GOR Chapter 205

Chapter 205

7th chapter of the week is up! This chapter is also a double-length chapter. Happy reading!

Also, for those wondering why I did not translate Sword in the Stone as Excalibur, that’s because records for it is conflicting. Quite some info I found (online) states that Excalibur is the Sword of the Lake and not Sword in the Stone. They’re two separate swords.

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  1. From what I know, Excalibur is both the sword in the stone and the sword in the lake. Merlin originally gets the sword from the Lady of the Lake. He later places it in the stone for King Arthur to pull.

    1. Arthur becomes king because the previous king gave a test, and the test was to pull a sword out of a stone, the sword in the stone only made him king. EXcalibur was given to him by the lady in the lake

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