GOR – Chapter 161

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GOR Chapter 161: Meet Once More

It was currently rush hour.

Thus, they were able to quickly catch up… in just ten minutes, the black coloured sedan where Qiao Qiao’s father was in, the white coloured Volkswagen and the cab where Chen Xiaolian was in were all stuck in the same crossroad.

The cab driver glanced suspiciously at Chen Xiaolian as he attempted to guess Chen Xiaolian’s circumstance.

Bringing out a stack of bills to get a cab in order to chase the car in front – this was something one would usually see in dramas.

“Little friend, looking at your age, you do not seem like the police… are you chasing after your girlfriend?” The driver opened his mouth and asked.

Chen Xiaolian gave an “en” and glanced at him. “Do not ask so much, just chase after the car in front. Do not ask about other stuff.”

Snubbed, the driver shut up his mouth. Although he was not too happy with it, back when he accepted the money, he saw that there were at least two thousand yuans there. That much money was the equivalent of several days’ worth of income for him.

Oh well, those who have money is king.

The traffic during peak hours was abnormally high. It took them nearly half an hour in order to drive out of the main road.

Seeing the road ahead becoming more spacious and isolated, Chen Xiaolian checked the road signs and determined that this path would lead them to the outskirts of Hangzhou, Qianjiang.

They are moving through the side of the river?

The cab driver’s skill was clearly good. The cab hung at the back, neither too near nor too far away.

After over ten minutes… Chen Xiaolian remained hesitant on whether or not he should give Qiao Qiao a call.

If the only thing he saw was that someone was tailing her father, he would have made the call long ago.

However… he had accidentally found out that Qiao Qiao’s father was sugar daddying a young girl. Talking about something like that would be awkward.

As Chen Xiaolian was hesitating, something unexpected happened!

The Volkswagen abruptly charged forward!

It abruptly sped forward and changed its course, overtaking the black coloured sedan through the side. Following that, a loud braking sound could be heard!

The Volkswagen came to a halt in front, placing itself in the middle of the road.

The black coloured sedan braked but still smashed into the body of the white coloured Volkswagen!

With a loud bang, the sedan skidded forward through a distance of over ten meters before stopping. By then, the hood of the black coloured sedan had been deformed and forced up!

Chen Xiaolian cried out in shock. He quickly had the cab driver stop the cab by the side of the road before pulling open the door and rushing out.

The door to the first passenger seat was forced open and the man in black quickly jumped out. He then moved to open the back door; he pulled out Qiao Qiao’s father and Yu Jiajia.

There was a fairly calm expression on Qiao Qiao’s father as he pulled Yu Jiajia onto the road.

The chauffeur for the black coloured sedan lay unconscious upon the steering wheel, not moving at all.

It was at that moment…

The doors to the white coloured Volkswagen burst open!

The doors that were deformed as a result of the earlier collision flew outward.

The sound of twisting metal was emitted from the durable doors of the Volkswagen.

Four muscular men got out of the Volkswagen at the same time. Chen Xiaolian was able to note that these four men were obviously no ordinary people!

That was especially true for the two on the other side of the Volkswagen. After getting out of the vehicle, they vaulted over the Volkswagen and landed on the other side.

The man in the lead was a burly looking man, who suddenly broke into a run. Then, he delivered a kick onto the front part of the black coloured sedan! With a boom, the black coloured sedan was sent skidding away.

The man in black quickly ran forward and leapt through the air. The sedan skidded across the ground beneath him.

Then, the man in black descended, his elbow striking downward!

The burly man raised his arm to block it. A thud was heard and he staggered, one leg going down to the ground. His knee slammed down onto the ground, causing a crack to appear.

The man in black’s attack made contact. However, another fellow quickly rushed forward to execute a roundhouse kick aimed at the man in black’s back. The kick forced him backward.

The burly man took the opportunity to jump up, a short knife appearing in his hand. The blade of the knife shone out in the middle of the night!

The man in black took two steps back as the light emanating from the knife flashed across his face.

