GOR Chapter 110

Chapter 110

1st chapter of the week is up! =3

I have also put up a page for their currently known stats (attributes) here. The stats page can be found on the GOR homepage.


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2 thoughts on “GOR Chapter 110” - NO SPOILERS and NO CURSING

  1. That character stats page contains a lot of spoilers. I have some suggestions:
    1. You should remove the chapter numbers, and the story spoilers. I think the character intro and the skills are okay.
    2. Put up a huge spoiler warning
    3. Create two pages. One for readers who have read till the latest translated chapters, which will contain spoilers, and other for readers who are binging this – without spoilers. You just have to copy paste stuff and cut some part off in the other. Not too much work.

    I personally think the third option would be nice 🙂

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