GOR Chapter 49 & 50

Chapter 49

Chapter 50

Translated by: podao


Thank you everyone for the warm welcome! Without further ado, here is Chapter 49 & 50!

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  1. thank you, and welcome~!

    Loved your translation quality since oem 😀

    Btw, now that podao is here, does it mean that he will stop seeking dao? His web is daoseekerblog, after all >. <

  2. So i really feel like reading this novel do you guys recomend it? Also i heard that the mc is really dense, kind of similar to a shonen manga mc Is that true?
    Anyways thanks for the chapter.

  3. I need more already, the author of this novel really likes modern jokes as can be seen, also the MC is overly weak with a horribly useless S class ability (could be life-saving, but not a trump card)

      1. LOL. I unlocked for you. Make sure you check ‘discussion’ on the screen options at the top of the screen, and them on the bottom of the screen, you’ll have a new window open. You can click ‘allow comments’ then.

  4. my comments here since chapter still locked:

    I was going to assume Irregularilty get the message as well, but can’t view due to system, then Soo Soo happened.

    1. yep… that would have been s**ty as f**k being exterminated
      because he/she didn’t got to the place on time.

      I am sitting in the coach enjoying my martini when suddenly a message comes up ” You will be exterminated in 5…4…3…”
      “huh…holy mother of~.”

      1. Just a guest, but the Awakened in the train mentioned that ‘should’ only use strength equivalent to a B rank (status and maybe skills too) while outside an Inctance but since soo soo used her S rank skill while outside an Instance. . . shouldn’t the Team Development have noticed her and thus recognized her as a kind of new Awakened enabling the system notification to include/select her when there’s a new Instance Dungeon? Or so I thought x)

        Thanks for the chap, sorry for my bad english. Kaka (Shinobu’s laugh)

  5. Really enjoying the read so far! The MC’s skill is currently pretty crappy but I’m guessing it’ll get better with some upgrades.
    Worth a try for those who haven’t yet.

  6. I don’t know why, but this really makes me want to read a legit virtual reality novel… maybe dive back into TLMS, even with the over the top “greedy” MC.
    Really enjoyed the first arc tho, second hasn’t really convinced me so far… we’ll see how it goes.

  7. Thanks.
    oh my little soo soo.
    i guessed that ‘maybe creating a guild or getting into one’ would let us avoid being ‘forcefully drafted’ to go to war lol.

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