The man in black went into a bare-handed stance meant to seize the knife. After an exchange, he easily grabbed onto the other party’s knife holding wrist. Taking advantage of the momentum, the man in black stepped forward and turned his body, forcing the burly man’s body to slid through his hand. Then, with a flick of his wrist, the man in black forced the other party to let go of the knife.

Soon after, another person pulled out a gun and fired out two shots at the man in black!

In the darkness of the night, Yu Jiajia’s terrified screams rang out through the night skies.

The man in black was struck by the two shots and he staggered. However, he did not fall! He then broke into a run and slammed into the other party’s chest, his knee striking that man’s lower abdomen area. At the same time, he disarmed the man and sent a fist flying toward the man’s face! The man’s nose was instantly dented inward!

Everything happened within the span of a few seconds, leaving Chen Xiaolian gaping.

A conclusion came to mind.

These were no ordinary people!

Those assassins who were riding in the Volkswagen were no ordinary people!

How could ordinary people send the doors of a car flying with a kick? How could an ordinary people cause a crack to appear on the ground when their knee slammed onto the ground?

While Chen Xiaolian was staring dumbly at the spectacle, the other two assassins had pounced toward Qiao Qiao’s father!

The man in black was obviously being held down and could only watch as the two fellows charged toward his employer. Turning around, he howled and kicked the knife that was left lying on the ground.

The short knife shot forward, flying toward the central back area of one of the assassins. The fellow spat out a muffled groan and fell onto the ground.

Unfortunately, before the man in black could run forward, the burly man roared and used both hands to hold onto him!

The man in black exerted all his might to extricate himself and the creaking sound of bones could be heard. He abruptly flipped backward, slamming violently onto the ground!

Beneath him, a spurt of blood was ejected from the burly man’s mouth. However, the man stubbornly clung onto him, refusing to let go.

One of the assassins had arrived before Qiao Qiao’s father!

The assassin reached out his hand to grab Father Qiao’s wrist, but…

A hand suddenly appeared, grabbing onto his wrist instead!

The assassin turned his head and saw a fair faced teenager looking back at him.

Chen Xiaolian flicked his hand and the assassin was sent flying. However, the assassin made a somersault in the air and landed on his feet.

Chen Xiaolian’s mind became traoubled.

His strength was now at [B+] class!

Yet, the assassin only looked at Chen Xiaolian with a cold gaze. The assassin abruptly waved both his hands and two scimitars appeared within his hands! Those scimitars appeared… familiar?

Chen Xiaolian no longer has any other weapons. His Bone Crusher Axe had been destroyed and his only other weapon, Snow Edge had been given to Xia Xiaolei…

Hesitating for a moment, Chen Xiaolian quickly turned around to pick up a trashcan from the roadside. His hand pressed down on it and the base of the trashcan was instantly compressed!

Holding the metal trashcan in his hand, he leapt toward the assassin.

The assassin brandished both his scimitars and two “cha” sounds rang out. Chen Xiaolian retreated and felt nothing on his hands. The two sides of the trashcan had been slashed off.

The trashcan was too easily cut through!

Chen Xiaolian then turned around and ran toward the sedan. He then tore out one of the doors of the sedan.

This huge object could be used to smash others and could also serve as a shield.

With the door in hand, Chen Xiaolian stepped forward once more and fought against the assassin.

Keng! Keng!

Two slashes struck onto the surface of the door and Chen Xiaolian could feel that the other party’s strength was very strong. It was in no way inferior to his!

Moreover… the other party’s speed was far higher than he had expected.

It was then…

Keng! Cha!

Another slash descended and Chen Xiaolian felt his hands becoming lighter. He then saw that the door had been cut into two!

The slash had nearly reached Chen Xiaolian’s chest! If he had been one step closer, blood would likely had been shed.

“Son of a bitch!”

Chen Xiaolian shouted furiously.

At that moment, he also received a surprising notification.

[System prompt: The enemy is utilizing Snow Edge, Break skill triggered! Sustainable duration: 5 seconds.]


Chen Xiaolian raised his head to look at the other party and at the scimitars in his hand.

Snow Edge?



