GOR – Chapter 158 Part 3

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GOR Chapter 158 Part 3: Small D

Standing before the school gate, Chen Xiaolian looked at the thin youngster before him.

The thin youngster wore thick work uniform, but was fully drenched in mud water.

His hair was thinning, his chin angular with a sparse amount of stubble upon it. He gave off the image of a dirty person.

“What is your name?”

No answer.

“How old are you?”

No answer.

“Where do you live?”

The youngster’s eyes gave a slight flicker and he pointed toward the school.

“You live in the school?”

He did not answer and only quietly nodded his head.

“Do those people always bully you?”

The youngster looked at Chen Xiaolian, a numb expression revealed upon his face. It was as though there was no reaction from him.

Chen Xiaolian gave a bitter smile and rubbed his nose. “I say, back then, I helped you out. Shouldn’t you at least say thank you?”

“… thank you,” The youngster replied in an indifferent and stiff voice.

Chen Xiaolian came to believe the words of the chubby cheeked girl. This youngster was likely suffering from some mental issues.

He then took out his wallet and retrieved all the red coloured bills out. After that, he shoved them into the youngster’s hand. “Just go.”

The youngster did not move. He looked at the money within his hand and gripped it tightly until it formed a ball. Then, he looked up at Chen Xiaolian and asked. “You are… looking for someone?”

Chen Xiaolian’s heart skipped a beat. “Han Bi! Do you know him? He is a student who studies in this school. He likes to play with aircraft models.”

“I know,” The youngster nodded his head stiffly.

Chen Xiaolian became delighted. “Then, do you know how to contact him? Or his place of residence?”

“… … …” The youngster silently shook his head.

“Sigh,” Chen Xiaolian let out a sigh. “Never mind. You should head home. Your entire body is wet, you should go get a hot bath or you will end up falling sick. Next time, keep an eye out for those football players and make sure to keep your distance from then. Just hide from them for some time. Once they graduate, you will not have to worry about them anymore.”

The youngster turned around and was about to leave when suddenly, he turned back and shoved the roll of bills back toward Chen Xiaolian.

“I… am no fool,” The youngster said in a stiff manner before turning around and leaving.

Observing the back of the thin youngster walking away amid the rain, Chen Xiaolian was suddenly visited by a strange feeling.

A faint feeling welled up from deep within his heart, then…


A clear voice from behind interrupted Chen Xiaolian’s thoughts.

Turning around, he saw a black coloured car parked beside the street.

The window of the car rolled down.

A girl’s face was revealed from inside.

Black coloured ponytail and a white coloured wool sweater. With her pure and pleasant appearance and her glittering eyes, she gave off the image of a standard pure girl.

It was none other than the school beauty known as Yu Jiajia, the one whom he had seen back in the sports field stand.

Although she was very beautiful, Chen Xiaolian had no interest in her.

More accurately, after what happened earlier, he did not have a good impression toward this girl.

She was probably the type of girl that would often be labelled as a ‘Goddess’ by those around her. Relying on their beauty, these females would garner the attention and flattery of those around her. They will deliberately attract the attention of males and provoke the males to fight one another. As for them, they would never feel bored of such a spectacle.

There were many of such females in this world. Even in Chen Xiaolian’s school, such characters existed.

Back then, in order to gain her attention, the football players went to bully an innocent. However, all she did was sit at the side-lines as a silent spectator. That act of hers left a bad impression within Chen Xiaolian.

Chen Xiaolian ignored her. Turning around, he walked away along the side of the street.

“Hey!” Yu Jiajia felt somewhat surprised. However, the car soon caught up to him as it slowly drove along the side of the street, in parallel with Chen Xiaolian.

“Who are you?”

Chen Xiaolian ignored her.

“How can you be so lacking in manners?”

“Earlier, why did you threaten the girls?”

“Hey! I’m talking to you.”

Chen Xiaolian treated her as though she was air and continued walking forward.

“Aren’t you looking for Han Bi?”

Chen Xiaolian stopped in his tracks. At the same time, the car too, stopped.

He turned to look at the girl inside the car. “You…”

“I know him.”

Chen Xiaolian shook his head. “Just now, someone had already informed me. There was indeed a classmate of Han Bi among your group of girls. However, that person is the short-haired girl and not you.”

“That is correct,” Yu Jiajia deliberately smiled. It seemed she really have filmed some advertisements before. She knew how to adjust her smile lightly to accentuate her own beauty. However, Chen Xiaolian had no interest in her intentional charm. Yu Jiajia smiled and said. “I am indeed not Han Bi’s classmate. But, I am his classmate from junior high school. So, I know where he lives.”

Chen Xiaolian’s expression became serious.

The matter of finding Han Bi was not exactly hard. However, it was also not an easy matter.

Han Bi had already become an Awakened. Thus, there was a high probability that he would not return to the school.

Chen Xiaolian had already made up his mind. If he were unable to find him in the day, he would break into the school at night and go through the student records.

Back then, he had broken into that heavily guarded research institute. How could a mere ordinary high school stop him?

Having said that, since this person before him claimed to know where Han Bi lives…

“You really know?” Chen Xiaolian narrowed his eyes.

“Of course,” Yu Jiajia pondered for a moment. Then, she purposely gave a wink and asked. “But why should I tell you?”

Chen Xiaolian sighed. “I have no interest in playing your childish games. Out with it, what would it take for you to tell me?”

