GOR – Chapter 115

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GOR Chapter 115: Struck Down

“Stop!” Chen Xiaolian clenched his fist and took a deep breath. Without hesitating, he said. “All right!”

He bent down and picked up the cigarette box-shaped energy source that dropped down the floor in the chaos earlier.

“You can take it! Put Roddy down!”

“First, move away from this room. Move to a sufficient enough distance.”

“… very well!” Chen Xiaolian could only helplessly turn to look at the others. Next, they all retreated, moving out from the door and into the hotel corridor.

Nicole smirked. Her body hovered and approached the building. After that, she used one hand to hold onto Roddy’s throat, carrying him into the room as she followed everyone into the corridor.

Her hands never left Roddy’s throat! Considering her ability to twist metal earlier, twisting Roddy’s neck was a simple matter.

“Enough! There are more than 30 metres of distance between here and the room!” Chen Xiaolian said coldly.

“All right, that is enough. Now, let us trade.”

Chen Xiaolian understood what she meant and sighed. Then, he tossed over the energy source.

Nicole caught it with one hand. Next, a slot opened up on the left thigh of her Mech armour and she placed it inside.

“Although this action of mine is very cruel, but… this is an unjust and immoral world we live in. As such, I am sorry. I can only wish you good luck.”

Nicole coldly declared as she put Roddy on the ground and shot backwards with the speed of lightning!

With the powerful turbine by her side, Nicole who wore the Mech armour obtained an absolute advantage in speed! She shot back into the room with lightning like speed!

Chen Xiaolian and the others quickly rushed forward. However, by the time they charged into the room, Nicole had already gotten her hands on the energy source within the room. She flew out of the hotel building and hovered at a distance of over 10 metres from the building.

The energy source within her hand shrunk rapidly and finally turned into the size of a small box, which she then kept.

Nicole looked at Chen Xiaolian and the others who were standing on the ledge and said softly. “I wish you all good luck.”

After saying that, she pulled her helmet and visor back into place and turned around. The turbines released orange flames, bringing Nicole far away…

Chen Xiaolian wore a livid expression. Roddy who stood beside gritted his teeth heavily. Before they could say anything, a loud explosion reverberated from the outside!

On the street, a colossal Thunderstorm Tank was positioned in the middle of the street like a monster.

With an overbearing appearance, it shifted its square shaped artillery muzzle, pointing it up into the sky.

Then… BANG!

A blue coloured bolt of lightning roared through the skies!

Up in the skies, Nicole was flying through two big buildings when the bolt of lightning struck her! The ambushers were very crafty; they hid the trajectory for the bolt of lightning behind a big building. As it so happened, that was Nicole’s blindspot!

Struck by the lightning bolt, Nicole’s body slammed into the adjacent big building!

A loud crashing sound resonated and the glass walls of the building were thoroughly broken! They were instantly shattered by Nicole!

A series of steel fracturing sounds were emitted.

Next, Nicole flew out from the other side of the building!

She was blasted through the building!

In the skies, Nicole’s body resembled a shot bird as she fell down!

Just as she was about to slam onto the ground, Nicole’s Mech armour suddenly ejected a parachute out, reducing the speed of her fall. After that… she landed on a street area far away.

The scene dumbfounded Chen Xiaolian and Roddy.

Rather, the scene dumbfounded everyone within the room!

Lun Tai coughed out blood and suddenly shouted. “She has energy sources on her! Five energy sources!”

Those words brought everyone back! That was especially true for Chen Xiaolian. His face changed and his eyes flashed brilliantly.

Five energy sources!

Now that was worth fighting for!

Besides, they needed to win back their own energy source. Otherwise, they would lose!

“Qiao Qiao!” Chen Xiaolian shouted loudly. “Black Widow!”

Qiao Qiao was startled and she summoned out the Black Widow without considering anything else. After the massive Black Widow appeared within the room, Chen Xiaolian quickly jumped atop the Black Widow and used both hands to grip tightly onto it. He shouted. “Get the spider to crawl down from the outside! Hurry! The time to snatch has come!”

Qiao Qiao and the others immediately understood Chen Xiaolian’s intentions!

Time to snatch!

Hurry towards Nicole’s crash site!

When you are strong, you can snatch from us and we could harbour no hard feelings.

But when you are weak and we do the same to you, you can blame no one as well!

Just snatch!

The Thunderstorm Tanks resting on the street have already begun moving towards the distant street area. Considering their size, they were unable to move at a very fast pace and were slower than an ordinary car. Additionally, there were many abandoned cars on the street. They needed to break through those obstacles and were unable to speed up.

Both Qiao Qiao and Roddy jumped onto the Black Widow.

Next, the Black Widow crawled out of the hotel building and onto the walls. Chen Xiaolian shouted out. “The rest of you find a place to hide!”

Lun Tai had already suffered from serious injuries and was vomiting blood. Even after taking medicinal substances, he will still need some time to recover.