Chen Xiaolian no longer hesitated!

He instantly summoned out his Four-Eyed War Cat!

A beam of white light flashed out and Garfield’s mighty form appeared before him. Moreover, there were three of him!

The other party’s face immediately turned pale. He stared at Garfield momentarily and abruptly uttered with a hoarse voice. “Bastard! [A] class pet?”

The assassin quickly backed off, both his hands still holding onto the scimitars. He shouted. “Some bastard is using [A] class powers! We need to hurry up and leave this place!”

The man in black had already gotten up. He rushed toward Qiao Qiao’s father. As for the burly man, he staggered up and forced himself to retreat.

The two sides quickly split apart. The dual wielding assassin propped up the burly man while the fellow who had used the gun earlier carried the fellow with the knife sticking out from his back.

“Idiot! You lackey! You will die!”

The scimitar-wielding assassin snorted and a car suddenly appeared before him!

Chen Xiaolian was certain that the assassin must have prepared the car within a storage equipment. The four assassins quickly got inside the car and they sped away.

It was then that the man in black walked over. He pulled open the car to the driver’s seat and tossed the unconscious chauffeur onto the side of the road.

“Mr. Qiao! Hurry up and enter the car, we need to leave this place immediately! There may be more than one wave of assassins!”

Qiao Qiao’s father looked at Chen Xiaolian with a complicated expression. “You…”

At present, Chen Xiaolian himself was feeling flustered. As he looked at Qiao Qiao’s father, there was only confusion in his mind.

The man in black walked over and brought with him the terrified and crying Yu Jiajia. He pushed her toward Chen Xiaolian. “Please take care of her for a moment! I need to bring Mr. Qiao away as soon as possible! Their objective his him!”

“Eh? I…”

The man in black did not give Chen Xiaolian any chance to reply. He simply pulled Qiao Qiao’s father away and led him into the car. Then, he hopped onto the driver’s seat.

Although the front side of the car had been deformed, it was still capable of starting up. Soon, the car was running again and it sped away in another direction.

Chen Xiaolian simply stood right there, his hand clutching onto Yu Jiajia’s hand. Looking at her, he saw that she had been scared senseless.

Qiao Qiao’s father?

Awakened ones’ assassination?


At that moment however…

A reddish orange glow abruptly flashed through the night sky…

Chen Xiaolian hastily turned his head and saw…


A loud explosion resonated outward!

A huge orange coloured fireball soared up into the skies!

It was the black coloured sedan carrying Qiao Qiao’s father!

The sedan was blown up into the air and it flipped around in the skies twice, the body of the vehicle transforming into a huge fireball. Then, it smashed onto the ground.

On a tall building beside the road, a fellow in all black attire placed down a uniquely shaped longbow and coldly said. “Task complete! I am leaving now.”

“Dea… dead?” Chen Xiaolian was utterly dumbfounded.

Qiao Qiao’s father… died?

He died before my very eyes?

He was directly killed while inside the sedan? His body had become part of the sedan and is now a pile of scrap metal?

The distant fires raged on as Chen Xiaolian stood rooted to the spot.

Yu Jiajia, who was standing beside him made no noise. Instead, her eyelids fluttered and she fainted.

Chen Xiaolian bolted forward. Unfortunately, the flames were too strong and he was unable to get close to the burning sedan. The raging flames and thick smoke spread out…

“Damn it!”

Chen Xiaolian could already hear the distant sound of sirens approaching.

He quickly ran back and saw Yu Jiajia who had fainted by the roadside. Carrying her, he quickly ran to the side of the road. He ran into the darkness and soon found himself in an alley.

Within the darkness, Chen Xiaolian did not even bother following any directions. He ran aimlessly and followed whichever path he could find. Whenever he saw a road, he would run forward. Whenever he saw an alley, he would make a turn. Whenever he encountered a wall, he would simply jump over it.

Although he was carrying a person, his body attribute now has a [B+] class Physique. It was capable of supporting him through his half hour of senseless running. Then, he gradually slowed down.

He felt as though he had run a distance of nearly five to six km.