Yu Jiajia regarded Chen Xiaolian and realized that this boy’s eyes were very resolute and thorough. Unlike the other boys, when he was looking at her, his eyes did not reveal any feelings of passion – it was not as though she had never seen such a type of eyes before. However, even if those males try to put up a false pretence of calmness and resolution, their eyes would occasionally betray their desires.

This fellow on the other hand, when he was looking at her, his eyes seemed to reveal a faint trace of disgust.

“I am not trying to cause problems for you,” Yu Jiajia suddenly felt a little nervous and she spoke out in a low voice. “Just now, I was going out of the school and I saw you give that fellow money. Why did you do so? Do you know him? Why do you want to help him?”

“I could not stand their actions, so I went out to help him. Just consider me as a busybody who is too kind for my own good,” Chen Xiaolian said with a calm voice.

Yu Jiajia bit her lips and said. “Get on the car. I will bring you over to Han Bi’s house.”

Chen Xiaolian did not show any hesitation and simply pulled open the car door and entered.

As for whether or not this was an act by a group of students who were trying to get revenge by sending someone to lure him over to some place, then getting some other people to get revenge for them…

Chen Xiaolian did not even bother considering those matters.

Considering how he had started up a tank and blasted the armoured vehicles of the Special Assault Team, matters of assaulting some high school students became a negligible issue for him.

“Ah! You…” Yu Jiajia became slightly flustered.

The main reason for that was because Chen Xiaolian had opened up the door to the back passenger seats – what she had intended was for Chen Xiaolian to sit in the first passenger seat in front.

Chen Xiaolian squeezed himself into the back seat and the girl immediately shrank back. The car was rather small and it became somewhat cramped. The girl’s cheek turned light red as a result.

The chauffeur turned around and glanced at Chen Xiaolian, his eyes conveying a certain warning. Chen Xiaolian simply ignored it.


“Head out to XXX Street,” Yu Jiajia said while putting on the façade of being undisturbed.

Along the way, Chen Xiaolian looked out the window in a bored manner and was not interested in striking up a conversation with Yu Jiajia.

The situation made Yu Jiajia felt rather awkward – whenever a male was alone with her, that person would do their utmost to find a topic in order to strike up a conversation with her in order to make her smile. However, this fellow was simply treating her as though she was nothing but air.

Yu Jiajia’s life was clearly quite good… to possess a private car and a chauffeur, she was clearly not the child of an ordinary family. Additionally, the value of this imported car was not low.

Still, Chen Xiaolian had no interest in inquiring about those matters.

Ten minutes later, Yu Jiajia ran out of patience and spoke up. “You… are friends with Han Bi?”


“How did you get to know Han Bi?”

Chen Xiaolian glanced at her before replying. “Game.”

“Game? Those online games?”


“You are very good at fighting. Are you a martial artist?”


“Do you practice wushu? Boxing? Taekwondo? Looking at your lean appearance, you simply do not look like someone who can fight.”

“… … …” This time, Chen Xiaolian was too lazy to even give an “en” for a reply.

“What is your name?”

“… … …” Likewise, Chen Xiaolian paid her no need.

This time, Yu Jiajia became furious. She snorted and chose to ignore Chen Xiaolian. Retrieving her pink coloured Apple iPhone 6, she began to play with it.

Chen Xiaolian had intended to ignore the girl. However, as he was looking outside the window, he happened to catch a glimpse of the reflection of Yu Jiajia and the screen of her mobile phone. The familiar interface quickly attracted Chen Xiaolian’s attention.


Surprisingly, it was a very well-known app, a software interface for reading through mobile phones.

Furthermore, the interface of the novel she was accessing happened to be one that Chen Xiaolian was very familiar with! The striking cover of the novel was one that Chen Xiaolian had personally chosen!

Indeed, that was the novel that he had written!

Chen Xiaolian immediately lost his composure.

“Bastard!” Yu Jiajia suddenly cursed out.

“?” Chen Xiaolian turned his head around.

“Ah, I was not cursing you,” Yu Jiajia appeared rather embarrassed. She waved the mobile phone in her hand and said. “I am scolding an author. This fellow stopped updating his novel again! This time, he had not updated for several days! Last time, he claimed that he was suffering from diarrhoea and stopped updating for three days! This time, I wonder what kind of excuse he is going to cook up!”

A cold sweat trickled out of Chen Xiaolian’s forehead.


Err, now that I think about it… back then, I did stop updating once. However, that time was really due to diarrhoea. Roddy had taken me to eat some barbeque. In the end, I suffered from food poisoning and ended up vomiting and suffering from diarrhoea for two days.

Chen Xiaolian dared not retort. He simply turned around and pretended to look out the window. However…

He has a [B+] class Physique after all. Not only has his physical strength increased, even his eyesight and ears have been enhanced.

Through the reflection from the windows, Chen Xiaolian saw Yu Jiajia typing something quickly into the mobile phone.

En… she was typing into the book review section.

“Stopped updating! You have no character! Author has no penis!”

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    “?” Chen Xiaolian turned his head around.

    “Ah, I was not cursing you,” Yu Jiajia appeared rather embarrassed. She waved the mobile phone in her hand and said. “I am scolding an author. This fellow stopped updating his novel again! This time, he had not updated for several days! Last time, he claimed that he was suffering from diarrhoea and stopped updating for three days! This time, I wonder what kind of excuse he is going to cook up!”

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