GOR – Chapter 144 Part 2

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GOR Chapter 144 Part 2: Terrifying Wax Figures

Chen Xiaolian was all too familiar with that smell!

This smell was the pungent waxy smell that he had to endure from back inside the washroom!

Chen Xiaolian’s heart gave a pound and he tossed aside any attempts to further consider the matter. He simply turned around, took one step back and fired out with his rifle.

Tat tat tat!

He did not hesitate to fire out a barrage of bullets.

The bullets swept across the floor and walls of the corridor, leaving a series of bullet holes.

“Guild Leader?” Nagase Komi was shocked and she raised her gun as she shivered. “What is going on?”

“Up on top!” Chen Xiaolian suddenly furrowed his eyebrows and shouted. “The ceiling! The ventilation ducts! Fire at them!”

The MP5 submachine gun in his hand sprayed out a hail of bullets, sweeping the ventilation duct on the ceiling some distance away! An air-conditioning vent was blasted to the point of falling apart.

It was then that the air-conditioning vent collapsed down! From the exposed ventilation duct, a black coloured shadow emerged!

That thing appeared like a…

Like a giant frog?

No, the surface of its body was bumpy; it would be more accurate to say that it resembled a giant toad!

The bullets from the MP5 sped toward it, striking the giant toad’s body. To Chen Xiaolian’s disappointment, all the bullets bounced off it!

The toad’s body seemed extremely soft and greasy. It was as though a thick layer of viscous liquid was covering it. Like rubber, it bounced off all the bullets striking it, letting the bullets hit its surroundings.

“Son of a bitch!”

Chen Xiaolian lowered the rifle and shouted. “Garfield!”

Garfield let out a howl and charged forward. As he was soaring through the air, his body split into three Garfield doppelgangers.

The three Garfield doppelgangers charged onto the toad, activating the Tiger Rush skill. The front most Garfield doppelganger’s attack sent the toad flying and it slammed heavily against the wall!

At that moment, something strange happened.

Like an inflatable balloon, the toad bounced off the wall after being slammed against the wall! It bounced onto the ceiling and its viscous liquid allowed it to stick to the ceiling!

Garfield opened his mouth and let loose a roar.

Cat’s Roar skill!

A transparent mass of air shot over. Unfortunately, the toad was extremely clever. It dropped down the ceiling and onto the floor, like a balloon. Then, it rolled to the back.

Cat’s Roar did not hit it!

Two Garfield doppelgangers pounced on the giant toad from both left and right. Their four paws attempted to press down the toad. However, the surface of the toad’s body was covered with too much of the viscous liquid. Who knew what that viscous liquid was, but Garfield’s paws slid across it while the toad remained unharmed. The toad quickly snuck away from the doppelgangers before turning around, opening its mouth.


A clump of viscous liquid shot out from the toad’s mouth and fell onto the bodies of the two Garfield doppelgangers.

The two Garfield doppelgangers were rapidly caught by the huge clump of viscous liquid. They struggled desperately to break free. However, the more they struggled, the more chaotic it became and the tighter they found themselves caught within it.

As the giant toad was about to spit out more of its viscous liquid, Garfield’s third doppelganger leapt forward.

His front paw swiped out in a blow that carried its full might! But the toad was simply smacked away like a rubber ball. After bouncing around the corridor for a while, it shook its body and got up again.

The thick layer of viscous liquid on its body was acting as a thick layer of defence and cushion. All attacks against it had their forces dispersed by that layer.

“What the son of a bitch monster is this?” Chen Xiaolian gritted his teeth. “Garfield, hold that thing!”

Chen Xiaolian quickly turned around and swiped the card across the card reader device.

After several beeping sounds, the thick metal fence door slowly rose up.

“Go go go! Hurry up and go!”

Chen Xiaolian tossed the two girls inside before charging in himself! Then, he swiped the card across the card reader device located beside the door.

Following two beeping sounds, the metal fence door fell down heavily!

At the same time, the third Garfield doppelganger had been trapped by the viscous liquid as well. His entire body was covered with the jelly like substance. No matter how hard he tried to break free, he could not succeed.

Chen Xiaolian saw that all three of Garfield’s doppelgangers were now trapped by the viscous liquid.

Chen Xiaolian shouted. “Come back, Garfield!”

Following a beam of light, the three Garfield doppelgangers disappeared, together with the clump of viscous liquid entangling them. Chen Xiaolian has summoned them back into the system.

The giant toad rushed over and its body slammed onto the metal fence with a bang!

The metal fence that was as thick as an arm was indeed durable. Living up to its name of a form of alloy, the door did not even shake from the impact!

Chen Xiaolian quickly pulled the two girls back and they quickly retreated. Mai Sumoku was scared senseless and could only scream out continuously. Nagase Komi could not even scream out as Chen Xiaolian pushed her two to three meters to the back.

Chen Xiaolian turned around to face the giant toad.

The metal fence door separated them both.

Chen Xiaolian could clearly sense that the toad’s eyes were staring at him. Within those eyes, there was a faint feeling of coldness.

Ka ka.

Chen Xiaolian raised the MP5 submachine gun and fired out two bursts. The bullets struck the toad’s body and were bounced off.

“Hmph!” Chen Xiaolian regarded the toad. “It turned out to be a toad!”

Looking at the toad before him, Chen Xiaolian felt relieved.

It appeared that the monster was unable to break through the security door.

Apparently, the security door of this place was extremely durable.

However, right when Chen Xiaolian was feeling relieved… in the very next moment, he froze up!

