GOR – Chapter 157 Part 2

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GOR Chapter 157 Part 2: Unopened Path

“Are there no other people inside the room?”

“I have double checked it. It is absolutely safe,” Lun Tai smiled.

Chen Xiaolian had faith in Lun Tai’s abilities. Unlike the muddle-headed Bei Tai, Lun Tai’s way of working was certainly up to standard.

“The reason I contacted you two is because there is something that we need to discuss. The first thing is about the matters regarding distribution. The rewards for the Japan instance dungeon had already been issued.”

“I know,” Lun Tai nodded his head.

The reward by the system was divided into two parts.

The first part was the number of points earned by each guild member.

This part of the reward would be issued out directly to each guild member’s personal system. Thus, there was no need for Chen Xiaolian to distribute those.

In the Japan instance dungeon, everyone had to undergo a bitter battle. Thus, the amount of harvest they acquired was not small.

By assessing their performance in the three phases of the Japan instance dungeon, the points issued out by the instance dungeon were:

Lun Tai and Bei Tai earned 1,500 points each. In the first and second stage, the two brothers formed the guild’s main battle strength. Back when they had started up the tank to rampage through the streets, Bei Tai had managed to earn a considerable number of points.

Qiao Qiao: 600 points.

Soo Soo: 300 points.

Xia Xiaolei: 400 points.

The three of them had relatively minor performance within the first two phase of the instance dungeon. However, in the third phase, in order to seize the research results of the Bio-transformation Faction, they too had to do battle. However, they were simply helping to fetch the soya sauce. [1]

That was especially true for Soo Soo. Due to Qiao Qiao being overprotective, she had no opportunity to show off her blazing Phoenix skill.

As for Chen Xiaolian, his reward points was… 3,300 points!

This amount of points was truly significant. Chen Xiaolian speculated that the reason why he could acquire so much more points compared to Lun Tai and Bei Tai was because he had been the one to finish off the invisible giant monster back on the highway. Additionally, he had also used the beam rifle to severely damage the giant toad when he was in the research institute.

Those two battle contributions brought him a huge amount of harvest.

Naturally, since they were not in contact with Roddy, they were unable to find out how many points Roddy acquired.

However, even if they were to exclude points from the calculations, Roddy’s harvest was the biggest.

An [A+] class Mech!

Additionally, there were also the 6 Power Propagation Serums from the Bio-transformation Faction. Those had already been distributed.

After utilizing this medicinal substance from the Bio-transformation Faction, the two brothers, Lun Tai ans Bei Tai chose the same thing: To enhance their Physique.

Chen Xiaolian heard that Soo Soo and Xia Xiaolei had chosen to enhance their Agility.

As for Chen Xiaolian, he chose to enhance his Physique, which will increase his strength and attack power.

The last one belonged to Roddy, so no one touched it. It was still being held by Chen Xiaolian’s side.

“We also have some additional reward that the system had issued directly to the Guild Leader, that is me,” Chen Xiaolian looked at them.

Back in the instance dungeon, they had acquired a [B] class Attack Exemption Card.

Then, after the instance dungeon came to an end, the system issued out some more rewards to Chen Xiaolian.

The first item: [B+] class Storage Watch, a storage equipment. After checking, Chen Xiaolian found that the space within this storage equipment was very good. It has the size of approximately 4 cargo containers combined. The restriction imposed was that it could not store any life forms; neither living beings nor plants were allowed in it.

The second item: A Thunderstorm Tank!

The Thunderstorm Tank was a [B] class technological equipment.

The power that this equipment possessed was something that Chen Xiaolian had personally witnessed back in the Tokyo instance dungeon. One blast from its artillery could turn a normal tank into scrap metal.

Although it ended up being trampled upon before a Floating Angel, this Thunderstorm Tank still held an absolute position of authority when faced against ordinary weapons.

“At least we now have a powerful means of ground-based transportation. In addition, its firepower is very good,” Chen Xiaolian said. “Besides the driver and gunner, the Thunderstorm Tank can also accommodate ten other people. In total, twelve people can fit inside it.”

The third reward item was something of a surprise.

“Comprehensive Repair Card, [A] class,” Chen Xiaolian knitted his eyebrows. “It could repair any damage taken by any mechanical equipment below [S] class. I feel that this item is very suitable for Roddy’s Mech. Once a mechanical equipment is damaged, it could be repaired at any given moment.

“However, there is a drawback to this item. When it is being used, it will automatically transform into a maintenance warehouse. During the repairing process, the item cannot be summoned back. If this item was used in the middle of an intense battle, we will not be able to take it with us if we want to run away. It would be akin to a fixed target for enemies to attack. It is only after the repairing process is complete will we be able to summon it back.

“According to the prompt by the system, the higher the class of the equipment sent for repairs, or if the severity of damage taken by the equipment is high, then the time taken for the repairing process would become longer.”

After discussing it a bit more, they all agreed that this item was an additional reward by the system to reward Roddy for acquiring the [A+] class Mech!

Three people went into the Mechanical Faction area, Chen Xiaolian, Roddy and Nagase Komi. Rationally speaking, it was unlikely that only Roddy would get something out of the instance dungeon – the six people who entered the Bio-transformation Faction area acquired six medicinal substances!

