GOR – Chapter 124

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GOR Chapter 124: Getting Nearer!

Presently, the skies have turned dark.

Tens of motorbikes were gathered outside the house and the biker gang members held onto Molotov cocktails, steel baseball bats and many other weapons. They even lit fire to the middle of the street.

These fellows were dressed in peculiar fashion as they cackled loudly. The chaos engulfing Tokyo had catalysed out the most despicable and maddeningly violent nature within these fellows.

Several of those biker gang members raised the Molotov cocktails made from beer bottles and tossed them towards this house before them.

They had procured two barrels of gasoline from a gas station. At the back, several fellows with ring piercings were laughing as they used plastic pipes to fill the beer bottles with gas. Next, they plugged the opening with a piece of cotton cloth before lighting the tip of the cotton cloth with a lighter…

“Throw it! Throw it all at them!” A man with a little moustache and a bandage over his nose shouted angrily. He stood atop the motorbike, brandishing a metal pipe and howled furiously. “Burn those bastards to their deaths!”

The beating he received in the afternoon was a great insult to him.

Thus, he later gathered up a group of companions who went around finding the whereabouts of those strangers – this residential area was not that big. Additionally, many of these biker gang members were local bullies. In merely one afternoon’s time, they were able to find something: Someone had witnessed those strangers bringing the girl, Takeuchi Mikiko together with them!

With this thread, searching for them was not difficult.

The man with little moustache gathered up twenty companions in the afternoon and plundered a gas station, taking two barrels of gas with them – as for order, law and police… Tokyo had been rendered a mess and the police simply could not spare anyone over, losing their power of deterrence.

Several large supermarkets located at the edge of the city have been robbed, but no police action could be seen. The police instead, only deployed their forces within certain key areas, concentrating their forces on the government buildings and key locations.

As for this civilian district, who the Hell would care about it?

The ordinary police officers in the residential district did not have any firearms and their numbers were limited. They have long since lost any ability to deter these mobsters.

Watching the door of the house burning up, the man with the little moustache felt his blood boiling up to his blood. He stood upon his motorbike and shouted out like a wild beast!

The current him was filled with a distorted feeling of joy. He felt that he had become the ruler of this area! Just look at the surrounding residences, they all had their doors locked tight and none dared to emerge. Even when he was going around robbing and vandalizing, no one had dared to resist him…

Normally, someone like him would only be considered a loser, a trash of society. But now, this loser of society had suddenly found his personal paradise.

The man with the little moustache only has one thought running through his mind now, to find those strangers who had beaten him up in the afternoon, and burn them to death! Next… he must also sample the taste of Takeuchi Mikiko!

With regards to order… and whether he will receive any punishments in the future… who cares! This scum’s brain was in the grip of heated fever and could no longer consider those matters.

The Molotov cocktail smashed into the room. The scattered gasoline burned with intensity and even the walls were on fire. Some of the gasoline even spread out to the surrounding residential areas.

The man with the little moustache shouted and jumped off his motorbike. He took hold of a Molotov cocktail and sprinted forward, charging out of his group and towards the entrance of the residence before viciously hurling the cocktail forward!

This ‘heroic’ act of his aroused a series of applause from his companions. Several of them who were obviously female ruffians, shouted out in excitement.

“Kawashimoto Jun! Tomorrow, let’s go to my school together! I have always wanted to teach some of those useless teachers a lesson!” A female ruffian screamed out.

The man with the little moustache laughed out and he turned around to say something…

Suddenly, the door opened!

The door flew out with a bang! The man with the little moustache did not even have the time to turn around before the door, which was roaring through the air slammed his body and flattened him to the ground.

Chen Xiaolian was the first to charge out. His face was extremely distorted!

He had taken many things into consideration, having considered how to avoid the other Players and Awakened ones and also the search efforts by the Tokyo police… unexpectedly, this group of trash would bring trouble to his doorstep.

If this huge evening incident ended up attracting the Tokyo police, then his plan of quietly hiding here for the last ten plus hours of the first phase to pass would be in vain. It might even end up attracting the attention and greed of other Players and Awakened ones.

Chen Xiaolian was furious. As he charged out the door, his body flew out in a jump that spanned several metres before landing on the ground.

Coincidentally, his landing spot was directly on top of the door that he had kicked out! The man with the little moustache who was pinned below the door was crushed and he cried out miserably, blood spraying out from his mouth. Chen Xiaolian ignored him. He picked up the metal pipe that the man with the little moustache dropped and rushed into the crowd of biker gang members.

Facing two fellows holding onto Molotov cocktails, Chen Xiaolian did not give them any chance to throw those cocktails and struck them each on their heads. Those two screamed wretchedly, falling onto the ground as they clutched their heads. Chen Xiaolian grabbed hold of the Molotov cocktails and tossed them into the crowd of people… whether this action would lead to people being burned was not something he cared about right now. To him, these trashes deserved no sympathy.

