7 thoughts on “Godsfall Updated! Book 1, Chapter 43” - NO SPOILERS and NO CURSING

    1. even though its only 40 chapters in its my 2 most favorite on wuxiaworld after “The Book Eating Magician” i don’t thinks its unpopular i hope we get an actual translator not a substitute like RWX so he can focus more on “The Desolate Era” i think i’ll be back in a few months and see if we got an actual translator and we get at least 7 chapters a week if not well i’m just gonna repeat the cycle i guess

  1. Not trying to nag as Ireally appreciate the translations but its been over a month since the last chapter… I for one don’t really care about “lost” chapters so don’t feel like you have to make em up I’m fine with just a continuing translation 🙂

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