companions were no longer breathing, the man let out a furious roar. He picked up Chen Xiaolian’s Fearless War Axe, raised it up and sent it chopping down toward the unconscious Da Gang’s body.


Yu Jiajia let out a shrill scream and jumped up. She clung onto the man’s arm, only to have him throw a backhand at her. She was tossed back onto the back row seat.

“Don’t do anything first,” The driver who was clearly their leader said coolly. “Seventh Bro, when we reach the target location, we can slowly torture him.”

Then, he looked at them from the rear view mirror. “Fearless War Axe? [A] class equipment! Those two brats are quite something!”

Yu Jiajia who was lying on the back seat let out a moan. She felt her head spinning slightly. Then, she saw the corpses of the two assassins slowly transforming into a clump of light before slowly disappearing…

Yu Jiajia became dumbstruck.

However, she then saw an even stranger phenomenon.

Two circular metal spheres appeared on the floor of the MPV. However, the one called Seventh Bro did not appear to notice them… the metal spheres rolled toward his feet. But he did not show any reaction toward them at all. Then, due to the movement of the MPV, the metal spheres rolled away and reached Da Gang’s feet.

Da Gang had fainted. However, his nose was bleeding. His blood dripped down one after another, and one of them made contact with the surface of one of the metal spheres…

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