The flames spread out and the crowd dispersed out in panic. Chen Xiaolian launched himself forward and sent a fellow guarding the barrel of gas flying with a kick.

“Kill him quick!” Some of the biker gang members shouted loudly as they rushed him while brandishing sticks, knives and an assortment of other weapons.

Naturally, Chen Xiaolian was not afraid of these weapons. He charged them with the metal pipe and had them sprawling on the ground in the blink of an eye.

Lun Tai and Bei Tai simply took out their guns with them as they emerged. Holding an M16 in his hands, the first thing Bei Tai did was to release a burst of bullets into the skies, instilling fear into the hearts of those biker gang members, causing them to shriek out. After seeing the machine gun, some of them quickly turned tail and ran. Some others jumped onto their motorbikes, starting them up as they prepared to escape.

Guns! This was something that the biker gang members were afraid of.

Japan was a society that banned guns. Even those big organizations would usually only use cold weapons. As such, firearms were rarely seen.

Some sober-headed ones had already realized that they have provoked a big trouble.

However, the veteran Bei Tai was far more cold-hearted compared to Chen Xiaolian!

Seeing that some were trying to escape using motorbikes, Bei Tai did not hesitate to unleash a burst of bullets at them!

Two to three motorbikes sped forward a distance of less than 10 metres before Bei Tai’s bullets struck them. Those motorbikes released a sharp, chafing sound and skidded sideways as they fell. The bullets also struck some of the biker gang members who were riding on the bikes. Their bodies were coated with blood as they fell and the ground was turned into a pool of blood.

Lun Tai on the other hand, held onto a military knife in his hand and he stormed into the crowd. It did not matter who encountered him, this merciless fellow would directly present them with a stab!

The military knife with blood grooves stabbed into their bodies as Lun Tai ignored how much pain these fellows were in for.

In but moments, less than half of the biker gang remained.

Chen Xiaolian saw some running in two different directions through the street and he quickly shouted out. “Don’t let them get away! Lun Tai!”

Lun Tai sneered. “Can I kill them?”

“… up to you!” Chen Xiaolian gritted his teeth. At this moment, he could no longer care about kindness and sympathy! Even if they did kill them, these trashes were undeserving of pity. Besides… they would still be refreshed later on.

Chen Xiaolian placed aside the concerns within his heart.

Lun Tai smirked and immediately produced a 97 rifle. He then moved into a standard kneeling posture before shooting down the few biker gang members running towards the left side.

In less than two minutes, Chen Xiaolian and the two brothers were the only ones left standing upon the street.

Chen Xiaolian looked at the biker gang members rolling on the floor, his face distorted. He then walked over to inspect the barrels of gasoline before quickly saying. “We can’t stay here any longer.”


Lun Tai supplemented. “Such a big incident would probably attract the police officers. It would be best for us to not waste any strength dealing with the police.”

Bei Tai on the other hand, laughed. “These fellows have a lot of motorbikes. We have a means of transportation right here.”

“Then, let’s head out!” Chen Xiaolian coldly said. “Immediately! Also, bring the barrels of gasoline as well. It can be used!”

They called out everyone who was inside the room. Qiao Qiao held onto the girl, Takeuchi Mikiko whom had fainted. It was unknown whether her state of unconsciousness was induced by fear or injury caused by the explosion.

“We cannot leave her here. Now that there is no more order, leaving a comatose, beautiful young girl out in the open would only bring a miserable fate upon her,” Despite her cold exterior, she was also a woman. Thus, she had spoken out on behalf of Takeuchi Mikiko.

“Then, bring her along for now. When she wakes up, we’ll leave her,” Chen Xiaolian sighed.

Riding the motorbikes was not a difficult matter considering the high number of motorbikes left by the biker gang members. Chen Xiaolian brought Soo Soo with him as he got up a motorbike, Qiao Qiao with the Japanese girl, Roddy with Xia Xiaolei while the rest, Lun Tai, Bei Tai and Nicole got on one each.

Their group quickly started the motorbikes and left. As they were moving past a street, they heard the sound of sirens coming from the district area behind them.

As expected, despite having lost control of the situation, the police would still squeeze out some men to deal with this chaotic situation within a residential district.

Chen Xiaolian’s group rushed out of the area, quickly leaving this residential district.


“Target has been located. Coordinates sent… target’s distance from you is very small! Follow your current direction and you will make contact in approximately two minutes!”

The inspector listened to Falcon speak through the headset and replied indifferently. “Good. You have completed your task. Now, return to the safe house and watch the show!”

After saying that, this savage looking bald man pulled off the headset and stepped heavily onto the throttle, driving the car through the street. A car that was parked in front was smashed aside as his car roared through the street.

He adjusted the volume of the car’s speakers to the max and a loud, heavy metal music rang out, causing him to furrow his brows. He randomly changed the song and a majestic symphony played out.

“Valkyrie? Haha! I love this song!”

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