The giant toad charged forward, plastering its huge body onto the metal door!

Next, its mouth began to discharge its viscous liquid continuously.

Its body was just like an untied balloon as it shrank at an extremely rapid pace!

The gap on the fence door was only 10 cm in width.

This monster’s body, however was rapidly becoming flatter and flatter… additionally, the layer of viscous liquid on its body also acted as a form of lubricant…

Bit by bit, it was able to push in a small part of its body through the gap in the fence!

“Oh, Hell! Hurry up and run!” Chen Xiaolian’s face distorted and he turned around, grabbing Nagase Komi and Mai Sumoku as he attempted to run.

Just as he was about to extend his hand to grab Mai Sumoku, the toad suddenly opened its mouth and a crimson tongue shot out like lightning!

Like a red coloured lightning, the tongue travelled nearly three meters and wrapped around the shoulders of Mai Sumoku, who was kneeling and crying sharply on the floor. Then, the tongue rapidly rolled back!

The girl’s sizeable body was pulled toward the toad by the tongue!

Before Chen Xiaolian could pull her back, the tongue had already pulled Mai Sumoku until she was before the toad. The toad retracted its tongue and blood flowed from Mai Sumoku’s body.

The toad did not give Chen Xiaolian any chance to save Mai Sumoku and bit down onto her shoulder!

When the toad opened its mouth, Chen Xiaolian noticed that it has the same circle of sharp, serrated teeth that the giant insect from back then had.

Following a “kacha” sound, the Japanese girl’s miserable shrieks were cut off! Part of her body, the left side of her shoulder was bitten off by the toad!

Blood sprayed out and the internal organs from her chest fell out.

The toad quickly spat out a huge amount of viscous liquid to cover the girl’s corpse…

Chen Xiaolian cursed out loudly. Without showing any hesitation, he turned around, pulled Nagase Komi and ran!

The damned toad was too much of a freak!

It was mainly due to its miraculous layer of viscous liquid. Its defensive powers were too overwhelming. The layer of viscous liquid cushioned off even Garfield’s [A-] strength and he was unable to harm the monster. In contrast, the toad did not reveal much of its attacks.

Chen Xiaolian has no intention of toughing it out with the monster. He pulled Nagase Komi and ran madly to the interior.

The area after the security door was clearly one grade higher.

Before them was a spiral shaped staircase leading upward. They were able to see a huge room made of a material that resembled transparent glass.

The room surrounded by the transparent glass was filled with various instruments and control panels. It was the master control room.

This place was obviously the central hub of this place. Moreover, the control room was located high above, giving it a great view from above.

Chen Xiaolian pulled Nagase Komi up the stairs and glanced back to see that the toad had just ‘squeezed’ itself inside through the gap in the fence door.

“Stop looking! Hurry up and move!” Chen Xiaolian slapped Nagase Komi on her head.

The door to the control room was opened.

It was unknown if the people had left the door opened during the evacuation or if it was due to something else. The two of them rushed into the control room and Chen Xiaolian quickly sent his hand out to shut the door.

He then rapped the glass wall and found that it was very thick.

“For a place like this, this glass should at least be bulletproof, right?” Chen Xiaolian aimed his MP5 submachine gun at the glass and fired. As expected, it only left minor white coloured marks.

“Hopefully, this glass wall can help us block it for a moment.”

Chen Xiaolian looked around and saw that there were two doors within this control room, one left and one right. He felt a little at ease.

He quickly ran toward the control panel but the controls were too complex. Despite studying it for a long period of time, he was unable to find any clues about what he needed to do. He could not help but feel frustrated.

Picking up the walkie-talkie to call Roddy, all he got was the “zzzt zzzt” sounds.

Self-destruct device… self-destruct device…

Chen Xiaolian checked the control panel in frustration.

In most movies, don’t these self-destruct devices usually have a big eye-catching, red coloured button?

After you press it, a huge screen should appear, clearly putting the countdown on display – shouldn’t that be the case for most movies?

Chen Xiaolian was unable to do anything as he looked at the high number of buttons arranged densely on the control panel.

Then, he heard several banging sounds!

Turning his head around to look, he saw that the giant toad had already jumped its way up the stairs and was throwing itself onto the transparent glass door!

Pa! Pa! Pa!

This time, the glass door was a fully sealed door with no gaps for the toad to slip through. The toad’s body suddenly swelled up like a balloon.




The toad slammed onto the glass door and glass wall, again and again!

Under the toad’s constant attacks, the reinforced bulletproof glass gave out “weng weng” sounds.

“Guild Leader! It… will it get inside?”

“Don’t worry!” Chen Xiaolian spoke out some words of comfort while he secretly gave a bitter smile: How would I know…

He casually pressed some buttons on the control panel’s keyboard, but there was no response.

Just then, a loud boom rang out from the outside!

Numerous cracks had appeared upon the glass door! Subsequently, part of it collapsed down!

Seeing that there was a way through, the giant toad hastily tried to push its body through!

“Damn it!” Chen Xiaolian was infuriated. He quickly snatched up a chair and charged forward, slamming brutally onto the part of the toad’s body that was squeezing itself inside.

After smashing it a few times, the toad’s body was flattened and it slowly shrank back.

“Move move move! Move out of the door!” Chen Xiaolian turned around and said.

At that moment, a sound suddenly came from the outside.

“Xiaolian! Where are you? Xiaolian!”

Chen Xiaolian looked through the glass wall and saw Roddy below the stairs. He was carrying his sniper rifle as he stood outside the security fence door!

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