He was now within another district. Everywhere was brightly lit and bustling shops and restaurants could be seen on both sides.

Feeling terribly confused, Chen Xiaolian found a rundown motel and entered.

The owner observed him carrying a girl with him but said nothing. Chen Xiaolian handed over several hundred yuans and the owner tossed out a key from the back of the counter. After that, the owner lowered his head to continue playing with his mobile phone. He mumbled. “Girls these days. Drinking themselves into stupor only to get messed around with by others. Serves them right…”

Chen Xiaolian carried Yu Jiajia upstairs and into the room, then he placed her onto the bed.

The room was shabby and Chen Xiaolian did not turn on the lights. Instead, he drew the curtains and looked outside.

There was nothing unusual out in the streets. No police cars, no sirens. Everything appeared to be proceeding normally.

It was likely due to the fact that the incident had occurred too far away. Even if police officers arrived at the scene, they would not search up to here.

Chen Xiaolian bit his lips and produced his mobile phone. Taking a deep breath, he forced himself to calm down.

He called up Qiao Qiao.

Qiao Qiao’s father had died!

And he watched him die!

No matter what, this was something he had to tell her.

“Hello? Xiaolian?”

From across the phone, Qiao Qiao spoke with a relaxed tone. Carrying a trace of laughter, she then murmured. “Why did you suddenly decide to call me?”

“En…” Chen Xiaolian sighed and tried to find the right words to say.

“Is everything going well? Have you met up with Han Bi?”

“Qiao Qiao, something happened,” Chen Xiaolian hesitated. “Where are you now?”

“Me? I am at home,” Qiao Qiao detected something wrong with Chen Xiaolian’s voice. “What is it?”

“You… you should sit down first. Calm down. There is something I need to tell you. You… you need to mentally prepare yourself. En…”

Qiao Qiao’s side became silent for a moment. “… what is it?  What happened?”

“Today, I…” Just as those two words left Chen Xiaolian’s mouth, a prompt was suddenly issued out from his mobile phone. Someone was calling him.

His mobile phone has the call waiting feature.

Checking the incoming call, Chen Xiaolian became shocked.

This number?!

He quickly said. “Qiao Qiao, wait a moment!”

Without waiting for Qiao Qiao’s response, Chen Xiaolian immediately switched calls.

“Hello?” Chen Xiaolian said with a nervous voice.

“Chen Xiaolian?” The voice coming out of the phone sounded exhausted. “I think we should meet up once more! Right now!”

The voice belonged to Qiao Qiao’s father!

“You… did not die?”

“The address is XXXX. Hurry over and bring Yu Jiajia with you.”

The call ended.

Chen Xiaolian held onto the phone for a good ten seconds before quickly recollecting himself. He switched calls back to Qiao Qiao’s phone. “Ah, there is no more problem! I will call you back later!”

“Wha… what? Chen Xiaolian? What exactly is going on? Hello? Hello?”

Chen Xiaolian quickly ended the call and picked Yu Jiajia up from the bed. Carrying her, he quickly exited the motel.

The owner of the motel who was sitting behind the counter saw Chen Xiaolian coming out together with the girl after only several minutes and he pursed his lips to the side.

“Youngsters these days. They only look good but are useless. It has only been how long? A mini whirlwind on the bed…” [1]

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1 ‘A mini whirlwind on the bed, incapable of lasting more than one minute’ is a phrase from a movie, Perfect Exchange, starring Andy Lau and Leung Ka Fai.


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  1. The owner observed him carrying a girl with him but said nothing. Chen Xiaolian handed over several hundred yuans and the owner tossed out a key from the back of the counter. After that, the owner lowered his head to continue playing with his mobile phone. He mumbled. “Girls these days. Drinking themselves into stupor only to get messed around with by others. Serves them right…”
    The owner of the motel who was sitting behind the counter saw Chen Xiaolian coming out together with the girl after only several minutes and he pursed his lips to the side.


    “Youngsters these days. They only look good but are useless. It has only been how long? A mini whirlwind on the bed…” [1]

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