GOR – Chapter 122

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GOR Chapter 122: Wicked Chen Xiaolian

Lun Tai’s statement caused everyone to turn silent. Naturally, Bei Tai would not disagree with his brother’s opinion. He immediately voted in favour of the proposal.

Xia Xiaolei said nothing. Chen Xiaolian then turned towards Qiao Qiao.

“I do not like that woman,” Qiao Qiao revealed her stance. “However… Lun Tai’s words are true; there is no profound hatred between us. Although there was a conflict earlier, we did not suffer any casualties. If we had, I would never accept her no matter what! However, since such is not the case… besides, back then, she was the one who destroyed the Thunderstorm Tanks in battle… on the whole, she is the one who saved us all.

“If this is just a temporary alliance, then I will not oppose. It’s up to you.”

Qiao Qiao’s opinion was naturally also made on behalf of Soo Soo. Xia Xiaolei quickly spoke out, saying that he will follow the Guild Leader’s decision.

The last to speak up was Roddy.

Roddy’s face expressed helplessness. “Actually, I am the least qualified to give an opinion here. I am the reason why everyone had to participate in this instance dungeon. Additionally… the reason for that is also connected to Nicole. If I had not persistently requested to stay for one more day in Zero City in order to find Nicole, everyone would not…”

“Enough, no need to bring up the past,” Chen Xiaolian shook his head.

Chen Xiaolian stared into Roddy’s eyes. “Roddy, you are my friend. In fact, you could be considered as my best friend.”

Chen Xiaolian gave a light sigh. “Back when I was chasing Qiao Qiao until the train station, you followed suit. Before the Mausoleum of Qin Shi Huang instance dungeon began, you took the risk to get close to Guild Leader Nangong and Qiu Yun… all those were under my behest. All those matters were dangerous and yet, you agreed without so much as a frown.

“I know very well that deep down, you consider me as a bro. That is why when there is danger, you would be willing do those things to help me out.

“At the same time… I too consider you as a bro! Since that is the case, regarding this instance dungeon’s matter, let’s not talk about it again!”

Lun Tai nodded his head. “That is true… you simply made an unintentional mistake. Who could have guessed that the darned system would set the instance dungeon in Tokyo.”

“Then… my opinion is also… to agree with the proposal to temporarily accept Nicole.”

There was excitement within Roddy’s eyes as he gritted his teeth. “I am not of that opinion because of personal reasons. I will admit, she has indeed fascinated me before. However, the reason I am agreeing with this proposal is not based on that. Lun Tai’s words are correct. Since we did not incur huge losses, there is no profound hatred forged between us. Since that is the case, having a powerful comrade as a team member would give us a huge boost in battle strength. Maybe, this will help increase our chances of making it through this instance dungeon by a significant margin.”

Chen Xiaolian exhaled and he relaxed – personally, he was in agreement with this proposal as well.

“Since that is the case, we have a unanimous decision of accepting Nicole as a temporary team member by accepting her into our guild until the time comes when this instance dungeon ends.”

Pausing, Chen Xiaolian glanced at Qiao Qiao. “Everyone can keep resting… I have received the system’s notification. The first phase of the quest is completed. Before the countdown for the first phase is over, we will have those ten plus hours of time to rest and prepare. Additionally, the system will no longer display our energy sources to other participants. As long as we keep a low profile, the next ten plus hours will not be dangerous. Rest well and ease up a little.”

Chen Xiaolian turned his head to face Qiao Qiao. “Go check the Japanese girl and comfort her a little. We are not thieves after all.”

Qiao Qiao nodded.

This Japanese-styled house was a small two-storey building with a slightly antiquated appearance.

It did not have a huge area and was separated into several small and narrow rooms.

Walking up the narrow stairs, Qiao Qiao opened up the door to the first room of the second floor.

Takeuchi Mikiko sat by the door, her face revealing panic and fear. Seeing Qiao Qiao walk in, she cried out in shock. She quickly turned around and shrank towards the corner of the walls, expressing panic on her small face. “Don’t… don’t hurt me. I beg you, please don’t hurt me! Just take whatever you want from the house! I… I do not have any other belongings here, only the living expense of 100,000 yen [1] that my mother gave me. Just take it. I beg you, please don’t hurt me!”

Qiao Qiao sighed and entered the room. She placed a tray onto the tatami floor.

There was a bowl of instant noodles on the tray.

“Eat something,” Qiao Qiao sat cross-legged on the floor. “I will not hurt you, just relax.”

Although Takeuchi Mikiko was still afraid, she could not restrain her eyes from darting towards the bowl of instant noodles.

She had not eaten anything during lunch. Presently, it was already evening and she had since been feeling hungry to the point where her stomach would growl from the hunger.

For Takeuchi Mikiko, she felt that today was a truly unfortunate day for her!

First, during noon where she was working, she saw from the TV news report that an explosion incident had occurred in Tokyo.

Next, she saw that the streets leading to the central district were filled with fire and thick billowing smoke. The place was filled with explosions and chaos.