In the Mechanical Faction area, Roddy was the only one to acquire the Mech.

Naturally, this was something unfair when considering the system’s standards. However, it was impossible to give three people the Mechs.

Thus, this [A] class Comprehensive Repair Card must be an additional reward by the system.

All three additional rewards were of the technological type. This was probably due to the fact that Tokyo instance dungeon was a technological instance dungeon.

Soon, they all came to an agreement.

As the guild’s vehicle, the Thunderstorm Tank will have Lun Tai and Roddy as its designated drivers and Bei Tai as its gunner.

The Guild Leader, Chen Xiaolian, will wear the Storage Watch and he will be in charge of the supplies for the guild.

As for the Comprehensive Repair Card, that too would now be held by Chen Xiaolian… however, it would appear that only Roddy’s Mech would be able to use that item.

“There is one other matter, everyone’s points,” Chen Xiaolian slowly said. “I understand that there are rules. Not even the Guild Leader would interfere much in the guild members’ path of development. However, our guild is different from others. We have Xia Xiaolei. With his skill, he makes the perfect logistics personnel. You all should have already known about it, he has the ability to get discounts when making purchases from the Exchange System.

“What I mean to say is… it would be best for everyone to purchase items from the Exchange System through Xia Xiaolei.

“First, doing so will help save up on points.

“Second, after looking it up a little, I made a deduction. Xia Xiaolei’s skill would likely depend on the number of usage and amount involved in order to level up. In other words, there is a possibility that the more he uses his skill, the more points he will be able to save up through his discounting skill. That could possibly be the way to level up his skill. When that happens, the amount of discount may become even higher. That is why…”

“I understand,” Lun Tai quickly made a proper decision. “I will discuss it through with Bei Tai for a bit. Then, we will decide on the items we want to purchase through the Exchange System using points and list them down before sending it over to you the Guild Leader to coordinate the purchase. I feel that having someone like Xia Xiaolei as our guild member is a very good thing. We can make the proper coordination when making purchases.”

“It is great that you understand,” Chen Xiaolian nodded his head. “You will have to create a list of the things you want to purchase and the things that needed to be enhanced to give to me. After that, we will discuss it through. Then, Xia Xiaolei will be the one to purchase the items. As for the necessary points, everyone can just send it to Xia Xiaolei.”

Both Lun Tai and Bei Tai did not object to his suggestion.

Next, Chen Xiaolian forwarded another request to the two brothers. “You two should have released enough stress for the past two days, right? Vacation is not limitless. If you are done enjoying things, then come back quickly. We still have some other matters that need to be done.”

“Other matters? Such as?”

Chen Xiaolian’s eyes flickered and he said. “After returning from Zero City, I have had this thought in mind. As a guild, we will need our own base of operations! Before heading into the instance dungeon to do battle, we will need a place where we could make the necessary preparations, be it in the form of training or preparation of equipment. We need our own base of operations! A place where we can hoard weapons, equipment, resources and various others.

“Naturally, it would be impossible for us to rival Zero City in terms of size. At the very least, we will still require a place that could be used for those aspects.

“For example, if certain equipment becomes damaged, we will need a place to repair them. Simply using the Exchange System for it would be a waste of points. Even if the base only allows us to save up a little on points, that would still be worth it.

“Additionally, we will also require some means of transport. It would be best if we could find some vehicles to modify. That way, if we ever encounter the same situation as the Tokyo instance dungeon, we will have a sufficient amount of preparations for it.”

“I agree, our own base of operations is absolutely necessary,” Lun Tai nodded his head. “Weapons, equipment, firearms and others of the like are not something we can always carry with us at all times. For weapons modification, Bei Tai can help out.”

“Then it is decided, this will be our biggest goal during this intermission period between instance dungeons. So…”

“Understood! We will end our vacation quickly and return,” Lun Tai smiled. “How about I reserve a ticket for tomorrow morning’s flights?”

“There is no need to be so hasty. The establishment of the base and the initial stages of the corresponding work are not something you guys can help out with. Qiao Qiao will think of a way and find a suitable spot. After that… you can still have a few more days of vacation. However… three days… three days! After three days, please tie things up and return.”

“No problem!” Lun Tai smiled and nodded his head.

Their video conference ended.

After turning off the monitor, Chen Xiaolian looked at Qiao Qiao. “The location for the base…”

“Just leave it to me,” Qiao Qiao smiled. “My father has some lands. If I recall correctly, there is an industrial estate located in a coastal city. That place is very remote and barren with a large abandoned factory. The piece of land is one of my father’s failed investment projects. He is probably unhappy that there is no way to use it. I can ask from him…”

Chen Xiaolian thought about it. “I think the location is quite appropriate, however…”

“Money is not a problem,” Qiao Qiao shrugged her shoulders. “If we are dead, having more money is useless.”

“Very well, I will leave this matter in your hands,” Chen Xiaolian pondered and said. “I want to make a trip.”


Chen Xiaolian looked at Qiao Qiao and sighed. “Do you remember what I said before? I feel that there is a need for me to go to Hangzhou City and meet up with Han Bi…”

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1 ‘Fetch the soya sauce’ means making minor contributions. This can be easily understood when considering a chef who is cooking food while the assistant only helps to fetch the soya sauce.


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