The Black Widow carried the three of them upon its back, but was still able to crawl at incredible speed through the outer walls of the big building. With the high altitude winds blowing at them, Chen Xiaolian, Roddy and Qiao Qiao had to grit their teeth and hold on tightly. This was especially true for Roddy, he didn’t even dare to open his eyes – the wall was built at a 90-degree angle from the ground after all!

The spider crawled rapidly and was able to reach the ground quickly. Under Qiao Qiao’s command, it circled around to the back of the building.

In less than one minute, the spider landed on the ground. It was much faster than even the elevator! The three of them did not jump down. Qiao Qiao continued controlling the Black Widow, and after having identified their bearings, they rushed promptly towards Nicole’s crash site!

The Black Widow moved through the streets at a much faster speed compared to ordinary cars! Especially when considering the Black Widow’s natural gifts. Manoeuvring up and down, left and right regardless of how messy the road had become. Even when faced with those abandoned cars, its eight legs allowed it to crawl right through them!

There were people within the stores and houses beside the road. These people gaped as they observed a huge spider crawl through the road with three people on its back. Some cried out, others were terrified while some others produced their mobile phones to take pictures. Some even called up the cops…

At that moment, Chen Xiaolian simply could not be bothered with those!

Turning past a corner, they approached Nicole’s crash site. Observing far into the distance… in an intersection about a hundred metres away, the rumbling engine sounds of the Thunderstorm Tanks’ roared out towards them.

Upon a small crossroad, Nicole was lying on the ground at the centre position. Most of the Mech armour that she was wearing was broken. Upon the surface of her armour, there were cracks and severe scorch marks. Some critical parts were also emitting sounds of sparks.

Most shockingly was the lower left abdomen area. There was a huge gap there as the Mech armour was directly pierced through and blood was flowing out.

Nicole forced herself up. Her left index finger released a thin laser blade, which she used to cut off the parachute straps. She attempted to move to the side of the street. However, that small amount of movement caused her vision to blacken from pain.

She had already produced a High Class Healing Beast Blood and swallowed it. However, the system within the visor kept issuing out sharp warning sounds.

Each of the body vitals index on the monitor were rapidly decreasing. Nicole judged that she would not be able to restore normal movement capacity within half an hour.

Raising her head, she saw the Black Widow rushing over. Her face changed!

She quickly raised her right arm and the outer layer of the Mech armour suddenly turned around. It rapidly transformed into a thin flat barrel.

Upon her monitor’s interface, Nicole had locked onto them. However, she could only grit her teeth. She did not shoot because she had noticed the rumbling sounds of the Thunderstorm Tanks charging over from the other intersection!

Turning around, she observed as the metal monstrosities trampled their way through the cars parked beside the street. Their huge bodies moved up and down as they continued advancing towards her!

The distance between the Black Widow and herself was now less than 10 metres!

Nicole abruptly turned around, pointing the barrel of her gun at the Black Widow.

However, Chen Xiaolian used one sentence to make her lower her gun.

“Take your pick! We just want the energy sources and not your life! But those fellows would probably want both! Do you want to fight us or are you willing to let us save you away from here?”

Nicole did not hesitate to lower the gun barrel on her hand. She then extended another hand towards Chen Xiaolian. “Pull me up! I will give you the energy sources!”

Chen Xiaoian pulled Nicole up onto the Black Widow’s back. The Black Widow quickly turned around, rushing madly towards another road! The Thunderstorm Tanks behind increased their speed and gave chase.

As the Black Widow rushed through a corner, a hair-raising scenario occurred!

The road before them forked into two roads, one left and one right. A Thunderstorm Tank rolled out from them both! One of them had directly smashed its way out from a building!

Attack from both sides!

Chen Xiaolian swore. Nicole said coldly. “Move aside!”


Chen Xiaolian turned around and his body tilted to see Nicole raising her right arm. She pointed the flat-barrelled rifle gun at the Thunderstorm Tank before them…


Everyone’s ears instantly felt a sharp, tearing pain! A thin blue light shot out, creating an air-piercing sound!

After the blue light struck the Thunderstorm Tank, the tank continued moving for about 10 metres. Then, it stopped…

A loud explosion erupted! The turret flew up and orange flames burst out from the inside!

The Thunderstorm Tank with a defence that was impervious to even artillery shells was destroyed on the spot!

“Damn! What kind of weapon is that? Shoot the one at the back as well!”

Roddy went wild.

“War armour has sustained severe damage, there is not enough energy!” Nicole’s body swayed and blood trickled down her mouth. She pointed to the destroyed Thunderstorm Tank before them. “Hurry up and rush through!”

Chen Xiaolian observed the scene before him and hastily pointed at one of the big buildings to the left. “Qiao Qiao! Tell the Black Widow to move up! We will never shake them off on flat ground!”

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