Takeuchi Mikiko instantly turned fearful. She quickly called her mother, but her mother’s phone could not be reached – as usual, her mother could not be reached during her working hours. Next, she called up her big sister. However, her phone too, could not be reached.

The convenience store owner decided to close up and return home – the news had advised the public that it was best for them to stay at home.

Takeuchi Mikiko too, was preparing to get off from work and return home. It was at that moment that the biker gang raided the gas station’s convenience store.

Takeuchi Mikiko recognized those fellows. They were all bullies who lived in the neighbourhood. She heard that those fellows had joined some organization. Usually, they would only tease her when they were refilling their motorbikes, not daring to cross the line.

Today however… these fellows seemed to have gone mad.

It was likely due to the city area being embroiled in chaos to the point where the police were unable to spare anyone to come over. After vandalizing the store, those fellows had wanted to rape her as well!

Back then, the 15 years old Takeuchi Mikiko was on the verge of fainting from fear. Although she was struggling with all her might, her heart had already fallen into despair. She believed that she would not be able to escape calamity today.

Unexpectedly, this beautiful big sister with long black hair would descend from the skies and save her.

She must have trained in martial arts… she seemed even more powerful compared to the seniors of the judo club of her school! Her companions were also no different, beating off the biker gang members in just moments.

Thinking that she had met a saviour, Takeuchi Mikiko was originally very grateful towards this beautiful big sister with long black hair.

However, what happened next caused this young girl to become utterly confused.

These saviours of her… actually…

Kidnapped her?

When this beautiful big sister with long black hair asked her where she lived – back then, she was filled with the feeling of gratitude and simply answered the question without withholding anything.

Next… she was knocked unconscious!

By the time she woke up, she found herself at home…

These people had taken over her home! They even locked her up in a room!

Her phone was found and taken away; even the room’s window and door were locked!

Takeuchi Mikiko was very scared! Her fear had simply reached the extreme limits of fear!

She was still young and has countless beautiful fantasies about the future.

She has a mother and big sister who loved her dearly. In school, she had yet to confess to a very handsome senior whom she secretly liked.

She was fearful that these people would harm her… kill her, or perhaps even… violate her.

Although this beautiful big sister with long black hair had treated her quite kindly… there were a few young males within their group!

Even though Takeuchi Mikiko was still very young, she was clear that she possessed a lovable appearance, enough for her to be considered a very beautiful girl. Normally, when she was in school, some boys would throw furtive glances at her

Occasionally, when she was working, some strange uncles would secretly say some unreasonable things to her.

Some would simply give her money as they tried to get her into compensated dating! [2]

Takeuchi Mikiko would firmly reject their approach each time. There was once where the convenience store owner had to use a broom to get rid of those bad people.

She was very clear that her appearance was capable of attracting men… however, there was already someone that she liked. The one she liked was the tall and handsome senior who looked like Takizawa Hideaki [3] when he smiled. Takeuchi Mikiko had already made up her mind to confess to him during his birthday next week…

Wu wu wu… now that she had encountered this group of kidnappers, she was uncertain if she could survive until next week!

Once she thought about all those, Takeuchi Mikiko suddenly lost her appetite towards the bowl of instant noodles that she was eyeing. She then broke down into tears again.

Qiao Qiao looked on helplessly at this girl who was crying while hugging her knees.

Nature wise, Big Miss Qiao was not a very friendly girl. She possessed a lofty character, just like that of a rose, beautiful to the eyes, yet possessing of thorns!

She was not good at comforting others, especially when the people in question happened to be strangers.

Watching Takeuchi Mikiko crying sorrowfully, Qiao Qiao bit her lips. “We really wouldn’t hurt you! At the latest, we will be leaving tomorrow… aiya, can you please stop crying?”

It was at that moment that Chen Xiaolian entered the room.

He walked to Qiao Qiao’s side and patted her shoulder. Then, he turned to look at Takeuchi Mikiko. “What happened?”

“… she must be frightened. She keeps thinking that we will harm her. No matter how I try to advise her, it just won’t work,” Qiao Qiao smiled bitterly.

“I will talk to her.”

Chen Xiaolian sat down cross-legged before abruptly slapping the floor heavily!


The resulting sound caused Takeuchi Mikiko to startle. She raised her head and regarded Chen Xiaolian fearfully.

She had since realized that this young man before her was this group’s leader.

En, to be more accurate, this person before her cannot be considered a man. At best, he was only a big boy.

He has such a young appearance. Judging from his face, he should be around the same age as me.

He has such a clear and elegant face, so much so that he looks a bit like a girl. There is no evil and ferocious look, which kidnappers should have on his face.

“Little girl, you better listen!”

Chen Xiaolian deliberately made a grim face as he extended two fingers to pinch Takeuchi Mikiko’s chin.

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1 Yen (¥), the currency of Japan. 1 USD is worth around 100 ¥ as at July, 2016.

2 Compensated dating is the act of giving money or luxury gifts to attractive girls or older for their companionship or even possibly sexual favours, done my older men. In Japan, the term for this practice is ‘enjo-kosai’, sometimes shortened to ‘enko’.

3 Takizawa Hideaki, a Japanese actor and singer.


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